Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaevna to Rob (USA)

Letter 1
I have a smile from that that I see your letter it pleasantly for me it means that we are similar in our searches. Rob as I already spoke my name Olga. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Kirov. I always considered myself cheerful and cheerful in the center of attention because I work with children. For me it is pleasant to communicate with people at me many friends and colleagues. But so it has turned out that this active life I have not found the love in all. On it I here. Rob, I would like to know why you here? What reasons at you? You are lonely? Rob at first sight people not always such with what seem, many know me cheerful and active all this from that that I often smile, respond on their requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But only when I come into an apartment it is empty and cold, to lay down in a cold pastel and to fall asleep only with one idea that have come tomorrow and I had new day. Before me it did not worry, but in due course I became more adult and have started to reflect more increasing every day about it. I wish to find the person which will understand me in everything, and I shall have understanding to it. Rob, washing the soul is tired from melancholy, I hope to that that dialogue through Internet that that will change. I send you my photo, which you can see what I look like.
Rob, I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. Your new friend Olga.
Letter 2
I am glad to see your letter Rob I enjoy it. How there was your weather? We all the day long had a sun and it was greater pleasure for me.
And you love solar weather? My today has passed well. All put I has lead on work. I very much love and I appreciate the work it so pleasantly for me. I work as the teacher within 5 years. I teach a choreography and as I give lessons of game on a piano. Rob you are able to play on what or the tool? You would like to learn to play on a piano? I with could learn you to it, for me it would seem is very interesting. I have three groups of children in each group on no more than fifteen person. I so like to learn to their dances to discipline and music. To observe of them it so it is interesting, they I happen such changeable. And to see that when at them that that it turns out and to have pleasure together with them! It is very pleasant for me, I sometimes feel from a part I replace with it parents with some time.
Once in a half-year at us pass accounting concerts on which we we show that with could reach for last a floor of year. And often there are concerts in honour of various holidays. Parents of children with the second I am engaged express for me gratitude. Rob and it I think transferred sensations of pleasure which I test during such moments. You feel that you do that that useful and necessary to a society. My day always is filled by vanity but when I come to myself home to me becomes so melancholy. You understand me in it? And I rescue myself only unique idea that there has more likely come tomorrow and I have again started to be engaged in the favourite business. But I try to not despond in this occasion and I do for people only good. I trust in that that sometime I shall meet that the man and between us the love will flash!!! I think that this feeling means in a life of each person and if it is not present that a life much is felt as that not completely not on the present. Also I think of that that each person should love!!! Rob, and you as think in this occasion? For you it is important?
Rob earlier I thought of that that in a life all will come by itself and I shall be happy. But for that be in a full measure happy it is necessary to open the heart, to open it for love to have the big pleasure by a life. But not so that simply to make it not each person to be solved on it. And been solved can burn about roughness and indifference, on it I do not wish to study on the mistakes and I study on another's and I wish to open only for the unique person. Which has understanding to me which I understand and I wish to be with it. Rob and you sometime tested love? Or you as wait unique? And in general that you think of it? In my life many forces and are necessary for energy for that that I could charge to it the pupils. On it I live by a principle " all that all is not done to the best ". It gives for me forces.
Whether tell to me about the work more you Love it have pleasure when come to it. Or you do it from that to live? Rob I am 28 years, I am looking for dating with a man who knows what he needs out of life. So that we understand each other it had a pleasant chat from which captivates the spirit. I'm looking for real feelings. I do not need it temporarily. I tried to get acquainted without correspondence personally. But none of that good came of it. Probably by the fact that after me get to know what men want something physical. And for me it was important to communicate and to understand the inner world of man was pleasant. It is much more important to me. I believe that nothing will introduce longer than correspondence. Because you can with much better to know a person. My city is in the Kirov Russia closer to the north. Rob I tried to create a profile of their city. But I have neither of which worked. After several attempts. The administrator of the library told me to try to do a profile on the site of the United States. I think that for me it would not be a problem to visit your country. For me it does not matter what country to live. I just want to find a man who will love me, trust, respect and be honest with me.
Today I am sending you a new photo. I think you'll like it. This is a photo I took in his study in the classroom. My students gave me flowers on Teacher's Day. I was very pleased. I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will help me to learn better you, about what person!!!! I hope, that you as ask to me all questions which you interest. Rob, whether as I wish to ask you all you understand that I write to you? Rob, I learned at school English language and in institute, but all the same it not so is good, and I sometimes not understand all that you write. On it I wish you to warn what you did not take offence if suddenly I shall not answer your question. Probably I simply have not understood, that it you meant. Rob, on such cases I wish you to ask what you have simply written this question anew!!! Ok? On it I shall finish the letter! Good-bye!!! Yours Olga
Letter 3
I am glad to see your letter!!! To me it is very pleasant that you write for me such letters. I wish to learn you better more close and more. You are interesting to me, with you is about what to talk. Therefore today I have removed all structures from a site. Also I shall communicate only with you. I would would like that you as wrote only to me! What do you suspect the account of it? Rob I had never been on a yacht, but every summer we swim to the boat. Perhaps it is not as big as the boat, but it can also be fun to slide on the waves. I am sincerely sorry that your last relationship ended, and brought you pain. I am sure that you will gain more happiness. I understand that all of life can happen, I do not blame people when they divorce, the main thing that no one then had no pain in the heart. Rob Is now on the calendar on December 17, and in our country has come winter. On the street a lot of snow is not much cold. In the courtyard of the children playing with the snow and slide down the hill on a sled. Rob I do not have Facebook because in order to create it needs the phone number which I do not. I liked your picture, your cute dogs Today in the morning I prepared to eat and have cut a finger after I have bandaged it I have recollected a case from my childhood when I ran on a ladder and have fallen. I very strongly was frightened to it and have begun to cry. My mum has heard and has carried away me in an apartment. On my leg there was a scratch, but for me seem it very terribly and that that I not with can go more. But my mum has calmed me and has redressed my scratch. In general in my childhood I often received grazes or bruises because was very curious child. Not seldom when I climbed on trees go down I could only by means of my father. My parents have made for me much and I appreciate their care their love about me! They have given for me good education have presented all love and caress. Mine mum and the daddy already on pension also live in small village Verhoshizheme It there was a dream of mine to live in small village in the house constructed the hands. And here 10 years prior to pension the daddy has started to build the house it there was a big project in its life, and in the end all has turned out as it wanted. It has stopped to build it two years ago. I love this house as because in it my forces have been enclosed also, but more for that that it is done all with loving care. For me my daddy is a kind of the present of the man. If it will lay down for itself the aim that it it will achieve, always makes firm decisions in disputes. It has devoted all life for me and mum. Now parents live in this village, there it is very beautiful also beside there is a pond on which goes to fish my father. I as go with it but for me most of all it is more pleasant to float, it has a rubber boat and when you float on it feel itself as by the ship. It is pleasant for me. Rob, and you have a boat? You like to go for a drive on it? I think to you it will be interesting to know their names, a name of mine of daddy Nikolay and a name of my mum Tatyana. They are fine people which have made for me so much that I shall be grateful for all of them the life. At times they so do not suffice me and there are so melancholy on a shower, from that that we not together. But I often would go what to visit them!!! Rob tell to me about the family about the parents with whom you live? It is very interesting to me to learn about you. I'm sending you a photo with his beloved mother. The first one I found quite by accident, it was made a long time ago. I think this is one of my first photo. The second is my mother at a concert in the school. I shall wait for your letter!!!! Whether as I very much would wish to know I to you became little bit closer!!!! Olga
p.s Rob, I shall be very happy, if you can send me a photo, on which you and your family!
Letter 4
Hello Rob! I 'm glad to read your letter again. Your letters give me great pleasure. From them I learned about you more and more. Today when I went for work I have met one of my girlfriends its name Irina. With it we studied together. I was so is glad to our meeting. Because recently we cannot see so often as could do it earlier, at me the family, two children is a lot of work at it. As I hurried up for work we and could not talk on good and have agreed to find time for dialogue after work. Rob within day and very much waited for this meeting. We have met in cafe in which often happened in student's years. It was time of greater memoirs. It as has told for me about that that will be fast a meeting of graduates, it has not much surprised me because for all time that has passed we still never met. After I have asked it that at it has occured new, it has told for me about it, I was so is glad to that that it is happy. Irina, has asked me as my private life.
Rob I have answered it that I correspond with you it have been very surprised doubly why I up to their time on married and why I have dialogue through the Internet. I have told that I wish to have pleasantly dialogue with the man that it was pleasant and understood me completely that it was more interesting, that the man was with good manners. That very much does not suffice in Russian men. Irina in second time married, for the first time it had a husband which it concerned to it as to a thing and without respect and feelings much and often walked explaining it is all work. But Irina understood all this but that could not on do and often came to me and cried from it, their life has together ended when it has afforded much and the beginnings it to beat it there was a bad person and at me with it only not pleasant impressions. But now it is happy to all that occurs in its home life, it has met the man which has greater care of it and understanding they love each other. And this main thing, at them children were born. And I enjoy that when I see them together they so is happy. We talked with Irina much. It to me would tell that I was cautious with you, that I would not repeat its mistakes. In the end of conversation we have promised each other that, will see and come is more often to each other on a visit. She is very good girl we with it have much passed together, in all troubles and pleasures it always was with me. As well as Nastya. With it we are familiar since the childhood, we went to one school and lived in the next houses. When have left school, have together gone to study, only it studied on Biologist. We with it not when are not separated. Now we almost every day see, we come to each other. It married. I think that that, Nastya, is very happy in marriage. I am very glad for it! Husband Nastya call Igor, it often leaves to work on the north because in our city not so it is a lot of work. And they wish to give birth now to the child, it is very complex to contain children In our country. It tries earns for family, for that what they had all well. Nastya, understands it and with impatience each time waits for its returning. When Igor leaves, we with Nastya often gather at my place what to sit to talk about a life. When there is time, we go to walk somewhere. It to me as the sister. I think if you knew it, you as have told that that it the good person!!! At me only two girlfriends, but they true and I can always rely on them!!! And at you it is a lot of friends? You could not tell to me about them? Rob I am pleased that you want to make me a gift for Christmas. But I think that the best gift for me now it's your letter where you tell me how was your day, and we can learn a lot about us. Rob you asked my full name OLGA NIKOLAEVNA, here is my complete address 610000, Russia, Kirov region, Kirov, ul. Nekrasov 65-12. In this letter I send you a photo with my friends, I love them very much. We love to have fun. Without them, my life would not be complete. I hope, that you do not take offence on Irina, for that that it about fear has concerned to you!!! Also has asked me to be cautious. I think it it is possible to understand, to it much should be gone through. And it would not want that I repeated its mistakes. I hope that that you will not be offended on it for it!!! On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
Yours Olga
Letter 5
Your letters please me. And I am not important with what mood has come and as have passed my day after I esteem your messages to me it becomes easier and more pleasant. It on lifts my mood when I go home I so much recollect still long that you have written for me and it pleases me. How there was your day? Than you were engaged? Rob, I would would like that you have told to me about your friends. I hope for that that you will make it in the following letter. Rob today I went to a hairdressing salon, usually I had hair cut at one woman but today it was not also me cut, another. After it has straightened me. I was confused to that not much as it has straightened me. But after I have come home and I have looked in a mirror has thought that I began to look more cheerfully. Rob but I think of that that this business not in a hairdress, and in that that I have dialogue with you! And you give great value to the appearance? You have hair cut in a constant place?
You in general in a life are constant? Rob you know when I was small and went to school me my mum cut. And as it has made for me in everything that I looked well. And on it at school me have nicknamed the woman of fashion. And at you any nickname was Rob at school?
Children always think out something. Even now my girlfriends have nicknamed me ****. Rob and how you are named by your close people? In this photo I have hair, the same as now. Rob I do not understand that you are nice to feel distrust. I gave you the address where I live for a long time and I do not understand why your friend can not send a gift. Maybe they do not know and therefore decided to say that the address does not exist. Rob I do not phone because I can not afford it. For me, it's expensive, chat with friends and parents, I am personally.
Also, I'm very bad with computers so I can properly say what the technical possibilities. I hope that we can continue our dialogue and know each other better. I with impatience shall wait for your letter! Yours Olga.
Letter 6

You did not write me or your letter just does not come to me? Today, the library worker said something that has been a failure and it might not have this letter. Rob as if there was no tomorrow, I'll come here in the hope that I will see your letter. Goodbye!!! Your Olga
Letter 7
Rob! Today, the shortest day of the year! Night comes quickly. It seems that time flies is not noticeable, but when waiting for a letter from your time as if specially stops. I waited for what you write, and my sadness will pass. But my nearly empty. I'll wait for your letter tomorrow. Olga.
Letter 8
Hello Rob! Today I open the mail ...not there for your letter! And the smile on my face disappeared. I worry, as you can tell me! I'll be waiting for your letter! And my smile, too, waiting for this! Olga
Letter 9
Hello Rob! How was your day today! I went to the library to read your letter. Check that you have new? How is your preparation for Christmas? What will you do in the holiday weekend? But your letter was not. Write me when you have time appears. I will be with no patience to wait for your letter. Olga.
Letter 10
Merry Christmas Rob! I hope this day you spend with your family. You dine at the holiday table, give each other gifts and get the pleasure of communicating. I understand that today you no time to write me a letter. I'll wait for it tomorrow and you will be sure to tell me how it spent a wonderful day! Your Olga.
Letter 11
Hello Rob! How did you spend Christmas? Who met him? What gifts do you give your family and what you got? I thought that today you about all this tell me. But your letter no. I think that you have a long weekend and you can not write to me. I hope when you have free time you will be sure to remember about me and gave me the joy of your letter. Once again, Merry Christmas! Your Olga.
Letter 12
Hello Rob! How are you? Today I decided to decorate your home before the New Year. I wanted to Christmas mood was felt all over. I got out of the closet artificial Christmas tree, toys, different garlands. After an hour of my efforts before me was elegant beauty. It is a pity that I can not share with you its beauty. I'm sure you would appreciate it. I looked around and realized that something was missing. I took a few sheets of paper and cut snowflakes. I glue them on windows and pinned to the wall. Rob I look around and enjoy some Christmas story knocked me home. From this immediately improved my mood and I went to read your letter. But my post was empty. I hope my Christmas mood will be transferred to you, and tomorrow you'll be sure to write to me. Your Olga.
Letter 13
Hello Rob! How was your day? Today, I was walking out of the store and decided to go through the central square. I have heard that there have put a large Christmas tree, made slides for children and manufactured out of the snow fairy tale characters. I really wanted to see what it looks like. When I came to the place of my surprise there was no limit. It seemed to me that I was in a real fairy tale. Everything was so beautiful. I thought that one day there will not be much but I was wrong. Children ran everywhere, riding a roller coaster, they were so much fun. I immediately wanted to be that we'll also have fun. I came to the library and wanted to talk about it. But your letter was not. I realized that I did not tell anyone omoem day and went home. I hope tomorrow you'll be sure to find time for me and poraduesh letter.
Your Olga.
Letter 14
Rob I can tell for you about that that you begin to me more close more interesting. It seems to me that at us much in common. I with impatience wait for your letter because they give for me pleasure and pleasure. I do not cease to think of you. It is pleasant for me. I at all have not noticed as week has gone. And for you my letters are pleasant? I would like to please you with the letters!!! Today at me event on work since morning I was pleasant has made a new interesting hairdress and this hairdress has liked all. Rob I was glad to it. Rob tell for me and than you like to be engaged, what for you the present pleasure? It is very interesting to me, I think that you enjoy viewing of sports meets. I with pleasure would look with you it. I watch TV especially any historical programs for me interestingly to learn about that as our world lived earlier. This pleasure for me. And you know history of the country? You could not tell to me about it? I do not know much about your country, but I very much would like to learn your culture. It for me would be very cognitive!!! As I like to gather the company and to play various games. More often I do it on work. When I see that children strongly get tired I speak to gather it in a circle and we play hide-abd-seeck!!! All over it is children's game. You sometime heard and about it? You know, what this such? If it will be over to you interestingly, I can tell to you about it in the following letter. I am pleased that you made such good gifts, and tried to send them. But I do not understand why that is the address I gave you you is not valid. I live on it the last 2 years. I'm at a loss. I've heard many times that the delivery service in our country badly perform their duties. I understand that you can not trust me. But I hope that we can continue our dialogue. You seemed to me an interesting man and I would like to know you better. Approaching the New Year! And all around my town are preparing for this holiday. The street funny kids running around so funny and congratulate each other a happy new year. I have chosen today souvenirs for my parents and friends, and tomorrow I'll go to my parents in the village and spend with their parents New Year. I will return from the village on January 3 and will write to you. I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of happiness in the new year !!! To the holiday you spent with relatives and had fun from the heart !!! Rob you have hobby? My hobby this cultivation of various colors, it as can seem not interesting and boring employment but for me it delivers a lot of pleasure. Speak that flowers sate an apartment with fresh air and cheer up. For me this employment a lot of pleasure I is exact brings enjoy this employment. It has come for me from my mum it very much loves flowers and many years are engaged in them. At home in village at it very big park of colors and not only houses but also in the street. And it with heat and caress can speak about them though very long. Today I am sending you my friend and I went to the village to parents. We walked across the field collecting various flowers and decided to make a photo. As that time about which I comes nearer spoke for you that we at our school spend accounting concerts for half-year. I like to spend these concerts therefore to think out various statements of dances of the various countries or nationalities. It very interestingly I like to be prepared for it I look through various records and I read the literature. It is long process but when in the end it turns out so all hall rises and applauds feel the price of the diligence. It delivers for me pleasures. I would think to you it was pleasant if you saw my statements. And you like to dance? Tell to me, you visited, ever children's concerts? Rob know I now has thought that surprisingly, but I am very simple with you I communicate I can talk absolutely about all this very pleasantly for me enjoy it! Please, tell to me more about how passes yours put! It is very interesting to me to know your way of life! I look forward to your letter!!! Yours Olga
Letter 15
Rob hello! How was your New Year's Eve? I went to his parents in the village. We decorated the parental home, cook different delicious dishes. I gave the parents a beautiful souvenirs and gifts. My mother gave me a very warm mittens. I was glad that she had spent the New Year with their families. I would like today about all this to tell you. But you did not write to me. I hope you had a good these days and tomorrow, be sure to write to me. I'll be waiting for your letter. Your Olga.
Letter 16
Rob hello! Today I saw a very interesting dream. I lay it on the roof of the house and admiring the night sky and stars. I was so relaxed and well. I noticed in the sky a star began brightly flashing like a comet, then fade. as a bud that is someone winks at me. maybe it is you want me to write a letter. but you did not work, and you hinted to me about it in your sleep? Surprisingly course but it seems to me that all was well. I'll wait for your letter tomorrow. Your Olga.
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