Scam letter(s) from Irina to Dave (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi David, Nice that you read my letter!
You're really very interesting for me, I want to talk, because the conversation will not be anything bad.
I am a real woman.
You know what women want, true womans happiness, you will be surprised: what is it?
This is when you love and loved, when hurry home to hug and kiss a loved one to ask how it works, in a hurry to prepare a delicious dinner for a loved one, in a hurry for him to wear new **** underwear, to keep warm in bed with him, or just to listen to him how he singes in the shower:)).
I want to listen to noise of trains, hoping that, in one of them, he go. I peer into heavens, dreaming to notice the plane by which he will arrive …. And, maybe, he will arrive to me on wings of the elf? Then I won't close a window that he could fly, at any time, in it. I wait for him constantly, at any time …. Arrive, come, come …. I will show him what to mean to love truly. I for anybody, hear for anybody any more I won't say this word. I will keep it for him, my half.
I will teach him to cry with happiness. I will force him to believe me, and never I will deceive.
In me there is so much fire and tenderness that will suffice on one thousand years. On that one thousand, which at us one for two. I will dement him …
Take a few minutes of your time and see my profile, I hope you liked.
I love to live, the best out of life and do not dwell on the unpleasant, take them and move on.
I love to cook, I love to read, have fun.
I can go to the movies, traveling, skiing or just walking in the park.
I love sports: yoga, stretching, Pilates, fit ball. Love in the nature with a tent, fishing, chatting by the fire and just enjoy the beauty of nature.
Of course I love the sea, but do not lie and sunbathe, better for me to swim, play volleyball.
Every day I'm different, I can be a messy girl, insatiable woman, flirty little girl, and sometimes the other.
I think you will agree, we are looking for on this site not only a beautiful appearance, it is important to know who is in this picture.
Yes, I'm a romantic, I love nature, beautiful music, the sea, and more.
I grew up in a large family, I have an older brother and sister, despite the fact that I was younger, my family has always been equal treatment of all children.
I look at my life really, I do not like going to the rose-colored glasses, but there is one thing .......
I am convinced that life is made up of good and bad events, and the main role in the events we play. I am a woman of action, I prefer to do, and not to dream.
I was never capricious girl, never at anyone hoped.
I just want to find a man with whom I will go through life together, enjoy life together, support each other!!
I hope I was not too serious, I just wanted to write to you about me:))
I'm waiting for a letter from you, I hope you are my half.
take care
I hope, see you:))
your letter will be nice event for me:))
Letter 2
Hello David ! We had so short chat, so I want to write to you about me!
I really like your profile. I really would like to know more about you. I will tell you bit about myself.
I hope you will be interested in my life :)) I'm the youngest in the family, I have a brother he is 40 years and sister is 43 years old.
I love my big family, it is such a big happiness to have strong & loving family. I live in Mariupol from my birth. I live here alone in a small cozy flat. I love nature, my parents are accustomed me to this.
From childhood I love to be close to nature !!!!!
My family went all the summer to the sea or lake with a tent, where we fishing and communicated by the fire. That's why I love to travel in the country, I love outdoor activities. I like to read books, do needlework, I wonder do you wear a sweater?
When it's cold season and the weather do not make us happy with warm & sun, I do knitting, this is one of my hobbies.
Also I love to play sports, it's not only the way to maintain a good figure, this is my antidepressant!
Ha-ha :)) sounds funny as for me :)
I have one more antidepressant, I adore to cook pancakes, it calms me :)) Do you like this dish? I am manager by the education, little worked in my field in a private firm.
Now I have my business, this is a small gift shop.
I like my job !!!
It is so interesting to find some interesting things what people would like to have, to guess there desires & wishes !!!! In 2000 I was married ................... Maybe we were very young, we were 20 years old then married, as it turned out after our marriage, we with my ex-husband were very different.
Over time, we began to quarrel often, and decided what for us will be better to divorce.
Here in Ukraine, I can not find my half, maybe because of these I would like to live in another country.
I feel what it would be better for me abroad, I am very easy to get used to a different environment, the main thing for me is to be near a beloved man. I would want that next to me was my life partner, I want to share with him moments of joy, success, together to go through the difficulties of life.
I just want to love, want to give me, give my affection, warmth and care, and of course to get it in return.
My sweet fantasy is cozy house ......
mmmmmmmmmm .............
fire place, me & he ........
we are madly happy & full of love, our love & passion can be smelt in the air .....
we look at fire & talk about the day ...........
I melt in his strong arms, his voice makes me feel so happy !!! Now I finish my writing, I hope you are not bored.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kiss you on the cheek Ira PS I have video in my profile, you can watch it, to know how I look in daily life :))
I have camera, so you can see me then we will chat, if you would like this :))
Letter 3
Hello my dear David! Thanks for your letter. I'm glad to hear not much of your life. What would you like to know about me? Ask questions, I answer them all.
I hope this day bring you a pleasant experience!
Yesterday I came home from training, watching favorite show)
It was a detective series with name Castle.
I wanted to write you a letter, but unfortunately the Internet connection was so slow, and finaly disappeared, since on the street was a strong storm. The storm was very strong and it rained all night, to be honest it was very scary .....
You know I decided to go with a sister to the cinema, today a colleague at work advised me to watch Frankenstein.
So in the coming days I would like to see this movie. Honestly I have not been to the cinema for long time, so I hope that the view would be nice)
My day yesterday was very intense, and very good)
Today I saw an advertisement about night sale at the Mall in such actions there is always the opportunity to buy items at a good price))
Today, Sister went on shopping)
Tell me my dear do not you feel my presence near?
I hope you do))
I often think of you)))
I try to imagine our date))
Our talk))
And such thoughts are incredibly encouraging to me!
kisses for you)) Ira
Letter 4

Hello, my love David! How did your day? My day started well. I woke up and decided to take a bath to prepare apple pie with apples. and julienne. The weather outside is nice and warm. I really want to be with you today on the beach at the ocean. At work today, a lot of work. When I had lunch, I went to the cafe .I ordered a salad and juice. When I'm with you I am ready a lot of tasty dishes for you.
In the evening I had planned to buy the products in the store.
You made me the happiest woman in the world. Only with you I am well, but with you I'll be there, I sing for joy. You are my hope, my only man. I so want to cuddle up to your shoulder, and forget about everything. You're so sensitive, attentive and caring. I like it to be a prisoner of your love, and I want to stay there forever. I love you much, and I will make the happiest man in the world. Living side by side with you - this is my favorite holiday, desirable and unique. I am waiting for your letters Irina
Letter 5
Hello, my love David! How did your day? My love, my day started well, I woke up and decided to take a shower. Later, I decided to cook paella with seafood. Chicken with rice. Toast with butter and steam tables. When I decided to cook and eat. Later, I went to work today, a lot of work. and I decided to have a snack break. Fish fries and Marzipan.
The world is full of joy and wonder when you are in it, my most important and beloved person in the world. With you I have connected virtually everything that happens in my life. You always be there, always help in difficult times. Thank you, my dear, that you've got. I am so thankful for this gift. I love you and will always be next to you, my only one. My love is a talisman for you. I always want to see you happy and will do everything for that, because my love is so strong that it transcend all barriers. I am waiting for your letters. Irina
Letter 6
Hello, my love David! How's your day? Thank you for your letter, my love. I want you to be beside me. I like a lot your words. I want us to spend time on the beach together. I verosla in Donetsk it is very beautiful there are many parks and gardens now there is a war going on. When I was little I used to go to the sea and we swam and zagoroli. Now I live in Mariupol of the Sea of ??Azov there ere when the heat I want to bathe in the sea. I like my job but now in Ukraine is very very badly with the work I have a dream to live and work in your country. I often watch on TV about your country I really like the nature there. My plans for Christmas to spend it with other relative and friends.
My favorite, my heart is beating you! Every moment in which you are next to me, I appreciate, adore and love. I love you even more. I did not love anyone like you, my dear .... I'll be there always, no matter what happens. I want to be there and I will do everything for this. You - the light. You - the air. You - the sun. To me, you - the best in the whole world white. Thank you for what you do to me! Just .... You - dream come true. I do not want to lose you. Therefore, ready to take care of you like a most precious treasure. Our first meeting - confetti of paradise. Our weave hugs - millions of fluids that are positive. Yes I love you. So, probably, more than ever, and no one. And I do not regret the love that you give. Bury it all! I do not mind! Not because it very much. And because it is intended solely to you alone. When you are close to you - the world for me does not matter. I dissolve in you, melting you, you just breathe. I feel good and pleasant when I realize that you're so close. This - not the feeling of ownership. This is Love. The love to which I was for many - many years. I feel bad if you're somewhere, but not with me. I want to feel you constantly. You give me so much positivity, so much warmth, so much happy moments .... You can not help loving. I think that you - the ideal of ideals. Thank you for helping me to believe that you are in the universe. I love you, my only. I can not live without you, my unique. I live for you, my best of the best ... You - one of whom I'll go to the very edge of the earth, if you ask me about it. Ask! I'm ready for anything ... I am waiting for your letters When we talk in the chat? Your. - Irina
Letter 7
Hello, my love David! How was your dream ? How about your day ? My day started well sorry for that outside the fog. I took a shower and decided to prepare salad "Caesar" Coffee. My love is like that more often eat as a morning wake up in the morning? When I went to work I saw how mlodaya couple sitting on a bench hugging and kissing, I also want that we were now were in their place. At work today, as always, a lot of work. In the evening I had planned to go on a visit to his sister.
I love you like nobody loved you ... And I will love. I do not need nobody else, just you ... you ... you let one ray of light in my heart ... I warmed some thoughts about you ... I never thought that love is capable of so ... Cheering man whom you love, in spite of all the insults, all the misunderstanding ... I will always love you no matter what though ... When you came into my life, I have hope that all the same it can be filled with some sort of sense .. . And the purpose of my life now you ... I myself never knew I could write this to someone, probably due to the fact that love you so much. I am waiting for your letters Irina
Letter 8
Hello, my love David ! How are you today ? Thanks for your letter. I love your words. My dream is to be yours.
My day started well, I woke up and decided to take a bath. Later, I decided to cook dumplings with meat. and salad of spring. As I prepared all pokushashal and ran to work at work today as always, a lot of work. Whenever a break for lunch, I decided to go to a cafe and snack soup and sweet waffles. In the evening I'm going to go on a visit to his brother.
A new day has come, and the new I wrote to you about love, which you generously gave me. Thank you, my angel raging, for the beauty of your pure soul, the heart of an immense and radiant smile! You're the one for which I overcame life's obstacles are hundreds of roads, drove thousands of kilometers in search of the senses! And here you are !! You fluttered at me, hitherto deprived of the meaning of life and his gentle hand crossed past.
For all this I love you, I love sincerely and openly. Thanks to you I have known love and happiness attained. I want to shout about it all, and quietly whisper it to you in your ear. I love you more than life, and I will love you forever. I am waiting for your letters Irina
Letter 9
Hello, my love David! How are you today ? My day started well today, the weekend and decided to not much sleep longer. When I woke up, I decided to take dush then I decided to cook a meal salad and sandwiches and tea. Today, I had a general cleaning in the house, I direct the purity and beauty. In Bork took almost all day. When I was the lunch I decided to cook in the oven for meat and fresh vegetable salad. In the evening, I was going to my sister and her daughter to the circus I was still in the circus when she was little and sudovolstviem going to go.
Darling, I hope you will understand everything I want to tell you in this letter. This is so weird and nice when waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night, do not miss you. I'll follow you into the fire and into the water! I am with all my heart to catch every breath you take, every smile, because I love you very much! I'll give you happiness! I can do this, because you - my life! I believe in you, I'm scared for you, I love you and I know that no matter what, I'll be there soon! You know, so strange when you're not around. The sense of separation is stronger than me, because it is slowly killing me, deprived of sleep and joy ... Romance that you give me, lifts me up to heaven where I want to stay with you forever. I love you very much, my love. I am waiting for your letters. Irina
Letter 10
Hello, my love David! How is your dream? How about your day ? My day started well I slept a lot more than usual, my love. I take a bath later, I decided to cook oatmeal and tea. At lunch, I decided to go to the gym I want that my figure was better.
My love for you - the one ray of sunshine, which I lacked till I met you. It may sound too naive, but I always thought that true love is quite different. I was prepared to experience some "click" feel the inspiration, which completely changed me and my life. I watched movies and believe that my love will be the same - a sudden, a bright, sweeping away everything in its path. I thought that love can know only those who suffered it, went through everything: insults, humiliation and disappointment. I have always considered myself a strong and able to think clearly in any situation, and hence to control their emotions. But for the first time when I saw your eyes, I want to hear your voice, my heart, like a captive, it began to beat stronger. In an instant everything changed, and I realized - love can not be suffering. She is like a breath of fresh air as inspiring wave carrying you into the world of your dreams. I really love you I really need. I am waiting for your letters. Irina
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