Scam letter(s) from Assel C. Norris to Daniel (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello dear Daniel! I am very pleased that you have responded to my letter. I am glad that you have paid attention to me.
I hope you like my profile and appearance. In our ideal world, so many types of communication. But we chose this type of communication, writing letters to each other. Well! Me will be doubly interesting, due to my profession. This letter I write from a computer class of the school.
The house in which I live is not carried out online. But I was promised that soon all repair.
I want to tell you a little about me: responsible, caring, kind and loyal, but am can quick-tempered and stubborn. Alas, I am not an angel.
I was born and raised in the village Shakhovsky Ulyanovsk region. My childhood was fun and interesting. Now I am a teacher in a primary school group.
I'm working on a specialty. I love working with children. But my children I do not have.
I always wanted to have a full, normal family, because I lost my father in early childhood. I want to find a good friend and a great husband who will always be a reliable support in my life. What would have been between us harmony and understanding.
I want to live a long and happy life with your loved one. And for me, there are no barriers between the ages!
If you have children then not how many doesn't confuse and on the contrary.
The family I was an only child. I have no brothers and sisters. I was raised by a mom. She stayed in the village!
There has not been a good institution. By this, I had to move to Rostov-on-Don, to get a good education. A lot of time, money and forces it is necessary on the road often to visit her. I love my mom and I miss her. She works as a teacher in a kindergarten.
I often spent time with his mother in kindergarten. I love small children. And so I became a teacher. My father, I almost do not remember.
My mother was very difficult for me to educate me one.
Unfortunately I have very little free time, my schedule is very tight. Also, I'm getting ready lagging children! I work 6 days a week. Sunday holiday.
I usually do a day cleaning the house. Sometimes in the evenings, meet with friends. My hobbies include hiking and biking.
Tell me how you spend your free time and weekends? What do you do for fun? What makes you sad? Please write more about you.
And maybe we get to know each other a little better.
This concludes my little writing and send you some pictures, so we can know each other better.
I confess to you honestly, that my heart truly smiling. It smiles at you, Daniel.
I look forward to your response and surely photograph.
Best wishes from Russia and kiss your new friend Marina!
Letter 2
Hello my dear ! I am pleasantly surprised that you responded to my letter. Several times I began my letter, and did not know how to start.
Now I can tell you what I think, and not to be afraid at the same time because you can not see me, and do not see my feelings.
But I will try to tell you about them as much as possible for you to feel what I feel! You have to understand, I'm worry.
Because the first time I talk to someone from another country and that nice to me. I hope that you will understand all that I want to tell you in this letter.
Do not be strict with me, because I, like every woman, I want to share with you my feelings and doubts. I'm not asking much. You know, I feel very acutely his loneliness. And I need a man who will understand me. I want you to understand my excitement.
Find each other among the thousands of millions of people, and not to lose - it's a great gift! All previous man disappoints me.
I'm all alone, and I was so sad. I hope you're not one of those who did not respond to the letter. I hope you will answer me!
Dear Daniel, tell me please, how many children do you have, what their names are. How do you spend time with them !?
I see on your photos, you're sitting on a horse with a pretty little girl. This is your daughter? I did not go when on horseback.
Apparently it's so cool. You're so sure you sit in the saddle. It's very impressive. Hope you ever teach me to ride !?
You will not believe me Daniel, but yesterday with me happened not a big history. I go home from work, walked slowly. Because I was tired.
Ahead going a woman. It was close to the road. The street was late in the evening, it was dark. And suddenly she fell!
She fell into an open manhole for water drainage. I was very scared for her and ran to her and helped raise. Woman severely injured hand.
We waited for an ambulance. Then we went to the hospital. She turned out to be a broken arm. She suffered a great deal of pain.
I feel very sorry for her. I hope she will recovered quickly. And she'll be fine.
You know, but many believe that loneliness is killing the feeling that it just slowly strangling all the best in people, but I believe that it is not.
I believe and know that it only strengthens the feelings will make them sharper, and to better understand what it is you want from your relationship.
To understand whether you need people.
Few people believe in this, but I believe it. And not just believe, and know that this is possible. And I do not have to see you every day, enough for me to be sure that I'm not alone. What are you, like me, coming home, not having to remove outer clothing, running to turn on your computer, what would write me a line. What are you willing to miss a meeting with friends for hours just to watch my new photos.
I understand that separation can not be eternal, but somehow it turns out one second lasts an eternity, and every hour of flying in one second.
I recently pay attention to lovers - they are so happy and look each other in the eyes, he did not even notice the passers-by.
I am for them, too, passers-by and I'm so curious about what they were whispering - most likely they tell each other little story that in an hour did not even remember, but at this moment it seems that there is nothing in the world more important to them. Do not worry, I did not miss and not crying, I live and enjoy life just a little bit not so bright.
I want to be sure that our thoughts and our feelings go through life with us in the same side, and our dreams are always flew together for execution.
You just think of me. Write to me. Although one of my letters. This gives me a bit of confidence in your reciprocity and in the future.
I will be very pleased to come to work tomorrow and read your answer, your new mail! On this the warm note, I am to finish your short letter!
Waiting for an answer from you! Very, very much!
Warm greetings from Russia from Marina!
And I ask you only one thing: smile me at bedtime!
I know that I will not see it, but - it is does not matter!
I just know that you smile!
Letter 3
Hello dear Daniel! I look forward to your response. I am very glad that we have very good communication develops.
Brings me great pleasure to write you an answer. I write to you, and I catch myself thinking that I can not think of a word, what is your name, that you knew right away how you liked me. For me especially important spiritual closeness, but when you're far away, I often close my eyes and imagine you nearby. I do not know what emotions overcome you when you read this letter.
Almost all my friends and acquaintances are registered on different social networks and video communication. But not all.
And I belong to their number. Because communication with alive the person is much more important for me.
After all it is so fine to communicate when you see the person own eyes. You see his experiences or joy.
You will always support him good words or you rejoice together. I don't like to show the photos and the life on display.
I am, of course, not the superstitious person, but nevertheless I have such opinion!
Unfortunately, I do not have a phone! Recently, I dropped it and it broke! I was very upset by this is not a pleasant event.
My phone was a lot I needed contacts. I was very upset and could not find a place for himself. Now his is being repaired.
And I very much hope his will be able to fix, and all the contacts will be saved. I'm not sorry the phone itself, very important to me contact information on it. I think that you didn't get to such situation. And, perhaps, you perfectly understand me.
New is expensive, and I can not now afford to buy a new one. At the moment, I have a message by e-mail through the computer in our school.
You know, I really like the intelligent and educated people! And I understand that found such. I think it was you Daniel.
I feel so elated that any angel can envy me. Many tried to look after, but they aren't interesting to me! In my country, few educated people!
All the proud, without sentiment and without a soul! Does not smile! For me, this is not usual. Maybe I'm not so mannered!
Today I was translating grandmother across the street. No one helped. She was very old and very afraid! Drivers are very arrogant!
All in a hurry! Nobody stay out of the car to help! And it's bad for me!
Often I have to help people! And it is good! Because they then sincerely smiling back at me! I see the world differently! In other colors!
When I read your letter, I understand that people like you - it's very rare! I like, when you think of me, and hurry to write me the answer!
I can not know what lies ahead, but I do know that your reciprocity does not depend on what is happening in the outside world.
Mom always told me that I would find a decent man for himself! But I do not believe it! Now I realize she was telling the truth!
I watch TV a little, because there is a lot of violence, disasters, war and the negative!
Often before bedtime I like to read books: romantic, a little detective! Especially like about the history of Russia: about rituals, values, and kings in Russia! Especially the era of Peter 1! This emperor was strong and purposeful!
He raised the level of Russian progressive countries! This character of the men I am attracted!
Daniel, please tell me what character attracting you in women: romantic, practical, pragmatic, interesting ... ..?
I'm not trying to adjust to your ideal, I want to know more about you! Tell us more about yourself, I am interested in your life!
As held today? What do today?
My feelings to you cover me, give me the strength to get better, every day, to work over itself to develop spiritually and physically.
You open in me the new person, a new potential. Perhaps, next to you I will feel free!

At this point I will finish my letter! I have a lot of work, a lot of kids students!
Really looking forward to your reply! Tomorrow in a computer class at school
I will look at your new letter and a photo! Sweet kiss on the cheek! Waiting for an answer from you !

Best wishes from Marina!
Letter 4

Hello my native Daniel! I am very happy to hear from you is a great letter. I want to confess that I often think of you.
Yesterday I could not sleep for a long time, I really thought about how you'd react. Let not always possible to express in words what is happening in my heart. I used to dream about a man who will be next to me and that will be very dear to me. Now my dream is very close.
Now I am sure that i have found you. In you everything is harmonious: i admire your courage and ability to make difficult decisions.
I want to hold you and always maintain. Very pleased that we understand each other. Next to you I will feel safe and protected.
Now in my soul such pacification. And there are moments when there is a wish to jump from delight and to shout of what I happy.
Such happiness – to wake up in the morning and to smile from thought that we can will meet soon, and I will see your bottomless eyes.
Understanding of that you are on the earth, me inspires. There is a wish to run at work it is to finish rather all affairs and to read your letters.
The place and time of our meeting doesn't matter, it is important to know that our hearts fight in unison.
But me never managed to get outside of their country. And I want to first come to you and spend your vacation in your home country.
When you aren't present nearby, mentally I all the same with you. When you is far, days for me seem eternity.
I am happy because that in my life there appeared you, my dear Daniel, and hope that, having read this letter, you will understand as you are dear to me. I very much want that with me you were happy.
My Dear Daniel, today I was able to meet with their friends who have the opportunity to travel a bit. They are a lot requests about our acquaintance, and they are very happy for me. They advised me to contact the travel agency with which they collaborate. I do not understand it.
It's for me an entirely new. This is really accessible method for me because I do not have an international passport.
And I have no a lot of free time to process independently documents for travel. I agreed at work that tomorrow I need some hours of free time.
I want to visit travel agency and to learn everything about travel to you. My friends told me that it is my one and only opportunity to process documents for flight because my holiday will begin soon.
As explained to me that the travel agency cooperates with embassies of the whole world and in short terms will be able to issue a tourist visa.
I am afraid to think simply that our meeting can not be. I expel these sad thoughts away from my head and from my heart. I trust in the best.
I don't want to long and mourns. I will enjoy our acquaintance. It is pleasant to me and it brings a set of bright paints in my life.
And as I see according to your letters, your life too became brighter and happier. My dear Daniel, I don't want whom to ask about the help, but to me not to whom will address, except you! I don't know how many this service will cost! I don't manage to collect some savings.
I very much hope for your help my dear. On it I will finish answer, my desired Daniel!
I very much wait for your prompt reply!
I kiss you my gentle!! With tenderness from Marina!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Daniel !!! I am very happy to hear from you the answer. I am now very worried when I read your letter.
Today, I could not sleep for a long time. Thinking about you, about how you'd react. You know that whatever I do, I always think of our communication. I have not been abroad ever. It's a different world for me, other people.
I really want you to show me your world! I dreamed about how we're walking along the beach, the sea sunny day, and the heat of the sun warms us! As we're talking softly their interesting stories! As we smiled at each other!
And you hold me gently by the hand and do not let go! Waking up this morning I was seized by the sadness that you not with me!
You are the dearest person in my life. I want you to be happy with me. Always and everywhere.
That at you in life everything turned out: in career, in sport. I am sure that soon we will be together!
I was overwhelmed with very strong emotions! I do not believe that this is happening to me! I as if in a dream.
I don't represent near myself other man. I have you – attentive, delicate, understanding and reliable. I am very lost!
I when didn't test the similar. My colleagues said to me today that I am similar on a bright star!
My dear Daniel today director allowed me to leave work a little earlier. He is very kind person.
And I managed to visit the manager of travel agency. Me told much, what documents it is necessary for travel.
I was there about two hours to me told that documents do within three months. It is very difficult to make it for a short time.
I very much was upset that it so long. But explained to me that will help to reduce time of production of documents in two weeks!
As my long-awaited holiday begins from May 1 to June 1!
Then I was told that you could turn to them in the office technical support through the mail! I little knew what they told me.
They will explain everything to you! My dear Daniel write a letter to a travel agency and ask them about me and my trip to you.
The manager gave me a website and their support: website and personal mail to manager
I think you need my personal information to send manager of travel agency. My full name Marina Viktorovna Krutova, Date of birth on August 17, 1988 City Rostov-on-Don, Mironova 12/6, apartment 12.
In addition, the manager told me that you need to give them airport code or name of your city. I think you need to ask to move away from Moscow.
I will go to Moscow by myself.
My dear Daniel, I very much hope that we will meet soon. Other such opportunity won't be still long time and I am afraid of such long parting.
I very long was lonely and to me it will be very sick if we don't meet. My sweet I look forward your answer! I without mind with happiness! Now I am sure that found the real man!
Very much I kiss you Daniel!
Your Marina!!!
Letter 6
Hello dear Mr. My name is Fedor Stoyakov. I'm manager of travel agency Peace-Tour. I had talking with Ms Marina Viktorovna Krutova. She needs international passport, visa and flights tickets. I had made a price list for you. You can see all cost of travel there. We are preparing all needs documents in short time. Ms Marina Viktorovna Krutova will conclude a contract between her and travel agency. It will be guarantees a safety of her travel. If you are agree with price then I will send you a payment process. Please, dear Mr Daniel, inform me about your decision. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Fedor Stoyakov
Letter 7
I was overwhelmed with very strong emotions! I do not sleep for several days! A lot of different thoughts in my head!
And all these thoughts are of you, my dear Daniel! I can not believe my luck! I can not believe I finally met my man! You - special.
I like your honesty to me! I'd like to write you something warm, gentle. To this letter a little warmed you, your soul.
I wish that my words to you was pleasant, well, happily !!! I always expect you at least a stitch or a single word.
Even one word that you write me a delight. What a pity that separates us away.
You know, I was waiting for a man like you my dear Daniel, very long time.
You're not just a man for me, you - the best person I have ever met. I dream and wait, and when we finally meet.
Waiting for the moment when we will be together with you! It is filled with feelings and your care.
Daniel, my dear, am very glad that you agreed to help me with the organization of my trip.
My darling, I told you that I do not have international passport.
I need to get all the documents! I found the best agency that can help us in this.
Manager of the agency told me and showed certificates. This agency has partners, such as an embassy.
Therefore, the agency can prepare a journey full and in a short time!
My honey, Daniel, this is for us the real chance to meet and spend good time together to my vacation.
We can hold a maximum of time together.
I think that we will communicate and learn each other more and better.
We learn as we smile, we feel the touch and tenderness of our bodies.
We finally learn what our passion is. Are you ready to test our feelings in reality, my dear?
But I would like to spend the first day in hotel, if you not against! My dear Daniel, please forgive me, for I will finish my letter! A lot of work before the holiday.
Slow learners need to prepare for the exams! With much look forward to your answer!
I can not believe his luck !!!! I kiss you and I embrace!
Your Marina
Letter 8
You can pay for Ms Marina Viktorovna Krutova trip by bank transfer.
You need to go to your bank and make direct transfer by S.W.I.F.T. from your bank account to ours.
Here is the data of our bank account in EUR: Beneficiary's bank name: Alfa-Bank Moscow ;
Bank address: 27 Kalanchevskaya Street, Moscow, 107078, Russia ;
Beneficiary's Account Number or IBAN: 40817978208290003807 ;
National clearing code: 044525593 ;
Beneficiary's address: 27 Kalanchevskaya Street, Moscow, 107078, Russia ;
Beneficiary's account name: ERPYLEV ALEKSANDR
Descryption of payment: Material Aid under the contract #JC-5852;
Sum: 710 EUR. "ERPYLEV ALEKSANDR", it is name of our bank account, and city in which account had been created is Moscow. ERPYLEV ALEKSANDR is owner of our travel agency therefore our bank account on her name. After your transfer you will need to send to us scan of completed form to confirm your transfer. As soon we will have this document then we will begin our work with documents. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Fedor Stoyakov
Letter 9
Hello dear Daniel! Again, I am glad your answer! Each your letter is like a holiday for me. It's so good to be someone needs.
I see that we have a lot in common. I really like your answers. You're a wonderful person. Trite, of course, to begin his letter with a confession, but I so want you to understand that every line, every word that I write to you is filled with the most sincere, most warm and true feelings.
Maybe you do not expect anything, but now that I write to you, my heart pounding, it cries and tears to you. And as it will knock at you when you read my letter.
After all, I feel everything that happens to you, let you're hundreds of miles away from me. My girlfriends envy me a isn't a lot of.
Some also wanted to meet the man from another country. All of your friends ask me how I was doing, how you communicate !?
I speak to them that interesting person and I would like to see you!
Almost all my friends and acquaintances are registered on different social networks and video communication. But not all.
And I belong to their number. Because communication with alive the person is much more important for me.
After all it is so fine to communicate when you see the person own eyes. You see his experiences or joy.
You will always support him good words or you rejoice together. I don't like to show the photos and the life on display.
I am, of course, not the superstitious person, but nevertheless I have such opinion!
A long time ago, I met a guy. He was a good man, a little older than me. But this was only the beginning. Then he changed a lot.
Many began to change me, raised his hands on me. I tried to leave him, but he forced me to return. I am very afraid of him.
I have long endured his humiliation. This happened a very long time. I'm tired of him and threatened that will appeal to the police!
And he's I left me alone! As I write this, I feel bad. And do not want to go through this again. I feel that you is not pleasant to read!
But it happened to me! You are my bright ray of light Daniel! I want to live and enjoy. I want to know everything about you, about your experiences and dreams.
I will be grateful if you will let me share with you every moment of your life, it does not matter, it will be sad, full of grief or joy.
People say that happy do not write letters, because they have the life that they are busy and that surrounds them attention, communication and new adventures!
Before we met, I could not imagine that it is possible to know the person very well, and at the same time feel that there are still many mysteries.
I like the feeling that when that we will be near, with you it is possible not to hide under masks. You can be yourself, speak on any topic.
I like you very much. But I do not want to shout about it, I want it to be our little secret.
In life I that which I am actually – womanly, sincere and capable to love.
Stealthily I guess about your feelings for me, but something permanently prevents you confess your feelings.
Daniel is not it? I do not believe that only men can be recognized as the first, because it is so beautiful when you want to share your experiences and feelings with someone you really like.
I do not think that this has something forbidden and shameful, because love - this is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, so why not express your feelings first?
Of course, I did not have the guts to tell you all these things in person, because I still timid and shy girl, but I think it is possible to express in writing, you can show your feelings. Many say that the paper can endure everything, and I believe that it will help me to convey the fullness of his feelings for you.
I represent the moments of our meeting all the time. How you expect me, and I am late and run to you. I see that you're a you are angry, and perhaps afraid that I will not come.
But then turn around and see me. And you change in eyes. You become softer, quiet. As if something important happened!

I am supported by one thought – separation isn't eternal!

On this fine thought of you I finish the letter!
Sincerely I wait for your answer!
With a hot kiss from Marina!!!
Letter 10
Hello my sweet Daniel! I am so happy when I read your letters.
You can ignite a fire in my chest. I'm very lot of time is not have a sensation of such wonderful feelings.
you're the only one man who can do so, and I want to say thank you for this feeling. this feeling called love.
at that moment i full of this beautiful and magical feeling. every night I can not sleep quietly, because the thought of you troubled by my head and heart.
when I see my friends and they are happy in marriage. they receive so much love and affection to each other, but i want to feel it, too.
Unfortunately, I still can not get this love, because you are far away from me, but I know that we will soon be together.
I can enjoy your love in real life. we can sit near to each other, drink coffee and talk.
I want you to put your head upon my lips. We can laughing and play games together.
I will be happy to even just sit and watch you doing what any business.
I look forward to the moment when I can touch your cheek and kiss you.
My lovely Daniel, I wanted to talk to you concerning our communication via phone. Yes, you are right that we should hear each other voices.
But me it isn't dexterous a little because I not so well speak English and I use the translator, what it is correct to write you the letter.
And it is a little a shame to me, I think that you understand me. After all I am the timid girl, but I promise you that we will surely contact you before our meeting.
I will try to find a way. I went to service on repair of phones today, and me pleased that my phone will repair, and all my information to remain.
I today such happy, am a lot of good news today. Christian, tell me please, how are you with tourist agency?
What news, wrote something to you the manager?
To me promised to make all documents without turn and in the shortest time. I am so grateful to the friends that prompted me this tourist agency!!!
I send you the scan of the passport that you wouldn't worry.

I will finish the not big letter, very much I hope that my mood will come to you through this letter!
I look forward your answer!
Your Marina!
Letter 11
Hello my favorite Daniel! I am so happy today. But to me it is so cold without you …. It is so empty in the room ….
And I hate a bed and the room, because you not nearby now. I can't tell that I hate the whole world because in it is mute is much who knows and light.
But you – most expensive and only. More expensively. You know about it …. Knows all about it around: walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, doors.
They feel sorry for me, they see how often I pay. I can't but cry. Because we not near you. Also it is the whole eternity! Rather this eternity would end.
My dear Daniel today I went to agency and to me told that to me start doing all necessary documents as money to them into the account arrived.
I nearly cried with happiness. Forgive me that so long I couldn't answer you. Today was as the madman. I went to police to take away some documents.
There I stayed nearly two hours. Then I came to work to school. After lessons I ran in travel agency.
There I filled and I signed the contract and the power of attorney that the agency would be engaged in collecting my documents.
Then I went in school to additional classes of pupils. Generally, today there was very busy day. But it was very pleasant to me to go very much today.
My feet simply hoot and hurt a little! But this pain is pleasant to me! After all soon, we will meet you my darling of Daniel soon!!!
I hope, what you don't become angry about me? After all I love you Daniel. I don't know how I lived without you earlier.
Most likely, I mixed life with existence. My life began only when it was decorated by you. I am so happy that got acquainted with you.
And I don't need other man. I even am not able to think of others! My thoughts are programmed only on you and that is connected with you.
On others – didn't remain neither time, nor desires, neither thoughts, nor a place in my huge heart. I want to hear your steps reaching in a corridor.
I want to know that to you it is good with me that we will be together always …. My darling of Daniel, I want to be always with you!
I will finish the letter!
Letter 12
Hello Dear Mr. Daniel I confirm that your money today came at the expense of the agency. I confirm travel dates according to the price list. Documents will be ready at the appointed time. Today Ms Marina Viktorovna Krutova conclude a contract between her and travel agency. It guarantees a safety of her travel. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Fedor Stoyakov
Letter 13
My love Daniel!
I got into a terrible situation, and I want to tell you about it.
Something terrible happened to me! Hard .. so hard ..
It was a terrible! It's scary just thinking about it again, but I think you need to know what happened the day before today.
Darling, the yesterday, at a party, it all started as a rule, they were friendly and positive. But not all! My director, it quickly got ***** and started behave very rudely. At first they asked me to sing a song I sang.
Then they asked me to sing one more, and I also sang.
Later, my boss asked me to go with him to talk about work separate room in the club. I immediately thought, incorrectly, but squeezed my hand and led me to just push forward.
We had to go almost through the whole club, and nobody paid any attention to us...
Oh, I do not think that I worked with this man for 5 years.
He opened the door and I saw where he was an **** companion.
He sat on the couch and drank ****. My director pushed me inside and started conversation. Darling, I'm still in shock, but you're the only person I can say everything! Dear, I'm sorry, that was unable to write to you earlier, I just was not able to, I do not want anyone to talk and share my thoughts.
I realized that in Russia. Could not possibly go on living because everything is purchased for the money here if you do not give in to anyone that, then you will try to deny power to trample in the mud your faith and hope for a brighter future.
Dear I love only you. If you were close at this moment. Hi begin to talk about you that I'm going to go abroad for my upcoming vacation, our long-term partnerships...
He was very ***** and said all nonsense! I tried to interrupt him, but he was silent, his partner yes sings him. It was for him as entertainment, present. Then he started asking questions. It was like questioning. I burst into tears and asked them what they were released me and stopped to determine how to live. And at this moment is worse. My director grabbed me and started to undress, I strongly pulled forward and bit his arm, and he has weakened the grip...
I flew out of the room, knocking people on my way.
The last thing I heard the loud laughter of his friend and my boss . Now he is not my director ...
He shouted to me as follows: "Get out, selling a *****, you're fired!"
I was running and crying, not believing what had happened. It was a real shock.
With this man, we worked and he did so vile in front of everyone guests...
All night I cried at home, I was disgusted at heart, I was never able to get online in order to write you immediately about the incident.
Yesterday I had cried all the day and thought what to do. Dear, I waited for this morning and write you this letter.
Only you can understand me, read my soul, and bring joy to my heart.
When I awoke, I realized that I need to withdraw money from a plastic cards. But it was too late, my account freeze...
At my credit card had no money. I still need to pay the rent. How he treated me terribly.
Daniel my love, I am very sad to say this, I hope that you love me Support is... I love you...
I immediately realized that this could be a problem in my journey.
When I filled out the forms for the preparation of an international passport and visa I indicated that I have a job and to renew my solvency. But now, when I lost my job, I felt it necessary contact a travel agency.
I remember that the manager told me that in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation The Russian Tourism and travel abroad - I need money on my bank account. My dear, the law is very difficult, but I try to explain ..
The minimum amount of 2000 Euro, for Europe. I have two of the country with such a trip must be entered for the tourist.
This amount received will be show on custom serves at the airport, before I can get on the plane.
This is law of Russian Federation therefore it is necessary.
Manager Fedor Stoyakov found a way to solve this problem.
I can get a new bank account. The travel agency has a partnership with the bank "Alpha".
Fedor Stoyakov had to speak with the manager in the bank, and inform him of this situation, and he gladly agreed to help us. Daniel they will begin to organize my new bank account tomorrow.
But they can not create a bank account of the necessary amount of money.
Dear, I do not know to whom I can ask for help...
After all, what happened the day yesterday a bad day...
Honey, I'm free to work, I'm free to my dream of modeling, and I’m broken.
I can not get money out of thin air, I'm so sorry.
Dear, if you can help and send money to the customs services for the travel agency to create a new bank account for me...
I learn everything, because I so want to be with you my love Daniel.
Creating a bank account will require 2-3 days maximum.
If everything will be done on time, on our part, account will be ready and we will see each other as had been planned.
Once the bank account will be ready and the money will be there.
I will have a bank account and can travel abroad and prove my ability to pay abroad.
This bank account and a card with the money I can get on custom service and fly to you across Europe.
On that day, when I fly to you, my love, we can proceed to ATM and withdraw the money together!
You must understand that this procedure is only formal and have to be shown at custom service at the airport. But I lost work and can not approve my ability to pay abroad in accordance with the law.
But it is law of Russian Federation about travel so that is why it is so important.
My love Daniel now I can only hope on you. Only you can help me. There is no one to whom I can ask for help.
Darling, please write a letter to a travel agency and ask them how you can help me!
I count on your help and I do not know what I can do now. Remember, you told me that will help in any situation, always support me. At the moment, is a complete disaster. My love I need your help right now.
Please write a letter my honey and help me.
I just want to be with you. This situation has to be agreed as soon as possible because without this money, I can not fly to you. And I do not want to delay our meeting!
And after all that is happening now... I lose everything and want to be with you only...
I love you.
You should know that I gave you my heart! You can dispose of them as you like. My heart belongs only to you.
Your faithful angel Marina.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Daniel. I can not help but feel sad. I cry and I can not stop. What should I do? Tell me, my dear, please.
I do not want to spend the rest of my life here, in Moscow, Russia, where the ****** laws and evil people in the circle of old friends, I do not think about them.
I think about you, about us, about our acquaintance, our meeting, our relationships, our feelings. And I can not and do not want to think about something else.
I like to think of you, I really fell in love with you and my whole world belongs to you, my soul and my heart. I can not be sad, I can not cry now.
I have to live for love and happiness and I have to live with you, with a kind sensitive man who blew up my heart.
Honestly, I'm afraid. I am very afraid. The police told me that I can go in peace, because there is no crime. Can you imagine? I'm in tears came to the police, I listened and sent home.
I can not understand why? This is nonsense. Last night I went out of the house and is now living with her friend Nina. She took care of me for a few days and I am very grateful to her.
I was afraid to stay at home because these pigs can haunt me. I saw suspicious people near the entrance. And I was very alarmed.
I called a taxi, gathered some things for the first time and came to live with Nina. She paid home Internet and now I can contact you. But unfortunately, the Internet is very slow.
How can you live in a country where people are like cattle. Or who do not care about the crime. It's horrible. I really scary. All these days I cry without stopping.
I hurt in my chest, I feel sick at the thought of how he touched me. This nasty ******* touched my hands and tore my dress. Oh God, I wish he was punished. My tears flow automatically.
I used to walk around with a handkerchief to wipe them. My shirt sleeves have always wet. I like a flower that withers without water and sunlight. Only you and your letter will help me to bloom, but your arms will help me to bear fruit. This will be the fruit of happiness energy. I can not describe in words all those feelings, but I think you will understand me and my girl's heart.
You know, my beloved Daniel, I am ready to be with you, and do not scare me cold weather or hurricane, nor snow, nor difficulties.
I'm not afraid of difficulties, I am used to difficulties, because I was born and raised in Russia. It is very difficult to live, say so many,
but I'm a Russian woman and I know how to overcome difficulties, and I am full of energy and determination. If you really want me as a woman, I'm ready to be with you.
I'm really ready for any test. And if you can understand me, please do not turn your back on me, do not wait for the blessings of heaven. I am your blessing, and you my blessing.
We should be together, my tears flow like water, and it's not all for good reason. I know a lot about feelings, and my heart tells me that I should not let you go.
You're a real man, you are, as I was looking for, long sought and found. Please favorite, refresh my heart and soul.
Be my forever and I will put all my strength to make you the happiest man on this beautiful planet. I tell you honestly, I'm very strong and strong-willed woman and you really need me.
My favorite, today I will try to call you. I hope you'll be happy to hear my voice. I love you. My heart belongs only to you.
With fervent love and passion, with bitter tears and sadness, trembling all over the body, your angel Marina!
Letter 15
Hi my favorite Daniel! I miss you so! Now I'm not much calmed down, because I could not adequately understand what is happening.
For me it's a big shock. As soon as something to be adjusted in my life, as there is something going on that something bad. Can to envy.
I do not even know what to think. I am so grateful to her girlfriend. She was able to shelter me while I still did not get better.
I am thankful that I met her. The most important thing to you my favorite XXXX. Today I went to the agency to find out how to move forward will be my business.
The manager told me that he talked to you. The manager told me to go to the Alpha - the bank's cooperation with the travel agency.
And I approved a loan of EUR 800 at the very minimum percentage. But only on condition that the money back after you confirm solvency.
Large sum me do not approve. I explained that this money will not give me a hand, but on the card, which I will do in the coming days.
Even withdraw cash fail. But I do not need them. I do not need those **** money. If only to meet you soon. Bank went to meet me, despite the fact that at the moment I am now temporarily unemployed. My favorite, I Do not know how I do next. I look forward to you.
I do not want to stay here any longer. Me here anymore that does not hold. My dear, yesterday I tried to call you, but that does not happen.
Wrong number dialed. I can not understand why. 004xxxxxxxxx - I correctly recorded your number? My dear I am now in a daze.
My favorite Daniel, I ask you to help me in this situation. After all this for our meeting. I cry, I can not hold back tears.
I'm trying hard to control herself. I again begins hysterics. Forgive me my favorite, but ..... I do not know what to do.
Daniel, my favorite, tomorrow I will start to look for a new job. After all, my girlfriend will not keep me constantly, because she has her own life.
And I do not want to burden her.
My favorite I finish this letter. I can not hold back her tears.
Can not wait for your reply.
Your Marina ......
Let my photos will warm your heart....
Letter 16
Hi my dear Daniel. Now I a little that understand. I as I can't depart from shock. All that you wrote to me I understand a little.
After all all my documents were collected by travel company. I don't even know where it is necessary to go and what documents need to be provided.
After all I when didn't travel to other countries. All that I understood, it is bank to me approved the credit of 800 euros. And I can't cash them.
As this money is necessary for granting about my solvency at you in Norway. You need to add 1200 euros only. And we will be together. We will embrace very strong.
My darling, My favorite, I understand that you want, what would I be you only 10 days? I do not understand. You want what I going would have then gone nowhere.
I do not want to stay here any day. After all,I had planned to have with you, and your daughters big family. In which we will be very happy.
I want to spend with you all month. Do not you want? I here that does not hold. I not like it here very cold. Cold without you my dear.
I want to stay with you forever. I hope you understand me!
Tomorrow I will go to look for new work.
To me very much not conveniently long to remain with the girlfriend.
Don't leave me one, I very much ask you.
You are my bright beam of the sun which warms me.
Your Marina....
Letter 17
Hi my darling of Christian! Forgive me that didn't respond you to your letters. I very much miss you.
I ask you don't turn away from me. It is now very difficult for me. These days I had to go much to employers to get a job.
I left the resume in some shops. I went on several schools, what to settle in the specialty. But all good places are already taken.
I will be told if any place to be released. Yesterday I went to tourist agency, I was told that refused to me the credit because time for confirmation expired.
I asked the manager to reduce my travel by two weeks. They come towards me. As there is no other way out. But I was told, solvency confirmation abroad remains in force.
It is necessary it is all the same necessary to bring 840 euros. I was very tired for these days. My darling, but I am not sorry that so everything occurred.
After all I got acquainted with you my lovely Christiaan. I think that all and has to occur. I nevertheless hope that we will meet soon.
Let it will be now heavy, but then it will be so easy. I trust in it. I believe in your love to me. Forgive me once again that couldn't answer you these days.
Your Marina
Letter 18
Hello my darling of Daniel! Forgive me that I don't answer you! I had to go much on employment agencies. But, it isn't enough vacancies, with very small salary.
But I managed to find a place in shop on sale of clothes and footwear. I was employed, the commodity researcher. My girlfriend very much helped me with it.
Together with me she spent a lot of time in job search. Yesterday we with it went to my apartment, and took away my things. As the term of rent came to an end. Now I will live at it some time. My dear Daniel, I very much hope that at you and your daughters now everything is good. I pray for you. Also I ask supreme that it would preserve you against all troubles.
My darling of Daniel, I thought over your offer that you would arrive for me. But you don't consider, what it will be one many more expensive to arrive for me, then we together will leave? After all you will need to spend the money for tickets and accommodation here. I tried to find optimum option. It seems to me that it is best of all, and is cheaper if to send agency the necessary sum for confirmation of my solvency. After all this money won't be spent, and to return to you completely. How you consider? Maybe I am mistaken? But it is the best option, to save.
You again aren't present nearby … Such terrifying and frightening emptiness inside … Every time I can't find to myself a place, during our, seeming infinite, separations.
I rush about on the house in hope to find myself, occupation which will be capable to muffle my melancholy. I touch ours with you correspondence. Doesn't rescue that.
Days, evenings and nights without you are so empty and cold. Well, why we are fated to test it with you. Though, undoubtedly, in everything there is the hidden sense, in every minute of our life in each sigh. We learned to appreciate more each other and time which is allowed to us by life.
Sometimes it seems to me that I will simply go crazy from a swarm of the thoughts which are turned in my mad head.
I simply want to do nothing and all falls from hands. Your warm letters and support rescue only.
These minutes I come to life. Though, of course, it it is mad and intolerable a little … And sometimes, is absolutely intolerable to realize that I can't see and feel you your heat.
To madness there is a wish to embrace simply you and to stay under your warm wing the whole eternity, without releasing you from itself anywhere and never. My soul shouts and calls you.
To me, apparently, that I even at distance hear of what you think and I feel when to you it became suddenly sad or bad. But there are no you nearby, heat, I as though an insensible mummy leaves. Melancholy it as the poison flowing on my veins, corroding my soul. Only one rescue is hopes that we will sometime meet.
I consider every minute and second till that moment as we will meet and I go woolgathering, dreaming of our meeting.
But I understood, only one that we with you very happy people because I have you, do you have me.
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