Scam letter(s) from Olga Aleksandrovna to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! Thanks for the answer! My name is Olga. What is your name? I'm 29 years old. I'm a honest and loyal person. But my life like night sky without stars! I don't have love in my life! I went on only for a serious relationship. I think we can learn each other from our letters, and it's very romantic. I had relationship on the Internet, but it's not fun. Because everyone wanted my ***** photos. I think those men didn't have serious intentions. I stopped talking to them. If you don't have serious intentions and it's game for you. I don't see any reason to continue our talk. If you do not have serious intentions - Good luck in your search!!! I don't have time for games! I'm looking only serious relationship and true love! If you have good intentions, I hope to hear from you soon. Take care. Olga.
Letter 2
Hello Thank you that responded to my letter. Today when I came to the library, I was very glad to see your letter. I think that if you answered me, then you too are looking for a serious relationship, just like I. This means now we need to communicate more with each other. I think that we now need more write to each other and ask as much as possible questions. So we can know each other better. And because of this our communication will be much better. What do you think about this? Jerome I already told you my age, but I'll write more and more detail. I am now 29 years old. I was born on October 5, 1986. Jerome, when is your birthday? Or at least tell me how old you are. I understand that it can be very private information for you. And you do not want to tell me your date of birth. So I ask to say at least age.
My height is 172 centimeters. I not high, but not low. I think that this is the optimal height for girls. Jerome what do you think about this? What is your height? It is not important for me, I just wondering. My weight is 54 kilograms. I think that I'm not too thick? My natural hair color is fair-haired. My eyes are blue. I have many different hobbies. I love to read books, knit, sing, dance, playing the piano. I love to listen to music. What's your favorite song? My favorite song: Westlife  Soledad. I live in Kansk. My city is located in the Krasnoyarskiy kray. It Siberia from Russia. I understand that you are surprised that I live in Russia. I would like to ask you to forgive me for the fact that I immediately did not tell you about it. I'm not cheating on you. And I'm not going to deceive you. When I registered my profile on I could not specify Russia, because it was not available, and so I had to choose a different address.
And so I indicated the place of residence as the US. I've never been in the United States. I hope you're not upset with me for this. After all, we're just friends, and our distance should not be a problem for us. Distance is not a barrier for me. I can arrive anywhere. It will not be a problem for me. And I hope that we will continue our acquaintance. I've never been married but had a relationship in the past.
These relationships have ended a long time ago. I am very not nice to reminisce about past relationships because I was betrayed. And I do not want to talk about it. I Social Worker. I have been working for one and a half years in this area, and I really love my work. You know what they are doing social workers? I help the elderly who need care and engaged in educational work with large families.I also visit shelters for children and spend a conversation with them. My job is responsible and takes away a lot of effort, I often get nervous and worry. But when I see the results of my work, and I understand that bring benefits to people - it brings a smile to my face. I always try to smile because a smile makes our day more than good. Many people think that I am a very happy person, but in reality it is not so. Often when I come home from work I feel a sense of loneliness. I do not have close strong man, with whom I could feel small, fragile girl. I want to be loved. I do not have a true love. I do not have enough care and attention. I would like to meet a man with whom I madly love each other. I believe in true love. I believe in that I can find a man. I do believe with all my heart that I would meet a man. After all, love is the most important thing in life! And I do not believe those who say that love passes. love is eternal! She dies only when loving heart stops beating. What do you think about this? Do you believe in everlasting love? I hope that we will continue our dialogue, and tomorrow you will write to me. I'll wait for your letter. I look forward to your early reply! Olga P.S. I took a picture to send to you. I hope that you will be happy to see my picture. And I also hope that you will send me your photo. It will be pretty nice to see a picture of you. Even when you will send me your old photos, I'll be glad to see this from you
Letter 3
Hello! How your day today? How your work? In the evening as usually I have gone to library to write to you the letter. To answer your questions. But when I have come to library. I have not seen your letter. At me the smile on the person was gone. Why you today have not written to me? I am not interesting to you, you do not wish to communicate with me? Or you today too busy and consequently had not time to write to me the letter? I hope, that you can write to me this letter tomorrow. Olga
Letter 4

I am glad to see your answer to my letter. , I had fine day. Today there was a good weather. I very much love, when the sun shines! It always lifts my mood. I understand you. Also I understand that you could not write to me the good letter. But I am grateful to you that you all have found time and have written to me the letter. Let it was not such greater. But to me which you give very pleasantly your attention to me. And I am grateful to you for it. I very much hope that you can find time to write to me the good letter. In fact owing to letters we learn more about each other. In fact Letters help us to carry on our dialogue, and we get acquainted, and consequently I very much want. That you wrote to me more the best letters. Before I go on I has read through many clauses about the American men and the USA. I have been surprised by similarities in searches of the American men and Russian women. In this clause it has been described, what the American women think about marriage and creation of family. I never could think, that women in your country are interested in career, instead of family. In my country each woman dreams of family, about marriage, about wedding. But men in Russia for a long time have lost interest to it! The Most part of men in my country find interest in alcohol and an idle way of life. Therefore I am lonely. I want with me was reliable the man which loves and respects with the woman. For me it is very important, that the man had only serious relations! For me it is important that my man was true to me. , I do not wish to spend my life for the person who in any opportunity can exchange me for other woman. , in my opinion the American men, are closer to that I search in the man. Therefore I have decided to use Dating Site. , tell to me, please, that in your country think of Russian women? Whether it is valid women in your country interest only money and career? I hope, that in the following letter we can continue this theme.
Your friend Olga. P.S. I spoke what I like to draw? In the childhood I went to school Arts on drawing. There I very much liked to draw the nature and other landscapes. And sometimes, when I take holiday on my work. I go to my Mum home and I draw the various nature. In this photo you can see figure. But it not the nature. I am simple redrawn an old picture. Mum had a picture on an attic. I have decided to draw new and brighter picture. I hope that you will tell to me more about your hobbie
Letter 5
how there was your day? I am glad to see your answer. I like to talk to you. You very interesting interlocutor. that has told thanks me about your work. It is really interesting to me to learn about you all that you tell. In fact it what person inside very helps to understand. To understand a private world of the person. And our dialogue, helps us and our acquaintance. the brother and the sister is very a pity to me that yours so concern to family. It is very bad. It is very a pity to me. Thanks you for your picture. It is pleasant to me to see it from you. Thanks that you have sent me it. I am grateful to you for it. , I think, that in a life there are two most important things it is love and friendship. We test both these feelings to people who in due course appear in our life. The true love in a life of each person one! I think, that the true friends cannot be much. I have people whom I can name the true friends. And I am grateful to destiny, that I have the true friends. My best friends name are Yulia, Elena, Sveta. I am familiar with Yulia since the childhood. We studied at one school and lived in the neighbourhood. Now Yulia, also lives in Kansk. She married also works as the teacher at school. I have got acquainted with Elena in institute. We studied with her in one group. Now Elena, lives to Surgut. She was married twice. her first marriage was unsuccessful because her husband had problems with alcohol. She has divorced from it several years ago. Now she again married also is very happy. Last time I met with Elena three months ago then she came to me on a visit. With Sveta, we together work. She very good and sympathetic person. When I started to work, I had difficult situations, in which did not know how to act. Sveta, always gave me advice and supported me. She works in our office as the psychologist. Now she is 37 years old, she married also has two children, the boy and the girl. , I am assured, if once you can meet Yulia, Elena, Sveta. You would have liked them. They really fine people. For me they are very important. I am grateful to them because they can always support a difficult minute of my life. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my friends. I shall wait for your answer. I shall be glad if you will tell to me about your friends.
Your friend Olga. P.S. I send you a picture with my friends. On the first and in the second picture: I, Elena and Yulia. When Elena comes to us on a visit, we very much like to walk together and to enjoy our conversations. These pictures have been made in June. She came to us on a visit. And in 3 picture, I with Elena and with her the son. I was so is happy to see her the son. It was very good time.
Letter 6
Hello !!! How there was your day? thanks you that you have told to me about your last attitudes. It were very a pity to me that your attitudes not such successful. And it is a pity to me that you had similar problems. I understand that you wished to care of your wife.
But you did not love her. You even have children. And it is a pity to me that she incites children against you. It is very sad. It is very a pity to me. She should not so to act. I understand that she to be angry with you and consequently she tries to incite children against you.
It is very sad. Thanks you. That has told thanks me about your last attitudes. It is very a pity to me that you had such bad moments in your life. It is very a pity to me. I am grateful to you for honesty and sincerity. , I want too you to know more about Russia. In my country there is a saying - in order to understand Russia you need to live in Russia. I will try to explain to you what kind of life in my country. Russia - it is the biggest country in the world, in my country 83 regions of the Russian Federation. It is like in your country 50 states. In Russia there are 180 various nations. Each nation has her history, culture, language and traditions. All together, this is big and great history of Russia. We have are known poets Pushkin, Esenin, Tolstoy. Do you know about them much? In Russia many various crafts. I send you some photos. The first photo is Valenki. It is Old Russian footwear. The second photo - it gzhel and hohloma. It a little prophetic which associate with Russia. I hope, that it will be interesting to you. , often on TV programs about what foreigners are saying about my country. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Because many are mistaken in his statements about Russia. Really, Russia has a lot of problems. But Russia is a wonderful country. I love Russia, with all its advantages and disadvantages. And I think everyone should love homeland! What do you think? am I right? I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my country. You can tell to me more about your country?
Yours faithfully Olga. Frost and sun; a wonderful day!
Else did you doze, friend adorable-
It is time, beauty, wake up:
Open your eyes are closed bliss
Towards the north of Aurora,
Northstar appear! in the evening, you remember, the blizzard was angry,
In the muddy sky the haze rushed;
The moon, as a pale spot,
Through clouds gloomy turned yellow,
And you sad sat-
And now..... Have a look in a window: Under blue heavens
Magnificent carpets,
Shining on the sun, a snow lays;
The transparent wood one blackens,
And the fur-tree through hoarfrost turns green,
And the small river under an ice shines. All room amber shine
It is lit up. A cheerful crash
The flooded furnace cracks.
It is pleasant to think at a stove bench.
But you know: whether to order in sled
mare brown harness? Sliding on a morning snow,
The friend the darling, we shall be betraid to run
Impatient horse
Also we shall visit fields empty,
Woods, recently so dense,
And coast, lovely for me.
Letter 7
I am glad to see your answer. I spoke you that, I went in Karapsel. Today I have returned in Kansk. I had a good trip. My aunt Valentina, liked my gift. She said she would put "Eucalyptus" next to the bed. I was happy to see my aunt's smile. I think that in a life very important, to see happiness of close people. I had good time in the house of my mum. We made a celebratory supper. It was cheerful. We prepared salad "Olivie", *** roast and cake for dessert. It was very tasty. I liked the cake, we baked it mother's prescription. It is called " fallen leaves ". This pie gathers from several cake becomes covered by a special cream. do you like sweets? If you love sweet then you would love this pie. , would you like to try it? My aunt very intelligent person. She worked as the teacher of Russian and the literature at school. She read us poems of Pushkin and Yesenin. Sometimes I think, that she knows all Russian poetry by heart. My mum and Valentina have asked me about my private life. I have told about ours with you dialogue. They have been very surprised, that there were opportunities to speak with someone from other country! They also have been surprised that I speak with the man from other country. Mum has started to ask me about you, I have told that you very good person. I have told, that you kind, fair, opened and well brought up the man. My mum, has told that I never forgot about education which she have given me!!! She wants that I always remained the decent girl! My mum is glad that I have dared to build relations and family. She has advised to do, that speaks my heart. She has asked to show your photo next time. I have promised, that I shall make it. , can I show your photos to my mother? I understand your frustration of that you had to work on Sunday. This day all people should have a rest. But unfortunately it not probably and sometimes are situations similar to yours. On my work too occurs similar. But I am not upset from it. I have chosen this work. To me pleasantly your anxiety on my safety. With me all is good, you should not worry. Thanks that has told to me a song which reminds you of me. I shall try to find this song and to listen to it. I am assured that I will like this song. Thanks you for your words about my possession of English language. It is pleasant to me to read from you such words. Thanks you for your picture. It is pleasant to me to see it from you. Thanks that you have sent me it. I am grateful to you for it. Unfortunately I have no phone. I did not buy it because did not see in it necessity.
In fact all the important people for me are beside with me. And on it if who that was necessary for me. I can is quiet come on a visit and learn all that me interests. , my mum asked that I spent the night in her house. But I have returned in Kansk because I do not wish to leave your letter without the answer. , me it is very pleasant, that I am familiar with you! Your letters and your life are very interesting to me. , I hope to see your answer tomorrow. Olga P.S. Which I send photos to you have been made this summer. I stayed with mine Mum. These sunflowers by the end of summer become simply huge. You like to eat seeds of a sunflower? At us in Russia very much many people gnaw it. I too like to eat seeds of a sunflower.
Letter 8
I am glad to see your letter! Thanks for your lines, they warm my heart. I learned about the check which you wish to send by mail.
To me have told that I cannot use it. In Russia this system will not work, therefore it will not work for me. my beloved, thanks you for a poem which you have written to me. I love you. To me it is very pleasant that you write to me all it. I today have taken for you a picture. I hope that you will love it. It is not very a pity to me that I can kiss you now. I wish to embrace you and to kiss. , today I went to learn how you can help us. In the beginning I have gone to travel agency, I have explained to them, that you wish to help me. They have advised me to address in bank. After I have gone to bank, and talked to its employee. It has told and that they have a branch of company Money Gram. To me have told about this company. , this company is engaged in remittances worldwide. Branches Money Gram, are worldwide. , whether you heard about such company? I hope, that Money Gram, can help us. , I hope, that we can unite our efforts and soon we shall meet. I madly love you! , I am assured that the destiny has specially put before us this barrier. The destiny checks us and our feelings! , we should sustain this check! We should struggle for us and our future! We suffered enough, now our time to be happy! , I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I hope that the information about which I have learned, will help us to meet!
Yours and only yours Olga.
Letter 9
I am glad to receive your letter! , thanks for support and warm words! if you knew, your letters are how much important for me. It the most good, that is in my day. I always with impatience wait for the moment when I shall read your letter! you have correctly understood my letter. 1447 dollars are full cost for travel to you. The price is specified for 1 ticket in the USA. The return ticket is not necessary to me. I love you and I wish to be with you. Therefore the return ticket is not necessary to me. I understand that you not rich. I am done not excited with your money. It is not necessary for me from you riches and other. To me the main thing that you loved me. I am ready to live with you in any conditions. Money will not make me happy. I search for the present love and sincere feelings. And I know that you can give me it. I love you. It is not necessary for me that in this world except for your love. I learn in travel agency that you can make. , thanks that you wish to help us. But I do not know ways as it can be made. I very much hope that really there is such opportunity. Tomorrow I shall go to travel agency, I shall explain to them our situation and I shall ask them, that it is possible to make. , I hope, that it to turn out to learn a way which will unite our efforts from me. , I am grateful to you that you are ready to struggle for our future! Thanks that you do not leave me one, with this problem. , I wish to trust in that that we shall meet! I every day think, how we shall be happy together! Happiness! The Happiness is the most important, that the person should test! And all rest is not important! I am assured, that each person can be happy! For this purpose it is necessary to hold the heart opened.
, I think, that it is necessary to trust the heart, and to go on its call! It seems to me if always to do so, that speaks your heart you will necessarily meet happiness! I listened to the heart and ours you! I all heart trust in our future! In our happy future !!! In the tomorrow's letter, I shall inform all that I learn. I hope, that at me it to turn out to find ways of association of our efforts! I love you !!! We should be together! We should meet! Only in your hands I shall be happy!
Yours forever Olga
Letter 10
Hello my love ! Today I had very intense day. Today I went to do photos for documents. Also filled all papers in travel agency, signed the contract. I love you my beloved. Absolutely soon we already shall together. And it is more that will not separate us from each other. In fact we shall be together. I love you. I cannot constrain my feelings of pleasure. In fact it is already fast. Already soon I shall with my beloved. Soon we shall with you. I love you. to me have told that my start is appointed to December, 22nd.
my beloved, we shall together already absolutely soon. To me will inform the full information of my flight on December, 18th.
I love you, I so am happy to that already soon we shall together. I love you my beloved. I have completely paid cost of documents and tickets. to me 1940 dollars were necessary to pay. There Is because of tourist a visa, I am obliged to have the return ticket. And consequently cost of tickets has made 1110 dollars. Thanks you that you have helped our meeting to become real. Now we need to wait only.
Now only time separates us from each other. Today, when I filled documents. Also signed the contract. To me have told that to me will be necessary to pass interview and I will be asked with some questions. In travel agency for me will prepare for these questions that I did not have problems with reception the Visa. Tomorrow I shall pass the test for knowledge of English language. I very much worry, but I think that I can pass this test without problems. In fact I not so badly speak in English. I think that I will not have problems with it. But I all very much worry and I experience. my beloved. I require your support. Please, speak me that at me all will turn out. Now words of your support are necessary to me. It will give to me of forces. And I can be quieter. I love you. And I so wish to be with you. To me that it is not necessary in this world any more. Only you, and only your Love. Here that it is really necessary for me. Today I as went to pass medical survey. To me have given out the information that at me is not present what illnesses. I can freely travel to the USA.
I can transfer flight without problems. But all is equal I very strongly I worry, in fact I when before did not fly at self-summer. I so worry. you flied by the plane? How far you travelled? You could share with me experience of that I should take with myself in the plane. In fact I probably shall want to eat. There feed or it is necessary to have meal with itself? I heard that in the plane can puke at rise and landing. It is the truth? Forgive me for similar questions. But I when did not travel. And I very much worry. I hope that you will understand my excitement. Also you will not laugh over me at it. my beloved. I as think of much what clothes to me are necessary for taking with myself. I can remain with you for 6 months. And I think that to me to take with myself only years clothes enough. I hope that you will help me with mine questions. Also you will support me. I love you. absolutely soon we shall together. All our dreams. All becomes real. We can take pleasure in our love and our tenderness. I love you. On it I finish my letter. And I send you millions gentle kisses. And already soon I can present you these kisses. I love you.
Yours and only yours. Olga
Letter 11
I so am glad to see yours the letter. I very much missed you. , my love I write to you this letter and I am am overflown with feeling of pleasure. I am glad from that that soon we shall together!!!! , at last that soon we shall find our happiness, we so a long time went to it and to us remains absolutely hardly - hardly. Here the information of my flight:
Departure: on December, 22nd, Moscow Domodedovo Arpt 09:05, Arrival: on December, 23rd, Atlanta Detroit Metro Arpt 13:53.
I will fly to you through Zurich.
From Moscow to Zurich
I will fly on the flight 1325,
Airline is SWISS.
From Zurich to Chicago,
I will fly on the flight 8,
Airline is SWISS.
From Chicago to you in Atlanta,
I will fly on the flight 3240,
Airline is SWISS.
, today I have arrived from Karapsel. With me there has arrived my Mum and my Aunt. They would arrive for that what to spend me, to help me with things. For this time that I come to library, I have got acquainted with the manager, and I would ask it that it has learned my mum to use the Internet, for that what when I shall at you we could communicate. Mum and the Aunt have given me many manuals. , they have transferred us with you a gift. I to you shall not tell that it for a gift, let it will be for you a surprise. , my Mum would insist on that that I would send you the ticket for a train that you knew about each my step, and that you would not forget about that where I shall be during what time. My Mum and the Aunt experience for a trip more, than for that when I shall be with you. My Mum has sold dresses which has made, for that that at me would be money for pocket charges. They have collected all of money which at them were in total at 120 dollars have turned out. I know that that this last that at them is, and consequently I did not wish to take this money, but they would insist on that that I have taken them as in road there can be all, probably I shall want to attempt or I shall be late, in the airport that at me would be to pay money for a taxi. , I now do not have a lot of time for that what to write to you the big letter, soon my train to Moscow, and we need to come still to Yulia, to take away my things. And still Mum wishes to write to you the letter. I love you, and I cannot wait when I shall arrive to you. I put to the letter my ticket for a train up to Moscow. I adore you !!!!
Yours and only yours Olga P.S. This Letter from My Mum to you: Hello dear !!!!! I am very glad for you that having overcome so it is a lot of you at last that will meet. We with Valentina very much experience for Olga. We hope that that you decent the man and will not do badly to it. We hope for you!!!! I very much would ask you that you have as much as possible affected from its part for monitoring of trip Olga to you. We with the sister very much wish to get acquainted with you personally! We Hope that to be presented us such opportunity. We wish your of good luck, and family rest.
Good-bye. Zinaida
Letter 12
I love, I love you, and I love you madly, all essence, all essence and all nature, each section of the body, each atom of the brain and everyone particle of the soul. I adore you . I idolize you. with your occurrence my life was filled with sense, and I could feel, how much it is necessary - for realizing for me, that on this Earth there is you, and how much it is important - to live for me for you. And as divinely perfectly, delightfully perfectly to hear your words of love, to hear your beautiful velvet voice when you so are tender and so excitingly you say my name. it is necessary to me to close eyes, and I feel you as a number, absolutely close. I hear your breath, your stupefying smell, I feel heat of your leather, tenderness of your hands and passion of your lips. I live in other measurement, somewhere there, behind clouds where I could rise on wings of your love. For me there is no more terrestrial gravitation and laws of this world are not imperous any more over me. thanks that you have told to me about your food priorities. Now I shall the nobility that I can to prepare for you. But I think that when we shall be together, I will need to get used to yours a diet. And I should ask often you about products. Whether you trust, the darling, but I do not wish to remember anything, that was up to you in my life.
I thirst for nothing in this life, except for your love, you for me as for a drink of cold water in desert. There is only you and that is connected with you. I now outside of the world, I am entirely forgotten in your essence, in you. I wish to be pleased together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible. I wish to be in your blood, in your soul, in your heart, I want, that you possessed me. Your person, your sight, your hands, your lips intoxicate me more strongly the most intoxicated wine. I love you. I wait for that maximum hour when we shall meet you. And then there will be a merge of two souls, two hearts.... And most likely it has already occured somewhere there.... Highly.... In the Universe.... I love you my gentle prince. I love you.
I yours and only yours. Olga P.S. I today have taken away the contract from travel agency. I send you a copy of my contract. I think that to you will be pleasant to see it. I think that you should see where your money have been spent. I love you. I do not want that you worried. I as send my picture from a zoo. I hope to you it will be pleasant to see it.
Letter 13
I do not know what to tell, I am very guilty to you now. I do not know what to speak. To me it is very bad. Forgive me !!!!
Forgive me!!!!!!! I am very guiltyto you. I likely the bggest problem for you. I do not know what to tell. I would like to die now. I am not worthy you. I do not know what to make. I make you such unhappy. You likely never faced with such problem as I. I do not know, forgive. I ask youforgive me. I all night was in miltia. I of nothing could make. I do not know what to mak. To me it is very bad now. When I have arrived to the airport that I have gone to a toilet. When I went from it that me hve stopped the girl with what that a question and on the spot behind who that has struck me on a head. I have fallen and ave regained consciousness without anything. A me have taken away money whih I stored about a ******. Documents laid in a left-luggage office and them ave not taken away. I hav gone to militia and have written the application and all night of me interrogate, asked as as. Anywhere did not release, have told that this gang from two women ? first time plundes girls in a toilet. I have described one of them whic asked me. But I did not see the second which have struck me on a head. , forgive, I ask you forgive me. I do not know what to make now. To me it is very bad without you I wat to be with you and I want to be with you for ever. I not know what to make now. I can not leave hme at all. I very badlyfeel myself. My heart hurts. In militia say that with such money was necessary ask to be the militiaman about m. But did not know it. I do not know what now to make. I wold not have money what to fly to you and what to go home. In ilitia I ask even there are some money that I could write to you the letter ad now I write you. I am very guilt to you , I ask you forgive me. I a silly woman. The silly silly woman which is guilty in that tha we not can to meet now. I should be in your embraces now butI do not know whatnow to make. My heart hurts, to me not want to live now. I all in tears, I have brought you, the man f my dream and I can not be with you now. I love you !!! I love also want to be only with you. I do not know as it it has turned ou. Forgive, I ask you do not leave me. I love you, I love all heart and I want to be only with you. I ask you stay with me. I am very guilty but I love you. You give me forces, yo give me love and this feeling gives me wings. I wanted to die but I all over again wnt to see you To touch you. To yours to lips, kiss you to hear your voice on the present nstead of by the phone. To see your smile and happiness in eyes. I all shall give for your happiness. But I do not know that to me to make now. To me it is very bad. Forgive e. I only yours. Only yours for ever, loving and gentle Olga
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