Scam letter(s) from Olga Sorokina to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing?.
I am Elena!.
Probably you are surprised where did I have found your e-mail? Ok, I will try to explain to make you understood. The agency of acquaintances gave me your e-mail. I have addressed to the agency to get acquainted to find through the Internet with the man. I am trying to get acquainted to meet through the Internet first time in my life and for this reason I have addressed to the agency of acquaintances. I am searching for serious relations, I am not going to spend time for games. I hope you are also trying to find serious relations and I wrote your e-mail correctly without mistakes and my e-mail will come to you.
I will tell you a little about myself:
I am 29 years old. I was born August 25, 1984. I am blonde. I have blue eyes.
Maybe, you will be interested, when I will tell you that I am not the resident of your country. I am from Russia. I hope it does not frighten you.
I am the same lady with clear soul, big heart and high spirit that living in other different countries.
This is my first letter to you. And I promise I will send some of my photos in my next e-mails to you.
Write me..
Best regards, Elena.
Letter 2
Good evening !!!!!! You me and I don't know than, but I compose you that you find out that I would like to know you larger. And if you want, I would like to get make the acquaintance of with you. Me not habitually to write the premier, but after all it is the Internet and if you don't compose to me, I will understand that you don't want to learn me. But I feel hopeful that you will write and we will start out knowing each other larger. I will in it the message a few to describe so that you to know my signs.
First my name is Olenka. This Russian olden name which very much is pleasant to me. I am 35 years old. I will to find to myself the normal, worthy man who could flame of love me and respect. I very much to wish it because not to suffice me caress, love... I very much to find such person. I as have my personal e-mail address where you could compose to me if certainly I inerest you. here my address: I have my photos and if you wwrite to me, I with pleasure will show it. Well here I think also all! ! ! ! ! I will end the message on this note, I think that it will be interesting to you to recognize me further.
I wish you Hi. Oleshka.
Letter 3
Hello ^ Hello. How do you feel ?
It is ZHANNA 30 y.o. You probably are now confused and ask a question "who I"? There was a amazing story. :-)
I have received the lost diary. In it your e-mail has been submited. I have recorded it after familiarity with you at some of Internet sites. I can not remember what it was a website. It is not significantly.
Then I very much wished to get acquainted with you better. I divorced woman wish till now become acquainted the man of dream.
I'm happy that could to write a letter you now. I very much would like to meet you better. I send you the photos that you could see me.
If you are interested to continue with me communication I with gladly wait your reciprocal letter on mine email:
I want you will answer me in the near future.
sincerely yours, ZHANNA
Letter 4

Hello ^ Greetings. How are you ?
I am ZHANNA Thirty y.o. You probably are now a lack of understanding and ask a question "who I"? an a extraordinary story. :-)
I have restored the lost diary. In it your e-mail has been recorded. I have submited it after acquaintance with you at some of Internet sites. I can not remember what it was a website. It is unimportant.
Then I very much find out with you better. I single woman want till now to meet the man of dream.
I'm happy that could to contact you now. I very much would like to learn you better. I send you the photos that you could see me.
if you have the desire to continue with me acquaintanceship I with gladly wait your answer on mine email:
I wish you will write me in the near future.
wish you good mood, ZHANNA
Letter 5
Hello Austin! :-)
This is me - Zhanna. I am glad that your email is real, and I am very pleased that you have written an e-mail.
I hope you're serious man and does not intend to play with me? I do not want to experience the pain again.
I want only genuine, sincere and serious relationship. Now I'm divorced and have no children.
I want to talk a little bit about yourself and send your photo, so you can imagine me better.
I live in Russia. I'm 30 years old. I work as an office manager in a small firm. I live alone in an apartment is not large.
I have an old home computer. Internet connection is slow and it creates difficulties.
Therefore, there is no possibility to use additional programs for communication such as Skype and others.
I do not use social networks, because many men want only get ***** photos and ***.
We can have a constant correspondence via email. Later I will try to get the phone so we can call each other.
I believe that people of any age can have a relationship. I prefer a man older than me. Because with age comes experience, wisdom and seriousness.
I was married, but now I am divorced. I do not have children. The marriage was not successful for me.
My man should be faithful, who will respect your woman, do not cheat, and especially not to raise a woman's hand.
Let's talk about the good. :-) I like an active lifestyle. I like to dance. I like nature, summer, sun, picnic. I want to be happy. :-)
I like to travel around the beautiful cities of Russia, the Black Sea. I also visited the foreign country: Turkey, Egypt, Abkhazia.
I like to communicate with my girlfriends. We go to the movies, walk in the park, we go on picnics, go skiing in the winter or just sit in a cafe.
I send you my photo. I also want to ask me to send your foto too. It is important to send each other photos. I want to better represent you.
Tell me about yourself, too: What is your character? What qualities do you value most in women? you were married? you have children?
I will tell you more about myself in the following E-mail!
I will wait for your messages.
Letter 6
Good evening
I Ekaterina.
I ? from Rusland.
I'm seeking for a Male.
I'm looking for a real man for serious relationship. My backward
relationships have been bad. Pleased to meet you
Do you think it is possible to find true love throw Internet?
Would you fall in love again?
ou can get me on: so i will send some nice pics back
Truly Ekaterina
Good bye for now
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