Letter(s) from Veronica Rozhkovskaya to Robert (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello Robert, it's me again,
I hope you do not mind me, I could not write earlier. I would rather read your letter, and a lot of thinking about it. I wait for it, like a breath of fresh air. When I received your reply, was very happy and began to read your words. I was curious to know more about you. I liked your picture is add me pleasure from reading, I can imagine you next to me. I speak good English, and sometimes use the translator to the letter. I live alone .
we will begin our acquaintance, and I tell you a little about myself.
I am a young slim girl with blond hair, my height is 168 cm, I think it is not high. My eyes are blue, my favorite color is yellow.
I like to cook interesting dishes with good taste, do juice cocktail. Minus one, I do not like to wash dishes)
I live alone in an apartment. My parents live not far from me. I dont have brothers and sisters. Because of this, I'm bored, I want to have a close of the people. I think it makes life more interesting and happy.
how is your work? I work in a beauty salon and a lot of time standing on foot. I like the rest sit in a comfortable chair after work.
I meet you, and I hope that we will be friends and maybe more.
I also meet with the aim of further development of relations, relations which will be more than friendship :) Now I have to finish my letter to you. I have not had time to tell you what I do in free time, but I'll tell you about it in my next letter all right. Again I will say that I was interested to read your letter and I was wondering write to you.

Letter 2

Hey Robert
how are you doing, I decided to write to you, I was thinking what to say to you at the beginning. It is not easy and becomes more interesting for me.
I hope this will be easy and you can understand me. I want to change my life and to find new friends, that would create a serious relationship.
Now my life is monotonous and boring, I work hard and do household chores.
So I come here and think to change lives and become happier. And if you agree with me, then I'll be happy to meet you and become good friends. I'm not married and looking for a serious relationship, I do not have children. I'm pretty cheerful girl! What else can I tell you, my mood is now high. I send you my photo, I hope you like it.
I would be pleased to receive your answer, and your story. I hope that will not take much of your time, I will try, what would you it was interesting to read my letter.
Now I will finish my letter. I will be very pleased get your answer. With best wishes .

Letter 3

Hi Robert
And again, I'm glad to receive your letter, we continue to learn better each other. Yesterday I was thinking about you and I start to miss your letters. I have not had such a feeling, it is of interest to you.
Thank you for your photos, I liked it very much. I consider it my disadvantage, that is constantly trying to adjust a person under him. I do not want anyone give in, I stubborn! Sometimes I am too strict, and I can be picky even the smallest and inconspicuous things. Now I can only highlight the fact many cons ...
I did not see in myself. Of course, I try fix something, do not be so picky, be softer. I think that my advantages, I'm very sympathetic and always want to help people. Kind and caring. I can not pass or turn I thought you might be interested to know more about my character!?
I do not picky person, but my character is that if I have do something, then do it well. I love to cook, this is probably my main hobby. My parents have a garden away from the city, and sometimes there I spend week-end! I like to be in nature and breathe fresh the air. The last time I wrote to you, it was excited. By today I was calmer. I think a lot of what to say to you today. I am usually very not trusting people and gain my trust is very difficult, but you could do this is such a short time that I myself was surprised by this. I want to say with you more. I went to school, then to university. I work as a barber stylist, I like, though, and have a lot of time While there, I have a good relationship with my companion girl and not getting a bad salary. I also want to say that not to cut a man, I work with women :) I think you might be interested to know me from all hand, in my free time I walk and as I go to cafe with my friends.
Now I try to be strong, but in my heart I am very feminine and delicate.
In my heart I want to be vulnerable to a man could protect me. Before fascinated by yoga. This helps to maintain my figure is in excellent condition.
you still read my chatter :). I want to show you more of my photos.
I wish you good mood, I will wait for your answer.
I wish you a good day.
With kind regards

Letter 4

Hi hi hi Robert I have wonderful mood!Today is my day off .
thank you for your letter. Today is another day in our city.
Each day more interesting to read your letter:) It is a pleasure to watch your new photo, it's very good that you send them.
I think that I am jealous, maybe it's a minus. Maybe it's in my nature. I think you will enjoy Russian cuisine, I can make them for you. As a child I admired ballet dancers, I really like how they dance, but what I did not become a ballerina.
I mean, the more I know you, the more I have a question about you and your life. I do not dare to ask everything...
I would be interested to know in more detail how you treat a woman, to be with you? Woman for you, or is associated with a housewife with an integral part of your life? I want to have a relationship with a man, where we will be on an equal footing! and I will make your life happy. And create happy family. I know that this is a very important part of life and people should love and be loved. I have a lot of love I want to give her loved one.
It was a serious topic, and I would like to digress. Do you like to watch movies? You watch romance or adventure.
Sometimes fun to pass the time watching a good movie.
I like dogs, I even had a dog, I tell you about it next time.
I think finish the letter. I'm tired all day and I want to relax. I hope to continue the conversation soon!
I will wait for your answer. I wish a good mood.

Letter 5

Hi my Robert. Each time, I am pleased to receive your letter!
You really interesting person and I want to communicate with you as soon as possible more. I do not always find the time to write you letter. Work takes a lot of time and I want every time more and more to talk to you.
I plan children, I have in mind now. I think you need to create a serious relationship before thinking about it. Yes, I like poetry, I used to read them, but now I do not have much time for that.
I want to tell you about some of the pros and cons of my character.
Although the pros I have already said a lot ... But perhaps my main plus is that I can take man as he is. I can be very responsive, if someone is in trouble.
A little bit about the cons ...
After each person has its disadvantages, and it is important to know about them in advance. I believe that it is important, because you will know about the disadvantages of man, and he will not bring you unpleasant surprises. Hope you know what I mean ...
Sometimes I am too strict, and I can be picky, even in the smallest and most obscure things.
Now I can only highlight these cons ... Because I do not see much of himself. Of course, I try to fix something, do not be so picky, be softer ... But, but, but ...
I hope you can accept my weaknesses. You know, I think if people feel for each other is something whether it be love or friendship, they will always be able to forgive each other all their disadvantages. And even more, help cope with the emotional impulses, thus get rid of many minuses. Do you agree with me?
I finish the letter, I do not know if I can write tomorrow, I'll think of you and miss by your words. I wish you a good day. I'll wait for your answer.
You are on my mind ...
Your Veronika

Letter 6

Hi my Robert
I am very pleased to read your letter again. I'm more I think about you. your letters make me happy.
How is your health? I hope you feel better.
Today I am increasingly thinking about you and want to read more your letter. they have become part of my life and I always think of you.
How do you feel about the fact that a large distance between us?
I love my parents very well apply to them. I always consult with my mother, she is very kind and dad too. We often spend time in the place and at the weekend I go to visit them.
I hope that soon we will be closer and know better than us.
Smile on my face as I read your letter. I am pleased to to think that I have a man like you, I think between us link appears. I am pleased to speak with you and read your letters. Between us a lot of miles but we know each other.
BUT we are getting closer to each letter.I'm starting to think what would have happened if I did not go to the Internet for dating, such happy thoughts, that it is not :) And now I have a good friend with whom I was wondering spend their free time, I do have an incentive to go to the internet cafe.
Your letters make me happy every day I want to talk with you more and more. I want to get to know you I tell you a little about myself than I have been doing.
We with my girlfriends often walk in the park of the city, feed the birds, I love this holiday. I was waiting for when I'm writing you this letter.
I look forward to your early reply :)
kiss you bye....
Your Veronika

Letter 7

Hello dear Robert
I am very pleased to read your letter. I'm so pleased to talk to you.
I did not know what to say, and very happy if you come to me.
No I can not find the desired word joy. It's so great that we can meet and take a closer look. I would be happy to spend The burden with you. Come soon You can stay with me, I just do not know how that will tell my parents, but I think everything will be fine. I'll wait for your answer.
Your Veronika

Letter 8

hello my dear Robert
I'm very happy to write you a letter, I am pleased to speak to you.
I missed you and thought about our meeting. Yes, of course I will help you rent an apartment that you could live there. It will be very convenient and a good option. You can say what conditions you need and I'll pick them up. I think that it will be the most important moment in my life. I talked with his parents about you and they are very happy that I met you, they worry about me and what I want was happy, I told them that with you I'll be happy.
I really miss you and I hope that soon we will be together :)
I wish you good mood . I will wait for your answer.
I am sending you a sweet kiss.
With your love Veronika

Letter 9

Hi my lovely Robert
I really miss this day for you. I am very pleased your anxiety . I am very happy when I think about you and about our meeting.
I am pleased that you will soon be able to come to me. I hope you get a visa.
Today there is cold weather and I linger a bit at work. And like that would rather go to talk with you. the street is very slippery and a lot of ice, I almost fell. I've been thinking about you and do not even look at the road.
I am fine . I'll wait for our meeting, I am very happy when I hear your voice. And when I go to bed that you represent.
I really miss sending a million kisses
Your Veronika

Letter 10

My dear Robert
I am very pleased to read your letter, I have good mood, and I am very happy.
I hope that we will soon meet with you.
Yes, these dates approach, I'll be happy to take you.
I can take a vacation and spend it with you. We have cafe with WIFI, there you will be able to connect. I think you I need a good apartment. It must be rented in advance, what would you You can immediately enter into it. I can meet you in Moscow, but it It would be costly trip. So you can reach me on the train.
I always think about you . I'm so glad that we will soon be able to meet you, These thoughts do not leave my head. I think we will be the happiest.
I thought a lot about you today, and to which to write about it.
I will give you a number that you could call me.
I hope that our meeting will soon take place. today I I want to go to the store to buy food.
Since there is free time. I really miss you.
I wish you good mood ,
sweet kiss for you
Your Veronika

Letter 11

i my Robert
I'm a very happy girl and very missed you.
We will be able to meet less than 2 weeks. I thought a lot about this. I am glad that you fly to Nizhny Novgorod, is good news . I can meet you at the airport. I'm very glad .
We can walk together and spend time together.
I think you need to rent an apartment in advance, as close to the holidays It will be more expensive and less options. We'll have to rent an apartment for a month, it will cost 300 euros. I can pick you up near my home. We must now begin to look for her. But I do not have money Now unfortunately. I do not know what to do with it. I constantly think about our meeting. I can show you my city. My heart beat faster with thoughts of you. Thank you for your support to me, I'm nice to think that I have you. Now I want to eat and rest a little.
I once again I have to finish the letter !!!
Hold you tight and sweet kiss.
Your Veronika

Letter 12

Hi my dear Robert
your letters to lift my spirits, our meeting is getting closer, and I could not stop thinking about it. Yes, the apartment is Wifi.
I seek only a good option for you apartment. You will be have all the amenities. I can cook you breakfast in the morning. And we will Wander all day. It remains less time. Happy at work I really miss you, and wait for that time to read your letter.
I imagine our meeting and want to be close to you, hug you, I dream about it. Yes, we have a Western Union. So it will be convenient.
It is necessary to pay now because they take money in advance. I want take off 9.12 at 9.01. I want to prepare the apartment for you, what would you have been nicely . My full name is Veronika Rozhkovskaya
My address city Nizhny Novgorod Vaneeva Street 24, 12, postal code 603105.

In the future we will be able to decide what would I stay with you. I am very glad to welcome our meeting, we will be only two of us, this will be the best time. These thoughts do not leave my head. At work, I fly in the clouds and think about you.
Now I have to go but I'll wait again when will speak to you.
I miss you and wish you a good day
sweet kiss
Your Veronika

Letter 13

Hi my dear Robert
I was pleased to read your letter. I got the money all right.
I do not think that we can send them to different countries. I will rent an apartment for you, my dear, and you can live in it when you arrive. It remains very little time before we met.
My heart beat faster. I can imagine how to meet you and we'll be together, I think where I want to drive you, what would start our acquaintance. As for the phone, I use a work telephone and he spoke to barefoot that would take it with you, as this mobile . I want what you could call me. But the He refused me. I want to be in touch with you, because when you arrive then we can talk on the phone. And when at night I'm home I will be able to call you something to talk before going to bed, or maybe we'll be together.
Your words are very worried me. I'm waiting for the code we will be able to be beside . We will have the best vacation. I am very tired today .
I want to go home to rest. Sweet kiss for my Robert always your Veronika

Letter 14

Hello my Robert
I really miss you . I just really want to to tell you this. You are always in my heart .
I am very happy that I have you, my thoughts about you . I hope you have a good day and high spirits.
Hold you tight
your Veronika

Letter 15

Hello my Robert
I feel my life has become more interesting, because I Meet with an interesting man! I communicate with you!
Thank you, you make my life interesting! I wait for the moment when I can be with you and meet with you and we are closer We meet at the airport. I am filled with emotion I experience and a little worried, but your words give me peace of mind.
I have to find an apartment and start a rental from December 9.
You will have all the amenities and we can have a good time together.
I think a lot about our meeting and want it very much.
It seems to me so we can get to know each other and then be able to decide what to stay together forever. I want to create a family with you and be with you, spend time with you.
I'm not comfortable to ask you, but I want to do it.
Monday I have to pay rent my apartment and utilities Services for her and I want to make you a surprise, or even several, It can be beautiful lingerie or something else. I ask at work that I would pay you an advance, but unfortunately my boss to refuse me.
I also want to buy the phone, I think it would be better with him It will also be more convenient. You can lend me 500 euros, I give you December 14, and will be able to get an advance. I can convey to you when you with me . I want to please you, and when you arrive it's good to meet you.
I want to cook you a nice dinner, and make nice gifts.
I hope you understand me, my dear. I have a strong emotion, I was flooded with emotions. I always think of you, my dear.
As we will spend time with you.
In my free time I used to walk with a friend in a cafe. We would like drinking hot coffee and eat delicious cakes. And we have long talks about our lives. Usually women talk :) But now I spend free time in a new way. I go to an internet cafe and I am writing to you letter. It gives me great pleasure! I feel now: my life begins changes. There is a pleasant change for me. I have to go. I'll wait Your letter ! Have a nice day .
send a sweet kiss
Your Veronika