Scam letter(s) from Victoria Smelova to Bengt-Olov (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi my darling!!! Today I went to tourist agency and learnt there about the visa to Sweden.
In agency to me have told that I can independently make the visa without any agencies, having handed over documents directly in embassy in Moscow. But it is very big risk. All over the world for a long time already nobody does difficult affairs without the aid of professional advisers. Visa lecture to Sweden - business not difficult, but consultations are necessary to all. They will help me to fill correctly questionnaires in English, will check up all package of documents and will hand over in embassy if it is necessary, will prepare for interview in embassy Sweden in Moscow. They really will help, and they are interested in result the same as also we. They have told to me what documents I should bring it. 1. The passport (I already have a passport for travel abroad)
2. Two photos 3.5х4.5 (colour)
3. The copier of all pages of the internal passport
4. Biographical particulars
5. The reference with post and salary instructions. After I will bring to all of them these documents they can make to me the visa for 5 working days. Visa cost makes 140 euros. But besides I should pay to agency 100 euros. The darling my it not small money for me. And without your help I cannot receive the visa. Very much I ask, if tomorrow I could receive money that in the tomorrow''s evening I already would go to Moscow. Here my data: My name: Katya, surname: Rigalina, country: Russia, city: Kazan.
To me have told that for transfer of money resources is better to use ''the Western Union''. As the same your data, and a confidential code of transfer (MTCN) are necessary to me. Very much I hope that at all of us it to turn out!!! For ever yours Katya.
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