Scam Letter(s) from Irina Domracheva to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Good Day,
I hope you are well, how's things?
My name is Marina! I'm from Russian Federation and 35 y.o :)
I'am very auspicious female and for now trying to find agreeable Man ;) Hope You want to see me! response me!
I can send You my photos.

Letter 2

Hello Michael !!!

I am very glad that you have answered me!!! I waited for your letter and to me it is very pleasant with you will get acquainted:) I think that in further our acquaintance we can be good friends, I am fair very much it I want:) It is very interesting to me to you to write my letter and I hope to learn better you in your letters. About your life? About your hobbies? Why you search the partner in life? And about many other things! Certainly in one letter not to tell about all!!! But we have a lot of time to communicate!!! I think that our acquaintance will be a two interesting to us! I am glad to you to write my letter and I hope it will be mutual. I very much hope that it mutually? As you have understood I search for second half, the partner in life! I search for the man to which it is possible to trust. Which will love and respect me. As respect each other and trust this most important in relations. You also think? It is very interesting to me :) I want that my man was kind, gentle and loved me. That I felt in reliable hands, as behind a stone wall. You know, I sometimes feel myself lonely and I want that near to me there was which man I will love! Which always will be a firm support for me.
When you come from work home and you are waited always by the favourite person. And you only for it live and for the sake of relations with it. To me very often it is boring one houses, and during these moments you understand that you do not have not enough loved one. Also you live in hope that you will soon find the love and you will have your second half! To you also there is boringly when you one? I wish to tell to you in the letter, that I search for relations serious as I wish to create the home and to be the beloved! I hope that with you acquaintance will help us to learn ours each other better!

You know to get acquainted with the man through the Internet me my girlfriend has convinced. I wish to tell that I not the active user of the Internet. But to correct my heavy situation I has agreed with my girlfriend. By the way my girlfriend lives now in your country. She lives 3 years in your country with the beloved. She to me sometimes told about her life and it is very happy. In your country the relation to women with all another. It is happy also it wants that I too was happy and have found second half. I very much hope that probably in the future and I am am waited by happiness. How to be spoken "Happiness not far off!!!!" By the way with my girlfriend we together studied at institute. Now we not so often communicate. Now I wish to tell to you a little about myself and my character as so it will be better to us to get acquainted with you!!! I very cheerful, vigorous and cheerful girl, with good sense of humour and romantic character.

And me it is always pleasant when I can cheer up to the close people!
As I the open person in a shower the person and mine friends am all know! It is always pleasant to me to talk to the person and to learn it better. It is very interesting to me to learn you as I think that you the good friend and the pleasant interlocutor:) I live in city Belebey in Russia. (Republic of Bashkortostan) I hope that our distance between us will not prevent our friendship and we remain with you good friends and more. As you already know my name is Marina! To me of 35 years, my birthday on April, 15th, 1980. Tell who you on a horoscope?? You trust in a horoscope?? I not so trust, but nevertheless it is interesting)))!!! I very much wish to find second half as I am lonely. And I do not have not enough man's heat and attention! Besides at me already serious age that will reflect on the constant man which nearby. I not married and never was in a legal marriage. There were serious long relations, but marriage was not reached. I do not have children. I hope you also in the letter can tell about myself that I had more about your idea!!! I ask you these all questions in the letter because I wish to know, whether you are valid is opened for the further acquaintance and development of relations? Because it for me is very important! As I search for serious relations and the man which will see in me its second half! I very much wish to be your friend. I can tell to you confidently, that I am opened for relations, and I wish to get acquainted with you further. Now I will finish the letter. I with impatience will wait for news from you tomorrow and I hope you will write to me! It will be pleasant to me to see your reciprocity. If you have a possibility your photos have necessarily come. I wish to see you what you in a life. I will wait very much for your letter!!! I hope that it will be interesting to you to communicate and learn with me me better!!! Your new friend Marina!!!

Letter 3

Hello my new friend !!!

I using the moments wish to wish you happy Christmas!!! I wish you on this magic holiday that all your dreams and desires were executed!!!
I give you a small poem!!! I hope that it is pleasant to you!!!

"Let insults and losses
Depart, as foliage!
Let good luck in a door will enter
On a light holiday of Christmas! "

I will write you my normal letter little bit later!!! Now it is a lot of work!!!
Necessarily wait for my letter!!! I am very glad with you will get acquainted!! I wish to continue our acquaintance to learn you better!!
I trust in a miracle and in destiny!!! I once again congratulate you!!!
I wish you successful day and good mood!!!
Your new friend Marina!!!!



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