Letter(s) from Alda Mork to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1

Hallo,My name is Alda,I like your profile and want to get to know you more,so please give me your email address and i will send you more of my photos and also tell you more about myself. Or you can also contact me direct through : aldamork2@gmail.com

Letter 2

Hello Dan

Thanks for the responds and am glad that u emailed me.

Well here is a few info about myself.

Alda Mork is my full name, i am of mixed races,am half Norwegian and half Ghanaian,My dad was Norwegian from Oslo,Norway whilst mum is Ghanaian from Ghana.But I currently live and work in Ghana in a town called Osu in the greater Accra region of Ghana.i have lived in this country for 6 years now and already getting fed up with this country,,i am planning to move back to Olso in a few months,,i prefer Olso more than here..Yes i know there is a big distance between us,but dont worry about that at all because i do love travelling and will very much love to fly over for a visit after we get to know ourselves better,so the distance should never be a problem.I am also willing to relocate in the future if we hit it off.I am sorry if the location on my profile stated that i am from USA, i have a friend who lives there and she is the one who helped me to sign up as i am novice to this internet thing,so she mistakenly used her address for my location, i have been trying to change it,but its not working.

I am 45 years of age,i am single at moment,have never been married and have no kids.I am an accountant by profession but i currently work with J&B shopping centre as a cashier,its just a small shopping centre and its in the same town where i live.I love what i do because it enables me to meet new people everyday.

I am a christian,i was born into a christian family and have been a christian all my life. I am very honest and trust worthy person.i am very romantic,hard working,caring,loving,dependable,open minded,down to earth,easy going,good listener,intelligent,trust worthy and very honest.

I am on the date site looking for my true life partner,a man i can love and be loved back,a man i can trust and spend the rest of my life with.Are you looking for the same thing ? I am so fed up of living alone and really want a man i can spend the rest of my life with.

Anyway,i have attached my pictures with this email and hope you will like them.

tell me more about yourself and send me your pictures.
what do you do for work ?
do you have kids ?

well i will be waiting for your responds.

Kind regards,

Letter 3

Hello Dan

Thanks for the nice responds email and am so happy to hear from you.

Well I will like to share my likes and dislikes as well as my favorite foods with you, i think it's one of the needed steps to get to know each other better.My likes and what makes me happy are : animals,honest people,my partner giving me flowers,an evening alone with a partner,wining and dinning and cuddling up on the couch while watching tv or movies,kissing and walking hand in hand in public with the one i love. etc

My dislikes are : Arrogant people,Liars,men who beat women,dishonest people,people who take drugs,violent people etc.

My favourate foods are : chicken and chips,steak,Norse food( Norwegian),Italian,Chinese,sea foods and American.

In my spare time i like to read,go swimming pool or the beach and swim with my friends,listen to music and watch movies. I am a great cook too.I also love excising and i do excise a lot to stay in shape.
My sizes are : Height 5'4", weight 120 lbs.bust size 34E,waist 26,hips 37,I have shoulder length black hair,brown eyes and average in body shape. I have never smoke in my entire life and drink occasionally.
I am single at moment,have no boyfriend,i live alone, have never been married and have no kids.

I am looking for my true life partner and a serious long term relationship with a man that i can love and be loved back,a man i can trust and spend the rest of my life with. i have been lonely for too long and really do miss a man's touch,,i really do need a man's touch,hug,kisses and sex,,i really miss all that. sorry for being so straight forward,but thats who i am.

I have attached a couple more of my photos with this email and i am sure you will like them.Please send me more of your photos.

What are your likes and dislikes ?
do you drink and smoke ?
what are your favourate food ?

Well i will be waiting for your responds.

kisses and hugs,

Letter 4

My dear Dan,

Thanks for the interesting responds email and as usual am glad to hear from you.Thanks also for the photos, i like them.

Well to tell you the truth, I joined the dating site few days ago and you were the first person i contacted on the site.In fact i found you 10 minutes after i joined...If you can check out my profile now on the site you will notice that its deactivated,well i have deleted it and guess what,i deactivated it all because of you.This is becos i am one man's woman and i dont like the idea of writing to more than one man,i want to exchange mails with you alone and get to know u more..i pray and believe that things will work out for us.please do not let me down as i am starting to put a lot of trust and hope in you.

In fact i am happy that i found you and i pray that things will go on well between us so that we can keep in touch on regular basis and build a lasting and strong relationship which will eventually end up in something really great.,hope u know what i mean. You seems to be very genuine and i am very happy that i have found you.i know and pray that things will work out for us when we eventually meet.

Well my dear, i have to go to church now, will check email later and hope i will hear from you then. if possible give me your cell phone number so that i can communicate with you by text messages as well. I have attached new photos with this email and i hope u will like them.

kisses and hugs,

Letter 5

My dear Dan,

Thanks for the email.

Well I just got home from church and thought i will email u and tell you more about myself.I told my friends at church all about you and they were so happy for me that i have been able to find someone to love again.but they advised me to slow down to prevent me from getting hurt again.
Well the first thing i did when i got home is check my email and to see if u have emailed me.you have been on my mind all day today. what have u done to me ? or am i getting crazy ? i guess i am,,,falling in love with a man i have never seen before on the internet is crazy, but i guess its the work of God and i really thank Him for connecting us.

I am a honest and truthful lady,,i was born and raised from a good christian home and was always taught to be honest and truthful to everyone,never lie and always treat others the same way i want them to treat me. i believe every relationship must start with trust, honesty and understanding,without these it will never work,,so we must be honest and truthful with each other to develop a strong relationship.

Well like i already told you, I live and work in a town called Osu,a suburb of Accra. I live about 40 kilometers away from home and i visit my family ones in every 2 weeks..i have one brother and one sister and i am the eldest.As you already knows,i am Norwegian by nationality,was born and raised in Oslo,Norway, i lived all my life in Oslo, i speak and write Norwegian more fluently than English.I only came down to Ghana few couple of years ago after my dad passed away.my dad passed away when i was 39,he was an Architech and a loving father,but had a fatal car accident on his way home from work one evening and died at the spot,i was so lonely and sad out there in Oslo after he died as i was the only one living with him,so i came down to Ghana to live with my mum for some sort of comfort,but i moved out when i started this job and rented my own apartment.

Anyway I have been given a bitter heart broken by my ex-boyfriend and it's a year and 2 months now since we split,but i thank God that i have healed from the ordeal i went through and can look for a new love again. A friend of mine was very successful in finding her life partner on the dating site and she introduce me there,,she now live in USA with her husband and daughter. i have been praying everyday that i will also find someone who will be honest and love me..so i thank God that i have found you and hope things will work out for us too in the nearest future..

I have attached more of my photos with this email and i hope you will like them.

Ask me any question u like and i will answer them.

well i will be waiting for your responds with the greatest anticipations..

kisses and hugs,

Letter 6

My darling Dan,

Thanks for the nice responds email.

Anyway there is something i have been thinking about all day today but i am just wondering if you will accept it or not as this may seem too soon in our relationship.

well my vacation from work start on Jan 28 and i have been thinking of flying over and to spend a week or 2 with you so that we can have the chance to sit and talk face to face,wine and dine together,have real nice fun together and then see how we get on, we will then be able to know for sure if we are really compatible or not.There are a lot of things i want to do to u and talk to you about, but i really cant do it through the internet, so i think it will be best if we meet, but i am just wondering if you will accept it as this may seem too soon in our relationship but please do let me know what u think about this idea ok.
If you will accept it then i will start making all the necessary arrangement towards it,you will have to tell me the name of the nearest airport to where u live so that i can search online for flight availability and the cost of my tickets to fly there.. i also want to know if u will be able to help me with some of the cost of my tickets to fly there.

well my dear, i will be waiting for your responds with the greatest anticipations.

kisses and hugs,

Letter 7

My darling Dan,

Thanks for the email and am so excited that u have accepted for me to fly over and spend my vacation with you..Yes i do have skype and my skype name is aldamork
I hold a Norwegian passport so i dont need a visa or any restrictions to fly to canada for a visit. all i need is my tickets.

Well I just checked British airways website and found flight
number Ba0078 flying from Accra, kotoka international airport on January 28 at 22:40 pm to Canada,Kelowna international airport at 23:03 pm. its a long flight and there will be a change of flight in London,heathrow airport and also in Toronto.. i will stay for 2 weeks. i hope thats ok with you.

The cost of tickets is $2,477.19 and this includes a return, taxes, surcharges,insurance and fees levid by carrier. I really want to board on this flight because its a good date and timing for me so I've been advised to purchase my tickets as immediate as possible so that a seat can be reserved for me.but the problem is that, i do not have all this money available right now to buy my tickets,,so tell me,will u be able to help with some of the cost ? if Yes then how much exactly can u afford to help towards this cost ?

well am here waiting for your responds with the greatest anticipations.
kisses and hugs,

Letter 8

well i am online now on skype, so log in so that we chat.

kisses and hugs

Letter 9

Darling i am online now on skype..where are u ?

Letter 10

These are the details u need to send the money through moneygram.

My full name is : Alda mork
And the country is Ghana

Letter 11

My dear, i have scanned and attached a copy of my passport..thats the id i will use to pick up..
my address is

P O. BOX 75

Do u really think that i will have asked u to help with some of the cost of my tickets if i can afford it ? i dont have all the money to buy it and thats why i asked u to help me.
Also only canadians are allowed to fly to canada with only one way tickets..visitors are not allowed. so i cant fly there with one way tickets. it has to be round trip tickets.

what are we going to do now ?

kisses and hugs

Letter 12

Good morning honey. how are u today ? hope all is well with u.
what time will u be online on skype again so that we chat ?

kisses and hugs

Letter 13

Con job ???? What are u talking about ?

Letter 14

I disappeared to where ?