Scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Gary (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my love Sid !!! how are you ???? how is your day today ???? What do you do, my dear man ???? how your work ??? as the weather in your country ??? I hope all is well with you and you had a great time. My love, thank you very much, it is difficult, and minutes away from I want to help me, I will never forget. If I had the opportunity I would myself pay for my trip to you. but unfortunately I have not a possibility to pay for my own documents. Also I have not as opportunities to take money from their parents or their friends because it is a very large sum of money and they have so much money.
Perhaps you when I come looking for me to work a little, that I It can give the money that you help me. Also today, I went on a trip agent to learn about money transfer. Travel agent said who does not accept the payment, the bank movement of funds on the account from persons. They accept payments only from the organization of travel groups. Thus, the money for my papers I have to pay for itself in cash. the agent told me that in our city there are societies Money Gram and Western union, which deals Remittances from other countries. Today, I also joined the bank find information on company payments. The company said that they are engaged for many years in the form of remittances, and to do it safely and fast. It is necessary that falls Money Gram or Western Union office holding in the city to send money. Also, data will be necessary to obtain: my name and surname, as well as the country where I live. These ones data: my name is Deniz
my surname is Sari,
my country - Georgia.
my city - Abasha.
my email address: (Georgia) Abasha, street 1 may 26/10. At the same time all the data that will be necessary for you in the company Money Gram or Western Union. After the transfer of the company will give you privacy code that you have to tell me. Here all the information that I have reasonable Money Gram or Western Union, I have never so far used by the company, but I I think that the best option to use the services of the Companies, as well as very easily, quickly and safely. For the company, and can or find more information at its official web - site, the site can find the office in the community. I very much desire to be with you in the near future in the present time and in full I am sure that no one and nothing can separate us. I want, you know, That in this big world, there is a girl, she loves and the heart belongs to you. I signed a contract with a travel agency, and now I am obliged to pay 600 US Dollars for the visa and documents. I can not break my contract. I was forced to conclude an agreement that would get all the necessary information about the trip to you in your country. I had no other choice. I ask you to understand me and my position is not easy.
I did this for you and me and our meeting. I have to pay 600 US Dollars it this week. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. I love your Deniz !!! P.S My dear as I have a bank account in the bank. Here are the data of my account: USD (US) NAME: DENIZ
IBAN: GE47 BR 0027 0001 0209 5679
POSTCODE: 380000
Letter 2
My dear if you make a money transfer to my bank account please turn express money transfer. This is to ensure that the money will come down to my account. You can also make a money transfer to a bank account. Please let me know which way you can help me with money ??? In my personal account ??? Through the company Western Union ??? Or through the company Money Gram ???? I beg you to let me know. It is very important Dear will be better and faster if you make a money transfer through the company Money Gram or Western Union. if you make money transfer in my bank account that I have to wait longer than that, or to get your help. I think it would be easier if you make a money transfer through the company Money Gram or Western Union. please let me know .
Letter 3
My dear please tell me, how soon and in what kind of day you will be able to visit the company Money Gram or Western Union for that would make the remittance ??? Dear I need to know the exact day of sending the money because I must leave this day from all his affairs, and to visit a travel agency for that would pay 600 US Dollars for my documents. Dear Please answer me howl question, it is very important to me. I hope you understand me. I am very much - much I love you !!!
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