Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Hotei to Erol (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hello to you, Erol from Antalya! That is very good you answered... this is cool you and me both want for a same! Loved your photo a lot! You knows how and what to wear!
You knows how to look for making my heart beats faster!!:) how you do that?:) I am happy to learn more of such a handsome man like you!
thank you for showing me your office - looks cozy and very cool!
Reading your letter I feel we are here searching for one things. At least that seems to me. Correct me, if I am wrong, I feel you need a cozy inner world of house, you need a woman who will be waiting for you after a hard working day making your mood better! to love and to be loved. That is important for me, and you?:) he he)) that is easy to remember year of your birth:) to work with hotel products worldwide that sounds interesting and also needed!! that is cool you like that what you work with! and despite working hard - I like that you has tie for rest! yes, free time is also precious! That is so cool you are life active, finding time to see new places! Traveling that is cool..
I have never traveled much, but that is amazing for sure, especially when there is near dear person, you agree?:) what is your favorite place of that where you've been to? To tell more about me - I was born on 26th of January, in 1986 year.
As you know from my profile already my native land is Ukraine, Alchevsk city. You may think - that is where war is? Yes, that is that region, but as that's saying - people can get use for all conditions..
we do the same. Life keeps going, with some changes, but still. I am lucky to have a work in local food store! I am happier then a lot of work less people here now. My mama and small sister - we live together. Sister is 8 years old and she is in primary school. father left us when I was in University and my sister was just baby born. My past life has not much of interesting. Hope my future will be brighter ;) After father left us I stopped studying, went for a work, for helping my mama. Lucky before war I managed to end University, so I have now a High education! Mama is also working as a part time private nurse. And she just wants me to be happy. When I told you I am going to search abroad for a man.. her voice trembled, but she said - 'Kate, just be sure you love him and he too loves you', that is all parents need I guess. Regularly or at least when my schedule allows me, I give of my time as a volunteer for a community organization that helps people with disabilities participating in their side to social and cultural activities. I would be honored to develop such organizations!! I am happy here in my town there is such company where I could found you. without helping of translators, who knows all these sites and computers - never we would meet!! Nor in school, nor in University we didn't learn English, but I wish to learn that!! Please tell me you are not angry at me with that stupidity, which is not my fault even.
Future - that is what is important, do you agree? I am a smart girl, you will be sure in that - I will do all my best for studying!! Do you believe me?? Waiting for your answer,
hope time will let you to write sooner! Kate from Ukraine. P.S. My photos are from this summer, that one in a dress - that was a day of trade workers, celebration with colleagues. And two photos from vacations from summer 2015
Letter 2
Hello, Erol!
Thank you for your letter! Of course I am! why that doubts??
Today at work my boss and colleagues at a lunch time arranged a questionnaire for me - they asked about that where I am running every lunch time? Why before we were eating all together and now - I am running somewhere and then go back... I told them about nice man with whom I am in touch in letters. I told them about our communication!!
And the more I was telling them - the more happier I felt - how happy we are for feeling this!! This happiness and this mutuality here with you!! Last night I was sleeping very bad and in fact I yet have no idea how to tell you that. You know that my letters here are writing with help of translators, simply because without their help I will not go further - I cannot make that with no computer and no language knowing.
That is great they helping us and if not they - we will be not in touch at all! All this time they services was covered by that what I saved, but savings ended and salary is very small for covering these fees and I just not sure whether I will be able to deal on my own further... Less of all I want to disappear and to lose you! No-no!
You've become a man very needed for me here.. very closer and I wish to keep getting closer!! I would never ask for a help, support here if not a such situation!! I know that is not good to ask for help, still that is not for me or some needs - that is only for you and me to keep in touch! I pray you also doesn't want you and me to stop relations. I simply not able to cover all these fees here any more on my own.. but my day without your letter that is a big sadness, for you also? If so - please, say me something about this situation. You are too much close for losing you now!.. wait for your response and understanding! Only your little Kate!
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