Scam letter(s) from Kris Miller to Barry (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks so much for your message,Hunny,I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of God for you to help me and my grandma at this very point of need, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly and you would never regret this, I know it may be hard for you to believe me but I plead with you to read my letter very well because it is only God in heaven knows am telling you the simple truth....Eventually this is what happened.. I thought i'd come for a visit to West Africa to make an inheritance claim on my dad's properties also i wanted to give my dad a proper burial then i can return to the states and build a new life. He has a home down here, mini aircraft triplane and a yacht. He had 6,000,000 with his bank and he has large unit of stocks. Right now we are out of cash. There's something I need to tell you, i am sick, I have Leukemia. I am on medication and I go for regular check up. I can understand you if U don't want me because of my sickness, I must take drugs for that all my life, my drugs is almost finish so I need to get back to the states asap to buy my meds because I'm feeling sick. I am presently stuck and stranded here in West Africa(NIGERIA) at the moment...I came here to inherit my dad's money. I have been able to transfer the money in my dad's account successfully. right now i am log on, on my online banking, i would send you a copy of my online banking so you would know i am not lying to you ... There is money in my bank now but I can't seem to be able to withdraw money down here in Africa because my American express check card is not working out here in West Africa..can you help me with 1,550$ so i can leave here to you i'm not proud of this but i have no choice at the moment and i never wanted to ask you but grandma just ask me to give it a try.. I will come to u then when we get together you will drive me to a chase bank nearest to u so i will withdraw enough money...I wanna send granny money so with the money she can join us in the states then we'll go to Corpus Christi, Tx, i want granny to fly over to the states with dad's corpse because i wanna give dad a proper burial, his body needs to be buried in the states because his soul wont be happy to rest here in a foreign country (Nigeria), he will rest in perfect peace in Corpus then after the burial arrangement we would have a good time and get to know each other better, i would appreciate u being there for me and standing by through the burial then we can stay in a motel, have a good time together and plan our future...what do u think dear? Pls dear assist me, I can assure you would never regret helping me, Help me out so we can be together, I would come to you for real .. Once i get the money for my airfare i would return back to the state, I am not here to hurt your feelings .. If you really want to help me, and you want us to be together ... Here is the information you need to send the money, You will send it through Money Gram, Here is the information u need to send the money at money gram, Receiver Name is Kris Miller
Country is Nigeria
State is Lagos
Test question is What is this for?
Test answer is Kris's Flight Once u have send the money you will email me all the necessary information to get the money, Like MTCN, Test question and answer, And the sender name( That your own name) Baby i will also need your info like your name, Your address and the name of the nearest airport to fly to you, that's all the flight agent will be needing ... Baby once i received the money i would send you a copy of my flight receipt, and my flight itinerary info, so u will know what time to pick me up at the airport .. Dear I cant wait to be with you and spend special moments of my life with you ... I'm so anxious and eager to be with you and you only .... I hope to hear from you
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