Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Jacques (USA)

Letter 1
Hi ))) I want to apologize for not so quickly answered you , I've just been very busy , just now was released and with pleasure I write you a letter , if you remember you left me your e-mail not long ago , on the website I want to tell you that for me this communication for the first time and I've been wanting to try , I am very pleased to meet you and I hope our interactions continue we will have to learn more about each other , I am very interested to know everything about you , I think that we will enough time for that. Of course, I want to tell not much about myself so you know who you're talking to , will send you my photos and I will wait for your requirement , not forget to send , I will be very pleased.
My name is Valentina , was born December 10, 1983 , now to me 32 years , already a very decent age , although I everyone says I look much younger , I guess it's good genes passed on from your parents , tell you like my photos? I work as a Secretary at a construction company , the work is not complicated to fill out paperwork I like it, certainly not as much pay , but for the life fully suffice , so don't complain.
I graduated from College , he studied at the faculty of Economics , where I learned English , certainly not enough that was perfect , but I hope you can understand me. I live in the big country Russia in city Cheboksary , the Republic of Chuvashia , probably you don't even know where it is located very far from you , but you can to find on the Internet will be able to see roughly where it is , what can you say about the city , fresh air , ordinary house , has a beautiful Park , great river Volga , I was born here and live , I like that there is nature , fresh air. Tell me about your city? What do you do?
I will be very interested to know more about you , I'll wait for your answer soon. Your friend Valentina.
Letter 2
Hello my love Jacques, your letter I was so happy and makes happy, every word you say warms my heart.
How was your day? I hope you are fine. I miss you all the time and thought only of you, every minute, I'm in love you so much and I can not control his emotions and feelings, I am writing to you, as it is in my heart now. You're like the sun warms me with your love, but at the same time is so far away from me and I can not live without you, I really need. Every day we wait, so slowly passes, oh so slowly!
This desire to be with you, penetrates deep into the heart. My soul cries out to you more and more.
You're my darling, my life, my all. I sit for a long time over this letter, looking for words that might bring true my feelings for you. And to fully understand how far the words, they can not be compared with those I feel that it is to you. I love you - those three words are powerless to express the amount of love, I feel just for you. You're amazing, once I could not even dream that you'll be mine.
Your love is incomparable with all the joys of the world. You - my joy.
I feel that you are part of me and the love that flows through my heart for you, surpasses all other emotions that I've ever experienced. Your love has filled my life with new opportunities and adventures, and there is nothing in this world that can ever take your place. I love you, only you.
My love I want to be with you as soon as possible, I do not want to waste time, not one minute without you, I'm sure you just want to be with me now. I want to take leave from work and come to you.
Tell me what you think? Can you tell me the name of the airport, where you will be able to meet me?
I can live with you? Tomorrow I will go to a travel agency and I will find out at the expense of the trip to you. Well I'm waiting for your early reply. your love with Valentina !!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love Jacques, I'm happy to read your letter, you said happiness to my heart and soul. How have you been?
I'm fine, beautiful weather today, the sun is shining outside, very warm, but do not miss you next, every time I think only of you, you know how much I love you and want to be with you, I hope that soon the way it is.
I think about our meeting when it happens we'll be together with you, can I hug you, hold your hand, we could walk together, I will wake up and see you next to me, I so want to see your city that you showed me everything see how you live, I am very interested to know everything in real life. I want to dream of you and be with steel reality, I think that you also want this much, I love you and it's not just words, I tell you what my heart says, I'm telling you, I opened my heart to you and it belongs to you my love. Yesterday I told you that I would go to a travel agency,
Today I went there and found out at the expense of the trip for you, for a start, I was told that we will have to make documents, passports, visas,
All it will take time, I can make a visa for 3 months, I think that during this time, we are well able to know each other, I want it very much.
I was told how much will it all worth 370 euros, I certainly do not have that kind of money right now, I live in the village, I just do not happen that kind of money, I'm not comfortable, of course ask for your help, it's your business, unless of course you can help, I will be very thank you, I can start doing paperwork and it will be our first step toward our meeting with you. I love you very much and I will waiting for your early reply. your love with Valentina.
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