Letter(s) from Anna Fintinaru to Howard (USA)

Letter 1

My love hellooooo...anka write u ...
My love yestarsay i wake up and fuck jn shit dont dont have internet for dont rent ...i have been hope they dont closed yestarday internet... And for write u on phone i dont no credit...omg im feel so sad, and my valentines day was worry without you without any skype with you or some words from me...Happy Valentines day my love ... Is late but i really love u ...
Answer me pls..
When i will find some money i will pay internet and we will make all we dont made ..
I love u
This is not my number.. I ask from any persone to let me write u ..
Im home..think of u

Letter 2

Hello my love...i dont have internet bcs cant get money from u ...in that case i was pay for it and can write u more...i want my flowers from u my love:)
I will make id later ...in 2 week...but u can send for other name...
Fintinaru Olesea
My sisters name...
I miss u terrible after pay internet i will go on skype and see each other
Kisss hug
Take care pls
Let me know when i can go with my sister for she help me get money from u

Letter 3

My loveeeeeee hellooo i finaly find some laptop and can write u from my email..
Always i write u from my phone:(((((( im sad bcs u dont get them
I dont have internet bcs this we cant talk on viber now
I love u i miss u so much
Every day i think of u , everyday i go to school and voluntary work for help poor people psychologic or for other way help ..
Is different there peoPle, is very hurt and hard for me to see all this people..and all i can i will do for some persones...

Letter 4

I need your help my love with Leo our lovley dog, i have to go at hopital with him...
Can u help me tomorrow i have to go after tomorrow...
I finish examens after may ...and we will choise one date..
I love u so much
I hope u are well to

Letter 5

hello my man ...i miss u so badly ,i love u ..sorry for cant see each other i work to much now ,i need that ....
i promise we will see each other maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow ,wait me pls a bit ..i lvoe u dont worry
say me about your phone ,how i will get it ,how u will ship me it ..give me the model i m curiouse for see it :D:D:D but say me how long will arrive at me in moldova my love if u will send me ,i want so baldy can talk with u on viber
kissss u love u

Letter 6

My dear I was at shop for try get credit ,and bank can give me just 800$ ,I have 300$ and lepton cost 2000 $,well I can't get it now. I have to find more money , I promise u I will do my best for find tomorrow more money, or go to other bank, today i was on 3 bank and best credit what i can bring its 800$ its not enought.i promise will care about see u soon on skype:( fuck I'm sorry, today I walk all day until now for fixing this problem. I'm tired now,very tired. But I cheek my possibility to buy this fucking expensive leptop ;))) hahaha, answer me pls something