Scam letter(s) from Zlata Kadinova to Thomas (England)

Letter 1
Hello my darling Thomas!
How are you?Hope that everything is good with you!
And once again you make me happy.I am so happy to receive your letter!Thank you for not forgetting me and for keeping writing me.It means a lot for me!It was a great pleasure to read your new letter,thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with me. I have very important question to you.tell me please why are you here?It seems to me that you're very good man.Why you decided to find your love with a help of internet?And also I am very interesting what kind of girl you want to meet? Can you tell me? As for me I haven't got ideal man I want to meet. May be the most important thing for me is honest. I want him to be kind, honest and smart. This is very important for me. I can't stand liars ,and I can't understand lie. For any reason. The truth is always better. And may be the most important question I wanted to ask you this letter- what is love for you?This is very serious question I think.All my life i wanted to find my love,my half...What is love for you?for me...Love is around us.May be i can say more-life is a love!Cause every thing that we do we do with love.Every sincere word is love.I know that love exists cause i can see it.I know that my parents love each other.An i am very happy that they are happy)))My father is an ideal man.And i want to meet such man too.I want my man be honest,kind,smart and interesting man.I am very kind girl and i am afraid of being hurt.I do not want this.I hope you understand what i am talking about.I have some question to you cause i want to know you better.First of all tell me about love.And what girl you want to meet.It is very important for me cause i want to know am i a similar with your perfect girl.i hope that i am cause i do not know why but i have a sympathy to you.And i am a little afraid of this.Cause i do not think that it is possible to have a relations through the internet.But anyway we live in a modern world and we can meet each other.It is not a problem.But it is too early to talk about the meeting cause we need to know each other better.So i hope that we will continue our correspondence)))And I hope to see your answers to my questions in your next letter,I hope you will write it soon.I wish you a very good day!!! Hope to hear from you soon.
Patiently waiting for your replay
I kiss you ,your Zata
Letter 2
Dear that you invite me?! I'm happy and I agree, but I have no foreign passport. I ask my grandfather if he has money to foreign passport and visa, and if there is, then I'll start to learn what I need for this. I was waiting for this, darling, I'm happy!
Kisses, your Zata
Letter 3
I love you and I want to be with you, I am happy that there is such a man as you. We'll be together I'm sure of it. I dream of you and I can not imagine life without you. I have no words to me as pleasing your act, how happy I am to the idea that there are people whom I care about. I am sad that I can not kiss you and hug, but soon things will change and we will be in . I really want to be with you as soon as possible cause i love you with all my heart!!!
Thank you very much - it's a real man's act, for me, this one did not, I would really appreciate it! This is a big step for our future.
Here are my requisites: Zata Kadinova, Bryanka city, st. Gromovoi, 4
I'll wait for an answer from you
Whole, with love your Zata
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