Scam letter(s) from Emilly Harold to Helmut (Germany)

Letter 1
My My Dear Georg
I would like to shower this mail with endless kisses and warmth hugs for being the loved one beside me in sharing my sorrows with ease and taking care of my emotions in your hands. You are the one, on whom I can let out all my worries.
Oh, loved one…You are the one who has given meaning to my love life and I am very glad that our relationship has gone through a paradise visit from when it started. The stars are waiting to come out at night to remind us about the sparkling moments of our life we will have together.
Lovable Georg, Though you are far away from me now, I always hug you in my dreams and like to sleep longer to be with you for some more time. I love you from the deepest part of my heart. Whenever I am with you I feel the warmth and love that gives me strength to carry on. You complete me and I am nothing without you. Even with your touch and love, I get the happiness, which cannot be compared, to anything.
I hope that I am caring you enough that you agree to spend rest of your life with me. My heart desire your love more. I will do anything to make you happiest person on earth because you are my sweetheart. I wish to be with you always.
How can I show you that I love you? I refuse to give up on you. I will not give up on us…for better or for worse. Use our love as your stepping stone towards loving yourself. I will be right beside you. A thousand kisses to you my love. May our love be a remarkable one which reach the moon and stars and bring a new meaning to life.
With love, LYDIA
Letter 2
Hello Sweet Heart, How are you today? I guess you are at work. Have a nice day and I pray everything goes on well for you today. I woke up, Prayed, had a shower and some food then i decided to send you this mail. As we talked about yesterday, the WESTERN UNION agents will require some details so they can send the money to me. I have stated that details below which you can write down. NAME: LYDIA NTIAMOAH
ZIP CODE: 00233
BANK: WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER And below are locations of WESTERN UNION in Glostrup, Just to help you know the one near to you to avoid stress and confusion. Thank you and waiting for your reply after work. Bye..Kisses 1. KIOSK BIEN
Glostrup Shoppingcenter 20
Glostrup, Hovedstaden DK 2600
+45-26-851690 2. CELL PHONE AND PC REPAIR
Glostrup Centret Butik 27
Glostrup, Sjaelland 2600
+45-802-00040 3. GURAS TIPS CORNER
Tarnvej 1
Rodovre, 2610
+45-367-07160 4. SLIKKIOSKEN
Kanalgaden 2
Albertslund, 2620
+45-519-65823 5. RODOVRE POSTKONTOR
Rodovre Centrum 151
Rodovre, Roedovre 2610
+45-80200303 6. ALBERTSLUND BAZAR
Hedemarksvej 8
Albertslund, Albertslund 2620
Hvidovrevej 178
Hvidovre, Hvidovre 2650
+45-80200040 8. ALBJERG KIOSKEN
Albjergparken 4
Brondby Strand, Zealand DK 2660
+45-435-30037 9. ISLEV SPILKIOSK
Slotsherrensvej 144 A
Vanlose, Storekobenhavn 2720
+45-802-00040 10. CENTERKIOSKEN
Brondby Strand Centrum 32
Brondby Strand, Zealand 2660
+45-802-00040 11. SUPERBRUGSEN
Bybjergvej 2
Skovlunde, Kobenhavn 2740
+45-44-856910 12. LEIFS SERVICE KIOSK
Peter Bangs Vej 179
Valby, Copenhagen DK 2500
+45-80-200040 13. INK TONER PRINTHOUSE
Torvestraedet 4
Skovlunde, Hovedstaden DK 2740
Letter 3
Hello Sir, I am Barrister Michael Standerfer. I am a lawyer from Ghana. I have been into law for the past 19 years as a good standing member of the Ghana Bar Association, and as an executive member for the past 2 years now. I have been asked to contact you by a company whose headquarters is in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA which I cannot disclose to you now as part of the legal proceedings since technically they do not have any contract or anything legal with you except for the fact that Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah named you as a trusted partner to help with the transfer of a certain amount of money. Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah raised some issues yesterday to the company and as the lawyer of the late Mr. Richard Ntiamoah, the father of Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah, It is my job to clarify things. I need to explain things to you so you do not get confused or uncomfortable. I am the one in charge of Ms. Lydia's inheritance. First of all, I hope you will understand me about the company not contacting you because they do not have any contract or any business what so ever. It is an international company that are so careful that they follow the law and do not make mistakes. They only know you as a trusted partner for Ms.Lydia Ntiamoah and they do not have any problem with that because as Ms.Lydia Ntiamoah has accepted you in the transfer of the money, they are okay because It is a mutual agreement between you and her. I was the link between the company and Mr.Richard Ntiamoah since this deal started and I did not contact you earlier because I wanted Ms.Lydia to have full assurance about you being the trusted person for this transfer before I made any legal process. Mr. Richard Ntiamoah sold a land to the company we cannot disclose to you for ?40, 000 (Forty Thousand Euros). Some few weeks after that, Mr. Richard Ntiamoah got involved in a serious drug scandal which prompted the attention of the government and he was arrested and sentenced to 4 years in prison which led to his death while in the prison. All his properties and assets here in Ghana were seized and converted to government properties except this money ?40,000 (Forty Thousand Euros) which he gave me an order as his lawyer to lodge the money into a reserve escrow account with an European Corporation Bank awaiting to be transferred to an off-sure account. The good news is that the Government does not know about this except me, Ms.Lydia Ntiamoah, Mrs. Sandra Ntiamoah, the wife of the late Mr.Richard Ntiamoah and 2 other family members. Now why we needed a trusted partner is that the money cannot be released in Ghana considering the circumstances surrounding the source of this money with the pending cases Ms. Lydia's Father had with the government of Ghana over his assets and properties in Ghana but the company is ready to issue a cheque from the headquarters in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA to be cashed in Europe using the WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION system so you can receive the money with ease. Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah has a lot of trust in you and I want you to promise that you will not exhibit any form of ambitiousness over this money after the transfer has been made into your bank account If only you accept to help. And with the DHL fee for sending you the cheque, the company made it clear to me and Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah that it is NOT for them to pay that so yes, Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah has to pay for that. I have also attached my personal Identity card and a document indicating the change of ownership of the land of the late Mr. Richard Ntiamoah to his daughter Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah. In case you have any questions please do well to reply to me. I hope I have addressed all issues that you raised to Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah as she also forwarded it to the company which they informed me so I had to take time to write this mail. And I hope you will accept to help Ms. Lydia Ntiamoah as she has trusted you so much. We will be ready to guide you to get the money without any restrictions or conditions. Thank you. MICHAEL STANDERFER
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