Letter(s) from Rita Wilson to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

Hey honey this is Daniela my phone has been dead and i cant find my charger so i am texting u with Edward's girlfriend phone
Are u there honey??

Letter 2

Yes i did honey and thank you so much sweet kisses for u Muuuaaaahhhh
I cant wait honey u are so sweet for me and u are the best thing that has ever happened to me i have never been this lucky before
Ohhh wooow u really got my heart melting now honey I love you so much and i promise u i will never make u regret the day we started texting
Yeah true love is all that matters honey and thats the kind of love i have for u not money or material things
I love you David

Letter 3

Honey i am giving the phone back now and going to get some sleep ok I will text u when i am up if ur still awake Sweet kisses for u Muuuuaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Letter 4

Yes i did honey thank you and i just got the cash now lol

Yeah honey u are such a darling and i will never stop loving u