Letter(s) from Olga Drobot to Norman (USA)

Letter 1

a great way to throw me.
I was just in shock.
you come up with different reasons to not only help me
I'm in shock

Letter 2

what is going on ???
you are not interested in my arrival?
you write me one thing, but to do something else entirely.
Do you think that I'm playing games with you ???
I am serious about my front of the screen. I wrote to you that I wanted to come to you, but unfortunately I ran into a little problem.
I come to see you with your problem, because I think you are my man but as you just ignore my letters.
you just do not care

Letter 3

how much money you can send at the moment?

Letter 4

I'm sorry to hear your bad news
how much money you can send at the moment?

Letter 5

you even for a moment wondered what happened to me could happen.
because you just do not care about me and my feelings.
you only notice your feelings, and my you just do not want to see.
I explained to you that I may be denied a visa.
but the main thing is for you to get away from me as much as possible the photo.
I was just in shock.
I have tried several times to explain that I needed $ 500 but you do not seem to hear me

Letter 6

I wrote to you earlier, I was in the office of the Western Union, to clarify the spelling of my full name
they said that would be correct if you send money Olga Drobot
because I have a double surname Olga Dudnikova - Drobot
you can understand me.
I ask you to write correctly when sending money.
I really miss. I'm sorry that you could not write to you during the day.
I was in the Bank. and updated information thus, the recipient's name Olga Drobot

Letter 7

I have good news
I found a little bit of money
I ask you to send me as soon as possible at least $ 400 is it possible?
send me money 400$ through system of translations of "MoneyGram" or Western Union.
this is a very reliable system of remittances, and she in each bank
As I have already visited these companies, so I would like to inform you that you need to know the details of my data.
My first name Olga
My last name is Drobot
Dear mine, the address where you should make to me money transfer:
Kazakhstan, ALFA-BANK Abaya Ul 39 1 Astana, 010000
Also, I should inform in bank confidential number (MTCN.) This number to you inform in bank at sending money, and you will need to inform this number to me in the messages.
Also, to get your money I need for your full name and postal address.

Letter 8

seems to me that you no longer love me.
tell me the truth.
the reason is money ??? as soon as I asked for your help, you have ceased to write to me.
is that so?

Letter 9

my dear, I am writing to you an urgent message.
with me today contacted the embassy and asked to come to the embassy.
I talked to my agent, who deals with my documents.
he was asked to leave my passport in order to clarify what that information.
but in order to get your money, I need to provide an identity document, ie passport.
and as I gave my passport to the embassy, I can not get your money.
so I ask you, please, change the name of the recipient.
I ask you to change the name to the name of my friend Lyubov Krotova thus, first name Lyubov
last name is Krotova
recipient country Kazakhstan
she will be able to get your money, and she handed them to me
I ask you to change the name of the recipient today
please do not be angry with me, I just did not expect such a turn of events
I ask you to send money as soon as possible
otherwise our meeting under threat