Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Eugenio (Mexico)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you!
I'm Viktoriya. I'm 27 and I live in Ukraine. At the moment I'm single and I'm looking for serious relations. I like nature, travelling, spending time at the beach, swimming, making picnics, gathering with friends, family. I like animals, especially horses and dogs.
This is my first short letter to you and I want to learn about you also and ask your intentions in our acquaintance. My intentions are serious and honest. I want a man who will love me, who will protect me and make me happy. The most important qualities in a man for me are kindness, honesty, care and reliabilitty. I hope you possess these qualities. On this I finish my letter and I'm sending my photos as well. I hope you will like it. I'll wait for your answer, and hope that you are interested in me and want to continue our dialogue))) Please write me to my e-mail Warm greetings,
Letter 2
Hello dear Eugenio! I am very glad to receive a letter from you. I hope, that we shall continue our communication and learn each other better. I am not searching for a man without problems, a superman or a movie star and it is normal that we all have our own problems and disadvantages.
Well, I'm also not perfect and have my own problems. Love is when you accept problems and disadvantages of your partner and he accepts you the way you are. isn't it? We have some obstacles ahead to be together, but I believe that if you truly love me and I you, we can be together soon. Are you willing to begin a new life with someone like me? As for me, I'm ready to move abroad if I fall in love. My name is Viktoriya, but my friends call me Vika. I am 27 years old and live in Ukraine, in a small town Mukachevo, which is situated on the West of Ukraine. My date of birth is 1988 November, 12. My height is 166 cm (about 5'5); weight is 52 kg (about 115 pounds). I have hazel eyes and brown hair. I attach my pics so that you could have a better idea about my appearance. I live with my parents and have an older sister who is married and lives separately. I have graduated from our local University and I work as a helper of accountant. I am single, don't have children, but I had relations in the past which lasted for several years and ended last year. I was so frustrated to be lonely again and decided to use Internet to search for my soul mate. So, I am lonely for about a year already and my heart is free for new love and relations with a nice serious man. I am looking in the Internet for someone special, because I have not found anyone locally that I can love and be loved by. I do not want to be alone and I would love to be your friend and possibly one day your soul mate if things work for us. I am searching for serious and reliable man. A need a man who would make me feel happy and complete, who would bring love, romance and passion in my life. Can it be you? Can you restart the fire in my body and in my heart? I hope, this letter gave you a brief description about myself, but if you have any questions to me, you are welcome to ask them. Please, tell me more about yourself in your next letter too.
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