Scam letter(s) from Olga Aksinina to Tony (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello Tony !! Thank you for your answer . I am happy when I read your letters. I'm glad I know such a man. I can talk to you frankly. How are you ? Are you okay ? What did you do today ?
Tony, you do not believe me? What are some questions I did not answer you? You think I'm a fraud? I'm shocked ... I will send you pictures of the apartment.
Today I had a very hard day. I had a lot of work, there were many customers. Immediately after the operation, I went to the gym to do fitness. I spent at the gym for about two hours and was very tired. When I got home, I immediately went to the shower to relieve fatigue ...
After a shower, I called my mom. I decided to tell my mom about you. I told my mom that I met you on the internet and told her a little about you. I told her that you're very kind, smart, nice, helpful and understanding person. You're exactly the kind of man I'm looking for. I told her that I really like you. She said she would be happy if you and I will be together! But my mother just worried about me, she wants me everything was fine. But at the same time he tells me that I made the right choice. I calmed my mother and said that everything would be okay. My mother sends you a huge hello! After our conversation, I lay down on the couch and decided to relax and watch TV. Today I'm going to send you a picture of his family. I want us to know everything about each other. I want us to trust each other and talked more about us. Do you agree with me ? It would be very interesting to see and to know your family.
After the call, I lay and thought of you. I imagined it would be when we meet with you. And I think it will be the happiest time for me and you. Of course, now we are far away from each other, and know little about each other. But I believe that when we are together, all our dreams and ideas become reality.
You made my life a spark of hope for a happy relationship. I am very pleased that we were able to meet with you on the Internet. And I would hope that you and I will be all right and we'll be together. Tony, tell me your phone number? I want to hear your voice .
I end my letter. I will be waiting for your answer .
Letter 2
Hello, dear Tony !! I am waiting for your answer. And now I can read your letter. Your letter makes me happy. How are you ?
Tony, I learned English when I was in university. You understand ? I liked the songs that you sent me.
Tony, today I woke up in a good mood. When I woke up, I was thinking about you. I eat and went to work. At work I was all right. Today I called my friend and we agreed to it in the evening go to the cinema. I do not often go to the movies and my girlfriend decided to make me a little variety. We watched a movie called "Three meters above the sky." This is a very interesting film . When I watched the movie, I thought about you. I thought about you and wanted to touch you. You have become very dear to me. And I would very much like that in the future we can be together! I really like you ! When we came home, I was very cold from the cold. And when I got home, I immediately made a tea with lemon. I took a cup of tea and sat down by the window. I sat and looked at the sky, looked and thought of you. I miss you !
Tony, how you spent your day today? What was new for you? How do you feel ? Now I'll take a shower, so that I finish my letter. But I'll look forward to your response. I'll be waiting for your letters and photos!
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Tony! I am happy to see your answer, your gentle words that give me strength and hope for our future. I am glad that you understand me and loves me. I really like you . I think about you more and more. I miss you, Tony! I fell in love with you . I'm crazy about you, I wanna be with you together. I want to see you !
Last night, I stared out the window. I wanted you to be with me that you hugged me. I closed my eyes and for a moment it seemed to me that you're around, I hug you, kiss you. But when I opened my eyes, I was alone ... Tony, I was very pleased yesterday to talk to you on the phone!
Tony, how are you doing? What did you do today ? Do you miss me ? It seems to me that the distance between us, that fate has given us to test our feelings. I am happy at the thought that I have you, you're the one person in whom I need, and who loves me. I was never so happy as now. Tell me that is not a dream, that all this is happening to me really. I love you !
My day today was good. All day I was thinking about us, about what will happen when we meet with you. As long as we go with you hand in hand. But as they say "Dream on." Unfortunately, we can not see each other because we are separated far. But we will overcome all the difficulties because we love each other. I'm so madly in love with you that it is ready for anything. I'm ready to leave your job, family, friends, only to come to you and be with you always there. Dear, now I finish writing a letter, I have to go. I love you, and I will wait on you letters, letters to the gentle and tender words of love!
Letter 4

Hello my dear and beloved Tony !!!
I'm so glad to read your sweet words in the letter. Every day I look forward to them. I dream to be with you! You became to me like a man. I can not imagine myself without you. Every day I fall for you more and more, I want to share my love with you. My full name: Olga Aksinina. My address: the city of Norilsk. Kirov Street house 20. Apartment 49.
Every day I suffer separation harder with you. I miss you very much .... I thank you for the love you gave me.
Today I had a good day, even though it was cold outside. If you were me, you would have warmed me, huh? I'm right ? How thankful I am for the fact that she introduced us. Every day, I think we'll be together. I look forward to that day. I'll give you love, affection, care, and from this we will be happy to dive into the bliss of love! I look forward to the day, every day, every hour, you can not imagine how I want to hug you. Hugging you, I understand that you're near me, and I will never let you go. I will always be with you ! My heart belongs to you and only you. I love you so much, that even with his eyes closed, I feel that you are close, very close. I want to see you, I want to give you my love, and love every day. I want to take care of you and our future family. You are my prince on a white horse. With you, I realized that I can not live without love, and I forget about the problems of thinking about you. Now I am happy that I have you, I'm afraid of losing you. If I lose you, I just can not live in this world. My life does not matter if you're not with me. It's true ! My dear, tomorrow I want to go to a travel agency to find out information about the trip for you. As soon as I find out all the information, I'll tell you. I want you to be aware of my trip to you. Dear, I finished writing a letter. I'm really going to miss you. I'll sit and wait for your answer. I love you ! Dear, send me your pictures. I'm crazy about you . I want to see your new photos. I kiss your sweet and gentle in your beautiful lips!
Letter 5
Tony, I'm very glad to see your letter. Your letter makes my heart jump again in the chest. Today was a good day . And I managed to do a lot. I had a great desire to learn about the rules of the trip to your country. And I was able to learn a lot. I now have the information that I need to do a trip for you. Today I went to a company that is engaged in registration of documents for international travel. I had a conversation with a man who told me all the details. I found out what documents do I need to fly to you. Also, I was shown a list of expenses. It was also very important to me. I liked that the agency can organize a trip for 10 days. This means that after my conversion to the agency, I can fly to you in 10 days. I have to do a visa, medical insurance. it's not easy to do, but it is possible. Passport, I already have. I did it a year ago. And he was given 10 years. I am ready to overcome all the difficulties to be together with you. I was told that all the details, which also have an impact on total costs. The cost of a trip to Moscow and a lot more. Tony, to pay all the costs would amount to 860 euros. is the maximum amount. I even counted the cost of state taxes, the cost of a plane ticket, the cost of documents and more. The visa will be made for 3 months. But this is not the limit. After 3 months of living together, we can extend the visa. And so I can stay with you. Tony, in front of me is a problem, I do not have such a sum.
Honey, I gathered all my savings in my house and was able to find 300 euros. But this is not enough. I do not have 560 euros. You will not be able to pay for my trip out of your country. I need to make sure all the documents in their country. The travel agency will coordinate all activities. Also, the agency will be responsible for my journey. I hope you understand me . Without your help, I can not come to you quickly. I want to tell you that I have a great desire to see you soon. I want to start our life together, as partners. I hope that we can carry out our plans. and we will have a happy life together. I finish the letter. I'll wait for your answer. Your Olga!
I love you.
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