Letter(s) from Alexandra Gridohina to Marius (Romania)

Letter 1

A day passed, and I had time to write to you !!!
I would like to podelits Stobo his impressions after your answer.
How are you? Since I am interested in you, and I want to continue getting to know you, and I hope that my letter will not be completed in our conversation ... I hope that our relations will be nice. If you are interested in our chat, I ask you to immediately inform me. I want to know you better! I expect that you will not ignore my letter, and answer me.
I will write you more about myself in my next letter.
I'll wait for your letter to this address: aleksandra.gridohina@yandex.com
With great respect to my friend. Aleksandra.
I am happy to communicate with you!

Letter 2

Good morning my friend Paul-Marius,
I really liked your photos. you are a very attractive man. please continue send me your pictures!
How are you doing? As promised in my last letter, I wish you love to confess about himself.
Now I'm 31. My birthday is on 25 January.
How did you know I'm from Russia. I live in the city of Yaroslavl.
I think that the distance between us is not a problem for our communication with you?
I attached my photo to the letter, I hope that my picture you like.
I'm just going to wait for your pictures, they will help us get to know each other.

Dear Paul-Marius, but still I am alone.
The men with whom I have known here in Russia does not attract me, they are boring and rude.
I am a girl! And I'm sure that in the world there is a man who appreciates and respects his woman.
In Russia, I have not met her man, because men do not appreciate Russian women, and exhibit rudeness.
So I'm alone and I do not have a man.
I've never been married. I have no children. Of course in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
But for the past year and a half, I'm alone.
I will be interested to know you!
I want to get acquainted with you closer. I am glad that I have one!
I was fascinated by writing a letter to you ... And we must continue.
I expect that you will not ignore my letter, and answer me immediately uvidesh my letter.
I will write you more about myself in my next letter.

With great respect for your friend Aleksandra

Letter 3

Do you know what I'm waiting for word! Only your words!
Since mament I received your first answer !!!
I think and think of you !!! Learn more you want!
Enjoy your weekend!
Write to me, waiting for your mail here aleksandra.gridohina@yandex.com
Your friend from Russia Alexandra.

Letter 4

Hello Paul-Marius!
How was the weekend?
I woke up in the morning, and immediately thought of you ... For me, it was awesome. But it was a nice feeling that I felt! I washed, make coffee, make your own breakfast from fruit. He gathered and went to work.
I was waiting for your letter. I was pleased to see that you said to me. .
Now I am at work, I have free time now, and I'm writing you a letter. However, I can not always see your letters at work. I do not have a computer at home, so I am writing you with a job. My director is strict, and it does not allow employees to our organization engaged in foreign affairs. Do not worry, I'll be careful, and we can continue to communicate.Do you work? do you like your job? Where do you work? I work at the mall. My position "Sales Manager". I have to work with people. My position requires me a lot of attention and responsibility. I like my job. I get emotional satisfaction from their work, and can boast that. Also, I have a college degree "Technologist catering." "
Yes, I cook delicious. What dishes do you prefer? And what's your favorite?
Paul-Marius, you have a hobby? I have a great interest in reading books because I love the swimming pool. I live alone in my apartment. I like to visit the beach. In Russia, most of the year is cold ... In the summer I spend a lot of time on the river. Now Russian winter had come, and I'm happy about that. Since winter is my favorite time of year! Everything is covered with white, fluffy snow. It looks so beautiful. I attach a photo, so you can see the winter in Russia. Paul-Marius, I want to know you better. I am pleased to know that you give me the time and read my letter. Do you expect my letters?
Paul-Marius, to me it is important to you to be honest with me.
Please do not give me false hope.
What qualities in people like you?
I wish you a good day! I hope that my letter brought a smile to your face.
Now I have to go to continue working. I am waiting for your letter.
Your friend from Russia Aleksandra.

Letter 5

Hello my friend Paul-Marius,
During the whole day, I could not work in peace ... I could not concentrate.
I'm thinking of you!
I try to imagine what you are doing at any given time.
How are you? You have a good mood now?
Paul-Marius, I try to imagine that I communicate with you in real life.
it would be nice if we lived in the same city ...
We could meet in a cafe and have a conversation in real life. Do you like the thought of it?
I think that it could happen sometime in the future. I always believe in the best. Yes, I am an optimist!
I like our relationship. In your every letter, I know about you and your life.
Please send me pictures.
View your pictures will help me get to know you and your life.
I want to know you better, and I see the prospects of our communication.
I do not have a lot of work today.
I guess I'll leave early from work today because I agreed to go for a walk with a friend.
Dear regard to the English language ... I'm studying English for 2 years.
I try to write you a letter yourself, forgive me for the mistakes in my letters.
I hope that our relationship will allow me to improve my knowledge of English.
I like to develop. I like to learn the culture of other countries. Will tell me about your country?
Paul-Marius, now I want you to meet my family. My parents are very kind and helpful people.
I am grateful to my parents for the upbringing they gave me.
I believe that on education at an early age the future of man. I have never been spoiled girl.
Now I'm an adult and independent life, but often I go to my parents' house.
They live not far from my town. In the neighboring village.
The name of my father Petr, he is now retired. My mother's name is Olesya, she is a housewife.
I am the only child in the family. I do not have brothers and sisters.
Paul-Marius, I wonder, do you have any pets? Because I love them, and I have a dog.
The nickname is "Muxtar".
Dear, sorry, now I have to finish my letter.
My arms for you Paul-Marius!
I look forward to wait for your next letter.
Your friend Aleksandra.

Letter 6

Tell me about yourself and your situation.
I am always glad to hear from you !!!!
And I want to just share with you my life ...
But for this we need to talk!
I'm bored and I think about you !! Merry Christmas!
Please, write me nice !!! your Alexsandra

Letter 7

Cute marius!
How was your weekend? What did you do?
In Russia now deep winter. All around snow-white. I'm madly in love this weather!
Winter - it's when you have to provdit piriud skiing, ice skating. Play in the snow, ice skating with slides. It was all in my childhood!
But now sometimes I go skating and skiing. By the way, I really like to watch "biathlon". This is an outstanding sport. You ever watched the biathlon?
marius, it is the time of year when you start to feel the inner hormone, I want to love and be loved! Every day I see couples walking, talking and cute .....
Oh my God! I want to walk with her man in the park, hold his hand, uh ... why do not we close to you darling! Dear marius, how are you? How is your day?
Now I see your email ... Your letters bring me joy. very nice to have the feeling that the world is a man who is interesting and I do not care about.
I try to check your mail every day, but sometimes I can not do that.
Excuse me, when I can not write a letter to you immediately. I want you to know that I think of you always!
marius, yesterday I met with a friend, we had a walk. Me and my girlfriend, we know each other for a lifetime. We have no secrets from each other. I told a friend that I have a friend with whom I'll talk.
Yes, I told a friend about our conversation, I hope you do not mind this.
My friend smiled and looked me in the eye and told me that she noticed a change in me. She told me that in recent years I have become happier ... My girlfriend is happy for you and me. She wants you and me happiness and development of our relations. marius, after the beginning of our conversation, my life has changed, and the change in me noticed my colleagues at work. Now I am much more likely to have a smile on your face, me more enthusiasm and energy.

Now my friend - it's the only girl who knows about our communion. marius, every day I feel something unusual in itself!
I have a feeling that I've known you for a whole life! I'm so happy it! I feel happy! And that I should just thank you! Thank you dear for what you give me happiness! Now I am sending you new photos. My friend and I decided to take a snapshot of yesterday for you.
Take my kiss!
My girlfriend Rita to tell you hello!
I would be bored ... and wait for your letter with great anticipation!

Your Aleksandra

Letter 8

I wish you the time of day my dear !!!!!!!!!
I hasten to tell you more about yourself! Pochli his silence.
Please, write to me at once how to get my answer.
I shall wait for your answer. your Aleksandra

Letter 9

Good evening Paul-Marius,
It's a beautiful day! I have a good mood in the morning.
Today I woke up earlier than usual, because I had to travel to a nearby town for the signing of contracts.
I need to prepare a quarterly report to my director.
I did everything. Already I returned from the principal's office.
I have good news, the director happy with my work, and he promised that soon I will be able to have a vacation.
Paul-Marius, when you will have a vacation?
Yesterday I thought that it would be nice if we could have a vacation at the same time. What do you think about it?
Would you like our meeting?
Dear Paul-Marius, you're madly interesting to me!
Honey, I love being outdoors. I have no bad habits. I do not smoke.
So, I'm not fond of alcohol, but sometimes I can afford to drink a light alcoholic drink, such as wine.
I care about their health.
Yesterday I visited the pool with his girlfriend.
Paul-Marius, you're the only man to whom I write my letters. You're the only one with whom I am in a chat!
Here in Russia, I have no one. I'm glad to know that I got you! Tell me please how do you consider your future?
What do you want in the future and whether you want me to be a part of your future?
I want you and I have a warm feeling !!!
Paul-Marius, I would like to one day open my eyes and see you next to him. I have a passport that allows me to travel all over the world. Letters marked the beginning of our conversation, but in his letters is difficult to express all you feel!
Our meeting will help us to know each other better. I want to wish you all the best. Sorry for the short letter, but I have to finish it.
I am waiting for your letter.
With great respect Aleksandra

Letter 10

Hi dear marius!
How is your mood? How is your day?
Do you have a holiday mood?
My day started with a smile. I woke up early in the morning, went to the window ...
And my face shone bright sun! Reflecting on the fluffy snow ....
really felt this winter! It's great! My mood at the height !!!
And then I see your letter, and I was incredibly happy! I feel happy now .....
I look forward to your every letter. Every night I come home from work and think of you.
Yesterday my evening was calm, I came home and cooked dinner, I turned on the slow music and dined alone.
I imagine that you are with me! How did you spent last night? Have you been thinking about me?
Late last night I was called by my mother.
Her phone call was a surprise for me, she said she is now in the city and come to me to spend the night.
Mom yesterday came to the city to visit the shops, she stopped, and so I decided to stay with me.
My mother was surprised when she came to my apartment and heard the slow music ...
She thought that I was not alone. I hastened to reassure her and said that I was alone at home.
marius, my mom is a very sensitive person, she can learn the changes in my life, even if I will not talk to her about it.
We had a very long conversation yesterday with my mom. I told my mother that I am communicating with you.
I said that you and I met through the Internet, and now very good friends.
Mom approved our communication with you, but she said that I should be careful.
I told my mom that you're a good man, and perhaps soon we will have a meeting.
I hope you do not mind that I told my mother about our communication?
I consider it my duty to consult with my mother, she always will be the best advice.
marius, every day, I know you more and more, and it seems to me that I've known you for a long time, communicate with you brings me joy!
You know, I'm starting to have feelings for you, and my feeling is already more than just sympathy.
your letters, an indispensable part of my day, I need to know what you all are well, otherwise I can not be calm.
I do not want to rush, and is not guided by emotions, I sincerely say to you about their feelings.
marius, it seems to me that you're the man with whom I want to be!
You are elegant, aboyatelny, intelligent, I wonder with you!
Every day I think about our meeting with you.
I would like to be near you! Our first meeting will give us an opportunity to know each other.
We will be able to spend some time together and build a plan for the future life.
Soon I will have a vacation, and I think I might have a trip to your country for our first meeting.
The moments that we spend together with you we will remember for a lifetime. I'm sure about it!
While I can not tell you when it will be my vacation, but I promise you that I will share with you every moment of their life!
I trust you, and I am ready to come to you for our first meeting!
Of course if you do not mind marius!
By the way, how is your full name? My full name Aleksandra Gridina.
Together with the letter I am sending you a photo of my morning)))
I hope you enjoy my photos ... I look forward to your letter.
My mom gave greetings to you!
my kisses for you...
Sincerely, your friend Aleksandra.

Letter 11

My dear !!!!
What happens in your life that you can not write to me? What?
You did not abandon me? I hope not. I have feelings for you !!!
Waiting for words!
your Aleksandra

Letter 12

Good morning, my dear marius!
How was your weekend?
I want to see the distance between us melted away in an instant, and we were together.
I am grateful to God and to the internet because we met with you.
Darling, in his last letter, I told you about my feelings for you.
In the letters difficult to talk about feelings.
I believe that we will meet with you in some day, and we can talk endlessly.
Every word that I speak to you, I say consciously!
Love - the feeling that unites feelings such as friendship,
Respect, trust, sincerity, understanding, affection, tenderness.
I believe that you are the man I wanted to see in my life !!!
You're my closest man, you're my only man! And I do not need anyone else!
Dear, I would like to share with you ... The nearest international airport from my town, located in Moscow.
This is the airport "Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo".
Next to your house has an international airport?
At one airport I could come if our meeting will take place?
I never had to be in another country, you could meet me?
marius, I think that I will need a visa to travel to your country.
I want you to know everything about me. In my last letter I told you my full name.
Today I want to give you information on my address:
Volodarsky Street 13, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl region., 15001
What is your full name?
I ask you also tell me your address and city. Good?
marius, each of us will allow the meeting to open up to each other ...
I really want to know you closer! I have a feeling that I'm in love with you !!!
marius, I fully disclose to you now!
I sincerely with you, now! And I'll always be sincere! We deserve more from this life!
We need to love, to create, to enjoy our lives! I wish we spent the rest of their lives together!
I do not want anything special, I just want to be with you to live your daily life.
I think that our meeting will be a wonderful gift to us.
My words to you serious marius!
Honey, I feel like I already know you well. Your letters, every day give me a good mood.
You're the only man in my life, and I do not need anyone else!
Dear, I hope my photos will give joy to your day today!
I look forward to your letter.
I dream of the day when we will be in each other's arms!

Letter 13

Hello dear marius!
It is now evening. My working day is over, but I stayed in the office to write you a letter.
What is your full name and your address.?
I look forward to the day when we can carry out our plans and desires!
I am pleased to know that our mutual feelings with you.
I had never thought about what you can feel a sense of love for the person with whom never met.
Before, I did not know that you can love at a distance.
I refer to such stories with irony, but now I myself fell in love with you!
I am not afraid that the thousands of kilometers between us ...
Between you and me away with you, but our feelings can help us to overcome the distance.
marius, after our meeting, we will be able to give up the letters ... We will be together !!!
I had never traveled outside Russia, and I have to find out information.
That I need for the trip.
Tomorrow I plan to visit a travel agency and learn all that is required to arrive at your country.
I just want to find out what documents will be required for me puteshest. You understand me?
As I told you earlier that I had not faced this question.
Since Russia had only vacation. I rested in local health centers.
Honey, I promise that I will tell you all the information you'll learn in the travel agency!
I have no secrets from you. You're my closest man, you're my only man!
I want you to know everything about my life!
marius, I want your affection, tenderness !!!
I dream of a strong man's arms, in which I can feel weightless ...
marius, I dream of your arms!
Honey, I'm thankful that we have each other! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
And for this I want to thank you marius!
Tonight I plan to visit the cafe to eat. I feel like cooking today because it was too late.
What are your plans for tonight? Mmmm .... it would be nice if we were there.
I am sending you a photo from this summer. I think you'll like it.
I have to go now ... But I do not feel like leaving you. marius, I think of you always!
You're in my head! You are in my heart!
With your love Aleksandra.

Letter 14

My love Han good day!
How is your day today?
This morning, before work, I visited the spa.
I take care of my body, that it is always good.
I attach a photo from a beauty salon. Do not be afraid my dear))
Dear, today I have a very busy day.
There was a meeting at work, and discussed the issue of professionalism of all workers.
Luckily I seriously feel about their work, and the director praised me.
After the meeting, I stayed in the principal's office. I talked to him about my upcoming vacation.
Han, I have good news for you today. Soon I will have a vacation.
I think that in the next 3 days, I finish all of their business, and be able to have a vacation. I am very happy today.
My dear, just this morning I visited a travel agency.
I found some information which is necessary to visit your country.
In my city of Yaroslav no embassy of your country.
I can not apply for the visa in his city.
My love Han, today I was told that a travel agency has no authority to issue a visa. These powers of the embassy.
An employee of the travel agency told me that I would have to visit Moscow to apply for the visa.
Moscow is located about 250 kilometers from my city of Yaroslavl. It is about 3 hours away.
Han, I am pleased to know that you like the idea of our meeting with you.
My love, I want to ask you one more important question.
At the time when I will be in your country, I can not live with you, or I have to live in a hotel? I would be happy to share your bed with you!
I hope that my question is not difficult. I'm worried now ...
Our meeting with you a big step in our lives, and we have a responsible approach to this. Do you agree with me?
We must act together, then we will have to wait for success and happiness in the future.
My love, I can not believe that soon we'll be together. It all seems to me a dream ... But I believe in our sincerity!
Han, tomorrow during the day, I'll call the visa center to learn about the details of a visa.
I hope that you are interested in everything that I say and do, I think it is not in vain ...
Dear, my feelings for you are strong! And every day they are God's only grow!
I feel your tenderness and care for themselves. And I feel warm and calm in my soul! I am thankful that you've got!
I have to go now. I wait impatiently to finish all the work on the job, and start preparing for our meeting. I love you and I want to be with you! I will think about you! I look forward to your letter.
With Love, all your Aleksandra

Letter 15

Good morning beloved marius,
Tonight I saw a beautiful dream ... I woke up with a happy smile, and thought of you. We were together in my dream. We really had a nice conversation, holding hands, kissing. I was very happy! I want it to be true!
In the morning I have a good mood. I am glad that I have you!
marius, for the sake of our happiness with you I am ready to change my life. I want to be only with you!
This morning I made the call to the Embassy (Visa Application Centre).
Now I know all the information that I need to travel to your country.
First of all, I was told that I should personally visit the visa application center in Moscow.
To begin the visa application process. I said it was not a problem. I was told all the documents that I have to have to get a visa.
I have to show a certificate from work, a declaration of the payment of all taxes, as well as passport photos. As you know I have a passport that allows me puteshestvoaat (to traveling) . I left to organize the rest of the documents. Today I'll try to get them. I also said that I would give to be 2 ticket (ticket for travel to your country and to return to Russia).
marius, and today I learned priblezitelno (about) visa expenses.
To start a visa, I will have to pay about 95 euros.
Term visas will be approximately 6 to 11 days.
Honey, I found it, and it turned out that for the visa and fill in all the forms I will need 550 euros.
Also, I will have to live in Moscow.
Most likely I'm going to live in a hotel, because I have no friends in Moscow.
The last thing I'm going to need to stay in your country, is the acquisition of a ticket. Now I have some savings to get a visa. Pay for insurance.
Also I need the money for me to live in Moscow.

marius, I do not have a lot of money, I think I need your help to buy tickets. Can you help me to buy tickets? This is important, and I want to pay great attention to this issue. I can not pay all their own expenses ...
I do not have enough money. I'm not ashamed to tell you about it.
I trust you, and therefore I ask you for help.
Now I do not know how much tickets will cost, I need to visit the airport and learn about their value. I am planning to come to Moscow in the next few days, and then I will tell you the exact cost of the tickets. I believe that cost-sharing is fair. I need to be sure that you are waiting for me, and met at the airport. I think that the cost of a ticket is not big, and you can help us. Soon we'll be together! I love you with all my heart and soul!
And I'm ready to go to Moscow to visit the embassy and to begin the visa application process. Our meeting with you - it's a big step in our relations with you.

I listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy!
I love you marius!
Please tell me your thoughts. I'll be waiting for your letter. I need to know the answers to my questions.
I do not want to lose a single day of my vacation.
Now I will go to the director, to get all the help that will be necessary for me to get a visa in your country.

So far I am impressed by his dream.
marius, I miss you! Kisses...
I promise that I will be the most beautiful girl at the airport and you will be proud of me!

With Love, all your Aleksandra

Letter 16

Dear marius! My love!
I want to be happy just you! I wish to do everything possible that you have been the happiest man in the world! I think this is wonderful! We will be happy together!
marius, I think about our first meeting very much.
This is - a lot of ideas in my head. I imagine, as we meet at the airport! We view each other. And love helps meet our sights. We understand that we meet each other.
We go to a meeting, and our hearts start to beat faster!
I'm starting to think that my heart can jump out of my chest with joy!
And here we are at last a closer approach. We can reach out and feel all our love and affection! We hug and kiss! Our first kiss is sweet! It is really wonderful!
We can not loosen the embrace, it is not possible! We are happy! We are pleased for each contact! It is wonderful! This is - love, gives us such wonderful sensation! We are the happiest couple in the world! We love each other!
Our love is boundless! Our love will live forever! Love you marius! I miss you very much! I feel very lonely! Your letters give me new strength! I will never betray you.
Because I love you and I want to be with you! I hope the same on your consciousness and honesty!
We can write a million beautiful words. But only real meeting able to change our lives.
Only real meeting will give us the chance to understand all the power of our emotions, to understand our prospects for our future life.
I hope you understand me !? I can not live longer without you! I can not dream anymore. I want to act!
You are my life! You're my angel, I was waiting for all my life!
marius, now I'm writing you a letter from the workplace.
But today, I do not work .... Post my vacation days.
They will continue for 35 days.
Today I have received from my director all the necessary documents to obtain a visa and my journey.
Director, he wished me a good holiday. Already I say goodbye to my colleagues. Tomorrow early in the morning I was sent to Moscow.
I promise that I will write you a letter every day, and will let you know how things are going with the visa. Good?
I will need your support when I am in Moscow. It's a great city, and I'll be there all alone. Right now I'm going to go to the station to buy a ticket on the way to Moscow tomorrow.
marius, I'm grateful that soon we will be together! I love you with all my heart and soul!
You really filled all my heart! My heart belongs only to you completely!
Please email me soon! I love you very much! You are my happiness! Kisssssssss!

With love, your Aleksandra

Letter 17

Hello dear marius!
I missed your letter. I'm looking forward to when to open an Internet cafe to write you. All day today I have spent in the embassy. My visa will soon be ready. Now I need to buy tickets to show their embassy staff.
I hope to get your help soon. I love you, marius! I think about our meeting with you every day. Especially at night, when I go to a hotel makes me feel very lonely. When I think about you and me, my sense of loneliness disappears. I love you!
Soon we will be together, and the time we spend together will be a happy time for you and me. Today at the embassy, I filled out a questionnaire.
I also visited an interview today, which is necessary in order for me to get a visa.
Tomorrow I will visit the individual interview the Consul. I fulfill all requirements of the embassy staff. I miss you now. In Moscow, it is very cold. I look forward to our meeting with you. I want to warm up in your arms. We will warm to you our love. Marius, we will be happy together. Thank you for your concern about me.
Why all the documents before ?! No ! My documents are in the process! I want to buy the tickets now to their price has not increased !!
Tomorrow I plan to get your help for the purchase of tickets. Also tomorrow, I plan buy tickets. OK?
I will write you a letter and say, lists its flight to your country, that you could meet me. Good?
Please send me a copy of the receipt that you give the operator Money Gramm, so I can get your help. The receipt I can see all the information that I need to get money from you. I miss you. Tomorrow I will have a difficult day. I will go to the apartment now to rest. I'm waiting for your letter tomorrow.
With love, all your Aleksandra

Letter 18

My dear, hello!
I do not see your words again! Please reply immediately udidesh my letter!
your Aleksandra