Scam letter(s) from Noreen Trytek to GErard (Canada)

Letter 1
I am a loving woman, easy going and full of humor. I am looking for someone faithful and sincere in his feelings. I want to find real love and to live happy life. Write me an em el (noreentrytek att g m m ai). I want him to be a strong-willed and confident man who has a good sense of humor and who is willing to build a loving relationship. I don’t need ideal man as there are no perfect people, I just want him to respect me and I do same, and love me with all his heart. You can write to me, and then we can continue our acquaintance in more detail. I hope it is possible. My world is open for you
Letter 2
Hi Gerrard, I am looking for my partner for life.. Someone to share and enjoy life together till the end of time. someone to care for, someone to love and share with my hopes, my dreams and my sorrows. Someone who knows a relationship is a work of art something that you strive together in building and molding it into place. So what are you looking for on the dating line, Would you mind to tell me about yourself. I really do appreciate you writing to me and i must let you know everything you need to know about me and even if i cant write all of them on here but i will sure like to read back from you if you see that we could have a head way forward, I lost my parents when i was very young and I've been doing it all the way till date though i have an aunt that raised me up and thought me life, she's very old but still alive today for me. I'm a single girl that have been growing up on her own, I do not have any siblings but that's not a big deal as I'm used to the life of being alone, I've been doing things on my own since i was born and it got more difficult when i lost my parents especially when i lost my mom, I've also been hurt by a lot of men in my life and wouldn't want that to happen to me again. I am 5'8 tall and good looking woman. I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring man that I have been looking for, I'm a single woman that's in need of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through. See, I have been hurt so many times by different men and wouldn't want that to happen to me again that's the reason why I said that I need love from a down to earth serious man. I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through good and bad times and won’t give up on you is what I am looking for.You can call me a newbie around the city as i've not lived 3 months yet in Gloucester I was living in the united states before i decided for a change of environment to start my life again after 4 years of being single.. Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work. I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater rather than read a novel. I also enjoy traveling, experiencing different geographies and people with different culture. I do not smoke nor drink. Concerning sexuality I am not a promiscuous woman, my desire is to be sexually faithful to my man, If two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their partner's ****** behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved More over I am currently working on my own because i had to try something else after i lost almost all i had to my last relationship. I just got into the business of Supplying medical equipments. I buy and supply to the request of clients which has given me the opportunity to visit several cities in the world which I'm currently in south carolina, united states for a 2 weeks Contract which i will be back in a week time from now. I have been to several cities in world, places like Germany, Holland, France and Switzerland. I'm looking to go to Costar Rica and would love to see some Asian countries too, i love to see places and cultures. I like cultural places. I need to remind you that am not here for games or either to be played on. Age and Distance is not a problem, if it happens that you make it right from your honest heart then i don't mind relocating to you and having us continue from there. I am very honest and truthful, i hate lies and deceit. I want real love, I believe that you are seeking something serious too but will let time tell for us both. You can text me 613-777-5727... Will be looking out for your email reply soon. Sincerely yours, Noreen
Letter 3
My dear Gerard, Step by step it will all be okay and we will be fulfilled in due time in our lives. I really appreciate your honesty and i must let you know i really appreciate your emotional care and openness. I only get to travel once in a while when I'm been given contracts like this one and i need let you know that this is the first work i'm handling after 4 years, I lost all i had worked for in my last relationship and i'm just starting to gain my financial ground again. I'm willing and ready to build a home and have peace and harmony, I value honesty than anything and i would want us to keep it real and honest with each other. I believe we both know that life has its up and downs. Sometime it gets cold and sometimes it gets hot. But what matters most is the true love and understanding we got for each other and sticking together no matter the life circumstance. I really appreciate your interest! you sound really like a nice man with a good and loving heart of kind, care and honesty, Yes but i will sure let time tell and have you show commitment that you are down for same as i am and hoping God will handle the rest for us after showing commitment to each other on our first stage, I am looking for that one special man to share my life with. The one who knows what your thinking without you even saying a word. The one that you can communicate on every level and know that you will make it through life's ups and downs together. Two people that are happy and content in there own lives that just happen to come together and discover a new level of happiness. I love life and try never to take it for granted. Live each day like its your last. friends are dear to me But i respect my family after God, God first, my family and any other thing can fall in place then, Well i really do not have friends because of several experience in the past about them. I enjoy getting away even if its just for the day. Warm weather and beaches or cold weather and mountains doesn't matter. I also believe it's the mutual understanding that matters despite the age difference. I almost gave up on the online dating not until your message came through, i already took it down and didn't know you were coming. I'm not too much of a social media or a computer person, all i do is check my email and respond so if you also can try doing texting will make some sense too. But emailing is also cool too. I enjoy all sports whether it be playing them or watching them on TV. Enjoy nice restaurants or dive bars as long as they have a pool table. Not a fan of just sitting around a bar drinking, but if there's Karaoke it can be pretty entertaining with my man. Enjoy funny people that make me laugh especially after a hectic day. Enjoy my down time relaxing at home watching a movie with my man. I also enjoy my man to be a man of himself that cannot let friends come into his matrimonial life because that's the major thing that caused the heartbreak from my EX. I believe if we have a problem we should talk about it and deal with it among ourselves in one body. I have fun doing pretty much anything as long as I am in good company. I would like to meet someone with similar values, who is secure, smart, confident and not easily discouraged. Someone that I share that special chemistry with and it never seems to fade away. A good person on the inside and in my eyes attractive on the outside. Funny, playful and always looking to try new things. Expresses his feelings and backs them with actions. Someone who is in a good place in life and loves who he is and what he is about. I want to find a reliable man who will be like a strong column for me and who will share all the joys and sorrows. I want to create with him our small world of trust, mutual understanding and of course love.. Looking forward to hear back from you soon dear.. Yours, Noreen
Letter 4

Please if you want to help me, Please do from your heart and I promise to pay you back as soon as my goods are allowed to be shipped. The contract agreement between me and my client says until I forward the shipment documents, They will effect instant wire transfer to my account or any account of choice.. My client are in Alberta Canada as I speak now. It worries me, it's my problem and my mess I know. I just need your help and I will pay it back in double folds. Thanks for listening.
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