Scam letter(s) from Julietta to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Darling Bill!! Hello to you!!! Are you surprised to get my attention??? Don't be surprised...
I have the great interest to you! And I wish one day to become your only lady!!
Will you accept my passion and my emotions??? Are you ready for my arrival? My words are my actions!
I need your "Yes"! Write me soon!
Letter 2
Hello for you, honey Bill!
How are you? Thank you for your answer. I had a hope, to get your letter. I am not present for a game! I have a serious search! Yes, I understand that we have a difference for our age. But it is a not problem for me! I do not search a little boy. I need a man that understands, what life! Serious man that has goals for the future, and can carry out it. Do you understand?
I want to be a favourite woman! Do you search serious relations for itself?
Do you wish to know me anymore? I have the opportunity to come to you! Thank you for the little recital of itself and family. you have large family! Do you want to create long or little family? ) Do you like to cook food? Super! )
What your favourite food? Nice, you can talk different questions for me. I do not have a secret. That do you want to know about me? I Wait your new letter again.
Letter 3
Hello Bill!
How are you? )))
Do you remember about the new friend? Nice, I will be frank with you! I do not want to be in this place long time. I do not search a pen pal. I search a favourite man for itself!
One man for all life! I am ready to meet you in my house. similarly, I am ready to come to you. What variant does like you? ) Do not miss!)
I wait you soon. Julietta
Letter 4

Hello nice Bill! I wait your letter every day. you feel that I think of you. I repeat your name.......
I search you among people outside....
Why do you ignore me? Your words for me - this empty?.... Deception?
Write soon.
Have a good day. )
With the best wishes for you, sweet.
Letter 5
Hi dear Bill!
you appeared in my life. and disappeared again....
Do you think that we can not create our future together?
Nice, I hope that you will remember the new acquaintance.
Write to me. I do not have a dream without you.
I wait!!!!
Your Julietta
Letter 6
Hunny Bill!
It I again! ))) Hello! How are you? Do you remember me? ))) I write for you again. I want to know that you have in your ideas for me.
Do you want to know me? Do you want to see me? I have serious interest for you! I want to know you anymore.
Write to me.
I will wait. your new friend Julietta
Letter 7
Dear Bill! Merry Christmas!
A health to you,
A wealth to you,
And the best that life can give to you. These wishes aren't original
But still they're most sincere
Have a really Merry Christmas
And a wonderful New Year. With ideas about you, your Julietta
Letter 8
Hello my sweet Bill!!!
How are you?
Nice, I congratulate you Happy New Year!!!! I wish much happiness and love for you!!!
Let all your wishes carried out! 2014 year had much good. But most wonderful, that we had this year is this our acquaintance! I wish for us, that a next year (New Year) Gave the real meeting for us!!! Happy New Year, my darling!
I kiss you.
Your Julietta
Letter 9
Hello, my sweet Bill!
How are you?
You have a good mood? ) You know, we had Christmas of January, 7. Maybe, you did not know. And for this reason I did not get your congratulations. A weather in my town is cold. Snow, wind.... Brrrr. ))))
Maybe, can you send a few hot kisses for me? ) I wait you.
Your Julietta
Letter 10
Hello, Bill!
You know, to me very lonely and sadly now!......
I one. You are not present alongside. All my ideas about you.
I am a very soviet, that we found each other on this site. But I am sad, that I can not touch you now. ... That I can not hear your voice, feel your breathing! Honey, Where do you like to be, when you are sad?
I like to sit ashore sea, to look at salt water.
I do not know why, but it does my ideas clean and quiet!. ))))) You know, I want to show this place for you! Do you want to see a town, where do I live?
Maybe, do you want to come to me? Write to me soon.
I wait you!
Your Julietta My kisses!....
Letter 11
Hello Bill!
I have ideas now. Why are not you present alongside?... Why do not you write for me?....
I have a desire, that we met! Do you want?
We have the opportunity, to change our lives for the best! ) Let us use it! I have the opportunity, to come to you! similarly, I have the opportunity, to meet you here, in my town. If you want. I am not present for a game. I really want to plan our meeting!!! I wait your answer and your ideas.
Letter 12
Hello, my charming Bill!
Do I hope that youhave a good mood, when do you read my letters? )
Sweet, I want to see your interest for me! I want to get your attention! Maybe it? I have very interesting and intriguing ideas for our future! Are you ready to carry out it? ))) I wait you, my charming prince!
Your Julietta
Letter 13
My clear Sun Bill! Where you? You disappeared from my life....
Nice, do not you have a trust for me? Do you think, what I play? No! I am here with serious ideas!
Not deception! Not treachery! My ideas are clean and sincere!
I have plans for the future. And I want to carry out it with you! Do you want same too? Take your ideas for me, and give your answer.
I wait! I on-line for you! I wait for your answer! Julietta
Letter 14
Hello my love and my angel Bill!
I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! I want to kiss you warmly honey from your lips
I want to touch your hair and your cheeks to see your beauty! My passionate desire! ..... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I wanna be with you!!!! I am excited to be near you, to live with you!
Love you! My Sweetie, Why are you silent????
You read my letters? All?
You do not believe me?
You do not want to write to me?
Honey, tell me. Why do not you answer? Please save me, try to help me, show me the way to you??
Your lover Julietta
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