Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Gonchar to Martin (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, I speak with the Manager of the site, my dear. She is a very sweet girl, Yes, she said that I can access my personal information for you...
My dear, I told you that I don't really want to give my personal information to a personal meeting. I explained to you, that I don't want to just put my information in the Internet.
My dear, we have communication and we do not lose each other, and when we meet, you know all about me...
You know I never hide nothing from you, and always want you to be happy, my dear... But what I ask of you, it is important for me, I want you at our meeting, to become closer, learn about each other. If you could just understand me please. If you're not ready to do this for me if for you it's too hard. I understand, but this is my position.
I want to see you, and then we can do what we want...You to come soon, I'm happy.
Love you, your Nastya
Letter 2
Good morning my dear Martin . Good morning my dear man.... I miss you, my dear, I think of you.... How was your day? My dear? I hope you, all right. I in the morning, long lying in my bed, didn't even have strength to get up and go to make coffee. Ha ha ha... Though, usually I Wake up and zombie-like, eyes closed go to make coffee, and then Wake up fully. ) Today, here, not much rain, but at home, in bed, is very comfortable and I didn't want to get up and nowhere to go, but I had to...))
When I was driving to work, I was surprised by what I saw, I at first did not understand what was happening, by the fact that many cars drove by and honked me and each other. I was sleepy, and didn't understand what that means, I thought I forgot to close the trunk. I even stopped to walk around the cars, it turned out all right.
I drove on, again, all honk and flash their lights even for a second I thought it was because of me, maybe I look good and that's a compliment, ha ha .... But no, it is not so. Already, closer to the center of the city, I saw many, many people, with different posters, for example, "If you love, honk the****2 times", "Turn on the hazard lights, if today will make good", "dim your lights, if you're happy".....
I stopped, and asked politely, what's happening? I was told that it turns out that today is "world kindness day". Very interesting, but I already did a good thing yesterday, it's interesting this is considered as my part in the celebration of kindness? )))
In General, it appears that today is a Day of Kindness and I didn't know and was surprised in the morning. The first thing I thought when I saw all the drivers honk at each other, I thought it was a great wedding, someone from the politicians. )))
By the way, today, Friday 13, interesting. My dear, what are your plans for today? )) My dear, I wish you were here now. We would find what we do together...)))
I have today, no special plans after work, I'll be home..... I really hope, with you, everything is good. I hope to hear from you... Wish you a nice day my dear man...
I think about our meeting, and these thoughts make me happy...
My dear, I wish you a nice day, I wish you, to be safe, I think about you... And miss you...
Million kisses for you..... I love you...
Your Nastya
Letter 3
Hi on love. My man. Where are you? I miss you. I waited for you all day. I needed you, I wanted to discuss something with you. Where are you cute. I needed you. I had serious matter to discuss with you.
I saw my doctor today, she set the surgery for tomorrow, but I refused. That don't want to do this in a simple clinic. My man. My dad wants to pick me up tomorrow morning to the United Arab Emirates and to do the surgery in a private clinic in his homeland. My dear, I waited for you today to discuss it. It's midnight. But you don't. I'll wait a few more hours. I must answer for my dad. He's waiting for me to answer him. My man. I'm having this surgery with my father in Dubai. My honey, my plane is tomorrow morning. You can move up your arrival to Kiev? I'm asking you. To postpone our romantic date. I don't want you to be alone. I understand that this is not something that we plan. But to endure the pain every day. I'm tired.....
Love you..... Your wife.
Your Nastya
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