Scam letter(s) from Ophelia Adoko to Tim (Canada)

Letter 1
My Name is Ophelia Adoko,21 years old,single and searching for the loving and caring man to be with.I come from Ghana and lives with my parents at Kumasi the city of Denyame.Am chocolate in complexion,black eyes,black hair and 5.7 feet tall. I love reading,swimming,watching movie and also visiting interesting places. Am a student,i had admission to study Civil Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.I Had 8 A's distinction but is like i will not be getting the opportunity to study the civil engineering because they say they can't afford the 50000 cedis tuition fee am to pay to make registration and then enter the university to study.
My wish is to be with the right and loving man who is ready to make my dreams of becoming a world engineer come to reality.My biggest wish that if you do for me i will be okay is that you can help me pay my 50 000 cedis tuition fee and also I will be strong and romantic in bed.If you do this i will love you to the end of the world.
Adoko Ophelia
Thank you.
Letter 2
If you want to proof of the said amount dear you can check on the site of the school and you will find my name in the list of civil Engineering students with my tuition fee by it or you can travel here to meet me real and we will move to the school for you to make the payment all by yourself if that will make you know that i do speak the truth and not here to take money from you without using it for the said tuition in question. Or if you want also i can scan the admission letter and its due tuition cost for you to see it with your own ***** eyes if that will make you believe that am not taking the money without using it for the tuition fee.
thank you
Letter 3
Good morning to you dear and how are you today?This the registration letter dear.This will let you know that am not taking the 5000 cedis without using it for my tuition fee and you can even pay it straight into the accounts since you dont trust me and thinks i will not use the money for tuition fee
Letter 4

P.O.BOX 45 Telephone:+233247221465
Residence 28068
Ghana,West Africa
Our Ref:KNUST/267/Vol.2/72:
Your Ref:20042
Adoko Ophelia
Care of Mr Antwi Ernest
29th May 2015
Konongo Senior High School
Box 45
Dear Madam,
With reference to your application, I have the pleasure in Offering you admission to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology to pursue Civil Engineering with your distinction results in your high school final exams being the best student of all.
1. The offer is based on available information that you have satisfied the entry requirements for the above programme of study.
2. Sholud the information you have provided be found to be false in the coure of your study, you will be dismissed from the University and for that matter you are to provide the originals of your Certificates/Results slips to the Admission Office after which you will be required to register at your department.
3. Your admission is subject to your being certified as medically fit by the University Medical Officer who will conduct the medical examination at the university clinic.You, are however, required to submit chest X-Ray film to him when you present yourself for the medical examination.
4. All students are expected to be in good standing for the full duration of their programme and may be withdrawn from the University at any time for unsatisfactory academic work or misconduct pursuant to the statues of the University.
5. You are required to pay a tuition fee of Fifty thousand Ghana cedis only(?50,000) before registration.
6. The full fees,which are non-refundable,should be paid by paying it into the bank accounts created by the school at CAL BANK Ghana with your name details.This offer of admission will be withdrawn if you fail to pay the full tuition fees into the CAL BANK accounts created by the school for you.
7. Take note of the your account to make the payment to Name of Bank is CAL BANK, Name of Account is Ophelia Adoko, Account Number is 116012912717, Branch Name is Suame and Swift Code is ACCCGHAC.
8. The University re-opens for the 2015/2016 academic year on 25th June, 2015. Registration ends on the 15th July, 2015. Failure to do so student have to pay a penalty of two thousand Ghana cedis only before he/she will be registered.
9. There will be a compulsory English and Maths classes for all freshers begining on the 13th July, 2015.
Please accept my congratulations on your admission to the University.
Yours faithfully
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