Scam letter(s) from Irina to Patrice (France)

Letter 1

Hello,my dear Patrice!
You letter was a source of joy and happiness for me .Thanks a lot for the kind words and sharing your personal feelings with me .I hope we will make good and maybe even the best friends .Everything depends on us .
First of all,I'd like to tell you a bit about myself and my feelings too .As I have already told you I believe that my name brings me happiness and success .I like myself .I think if a man wants to be happy,successful and prosperous he simply have to love himself .Only then other people will love him .My relatives and friends say that I am the source of light,warmth and tenderness . I live in Ukraine,Lugansk .I have two nephews and like to spend my free time with them .I dream of having my own children . I am very active and keep the opinion that a person should take everything the life gives him .I have a lot of interests and hobbies . My favorite are dancing and reading .I have always been fond of dances,perhaps this is the reason why I have good figure .I am not very tall,but slim and in perfect form .People say that I am charming and **** .
I must say that I think I am a very interesting person .I like to meet new people and visit new places .My dream is to make a journey around the world and to speak at least four or five foreign languages .But unfortunately,it is still a dream because I don't have enough money for travelling and don't know other languages except Russian and Ukrainian .That's why I have to use the services of a firm dealing with translating and sending correspondence through Internet .Today my motto is 'A new year-a new language' .And this year I'm going to learn English .
Dear,you may have already noticed that I am a great dreamer and romantic . Here is one more dream of mine-I want to have a loving man who will understand me completely .There won't be anything for us to be ashamed of . Because there isn't anything that loving people can't do .They must not be afraid of experiments .I am sure I will a good wife,the best one for him. I am caring,faithful and tender .I hate lie and brute men .I know what men need to be happy .They need trust,attention and true love .And I dream of sharing all this with my husband,my best friend .Now you know me better than anybody else,perhaps better than me .
Please,dear,write me about your feelings and wishes,about your attitude towards me .I am looking forward to it .Bye,with love,your Irina
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