Scam Letter(s) from Karolina Sukhareva to Steve (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Steve, want to tell you that I am also happy to be in contact with you. I can not explain it even to myself, but I can feel we will find a way to be happy...and maybe, I am almost sure....together))))

I am sorry that I ask you about that....but pleas tell me again, are you seriously about me? I m so sorry again have to ask about it, but you know how many people here looking for sex only or bank machine, or something like that!!!!!

So if you do I would love to tell you more about me....I have right it to you in my first letter, but I can repeat it))) 

Now a little about me, as you can see my name is Angela and I'am 31 years old.
But seriously I'am not still 31 I'am already 31, so I really ready for a serious relation. I'am not looking for a sex or cash-mashing, like many lady's here, I'am looking for a serious man whom I can belong in all ways. 
So I live in Lviv, I'am not sure you know where is it Very Happy it is on the west part of Ukraine and the Ukraine it is the eastern Europe. Well a little far from you, but there is no distance between two nice people who want to create lovely couple, how do you think?
I call myself like a beauty worker))))) I'am the owner of beauty salon, so don't worry you will not go sleep with one women and woke up with other Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy I'am perfect for my man all the time!
I live alone, but often time, well not so often as I want, I try to visit my parents. I know maybe it is a little old-fashion, but I know that they are only one of my real support in my life! 
I am really tiered to be alone. Need to be in love! Well that is why Im here, as you were ask))))

I really hope for your reply!!!!

Kiss you!

Letter 2

Oh Steve, I want to tell you something...I will try to do everything not to drop your attention now and your heart in future. I have been treat in my life, so I know how it feels when somebody not really honest with you! 
So I was begging you, if you are really interesting in me...we should try to be together happy, but if you are not....tell me! But now I see you do interesting in me))))) Thank God))))

Well if you really want to know something about my city, I can tell you just one is amazing. sure everyone can say like that about the place he live, but my city really nice!!!!!
You have to come ad see it))))

More little about me....I go to a gym every day))) know that every an like very skinny girls, but I think there have to be a some musculus not just a bonds)))))) is that ok for you?

I would love to know you more...can I ask about our last relations? sure if you dont mind)))

You know...I dont want to loose you also....hope we will keep in touch)))))

Kiss you)))) (may I?)


Letter 3

Hej Steve))) No , you know...I did not hear anything about the moon(((( is that?
Oh babe, don't believe at the end of the world))))

So? We can go to a gym together? Just try to imagine....we gonna be the cool'est couple out there))))) right?

Wow dear are you seriously about the women around you? 
Ohhh my poor Steve....

Look, I will ask you about one thing!!!! Never ever tell me about your age....your age is my dignity!!!!
i like your age!!!!! You look great!!!! Im sure that even in other things, you are better then 21 years boys!!!!!

Im not looking for a boy, I m looking for a!!!!!

Babe, hat exactly you want to know about my family and friends....I love my is not a big one, but sure Im gonna die for them))))

I dont have a lot of friends, but all of them are very good, and I know that I can trust them))))

Oh babe, if you ll call me, I think i will find a way to say that i misssss you!!!!

Sure I interesting in you still???

Waiting for your answer kiss you....your Angela)

Letter 4

Telescope, really ? Ohhh wow, I have never look an it in my life!!!!!! I really want to try)))))

Dear, I know that you are better then 21 years old are , that is why I choose you))))
Well you choose me))))

Well yo know about the music....I like old one ABBA, or Beatles))) What do you think about that?

Ohhh babe, i like the day we spend together in your story!!!!! I really hope that soon it will became a truth))))

My sweet , I want to see more of your can I do it? 
How was your day? I want to know everything about my man!!!1

Kiss you your lady Angy)))

Letter 5

Thank you babe, that you want to see me as I am in my life! This is really important for me! As I really want my man, take me as I am in life!
I m not only mt look, also I have as soul)))) 

Oh, dear, you dont have to as am I seriously, I am)))
Im sorry, that maybe I make you think Im not...but I really want to be with a man like you! I want to meet in a real life, I want to fell, touch kiss and so on!!!!!
I try to to everything to make you feel good, if you will ever made such an honor for me and com!

Im sure we gonna spend a great time together!!!!! Right? )))))

Sure dear, if you can get my mail, do it as fast as you can! 
I want to open more for you, but it is hard here!!!!!!

Babe, dont be afraid, Im scared to. 

But we have to try!!!!!! We dont have to loose this chance)))))

Im waiting for your reply!!!!!!

Letter 6

)))))))))))) oh Steve thank you so much! I know that you are a strong man and can preteckt me, well im surre about that!
But no no nobody hurt me, my grandfather get die, so that why i was really sad and busy! But now, I getting beter so im all yours! 
yes dear i also want to know more about how are you therew!
so im so sorry again that i was out!
Im here now)
Well Im ok, job home home job) A little problem on my salon, but in general i try to keep everything in good way!
But, Im single and this is rea;lly make me feel sad(
I miss nuce and good relations, I miss millions calls a day, asking how are you? Understand what I mean? 
So Im really thank you that you did not say mno to me even i was out so long, that is mean you di like me, as I do like you!
So Brian, I think you can see that I had delet my profile on dating site, so now I got only you))))))
I kiss you, and waite any news from you



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