Scam letter(s) from Alena to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
Sorry for disturbing you, sir. We are Thesarius translation company, let us introduce ourselves. We offer professional language translation services with expert translators. Every project has different requirements, so we offer different service levels to match our client's needs. We have a wide base of clients and your Lady Alyona is one of them. Unfortunately, she cannot afford paying for our services anymore because of the financial difficulties. If you are interested in the following correspondence with Lady Alyona we will be glad to inform you about our price list and conditions. Our linguists are selected according to their specialist skills, that is why we have a broader pool of translators to choose. Thesarius Translation delivers confidence in any language. You can access our quality translation service from anywhere in the world, simply by contacting the account executive. If you’re looking for a reliable translation company with lower prices we will be glad to have you as our client. Best regards,
Accountant executive
Olga Voronova
Letter 2
Dear! The first of all, I read your letters very carefully! But it looks like you do not read mine. I do not think that Skype and my knowledge of English mean everything!
We can communicate and learn about each other even without the Skype!
Also the fact I do not know English now doesn't mean that I will never know it. I can learn it, of course. I think you worry too much about the scammers. It is not right that you have doubts about me only cause of we met via Internet. You can meet dishonest people everywhere! On the street, in the market!
Someone can be dishonest at your work. Such is world!! You worry too much about loosing your money. But I also worry, I worry to lose my feelings and receive vain promises. I am not a scammer. I am just a woman who is seeking for her happiness here. Alyona.
Letter 3

Hello dear!
was so pleased to get your response, and I am so happy to realize that you want to continue our communication too! Well, I must confess that I was not sure if you reply me or not, but I am happy that you did! Thank you so much for calling me nice) I appreciate))) Thank you so much for sending me your photos. You look great! You are a strong handsome man with so charming, beautiful and kind eyes!! You know, people tell that eyes are the mirror of the soul. I am agree with such opinion completely. I think you have a very beautiful soul!!
I wish I could have more pictures of you. I truly enjoy the way you look like and it is a pleasure for me to look at you. I wish you could tell me more about yourself. I am very interested to know what kind of person you are inside and if we are soulmates. I am interested in your likes and dislikes, preferences in daily life and making love:). What are you seeking for in a woman and what is your ideal woman like? How do you prefer to start your day and what is your favorite color? My questions for you have no end but I will not bother you with them all. Just tell me about yourself. Know, even little details about you are very important for me. As you already know my name is Alyona and it means curious and strong.
However, every woman needs a reliable man to be strong and I am not an exception. I live in a town called Alchevsk, which is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine. Our town is not so big and it is pretty hard to find job place here, but I am happy to have one. I am a kindergarten teacher and I really adore working with children! But unfortunately now our kindergarten is closed because of the political situation in Ukraine. People are just scared and so am I. It is hard to realize that if you go out in the street you could never return home... And what about your country? What are you doing for a living there? Probably, you would like to know more about me, and I am completely open. So, ask whatever you want and be sure that I will answer. I was born on the 19 of March and I am Pisces. I am 32 y.o. Do you believe in astrology, Jacques? I have never been married before, but I still hope it is not too late;) Unfortunately, I am not so young and naive and I already have some past behind me. The thing is that I have a son. His name is Bogdan, and he is 6 years old. Well, it is rather unpleasant story and I don't want to bother you with details... But I can tell you that I was dating with his father and I dreamt about marriage, children and a cosy home.... But he didn't. That is why when I got pregnant he simply left me saying he was not ready for such responsibility. Now I live with my beloved son and my mother. Yes, I have a phone. But it is old and black-white and hardly rings! My phone doesn't have such modern programs like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype. I can receive the calls and messages only. I am sorry.
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