Scam letter(s) from Jade Lopez to Jurgen (Belgium)

Letter 1
My Baby Jurgen, have a good day to you!!! i am here now at work not so busy today the weather is sunny and its normal,... i am here at the office of my Boss encoding the papers works inventory i finish,...
i have a relax day of work today my baby jurgen',... my baby ill attach here the pictures i was taken during on my church day on Sunday,... and also the picture of my office mates ,.... i am hoping you will like it,... my baby jurgen,... i really do miss you sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh i really miss your voice,... the way we talk, your sweet voice always whispering in my ear,.... and i really love it my baby jurgen,.... ill write you more later my baby jurgen!!! Your Angel Jade
Letter 2
My Baby Jurgen, this is my Doctor's Prescription Medicine and Bill Receipt Copy,... of my Dog Bite Treatment to the Clinic Hospital,... Treatment By Doctor : Paul Silva,.... my baby jurgen' i am so lucky and bless bcoz Doctor Paul,... let me treat my wounds from Dog Bite,... and put all the best medicine to my left leg,.. to cure and to get heal,.... doctor paul is a good nice doctor,... baby and have a good heart bcoz he allow me to pay my hospital bill this end of this month July,.... i am very much hoping and asking your help again my baby jurgen',... to pay my hospital bill to Doctor : Paul Silva,...... cost 4 , 900 Pesos,.... thank you to you my baby jurgen,... for calling to my phone although we never talk much,... but i will be happy reading your text message,... and i will wait your call tomorrow my baby jurgen,..!!!! i am so sorry my baby jurgen i cannot reply all your text message bcoz i dont have much load to my phone,....!!!!! Your Angel Jade
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