Letter(s) from Lubov to Rodney (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Rodney !!!!

I woke up with the thought of you, my love. When I went to work, I thought about you. All my thoughts are only of you. My dream is to wake up next to you. My dream is to cook you breakfast and dinner. I want to be next to each minute. How is your day? What do you do? What are your thoughts? I want to know everything !!!

I want to tell you how was my day today. I was sitting at her workplace and thinking about you. My colleague asked me to, I gave her the documents that lay on my table. But I did not hear anything at the moment. All my thoughts were only of you. Then she came up to me and took me by the shoulders. I turned to her and we started to laugh. She asked me what I think and why I'm so happy. But I did not say anything to her. We just laughed and I gave her what she needed.

I sat and admired your photos. I uploaded them to your work computer.
I stared at the picture with you. At this point, again, goes my colleague. She told me that she understood from what I so happy. she told me she was happy for me. She was glad that finally someone took my thought. Here's a funny incident occurred in my work. If you can send me more photos of your different. I'll be happy to see all of your photos.

Now I want to tell you is my love. Very much forward to your next
letter. Your letter I needed.

Your loving Liubov.