Scam Letter(s) from Olga Dolgireva to Sveinn (Iceland)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Svenni!!!
Svenni I adore your letters. I do not know why, but every night I represent and I have dreams only about you and about that as we will be together.
I want to you more and more. I do not know how to describe the feelings. I want to nestle on you, to feel your kiss, your caress, your tenderness.
To look in your eyes, to see your smile, to feel your fire love and passion.
I think of that as it will be fine when we will meet. Svenni you represent, our sights meet, we run towards one
To another and then a long kiss, long evening both the longest and first our passionate and long night love. As it will be fine!!!
As I want it!!! I long thought what to write further and as all you to explain that I want to write to you. And still has
Resolute which I will begin with the most important for me and I hope for your understanding. I write to you and my fingers simply do not want to write that it is very difficult to ask to me you the help and for me it is very difficult psychological barrier that at someone to ask money.
And I think that you have already understood. I really have no enough money to arrive to you in your country as I am poor.
But in me shame and tears that I so am poor and I do not presume to pay to myself registration my documents and the visa, please forgive!
If I had possibility to borrow money that, I with pleasure would make it and your help did not ask!
You for me not another's person and I can tell frankly that at me all finance is carefully distributed also I cannot make a hole in the the budget! I understand that you as the man want to make our first meeting unforgettable.
Today I visited travel agency of travel and to me have informed that it is required to me for this purpose
To arrive to you in your country and to build our love and a family: the visa + the international passport + the insurance + other documents also is all there is money 440 euro,
In me tears because to me have told that it is many money for me, my salary small.
Svenni you understand as me that I cannot arrive to you in your country is sad!
I very much would like, but I cannot pay it that to me to do!? Our meeting, in me very would be desirable me some tear,
Because I LOVE YOU Svenni and it tells my heart which loves you and we waits with you a long-awaited meeting!!!
On it I finish my letter and I wait for your early reply!!!
With love forever yours Valentina!!!



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