Scam letter(s) from Nasiru Jones to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
I just came back from a workshop that was organised this weekend hoping to read an email from you at least but i realised there was non. Well,i just want you to know that,this isnt an issue of joke and if care is not taking and she is been processed to court her fine could be abnormal and if not able to pay,the least she can have is 5 years.Am only concern and nothing more,nothing less.Have a great weekend..Adu Yeboah
Letter 2
I also do know by all standards that,you are a good person and will also like to help any stranger in such a situation.Anyway,i hope the best does happen but in this case,i think you need to be swift as i will try my best to get her case out of those that will be sent to court in the coming weeks Mr.Wayne.Am sacrificing and putting my job on the line for this so i hope you also do your best.Enjoy your weekend.
Adu Yeboah
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