Scam Letter(s) from Mary Jane to Frank (USA)

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Letter 1

I'm Mary Jane by birth but my ex master change my name to Sivley John and i did it cos of the love i have for him whereas i never knew he will dump me and move back to his ex wife. Right now am single and lonely.I'm 32 yrs old,5'7 tall and my breast size is 34b,I was born in USA and live in Missouri right now . I am honest,caring and God fearing, I never had a close relationship, you should know I don't have any kid. kid.126Ibs, Favorite thing to wear: Guess, Bebe, Cache, Victoria's Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood, Favorite Shoes Store: Sheik Favorite Gems: Amythest, diamonds, and mystic topaz,Favorite Time of Day: Evening when it's dark,Favorite Music: Techno/trance and modern rock...favorite Movie: Requiem For A Dream....favorite Food: ohh… I am very picky,about food, because I want to stay fit, so I love eating salads, but I LOVE pizza and spaghetti too, so bad that I can't eat it too often. also am disabled and my disability is speech disabilty and all because of this i have been maltreated by alot of fake master's who claimed to be what they are not but right now I am looking for a great master, serious and honest.. very good caring master, a master who want life contract slave, BDSM relationship, with the eventual possibility for a BDSM style friends with benefits. I've been in the lifestyle for 3years before my mum stopped me but now she is past away and am so free to going back in slave style now and have many interests. There is a lot out there that i haven't tried but hope to change that as time goes by based on my master wants and desire. Life is as chaotic as always, but it's always good to make new friends and maybe new connections, any relationship starts with friendship, which takes time to build.I want a master who is truly ready for this lifetsyle and serious about it. I do not want master who isnt ready to own, collar and relocate me himself. I'm not seeking for master who cant feed himelf talkless of taking care of her slave girl cos such master are always after reinmursing slaves when its time to meet. i want master who is financially capable to relocate me. I'm not a gold digger but am too tired of many fake master who cant afford to relocate their slaves. He should know what he wants in little slave like me know if you have interesting me and send me more about you and all what you need from me.. am here to give you all what you want in life style and i would be honest with you till end of life... i will serve you for 24/7 till the rest of my lifetime.i will be very grateful to hear back from you as soon as possible by telling me details about you.thanks

Your future slave girl if you truly want me ,

Pet Sivley



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