Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Henrique to Gabriel (Portugal)

Letter 1
Congratulations!!! Your Linkedln profile has been selected to receive Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pounds for 2015 OLG cash promo. To claim your award, please contact, Mr. Robert Sebastian at: OLG Claim Department via: with your name and phone number for further instructions or call +441865920683 Thanks. Co-ordinator.
Jeniffer Henrique
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Name: Elena Vasileva
Age: 28
Name: Beverly Whited
Age: 34
Name: Louise Bolton
Age: 33
Name: Angelica Astabatsyan
Age: 33
Name: Kathy Walker
Age: 30
Name: Alexanrdra Roxana Vladu Marin
Age: 24
Name: Eva
Age: 33
Name: Larisa
Age: 33
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 22
Name: Jennifer
Age: 29
Name: Tatyana
Age: 28
Name: Joyce
Age: 33
Name: Svetlana Timoteeva
Age: 33
Name: Avgustina
Age: 31
Name: Elena Drobysheva
Age: 29