Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Ovchinnikova to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello, my darling man John,
How are you? I was missing you very much, my kitten. Thank you for your mail and your smiling photo! you know, I always also smile and I think we suit each other very well! right? :) I hope we can talk in Skype at the weekends and I need to talk to my friend to taker her laptop to be able to talk to you. Do you have camera, microphone and everything? What is your skype account, darling?
Do you remember I told you the strange story about the bunch of the flowers? Today I learnt who sent it to me. It was a father of one of my patients. Some months ago I helped a girl with some rooted disease. I have already forgotten about it because I have hundreds of patients and I never expect some kind of gratitude from them because it is my work. Nevertheless, it was nice to feel that your work is appreciated. I hope that you are not jealous, my darling, because this bunch means nothing.
Today he came to the hospital with sweets and expensive wine and said he couldn't come earlier because of his work, that is why he sent the flowers. I was a bit embarrassed with all the presents he gave me before and today. I am afraid that people around can conclude that he is my boyfriend. But my only man is you!!! And I love only you! And I want that everybody sees me accompanied by you, my sweetheart!
I am sure this day will come soon.
Kiss you,
your Aleksandra with love
Letter 2
Hello, my darling John!
How are you today? Sorry for the delay in my answer but Software of all computers at my work was changed and we were without Internet for several days. Now everything works well! H ow is weather over there? Here it's cold and it was even snowing at the weekends. How do you pass the weekends without me, honey? yesterday we had a holiday here called Halloween and tell me, please, do you celebrate this holiday in your country?
I had the night shift so this holiday was not for me as I was working but I still remember how funny I celebrated Halloween last year and I went to the party with my friends and we celebrated this holiday very funny thanks to our costumes. I send you my photo so you can see and may be you can give a name to my costume :) Woman Cat :) Darling, we can talk in Skype tonight, I agreed with my friend Anna to give me her laptop so Skype at about 19.00 your time is good for me, I make skype account and add you there, ok? I didn't use it before also so it will be funny today to see each other I think :) As for our meeting, i have my holidays confirmed already, darling and they start in December so it would be great to visit you next month and celebrate Christmas together! are you happy with my idea?
Every time I open my mail box and see your name, I have butterflies in my stomach and my heart starts to beat faster. How are you?
As for me, I was a bit late to my work today because I couldn't hear the alarm clock ring. It is the first time for me to sleep so calmly and well. I usually see a lot of dreams and it means my sleeping is not that calm. But this time I didn't have any dreams at all. Why didn't you visit me at night, my prince? It would be a pleasure for me to see you in my dream. And maybe you would have woken me up with your sweet kiss at time and I wouldn't have been too late to work.
Fortunately, I was only an hour late and nobody noticed that. So I was lucky. But I still feel ashamed because I am in a habit of doing everything in time. I hope you will come to me in my dreams more often and you will not allow me to sleep too much.
Today was a very cold day and it made me realize that winter is really close. In Russia it means not only better mood and inspiration but also problems with clothes and especially shoes because every season requires its own kind of wear. We have -20 C outside in winter, can you imagine? in other regions of Russia like Siberia the temperature is lower,
-40 C and people got accustomed to such weather conditions. I think I should go to the shopping center today later to find suitable boots for winter because my old ones are really shabby and worn-off. I wish you could go with me and help me to buy the best boots, honey. I am sure you would give me a good piece of advice. But, surely you would prefer to chose lingerie for me, right? ;) Well, sweetie, it must be such a tiring thing for you to discuss shopping and other stuff women are usually keen on. I am sorry but to you I can confide everything. You are my life and my treasure!
It is time to say good bye to you again. I love you very much, my darling. Keep it in mind. And come to me in my dreams, I will be waiting for you...
Kiss you,
Your Aleksandra
Letter 3
Hello, my dear John!
How are you? thank you for your mail and today is Monday - new working week!
so my congratulations to your most favorite day :))) I'm joking of cause :) Did you see TV news? Russian airplane crushed in Egypt last week and as a result, more than 200 people died and 17 of them are children. It's a big tragedy for our country and we have Mourning Day because of this accident and I feel so sad, dear. Nowadays the airline company is properly checked now and there is one explanation of this tragedy - the airplane could be attacked by someone because the machine was found on the ground divided into 2 big parts. Hope soon they will find out the true reason and I hope such accidents will never happen again.
Darling, I didn't get your phone calls and didn't see your calls among miss ones.
I tried to install Skype yesterday but my friend gave me USB modem with the unpaid Internet and the speed was minimal that didn't allow me to use Skype. As soon as she top up her balance of Internet I can talk to you at last! By the way, you can call me and i will be happy to hear your sweet voice and hope it is not very expensive for you to call me? As for our meeting, my holidays start in the beginning of December and I have 1 month of my holidays so let me know how long can I stay with you? I hope I can spend with you all my holidays and we meet together Christmas and this is will be new era in our relations, do you agree?
I'm soo excited when I think about our first meeting, you can't imagine, darling! you are an amazing person! i keep reading the letters you sent me! you are so romantic,and dream some very special moments...i'm very lucky!!!I miss you...we are so far apart!!!you are making me feel so great by offering these magical moments to my mind and soul..and they are both screaming out to you all the time!my dreams of you are very intense.i'm sure that im dreaming of you, i didn't really dream much before i started talking to you....i had nothing to look forward too..but now i do...i dreamt that we were camping on an island out in the harbor.we were looking out over the ocean,at the lights of the city,just sitting there...holding each other had a big smile on your face..the sound of the ocean breaking on the beach was stood up and looked at said:you had excepted me for all my faults...i started to cry,from the happiness you have made me feel since being with you...i felt so warm,so comfortable,so loved....if this dream comes always look fantastic in my dreams....i'm sure that i can smell you when i'm smell great..i have not read many romantic books,or had any real romance before.
i will learn more about you as we
go along...and i'm sure that the romance will flow...i hope..You are the man i always wanted to see...I always looked for and found , cause there's nothing more than we and our love in this world. I wish you a wonderful time with your thoughts about me, as for me, i am waiting impatiently for your letter and our meeting!
Your Aleksandra with love
P.S. I send you photo with my friend Anna, hope you like it :)
Letter 4

Hello, my dear John!
How are you, my angel? How was your day? Thank you for such a wonderful letter, my tiger and your smiling photo is like a sunshine for me ;) Darling, can we talk in Skype tonight? We have 3 hours difference so will you be at home at 18.00 your time? I will go to my friend's apartment she has laptop so let me know if the time is ok because I can't stay there until late evening. Yesterday I missed your call but it was my mistake, the phone was without sound, darling :( I'm glad to know that I can spend with you all my holidays and I'm so happy when I imagine that we will go to sleep together and wake up in the morning also! oh, honey, just imagine so soon we will be together! we won't be lonely, we will love and support each other and everyone will envy our happiness :) I am sure that my expectations will drive themselves because my heart prompts me this! honey, I think that at first we will probably need some time to believe that we are really together and that we are real and not computer creatures :) but I hope this period will pass quickly and we will try the real life together! oh, how much I am waiting for it! You will come home and here i will be waiting for you, you will know that you are loved that you are thought about. honey, i promise you that you will never feel that I don't pay you enough time even if I work, because for me work goes on the 2nd place, the 1st is the partner and the family if there is such. and of cause i expect that you will also do your best to make me happy, to let me know that I am the only woman in the world for me and that nobody is between us. only you and me, honey!
I kiss you..
Your Aleksandra with love
Letter 5
Hello, my dear John!
yeeeees, it was really so lovely to talk to you in Skype yesterday, to see your beautiful smile, my angel! your bright eyes are still in front of my face! How happy i was and couldn't sleep well thinking about you :) Of cause I'm not disappointed in you! On the contrary, you make me crazy more and more with every day passing :) Oh, I see you work from 4.00 this week and it may be hard for you to wake up in the middle of the night, right?
You will cook something tasty for you when I come and I will cook something tradition from Russian dishes special for you ;) we will have battle who cooks better :)) O'm joking of cause because I know that you are the best from the best from the best, my love :) I was in travel company today to find out about the visa today to England and it will take about 10 days to make it. I need also to make international ID because I can't travel abroad with Russian ID, it is valid only on the territory of Russia. I must gather the following documents for visa: paper from place of work, official residential registration, paper from registry office which confirms that I'm not married and my Russian ID. It will take for me 1 day to gather all these documents in order. They must check the flights also but I need the name of the airport which is close to you so please, write me the name of the airport so travel company check the flights and after that they let me know the cost of total travel package. Although we've never met, and I saw you in Skype I feel as if I know you well. I knew from the start that there was something special about you; you've touched my heart and wouldn't let go.
Our relationship has given me a lot of dreams, and now I feel hope. You entered my thoughts and magically erased all of my fears with your handsome face. Now I look forward to each day and feel so much at ease with you. I'm so grateful that we're able to share our problems and aspirations with each other. It truly seems as if you're a part of me, as if our time together was a melding of souls. The thought of you fills me with smiles, and I can't wait to hug you each day. What further words can describe what we have right now? For our love to grow, I took with every beat of my heart. Words can no longer describe it, but rather in feeling and emotion of what we have for each other. You have always had the key to my heart, and you inside my heart have made me more than I can ever be.
Though the sea separates us till that special day, I know we take each breath with every beat, and always together ... as one. I’m ready to love you with all that I am. I kiss you now, my John and wait for your answer with impatience!
our meeting will be the best present for me for Christmas and I'm afraid I will faint from happiness when I see you for the first time at the airport! I'm even now so full of excitement!Love you, my John! Kiss every inch of your sweet body!
your princess Aleksandra with love
Letter 6
Hello, my dear John!
How are you, my angel? Are you tired after your work? you may be sleeping now as you work from 4 am this week. Darling, I just came back to my work from the travel company, this is night shift for me today. I gathered all the documents today for application of my visa and international ID. You wrote me name of the airport in sms so they checked the flights to Manchester airport and the cost start from
22839 roubles (235 pounds). The cost of all package of the documents with visa, International ID and consular charge cost 13200 roubles (140 pounds). And the total price for travel package is 36039 roubles (371 pounds). To tell you the truth, my salary is
18 000 roubles and the cost of travel package is my 2 salaries and I even don't know what to do about that. You told me when we talked in Skype that if I need something i can ask you but I feel so embarrassed to ask your help to cover the cost of my trip.
I really hope you can take care of it and I can start the process of making the visa.
I can't sleep well tonight because it really made me sad when i knew that it's not so cheap to fly to you but really hope tomorrow you can calm me down and hope we will find a solution. If we both want something, we will do that in spite of any obstacles, right, my sweet John? I usually smile but today I'm really not in a good mood :( Hope you will make me smile with your mail! I love you so much, my John!
Just your smiling photo makes me smile and my thoughts about you also!
you are sense of my living in this world, you are my sunshine and you always shine for me with your beautiful smile! I kiss now every inch of your body and wait for your answer! I also printed your photo and keep it at my home so you are always with me, my king!
Your princess Aleksandra
Letter 7
Hi, my dear John!!!
How are you, my angel? I am fine you know I was working today and all I could think about is you :) I hope you are doing well, its raining here today this whole season has been so cold, but I guess its better than frosts.
Your last letter made me feel so good! Your words were so nice and I appreciate it very much. You made me smile when I read that you are going to help me to cover the cost of my trip to you! Oh my God, it means that on November 21 I will be in your arms, I'm soooo happy, my angel!
I called my bank and yes, it will take several working days to get the money on my bank account and if you make even 1 mistake, it will be a long delay. They advised to use such system as Money Gram. They told me that there are many offices of Money Gram in England, you can find them in any post-office as i was explained and when you make the transfer I will get the money at the same day they told me. I have already found Money Gram office not far from the hospital where I work. You need to know my address and full name for the transfer so i send you my information: Aleksandra - first name
Ovchinnikova - last name
Address - Russia, Ivanovo city, Lenina street, Building 18, apartment 42, zip-code 153000. I send you also my passport copy not to make any mistake. Please, write down my details correctly and hope you can find tomorrow Money Gram office. The manager of the bank also told me that I need also the following information from you: your first name (as it's written in your ID) - your last name (as it's written in your ID) - secret code of money transfer - Or better make the photo of paper from Money Gram and send it to me when you make it, ok? I was in travel company and they gave me the Word file with flights details, I asked them to write in English to make it clear for you.
So please, check if the name of the airport is correct and if the date of my flight and the hour of my arrival in Manchester airport are comfortable to meet me. I can fly to you on November 21 and my flight back is on January 10. Is that ok?
Distance is a cruel thing because I not only miss you but I also wonder if you are doing well, if you are in good health and if your mind and soul are at peace. I'm also curious to know if you think of me in the same way I think of you, which is just about every single minute and second that goes by (and the clock ticks so slowly when we're not together!). I want to be with you and make you happy being with me I want kiss you and hug you in reality and I want to tell you how much i love you in reality, my sweet John!!!!
I really miss you :( Even though I don't see you every day, I'm with you at every moment, still I miss you. Though you are someone constantly in my thoughts, in my dreams :) There are no words that can possibly explain how I feel right now, because in fact, I've never felt this before ... I love you, my smiling John and wait for your news!
Your Aleksandra with love
Letter 8
Oh, my love John,
I was so happy to receive your letter and photos!!!! Sorry that couldn't write you at the weekends but I had days off from my work and didn't have Internet access. Today is my shift so I'm writing to you at last!
I started the preparation of the documents and paid travel company the minimum charge 3000 roubles, 30 pounds. I will tell travel company that I will pay them the rest money on Thursday, right?
What is your work schedule for this week, daring? Do you start your work from
4 am again or may be something changed?
Yes, there is Money Gram near the hospital where I work and I don't have middle name, darling and you have? My dear, it is so difficult for me to describe my feelings to you!!
Darling, you know I have never cried as i cry the last time.
i have never cried of happiness but now i am about to cry. Each day :) And these are tears of happiness!!! My love you see, I am so happy that i am with you, that i met you. John,, you are really the man of my life, the man of my dream!!! darling it all seems to me unbelievable and I feel like a princess in a fairy-tale!!! Dear, you probably think that am crazy :) But i am not!! I am just madly in love with you, John,!!!!
I cannot wait to kiss you in reality :)
But now I am sending you my virtual hot kiss, my sweet man!!!!
Your Aleksandra with love
Letter 9
My love John,
I just got the mail you sent me with good news and I'm so happy to see that you went to the bank today and you used Money Gram and I need this reference number to get the money, right? I can go to the bank tomorrow only as I'm at night shift today, darling so tomorrow morning I will take the money from Money Gram and then pay them to the travel company, ok? And please, let me know how Money Gram wrote your name because I was told that I must know all the information correctly so tell me if it's like this: John Dennis Corvan, is that correct? If not send me your details correctly, please and mark me also the name of your town, ok? You cannot even imagine how grateful I am...
I don't know how to express my words and feelings to you..
I feel that you are a magician who is capable of taking away all the troubles and problems..Really, only because of you i was able to settle this whole matter down. And it wasn't easy at all and without you I wouldn't be able to do it. So you are like a great king, taking care of your little girl. I don't know..
Nobody has ever done anything like this in my life, ad I feel very strange because I know that here in Russia there is no such carrying man... So tender, so sweet, so charismatic... Thanks to you, now I believe in miracles, now I know that if you want something badly, you will get it. I have been looking for true genius love, and it came to me, but then along the way there were some problems which seemed to be un-overcomeable. But they got solved also! this is so brilliant and I FEEL MYSELF LIKE IN A FAIRY-TALE. I am so proud of you because you are a real man who can take care of his woman and problems that come along the way, you do not pass when you see obstacles, you do not give up.. You are the person who woman can rely on, who she can trust, who will never let her down. Unlike many Russian men, you are different and you have ability to solve troubles, and not adjust your dream that might seem unachievable. I am very happy that I managed to found you among 6 trillions of people on the planet, you are the one who must be preserved in the Red Book as an extinguishing species...
Thank you very much for the funds you sent me, I am on the seventh heaven from happiness, and so is my mom.
I love you so much, my John and kiss you million times!
Your princess and future wife (if you don't mind ;)) Aleksandra
Letter 10
hello, my dear John!!!!!!!!
How are you today, my angel? thank you for your mail and especially for your photos. They are from your work? You look so sweet, my love!
I went to Money Gram today and forgot that my passport is in travel company when I was in the office. I went to travel company to take my passport but they can give me it only tomorrow as they need it for my visa application. I explained them that I need it to get the money for my plane tickets so no problem, they give it to me tomorrow and my documents must be ready in the end of this week or the beginning of next week. They will inform me about it. So I tomorrow I will get the money, darling and let you know the details of flights travel company will book for me tomorrow also. You have to know that you are the one for me.....
I love you! You are my dream! only you in my mind!
I can't keep myself from thinking about you! This feeling is for the 1st time and i don't know how to behavior in this situation.I don't want to bother you! But I want to say, I want to scream that I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I want to be with you! To Feel you!!!!!!!!!!!! To touch you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to sleep with you and in the morning to gave you my smile and tender kiss.... Is it a dream but we will make it true so soon, in several days! I love you so much and give you my news tomorrow, darling!
Your Aleksandra Corvan with love - sounds good? ;) P.S. send you lot of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 11
Hello, my dear John!
How are you today? sorry for the delay in my answer, darling but Internet provider at my work has problems for the last 2 days and at last I can write you my news!
I hope I didn't make you worry about me? I have good news, my love! I got the money you sent and paid them travel company for my plane tickets. They fixed the flights for me and they gave me Word file with my flight details, I attach you it so check, please the name of the airport and the time to meet me at the airport. The flights are the same as they offered me before. I will be at Manchester airport on November 21 at 13.00 your time. Is that ok for you to meet me at the airport? They also told me that on Monday I must go to the Embassy in Moscow to pass the interview to get my visa. They sent application to Moscow but I must pass the interview personally and they fixed the interview for me on November 16 at 12.00.
I have already took day off at my work and book train ticket to Moscow. It will take about
2-3 hours to go there by train so on Monday I take the train at 07.00 and hope everything will pass well there. I will inform you about everything after the interview! how *** your Friday 13? :) Are you afraid of this date? :) I hope you are in a good health and feeling well. By the way, I saw on TV sad news about terrorist attack in France which happened at night on November 13- black Friday. So many innocent people died and Islamic government terrorist groups really threaten all the world nowadays and hope all the countries will consolidate to each other to fight against them and protect innocent people. Recently Islamic Government terrorist group put bomb in Russian airplane and more than 200 people die. It really became so dangerous to live and it makes me feel so sad. I would feel myself in safety only in your arms, darling.
I need you so much to sleep well. Please, take care, my darling, I worry about you a lot!
In spite of the fact that yesterday was Friday 13 this day was very lucky for me. I was invited to the local radio station where I had a dialog with radio DJ and answered questions about medicine, our hospital, which modern ways of treatment we have and so on. When I was at my work when my boss asked me to come to her cabinet.
I don't know why among all my colleague she choose me but it was really great experience for me, you know! to tell you the truth, I was so excited and at the same time I felt so nervous and I was afraid to forget about everything :) By the way, the interview passed well, I answered all questions about my work, we talk also about music, sport, charity projects that our hospital organizes. It was my first experience to talk live in microphone and I liked it a lot! All fears disappear only after 15 minutes of talking on air! And what about you, darling? have you ever take part in such interview on radio or on TV?
I think radio presenters are very interesting and creative people.
I miss you so much and you are ray of sun for me! you warm me up with your words, with your mails and photos! And my mum asks me to remember Her to you. She is so happy that we are going to meet! She always asks me how you are, when i come home after my work. And she does not think that you are taking me from her! Do not worry, darling :) She is happy for us as any mother is glad when her child is happy.
I miss you so much and wait for your news and photos every day!
Love you, my king!
Your Aleksandra with love
Letter 12
Hello, my dear John!
How are you today, my angel? thank you for your mail and I was sooooo impressed with the pictures of fireplace and I'm so proud of you, my darling!
you are really genius and I'm sure that it was not so easy to set it on the place, right? I imagine our romantic dinners in front of this fire-place and I want to make love with you near this place. exciting ;) I will take the train to Moscow tomorrow, darling and I got my ID for travel out from Russia. I have my interview at 12.00 and yes, I have your phone number in my phone, honey. I give you my news tomorrow at once after the interview. I started to pack my luggage and think what to take with me.
Mum asks if you want her to send you the apple jam. she says that her apple jam is the best in Russia!!!! she is so funny.
I am very very happy my love, I have never felt like that before.
I bought a new bag for my luggage and it is bright-red, so you will easily recognize me in the crowds of other travellers! what will you be dressed in when you come to meet me to you the airport, honey? please, describe me yourself very carefully, because even though I know how you look like I will probably get lost and will forget my own name!!!! my friend told me a story that when she came to Moscow for the first time she was so frightened that she forgot her bag together with all the documents at the railway station!
fortunately nobody took it! but I hope this is not going to happened with me, because I am rather serious and I rarely lose my head. but for any case describe me your cloths, ok? I love you, my John and kiss you million times! Talk to you tomorrow!
Your Aleksandra with love
Letter 13
Hi, my angel John!
You can't imagine how I miss you,darling! I will go home now by train and I decided to write you not to make you worry about me, my kitten!
I have two news: one is perfect and the other is a kind of a problem which I think we solve.
I passed the interview in the Embassy very well, I answered all the questions correctly and the Ambassador (or his representative, I didn't manage to find it out) was in a good mood, that was also very important, because the day before they refused a lot of people in getting the visa!!!! that was horrible. but it seems that I am lucky because today he smiled me all the time, I think that this is because I am shining like a star, because of my love to you :))) there was only one question that confused me. The Ambassador said that to go to England I must get the permission to leave my country in the Russian Department of Emigration!I passed there the interview,honey!
it was simpler than in the Embassy but they said that I must have the money on my pocket to get the permission to leave my country.
and the representative of Russian Department of Emigration asked me to show if I have it. he said that this is the proof of my creditability and to give me the permission the government must be sure that I have the money for staying in your country as my visa is touristic one.
of cause I couldn't show anything to him and he said that actually my permission is ready and I must do it when I come to collect the permission. They counted the quantity of my days staying in England according to the dates of my flights and I must have 20 English pounds for every day of staying in England. I stay there with you for 51 days so it means that I must have 1020 English pounds with me to get the permission and I must show them the bank account statement that i have this sum of money. I must show this statement at next interview and they fixed it on November 20 at 16.00. I will have to stay in Moscow at night as my flight is on November 21 in the morning and I must be at the customs 3 hours before my flight. Of cause I told them that I am going to you, but they say that no matter to whom I am going, because for the government I must do all that they demand. My visa is touristic one, not visitor so I must have 1020 English pounds with me when I go to Moscow for the second time to collect my permission on November 20. Darling, this is a really big sum for me and I even can't imagine where I can find this money. I really hope I can rely on you and you will help me. I will give you back this money at the airport on Saturday. I have visa card and it is valid in all the countries, so this is not a problem. I'm so depressed because of this problem but this is my first time to leave Russian and go to England so please, forgive me that I didn't know all the rules, darling. I really hope you can find a solution. I'm so depressed today.
My love, I spent a very hard day today and I have to hurry up to my train! Honey, I love you and all the day I imagined our meeting and our first night a fire place you set for us!!!but now I am so tired that all the thoughts are somewhere far away, and besides it is cold all the day and it seems to me that I caught a cold! :( please, answer me, my love! My phone is in roaming here in Moscow and it's expensive to text or call you but in several hours I will be in my town so I text you sms, ok?
I kiss you softly,
YOUR Aleksandra
Letter 14
Hello, my dear John!
i came back to my town and feel so tired today after my trip to Moscow that was so stressful for me because of the problem I face at the Russian Department of Immigration.
Darling, I understand that this is big sum of money. Of cause I told them that I'm going to you, I showed them all the information about you, address, phone number and I told them that I can show them our mails but it doesn't play any role because my visa is touristic.
The easiest way to enter England was touristic visa and the main point of such visa - I must have hotel reservation under my name for the whole period of my staying in England or I must have bank account statement that I have a sum available to stay in England for
51 days. And according the the law 20 English pounds is estimated for 1 day. I was explained it in details and I understand that this is very hard to find such sum of money within several days. But darling, I don't want to lose my plane tickets. My luggage is almost ready and I can't believe that you can give up so easily, darling. I talk to my boss tomorrow as I must get my salary and let you know how much I can find. My parents are pensioners and I doubt if my Mom can help me with anything as I take care of my parents.
More over she will be very worried if she know the problem. By the way, I talk to her tonight and will do all my best to find as much money as I can, darling. May be you can borrow the part of money from someone at your side until Saturday? I will not be able to sleep well tonight, I feel so sad and worried, darling. By the way, I need this money only for formality matter and I need to get a visa, otherwise I can't pass the customs.
I love you so much, my John and hope you can find part of money until Saturday. Please, ask it for several days and you return them back on Saturday when you meet me at the airport.
I pray God we will find a solution, my John. I love you so much! I will die without you and your smile! Please, answer me!
Your Aleksandra
Letter 15
Hello, my dear John!
How are you today, my angel? did you finish your work? I didn't get any mail from you today. Are you busy with your duties, darling? Today I had so hard day even harder than yesterday as I had a lot of things to do about the problem with my permission to leave Russian Federation. First of all I talked to the travel company about it and they said the only thing they can help in situation is just to change the dates of my flights and I must do it as soon as possible not to lose plane tickets. They wait for the dates and I must confirm them on which day I will take the plane to England and when I come back. So I need to talk to you about that, darling and decide on which day I should postpone my flight to Manchester airport. I talked to my boss also and I will, be given 15 000 roubles, that is 150 English pounds and I will get this money on Friday morning, darling.
I do all my best to find a solution out of this problem, darling so please, let me know on which date should I postpone my flight? for 1 week is that ok, my love?
if I take the flight on November 28 or November 29 will you be able to find the rest money so I can pass the interview and get permission to leave my country? travel company have already checked the flights for these dates at the same price so I don't lose anything.
My angel, I'm so worried about it and we need to make the actions quickly. So please, let me know your news as soon as possible! can we talk in Skype tomorrow?
let me know your work schedule for this week, please. I love you, my John and I don't give up because I love you so much and together we will find a solution!
Answer me, darling!
your wife Aleksandra
Letter 16
Hello, my dear John!
How are you today, my angel? I have good news, I managed to change my flight tickets and travel company postponed my flight on November 28.
I attach you the flight details so don't forget to meet me at the airport on November 28 at 11.15. Is that ok for you, my darling? tomorrow morning I get the 15 000 roubles (150 pounds )at my work and I'm glad to know that today you sorted out the loan in the bank. You see, my love, we are as a team and we found a solution, darling! I will give you back this money on November 28 and as I come before midday we can go to the bank together to return them money back not to pay percentage, ok? You will use Money Gram as it was before, right? The travel company also called Russian Department of Immigration to fix the interview for me on Monday November 23 at 12.00 to keep all my documents in order at last! I'm so grateful to you for everything that you do for me and our meeting, my dear John!
Well,honey!!!!!!!!with every day I understand that you have to be mine and only mine!!!and I don't want to share you with someone another girl!!!!!!!!!I think I will hate all the world then because I don't imagine my life without you and if you'll leave me I don't know what I'll do ....You are my life,my soul, my another part!!!!!!!!!!!!
And so you don't have any doubts about me, my John!!!!!!!!!!!
In another reality I'm already with you, we are together!!!!!!And it's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!Because I'm living only with this imagines and thoughts about you, John!!!!I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I kiss you now and wait for your news, my king!
your wife Aleksandra with love
P.S. tell me please if this hat suits me, I want to fly in it as a lady :) or I look funny? :)
Letter 17
Hello,my dream angel John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you today? I hope you are feeling well?
I have been thinking about you all day, I can not think of anything else but you! You have really taken hold of my heart, mind, and soul! I think I may be totally besotted with you! I am so happy when I think of you, when I think of us meeting, and finally being able to show each other how we feel! I work such long hours now! Darling, you have an appointment at the bank tomorrow at 16.00? I called my bank and asked how many days it will get to get the money from England on my bank account, they said up to 5 working days. And if it will be even 1 mistake in the bank details, it will be a long delay.
So I think it would be better if you use Money Gram as you did before and then I put this money on my bank account at the same day and then I can take an official statement from my bank that i have 1020 pounds on my bank account. So I think it will be better if you make the transfer as you did before, my love. I'm glad that you like my hat :) I like the pictures you sent me today, my sweet kitten! you also have very nice cap :))) I will ask travel company about the terminal and let you know, ok? I have to tell you how much you mean to me, how big a part of my life you have become, and how much I love you, my beautiful little bear!
I wish you could be here with me now, or me to be there with you!
I would hold you to me, and tell you all these things! Maybe I wouldn't have to say the words, but you would know just from my touch! You are very nice, I am, without doubt, the luckiest woman on this planet, to have someone as wonderful as you, write such sweet things to me! The women in your country must be very foolish, to allow someone as sweet as you to go unnoticed! I will not make the same mistake as them! I will show you I love you with such intensity that you will have no doubts at all! I would care for you, in every way I could! I would do everything I could to make you happy! If I had to walk across mountains and swim oceans, just to see you smile, I would not hesitate! I would do so without any question!
You fill my world with the joys of life! I love you my sweet little bear!
You are my world! I just finished my work now and go home.
My love to you, always! With many gentle kisses!
Your beloved,
Aleksandra with love
Letter 18
Hello, my dearest John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you today, my angel? did you finish your work already? I hope your day passed well and you have an appointment in the bank today as far as i remember and darling, if today or tomorrow you will go to the Money Gram, send me sms also and mail to inform me that you did the transfer so i can go to the Money Gram office here, ok? Don't worry, I will not sleep too much when i come :))) you made me smile when you told this :))) We will have insomnia nights, dear so be ready and of cause you will feel my tenderness and care when you will come from you work. I will be meeting you with tasty dinner and sweet kiss. So it will be like a family life between husband and wife - so nice when I imagine this. I love you, my dear John!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you for all your words that you were saying me, for all your feelings to me!!!!!!!!!!!It seems to me that I can't wait more!!!!!!!!!!!With every moment I became more and more passionate!!!!!I want to see you, honey!!!!!!!!!!!Really and immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And also I'm very happy that never that we had problems we didn't permit them to make stop our love , quite the contrary we've made it stronger!!!!!!!!And for that I love you with a great passion, my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that we'll be the happiest couple in the world and nobody could be able to destroy our common future!I promise you, that you'll not disappoint you in anything, you'll be the happiest person!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because I'll do all my best and the main reason of a great future is that I LOVE YOU AND YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, now I have to go, my John....
Kiss you!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
Need you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Aleksandra with love
Letter 19

Hello, my dear John!
How are you today, my angel? I just got notification that you didn't get my letter that I sent you yesterday. May be the Internet connection failed, I don't know so I'm writing to you again not to make you worry about me, my love. As I told you in my sms I got the money you sent for the interview, I put them on my bank account and got from the bank statement that I have enough money to go to England. So everything is ready for my interview, darling.
I had to go to Moscow today but on Saturday travel company called me and postponed my interview for tomorrow as they forgot that today there is holiday in Russia :) So tomorrow morning I take the train to Moscow, darling to get the permission to leave Russian Federation. What is your work schedule this week, darling?
Do you remember that only 4 days are left before our first kiss? I'm so impatient!
I thinking about you all the time and I want to express my feelings all the time. I understand that we are so far away from each other but my desire from this growing up. I think that soon it will get so high that I can't live without your touch and your kiss. I am really close to this and I want to embody my dreams in reality. I have fantasies about our future and it seems very wonderful for me. You are my sweetest love, my John. I miss you every time and we have only our love. I am dreaming about you. My prince, I need you to keep my heart and soul. I understand that maybe it is very hurry but what I can do with my feelings? The answer is easy, nothing. I don't want to stop it. I just want to feel it all the time without any stop; distance is terrible for me because I need you now, every moment of my life. You are my life already, John. I want to be a part of your life too. I think that maybe it is childish a little but I want to i dont want live without you I can not and I do not want you to forget - my lovely i love you very much Honey, I want to see you very much. May be you can help me to find the answer when we will be together!!!!!
Yesterday, I was upset that I wasn't near you. But I was with you in my heart and in my thoughts. My feeling to you is very strong and it grows day by day, letter by letter, talk by talk... I imagine how we feel impressed when we kiss each other for the first time... When our lips join and we will feel a tremble with joy in our souls... oh,..
I can't wait for this moment...
I'd like to say that love is around us but not everyone can find it and safe. As we have found it I think that we should keep it very careful!!! I am so impatient to see you and to be with you...
Honey, I feel now a little upset because I was dreaming while I was writing you a letter and now I need to come in real life!! :( :( :( But in real life I will be with you very soon!!!
So I finish my letter and I send you with this letter my deepest feeling and warmest kisses and hugs!!!
your Aleksandra with love
Letter 20
Hello, my love John,
Whatever your reaction to this e-mail will be, I want you first of all to know that I love you most of all in this world and I will always remember you if even you decide to abandon me, my darling John.
The trip to Moscow was really successful. I was in time everywhere.
First I got the necessary notification that I have enough money on my pocket.
Then I had an interview. It was also successful but!!! They were about to issue the visa when they found out that I have not paid the loan I have taken to buy my flat. Some years ago I took the loan to buy the flat where I live and my loan is not paid off totally. They explained that according to the laws of the Russian Federation they do not allow a person with unpaid credits to leave the country because very often they disappear and the government can't find them any more.
The man in the embassy said that everything is alright with my application but I can get visa only after I pay the credit back and the embassy will have such confirmation from the bank that loan is paid off.
Of course, I was so much disappointed and I was crying today at the interview as I couldn't control my feelings. Honey, I can't believe it's the end!!!!!!! It's impossible but it must be so because I haven't paid a large sum of money yet. If I count it in your currency, it's about 1600 pounds!!!
John, I am really sorry and lost. I do not want you to suffer as much as I do. I want that everything is ok with us but obstacles are constantly arising.
By the way, I asked the man in the embassy if there are other things that prevent me from coming because I was really angry. He sad I can go as soon as I pay the whole sum to the bank. Anyway the last obstacle is too serious and I have no power now. If only you were here to support me.I go home now by train and I will talk to my mother, may be she will find the solution of it.
I will go to the bank where I took the loan as soon as I'm in my town.
May they will find the solution...
Honey, I love you. I will always love you. I hope you will write me in spite of all that has happened.
Kiss you,
your Aleksandra with love and hope for the better
Letter 21
Hello, my dear John!
How are you today, my angel? yesterday I came back to my town, my mom met me at the rail-station, and when we left my bags at home, then we went immediately to the bank. Here is what I have found out: When I took the credit at the bank,one of the conditions was the fact that I can't leave my country, even if it's tourist visa. I can't sell the apartment right now, because I have to pay off the sum, that is left for last payment (1600 pounds). I consulted the manager at the bank and told that I have a fiance who is waiting for me in England and I am going to visit him. He turned out to be a good man, and advised me, listen: My apartment costs 59 000 English pounds now, and my offer is the following.I can sell it during only one week, but first I have to pay the rest that is left. My mom is really depressed now... because of you. she said that she loves you like her own kid! And she said that we don't need the 2nd apartment here in Russia, when we come back here we can easily live with her where she lives. When I sell it... I can fly easily to Manchester airport! And I will give back all the debts to you! it will be enough!
If I pay the bank 1020 pounds that I have on my card, 580 pounds will be left to pay off the loan. Then I can sell the apartment to give you back the money or my mother will deal with it while I go to you.
And she send the money by Money Gram to you as you did before. I will show her the office of Money Gram so this is not a problem. My Mom is very sad about this problem and she gave me today 190 pounds (she started to save money for our wedding when I told her about you :)So 580 - 190 = 390 pounds.
So I need 390 pounds, darling to pay off the loan and then I can take my flight. I'm not sure if I can change my plane tickets to have time to solve this issue and when I finish this mail I will go to travel company and let you know what they say. Darling, I don't give up and there is way out of any problem in this life! I can't wait till the day we are married! Love you, my John! I will accept anything just to be with you. I have never loved somebody so strong and sincere! If I take today the laptop of my friend Anna, can we talk in Skype tonight, my angel? I am waiting for your answer...
God, I pray...
Your Aleksandra with love
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