Letter(s) from Natalia Broomkin to Trevor (Canada)

Letter 1

Thank you for the photo. I hope that you still go. Very nice!
Yes, I work full time as a nurse. My work schedule flexible. always different.
Trevor Can talk to you about the secrets? you do not want to tell anyone. That no one would know. I have told no one. And I do not know anyone who knows you. What would you tell them. And I'll keep it a secret. You have to have such a secret? I'm easy to talk with you. I do not know why. But I think it's because you're away. We are all familiar with. But some force unites us. And this pleases me. I want to get to know you more and better. To them I can recognize you.
Because you do not hide anything, and I'm not hiding anything.
Trevor I can tell you that, do not tell her friends. I can tell you that sometimes in the summer I like it to go to the lake and swim.
They will scold me. To say that all the forest. And you go and even at night. Wolves and bears. We must be careful. I do not care. I like to swim under the stars. Would you like to join me? I think it would be fun. And is not that big a deal. What would you like to show me? Tell me, Trevor.
Trevor I'm going to sleep now and look forward to your response. What is waiting for me and that you cook if I come to you. I so want to get your letter soon. How to do it, so we were able to communicate with you more than a day. Do you know how?
I'm waiting for an answer, Trevor, Can I call myself your friend?
Your friend Natalya

Letter 2

Trevor I do not know . Tonight saw a dream . Woke up when cuddled with her pillow. We'll be together. Some on the sandy shore . Laughed , swam and enjoyed life . It was great , and we lay down on the sand and kissing . And then I woke up. You're my head swirl . I can not think of anything . But I'm happy , I'm so happy. I even see each morning as the sun wake up and I like to look at it. It would be great if we could do it together . What do you think ?
In Internet cafes are great and old computers. They work so loud))
Trevor I decided to find out how and what you need , no matter what I could come to you . You can learn about what would come to me . Could you do it ? When? can learn ? Maybe it's just , and we just talk .
Could meet to enjoy every day together. What do you think ? tell me Trevor .
Trevor I was told that tomorrow I might be able to take a day off at work. I'll go to the big city . All know , and may be able to call you. You can give your room that you will be around tomorrow? Suddenly happen? It would be great . I have not talk . On Englsih. Only in college last time. But all I was praised . I guess I'm bad writing .
But to say I'm better . I keep thinking , what's your voice. Sure that comfort.
Trevor I am waiting for an answer .........

Letter 3

Trevor I was given a day off tomorrow only. Nothing happened as I wanted . But I'll go tomorrow and try everything and everyone will find out. If I get what you meet me? could come on the train, or plane , or ship on which I sail ? I just do not even know how to reach you .
Trevor I will take only what is necessary and to come if I get . But if not, then we put it back . Or are you coming . Good ? The main thing that we found each other. And we do so that our meeting will be held .
And the most important thing . Hope you do not mind the fact that we met with you and be together. If you say against . I can not just meet ? And I generally do not need to learn and you have to wait here ?
Cute, in my house there is no phone. I am fluent in English and Russian Trevor All tell me that you need to meet, it is assured that you're a fine man and we have a great future. Neighbor even expand the map and said that we will be together , we are ordained to one another . And everything will turn out. And all will be well . I never believe in the cards. But I like it.
Trevor I 'm sure we'll have a good time together. The main thing that we have. I think that in our time is not so difficult to go far . Have planes, trains fast . Even ships . You when you went away ?
Trevor You would be able to find me a place to live ? we could spend time together often? Do you like this idea?
I'm waiting for your answers . I hope you reply soon.
Your gentle Natalya

Letter 4

Trevor I'm so happy that you will be able to meet and succeed. I run for the bus now . And I will learn everything .
Trevor I do not know if I have time to return to the Internet cafe.
But tomorrow I 'll tell you exactly . And we can all plan . Good ?
Trevor I love you ! !

Letter 5

I come to you on a tourist visa. its validity period 90-150 days. all this time I can be with you. I can leave earlier. it all depends on you. I would like to stay with you. or rather to live. I'm glad that you're willing to take me in his house. I'm flattered

Letter 6

Trevor I'm glad you could meet me. And everything will turn out. I go today and all will pay. Everything will be fine. All happen. I did not have enough money. But I decide this problem. And find everything.
Everything will be fine. I now come to you soon.

Letter 7

Hello, my love, Trevor! You're very good, and the good that is in the world, you are the wind that propels my sadness, you are the sun that warms me to the coldest days, you're the rain that makes me sad alone, you're lucky that is given to me only, I love you very much !!! Thank you there :) I love dreaming about you in the bathroom, I like to dream of you in the shower, I present you with me in bed .. Once again, you're in my dreams. And again, I'm alone, with their thoughts. Again you therein. And we're together. And we are well. I embrace you tightly. I believe that the sincere embrace must be strong ... As my feelings ... those pure feelings that I have for you. As I am pleased that you are with me in my dreams! In them we do not leave. And it is not going to! Because we spend most fabulous and unforgettable moments together. I want to give you all the unspent love, accumulated in my heart. You are with me ... In my dreams! In them we're on the beach. Sun at sunset. And we look to the sea. And we are well. Warm sea breeze gently caresses our skin waving folds of our clothes, our hair. We hear faint rifts sea waves and rustling trees. And I embrace you. Tightly! My thoughts are always with you. I always support you in difficult times. You can count on me. Do you hear? I'm with you. Know that. And while we are together only in my dreams. But what is a dream! They are the most fabulous and bright! And all thanks to you. I feel you. It is striking that even when you're far away from me, I feel that you are so close; I feel your breath; the touch of your lips. Even if you're not with me. But the most beautiful thoughts about you give me faith. The belief that we will be together. Just you and me. And no one around. We were good together. I want to make you happy in your life to add a lot of bright colors. After all, love - is, above all, a keen desire for happiness loved one. And you're so close to me! Your favorite Natalya !!!