Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Jon (USA)

Letter 1

Hello. This Tatiana.I am from adultfriendfinder ( pupa56577). I am pleased to begin our chat. What's your name? I'll be glad to get your answer. Tatiana.

Letter 2

Hello Jon this Tatiana.

I am very pleased that you have answered me. I do not want to deceive you therefore tell you the truth. I am writing to you from Russia. I could not create a profile, and so I had to do it from your home country. I very much hope that this will not cause problems in our communication.

I live in the old and small town of Vologda. You can learn more about it on the Internet. I am 28 years old and works as a manager. I love to play sports and have fun with friends. you can ask me any questions and I am happy to answer them. I am very interested to know more about you. Learn more about your interests and hobbies. Waiting for your reply.


Letter 3

Hello again Jon this Tatiana.

I am happy that you have answered me. I am a simple girl from Russia.
I really want to find love and build a strong and large family. I thought long before seeking fellowship in another country. I do not think that long distance as that may prevent us from communicating.

I want to be honest with you. I'm not looking for relationships with men from their country. Because they did not seek to create a family.
For them she is a toy is fun and relationships. And on this after much thought, I decided to create a relationship with a man not from his country. I understand how many obstacles along the way. I am determined.

I started to learn English in school. It was very interesting to me and I was fascinated by them. Yes, I speak English and I feel pretty good. If I do not understand something, I use a dictionary. I find it interesting to spend time with friends, I love pets and love to cook.
At work I talk with customers, I answer the phone and working with documents.

I want to tell you a little about myself. I have never been married and have no children. As a child I lived with my mother and grandmother in a village of the Vologda region Kuryanovskaya. I had a cat and a dog. I love pets. Do you love?. In the village I went to school. She graduated with distinction. I loved learning so always happy to go to school.

After I finished school, I moved to her aunt in Vologda and entered the Pedagogical University. His I also graduated with honors but a job as a teacher in our city are hard to find. I really wanted to become a teacher. I am currently working in "your door". I work as a manager.
My job is to work with clients and paperwork. And who do you work?.
Now I live alone in a rented apartment. I also have my favorite cat so live as one I did not get bored.

I often travel to his mother in the village and help her in various chores and garden. We have a very large garden and lots of flowers. Do you love flowers?. I have a very close-knit family. I also fond of sports, and I love my hobby is collecting stuffed animals and reading.
I am happy to tell you about myself more in my next letter. Ask your questions, and I am happy to answer them. As I am very interested to know more about you. What are you keen and your family.

I want to tell you that I am writing you a letter from internet cafes.
And on this, I cannot answer you online. I hope you will understand me. I hope that you will gladden me with his answer.

Now I tell you goodbye. Have a good mood a day. Do not forget about me. Really looking forward to your reply.


Letter 4

Hello Jon !!!

I am very glad and to receive your messages. In this letter I would like to tell to you about how I live and as I spend a free time.

You're right, I am living to the north of Moscow. Temperature we do this. For this time of year is not very cold temperatures. Usually at this time of year is much colder. We have the snow melts, the dirt circle. On the street gloomy and dull.

You did not understand correctly. My company does not have such employees. My company is engaged in producing and selling doors. We do not do transfers and tours. Our firm has several branches and production facilities.

I really enjoy cooking. I love to cook Russian cuisine. I love to cook borscht, dumplings, pancakes and much more. What do you like to cook?

The site AFF I wrote 4 men. 3 of them asked me to send intimate photos and I stopped to chat with them. The last one I wrote was you. You're the only one with whom I communicate and with whom I wonder. I do not use AFF and soon going to remove your profile.

You're right. Yes, men in Russia are not serious and do not want to start a family and relationship. Girl for them as a toy. In this you have understood everything correctly.

I know that Melbourne is located in Australia. More about Melbourne I do not know anything. Why do you fly to? You will write to me from there? I wish you a pleasant flight!

Very good that you love gardening. We have a lot in common. I love flowers. I love to help my mother in her garden, and I love it.

Do you have a big family. I have no brother or sister or dad. It's bad when the family lived so far. Think you often ??? I would like to make my family have always been close to me, but in life anything can happen.

At home I do not have a computer, so I have to write letters from internet cafes. At work, I also have a computer, but the chief does not allow to use the Internet so that we are not distracted from work.

Please send me your photos, I will be very pleased to see your eyes.

At leisure I meet the friends and I walk along the street. We often go with them to park, cinema, cafe. And than you are engaged at leisure?
Tell as you spend time with the friends? After work when to me not than it is engaged, we with friends go on walk. Recently we went with friends to a karaoke and sang songs. To me with them it is very cheerful. I very much love the friends.

Some times in a week I try to go to a gym. There I run on a racetrack and I do various exercises that my figure always was harmonous and beautiful. And you go to sports hall? After a gym I come home, and at me does not remain forces. I prefer to prepare to eat and go to bed.
But before a dream I like to read interesting the book. You like to read books? What did you read the last?. When I have read the book, I embrace my cat, and I go to sleep.

I have a small hobby. When I lived in the country with mum, I often received soft toys. And from now on I collect them. I have many toys in apartment. And when I do not feel that I should sleep with them.

For the weekend and holidays, I try to go to the mother in village.
When I visit, my mum is very happy. There we have very beautiful nature and fresh air. In our village very good life, and I am very glad that I have spent all childhood there. I like to help mum with a garden. We have very big garden where it is a lot of vegetables and colours.

At this moment I would like to finish. Very much I wait for your letter!!! I hope that my letter was interesting to you. I with impatience wait for your early reply. Yours Tatyana.

Letter 5

Hello Jon !!!!!

It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you and to receive from you letters. Thanks for that that you answer me to me very interesting to read your letters.

You're right, all the doors are needed. We have enough customers and orders.

When did you start to talk about their favorite food I have also appetite. It's delicious on what you mean. If I were you prepared dishes of Russian cuisine, I'm sure you would have eaten everything and asked for another))).

I did not know that the AFF site of its kind. I was just interested in communication with men from other countries. This site advised me friend. I will never send anyone your intimate photos. I was shocked by what I saw on the AFF. I am glad that I have found a good companion. I am very pleased to communicate with you, and I understand that you're a good man. I enjoy communicating with you and I am pleased it is ready to continue. I beg you not to ask me about intimate photos. I like to get to know you, and I can not live without your letters. They needed me and became part of my life. On other sites I'm not registered and does not intend to, because I have a chat with you.

You have a very large garden. It's fine. I like what you're doing. In Russia we grow a lot of berries in the woods. We grow blueberries, strawberries, cranberries. This is very useful berries. In the summer we go with my mother to the forest we take a bucket and collect the berries. We do have a jam. This is delicious.

I was very pleased to receive your photos. You look so good, and you have very beautiful eyes. I also love to play volleyball in the summer on the lake. We have a Russian summer only 3 months. Then there is no heat. But other times of the year in Russia is very beautiful.

I am glad that with each new letter we learn more about each other and it is very pleasant to me to learn you more and more. I would like to know about you much more than I know now. It is very interesting to me to communicate with the person from other country. To learn it is more about you about your culture and as you live. I never had experience of dialogue in the Internet therefore for me it is new and it is interesting.

In this letter I would like to tell about myself in more details. As you already know I were born in small village where all each other know. Since five years mum brought up me one because my father early has died. It very much did not suffice me. I consider that children should be brought up in a high-grade family and receive education as mothers and the father. The father worked as the bus driver and once it has had an accident also it did not become. To me very sadly to speak about it but I want that you knew history of my family. My mum worked as the teacher at school in which I studied. Therefore I always with pleasure went to school and very much loved studies. Now my mum does not work and watches the house and a kitchen garden. I try as it is possible to come and help is more often to it to it.

I work in firm on manufacture and sale of doors. Firm where I work is called "your doors". My work consists in work with clients and registration of orders. I as help them to choose necessary production.
My work not difficult but when there are many orders I I come late home and very much I am tired. At our office I work practically one girls so collective for us rallied and amicable. We often tell ridiculous stories which with us were and we cheer ourselves up that was not so boringly to work.

After work I come home where I am am waited mine by a cat his name is Tomas. After work I make a supper. I very much like to cook. I adore Russian cuisine as it to be pleasant to me Japanese and European cuisine. And you tried traditional Russian cuisine? If you have tried Russian cuisine I is confident that it will be pleasant to you. When I prepare I always I include music that the mood became even better. I love different music both classical and modern. And what music is pleasant to you?

It is a pity that I do not have computer and to me to have to write from the cafe Internet. Therefore I cannot write to you so often. I hope you wait for my letters just as I wait for yours.

With impatience I wait for your following letter. I speak to you while. Yours Tatiana.

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend Jon !!!!!

You have again cheered me up the letter. It is very pleasant to me to see that you to me do not forget me and answer me.

I understand trips and flights it's hard. It's good that you fly your dad. You were not bored and had someone to talk all the time. How is your friend. I hope she was glad to see you!

How could you forget your password?))) The next time be attentive. You forget your password and can not answer me. I will be very sad.

Christmas, we celebrate the new year (January 7). I celebrate Christmas. At Christmas we decided to paint eggs and give them to each other. As the house must be different cakes on any table.

In this letter I want to tell you about the last relations. In my life there was only one guy. I have got acquainted with it when studied at institute. It very long looked after me and has won my heart. I was very happy at that time. He met me after study saw off to the house.
It seemed to me that it is my future husband and it is love of all my life. It gave me flowers rendered signs on attention we met every day.

When has passed year of our relations it suddenly has changed. From romantic and loving the man it has turned in rough and the cruel man.
Began to behave roughly called me. Has started to forbid to communicate to me with my friends began to supervise each my step. But I loved it and did all if only our relations did not spoil. But to it was all a little it has started to forbid to go to me to mum in village when it could not go with me. He began to drink often and I always was a number and helped it. All spoke to me to throw it. But I loved and did not think at all of it. And once it has struck me. Such I never expected. And I have left. It pursued me and threatened me. I was afraid of it. Then to me began to tell that he often played for money and began to drink much. As I have learnt that it constantly to me changed with other women. At first to me it was sick and it is insulting but in due course I have forgotten it and have stopped loving. To me it became very easy. I am not sorry that have left from it minute. I hope I all have made correctly. And you I am opened for new relations. But now the real man which never is necessary to me will offend the love.

I hope you not the such. I trust that you the real man which are able to love and respect the choice. It will be very interesting to me to learn about your relations. Whether you loved???

I say goodbye to you. Very much I wait for your letter.

Yours Tatiana.

Letter 7

Hello my friend Jon,

I have just read your letter and it was perfect! Thank you for your beautiful letter!

Thanks for the compliment. I do not see any reason to teach you. You have a very nice and beautiful pictures. You're a very handsome man with magnificent eyes. At work, I have a computer and where I keep my photos. I shake them on a flash drive and bring the Internet cafes.

I know that such a bar-b-q. In Russia we have decided to call it "Shashlyk". We take the meat and add the various seasonings. The meat absorbs all of this and then we roast it on the coals. It turns out very tasty. I have an appetite as I imagined it))).

My photos were taken recently. A few months ago. Some later. But all of this year. I do not have a camera to make a fresh pictures. You men easier in this respect, when it is hot, you can short haircut. We girls should always look beautiful))).

This is a very bad idea to send me mail. We have a Russian mail is very bad. One day my mom sent a birthday gift and she did not get it.
So do not risk it and send me a gift. I am very pleased that you're trying, but it's really a bad idea.

I do not like to talk about their past relationships. I in them was very difficult. I just wanted you to know about my life. I see you are a good and decent man. I'm glad that I met you. I would like to talk more about their past relationship. I hope you will understand me in this.

I am very glad that you told me about his past love. I believe love at a distance is very difficult. People who like to be together and enjoy every minute spent there. With such a good man like you need to be always there. We must forget the past and move on.

Your letters have become an important part of my life! And now, your letters are very necessary for me every day! I can not imagine your day if you do not get your letter!

My day was fine. Since I received your letter) Yesterday evening after work, I went home and made the capital again cleaning. I scrubbed the floor clapping carpets. And after all this, I am very very tired. In the evening, I decided to watch some TV and went to the chair. And imagine, I do not even remember how I went to sleep !!!! I woke up this morning and realized that I had fallen asleep when watching TV. I tried to get up but my back and neck pain. It's just awful. I get moved around the apartment. And when I went outside to go to the internet cafe to write you. I went, and people were looking at me as a "fool" !!!! I was like an old grandmother held his hand behind his back. It was funny and at the same time hurt !!!!

Time passes, and eventually will not have the heart to hurt hurt like before. I myself have understood it. So far, I'm afraid when I go outside, I'm afraid that the appointment of my ex-boyfriend. If he sees me, I do not know what will. But I'm not trying to think about the bad. because life is full of surprises, and always have to believe in the best in people !!! Now the distance between us, but it is not an obstacle! We can understand and communicate through letters. We feel the same emotions and feelings. But I can not express all their feelings and emotions in a letter.

When I read your letter, I feel your presence next to me. But when I turn around, I see that you are not near (((((

My dream is to come home from work and see that my favorite man playing with our children! When I imagine this moment, I have come the tears. Tears, from what I'm lonely. This is very painful Jon ! Of course, I look into the future and imagine you in the place of my men.
When we meet, we will talk to each other? What in general are our first words? It's so beautiful)))) I was so happy when I wake up. I will not hide, I think of you often. When the day I'm at work, I can imagine what you're doing now? you thought about me too ???? When I go to bed I think of you and say, " Jon fine again." I hope you did not think that my fantasies and dreams too bad or do you think that Tatyana hurry ??? I just look into the future and imagine our meeting.
Everything is possible! And the fact that we have met and we communicate it well. My mother said: "If fate brought two people, then it makes sense." And I believe it !!!!

Soooo it again my long letter. I hope you like it!

I look forward to your next letter.

Best wishes for my new and loyal friend Jon from your new friend Tatiana !!!

Letter 8

Hi Jon !!!!
I am happy to receive your letter. I lifted the mood when you answer me. How are you? How is your mood? What did you do yesterday? I would like to tell you how I spent my last day.

I am very glad that now you have a lot of free time. I will work almost until the New Year. I am already tired of working. I rested for 2 years. I was very tired to work. There is nothing wrong with what we have told each other about past relationships. We must be aware of our past life.

I'm on the run almost only women. I'm sitting in the office next to me some woman. The men we work in shops for the production. On this I have no problem with that. There were a couple of guys who provided me with attentions, but I just told them to STOP. All they need only one (I hope you understand me). We have very good and friendly staff. Do not get me Jon. I have already explained to you about my mail. I'm sure that's a bad idea and a waste of time and money. So better not do that.

I am blond. My growing up 174. My eyes are green. My favorite color is red. My favorite number is 4. I tried different hair color. But it is always bright. I like the light color hair. I no longer dyed hair. Now I have my natural hair color. It seems to me that I do not speak bad English. I teach English at school. I really like. I was born on December 28 1986.

I understand you. Communication at a distance different from the communication face to face. I would like to be with you. Walk, drink coffee and talk. Who knows, maybe sooner or later, we'll meet again.
But I think that we too early to tell, I would like to get to know you better. I'd like to go. I really like your writing. I'd love to read them. I find it very nice.

On the weekend, I'm going to my mother in the village. I hope you'll miss me. I'm going to miss. I hope when I come I will be waiting for your letter!

Yesterday I spent time with my friend. We went to the movies with her.
It was a very interesting movie about love. In the end I was crying.
According to the movie you realize that life is true love. But life is rarely seen. My friend called Olga. I met her when I was in college.
I've known her for 5 years. In this city, I do not have anyone near her. She like I'm 28 years old, but she already has a child. His name is Ivan. I am very happy when I get to come to visit her and play with her son. I love him so much. When I come very very happy having fun and did not want to let me go home. We often walk with them in the park, go on rides and have fun. My girlfriend is very happy that she had such a wonderful son.

Also, she has a husband. His name is Oleg. He works for a construction company architect. They are happy together and they are fine. Looking at the relationship I understand that the main thing in the life of a family. When you have a loved one that you and the child a happy man.
But life is so hard to find such a person. Do you agree with me?

I am very pleased that we have started to communicate with you. I am a very good attitude to you. With each your letter I know you more. I am glad that you came into my life.

Now I want to tell you now. I look forward to your next letter. Your Tatiana !!!

Letter 9

Here and again I, your unruly Tatiana.

Good afternoon my dear Jon!!! How are you? Thanks you for your letter. Your letters give to me of forces and mood. I am very happy that you attentively read my letters and answer my questions. It seems to me that I know you very much for a long time. I would like that we with you walked together and talked. So it is pleasant to me to talk to you.

You are hard-working man. I like it when a man does something for the house, which is the repair, it looks very beautiful. After work you can and relax. What's your pain? You have back pain? If so, you can not lift heavy things. We must care about their health.

I also love spending time with my colleagues. Before the New Year we will have a corporate holiday. Our entire company will go into a restaurant and be fun. This year I will be 29 years old. Already old)))). I'll try to send you a photo of my birthday, but I promise I will not. I do not have a camera.

I was 2 years on vacation. You do probably not correctly understood. I really needed the money. So I get paid for the holiday and at the same time worked. That is one month's salary as received in two. It's very hard, but next year I plan to go on vacation. Probably right after the New Year.

I also love tea. If it is really delicious. My mom makes a very good tea. The coffee I drink to cheer up at work. I can not explain to you why my favorite color is red. Just I really like))). I do not like to drink. I very rarely drink, mainly on what or over, but just a little bit. I also do not smoke. I can sometimes shisha. Do you understand what I mean?

My mother's name is Ekaterina Ivanovna. The film that I watched called "Victor Frankenshtein". Have you watched it? This is a movie about how a man made artificial life. This is a very old story. I'm sure you've heard or read about it. To me, this movie is not very much. I prefer movies about love. But it was not bad. The film, about which you say, I was not looking. I believe that this is a very good film, because he liked you. In Russia, Olga is a very popular name. I am glad that you have it is popular.

Greetings my friends from me. I wish you a very good time at the party. I hope you'll remember me on it))). I've never been away from home, but I wanted to travel. Since my childhood I wanted to travel the world and visit different countries. I dream to try dishes from different countries and learn the culture of different peoples. I would love to meet you. But I think it is too early to talk about it.
I have never had a car. I've never even sat behind the wheel. I hope you teach me))).

I advise you to drink tablets. Health can not joke. If you feel unwell, you should immediately take action. Write me how you feel today. I am very worried about your health.

Thank you for your photos. You did a great job with his wall. You spent a lot of effort, and you can therefore feel unwell. You have a very good harvest))). In our village a lot of blueberries. I've already talked about it. Such a degree I've seen. It was a long time ago. This hail can damage property or cause harm to human health.
Often you have a degree? We have so much a rarity.

I want to tell about that what to me the dream has dreamt. You have dreamt me. It was the surprising dream. To me has dreamt that I went after work home. My road home passes through city park. This very beautiful place. I went on park was already dark and in park lanterns burnt. When I already left park I have seen that towards to me there was you. It was very unexpected for me. My heart was strongly hammered in my breast. When you have approached to me I have very strongly become puzzled. I did not know what to tell to you. You have approached to me and "Hello Tatyana" have told. My heart during this moment was ready to jump out of a breast so it strongly fought. I have answered you. I have asked as at you of business. You have smiled and have answered me. We went and talked to you. I was is very happy in my dream. During this moment I seemed to me that the happiest. We went and did not pay attention to others. We have come with you cafe and drank tea. You to me that told that also we laughed and had fun. To me was so well with you. I did not want that this dream has ended. During this moment I was heard the alarm clock. I long lay in bed. To me it was sad from that that it there was only a dream. I any more do not represent the life without your letters. I want that you understood that I sincerely concern you. Each your letter as a breath of fresh air for me. I constantly think of you. I do not understand that occurs to me.

I weigh day on work thought of this dream. This dream has given me positive mood for all day. My heart was warmed by memoirs on this dream. Mine the fellow worker has noticed it. During a break she has asked that with me why I look such happy. I have told to it about you. It very much for me was glad. It is glad that at last who that raises a smile on my person. To you for that that you write thanks to me and please me.

I hope I you have not frightened. But I want that you knew all that is created at me in a shower. I wait for your early reply. I wish you successful day and good mood.

Yours Tatiana.

Letter 10

Hello Jon !!!!!

How are you? I am very glad to see your new letter. Each your letter brings joy to my heart. I am in the morning thinking about you.

I am fine. I hope you get well soon and your coughing will stop torturing you. I am very worried about your health. You need to see a doctor and take necessary medication. Health can not joke.

29 years this is a serious age. I have time to have a baby and start a family. I really want this. I want to be happy. I am tired to be alone. Girls hard to be without a man, without a strong shoulder and support. The years go by and I'm sorry that my life was at a standstill. I would like to have a strong family and a strong relationship. I'll try to come up with something on his birthday, that would send you a picture. I do not have so much money that the feast, so we humbly with your friends sit in my house. I wanted to be a big celebration.

We in Russia every year has the right to take a vacation for 1 month.
I do not take this vacation, and get money for it. I've never been away from home. I wanted to go to the sea and have a good rest. I hope my dream will come true. Hookah is Eastern instrument that smoke. It is made from milk and various fruits. This is a sweet tasty smoke.
This is not a drug))). But I rarely smoke.

We certainly have a car. But I do not have it. In Russia, people earn little and not everyone can afford a car. Perhaps if my father were alive, or I had a brother in our family would be the car. I do not need a car, I do not have cravings for it. Maybe just because I have no one teaches))). I hope you may have taught me to drive.

Now I have a lunch and I had to write you a letter. Your letters have become a necessity for me. Today I had a lot of work in the morning. There were a lot of customers and I had a lot of work with clients. My job is not difficult. But sometimes when I have a lot of work is sometimes tedious.

What did you do last night?? I want to tell it to me yesterday came to visit my mother. I told you that my mother is a teacher at the school.
And yesterday she came to what would take refresher courses. Its courses lasted until late at night and this she did not go to the village and stayed with me. I was very happy about it. And my mother's arrival, I prepared a delicious dinner. When my mother came to me, I was very glad to meet you. We had dinner with my mother. Our communication with my mother is very sincere. I have since childhood told my mother all my secrets. And my mother always gave me advice.

During the conversation during dinner, I told that I communicate with you. At first she was surprised. But I told her more about you. I told her about how I met you on the site and our communication with you. I told my mom that I trust you. I was very happy when she endorsed our communication with you. She said to tell you hello. We could not sleep last night. We talked a lot with her on various topics. Today I got up earlier than usual. I went to accompany my mother to the station. She had to go to the village because it works today. I was always very difficult when my mother leaving me, or when I leave from my mother from the village. I was sad when I accompanied my mother. After that I went to work. I thought about you and it helped cheer me up.

Now I have to finish this letter. I look forward to wait for your answer. With each new letter, I think about you more and more.

Your Tatiana ..

Letter 11

Hello Jon !!!!!!

I am pleased that you try to answer all my questions and carefully read my letter. I see that I'm interested in you. Jon I am glad that we found each other. Our acquaintance with you a pleasure for me.
You're an interesting and sociable man. You write me wonderful letters! I want to hope that our relationship does not stop only at correspondence. This is my opinion and I want to be sincere with you.

I understand that you were very busy. The most important thing is that you have not forgotten about me and wrote to me. I hope you get well soon and you will feel good. Around me there are no real men. I do not need to lay at my feet. I need a real man who would love me and I loved him.

I am happy to answer your questions. I really enjoy cooking. Basically I cook Russian cuisine. I love to cook soup, potato dishes, Russian dumplings and many different dishes. Do you like to cook? I did not understand your second question. If you're talking about cleaning, I have at home is always frequency, I do not like dirt. When I go to my mother I remove all of her house, although there is so pure))). My professional skills? I graduated from university. By profession I am a teacher of elementary grades. If I meet the right guy, which I'm ready to fall in love for him at all. I am a believer. Since childhood, I believe in God. I try to attend church. January 7 in Russia Christmas.
I'm going to go to church for the celebration.

My father was a driver. He had an accident and died. I would not want to recall it. I hope you will understand me correctly. Now we are left with the mother alone. I love her more than anything else. Before the holidays we have a lot of work. I am very tired. But left to suffer quite a bit. Soon there will be a vacation and I will rest. When my mother had me, we baked chicken with potatoes. It was very tasty. I hope one day I'll make you a dish. My mom teaches children younger classes. It prepares them for high school, teaches the basics and basic knowledge. I told my mother that we met on the internet and you're a very nice man and great to chat with you. I did not tell her that it was for the site. She would scold me.)))

My photos were taken this year. I do not have a camera, so I can not send you a fresh image. In this photo I am with my girlfriend in a cafe. We celebrate the birthday of a good friend. I'm very glad you're finished working on the wall. You are a very hard working man and all to finish before the end. It's nice.

Now I come to the internet cafe and write a letter to you, because I thought about you. I am glad that fate brought us together. I think that it is fate. I can not call it differently! Now, when I wake up in the morning I think of you! When I go to sleep thinking about you. You got me back to reality. I used to think only about work. But now I have other thoughts. Thoughts on you. It's a blessing for me. I keep thinking, if all you have is good. How do you spend a day. What are you doing. Correspondence with you gives me great pleasure. It's very nice when men understand my feelings. So I'm not afraid to trust you my feelings. I do not know why, but I trust you. I have not had such feelings for a man for a long time. But you deserve my trust. I believe that trust is important for a strong and happy marriage. I wish we did not have secrets from each other! Do you agree? We're looking for a serious relationship that could later lead to marriage!
So we have to be very honest! We need to trust each other!

I do not understand what happened to me Jon . I've been waiting for in my life will be a real man. I feel that this man you are. I did not expect that communication on the Internet can cause a person such strong feelings. I got used to you. I imagine that you stop me to write, and I feel this is terrible. I hope you never do. I would be happy if you gave me a hug and together we watched a movie. I would like to be with you on the island, where there is only you and me! You changed my life, you came into my life and changed it forever. I do not want to miss the chance to meet such a man like you!

I'll be waiting for your letter

Your Tatiana.

Letter 12

Hello my love Jon !!!

Again, I'm glad to see your letter. Your words are sweet. I love you Jon ! I'm madly in love with you! You are most dear to me man! Yes it is! I am not ashamed to write you this. I am writing to you sincerely.
I am writing to you because I think. I can not hide my feelings! All recent days, I only thought about it and I could not admit it to you.
I was very scared! My prince, I do not know how you will react, but I happy. You can not imagine my joy. I feel fine. My dear Jon ! I want to tell you a lot, but I did not get to say everything. So I try as best I can. I have long thought about their feelings. I thought that I was just in a sense, but I knew more. I realized that I was not alone in feeling and love. I love you. I am very pleased. I think it's nice to see you my word. I often think about the future. About the future, which may be in us. I think that we can get a lot. What do you think?
As we may receive a lot of love when they met? Do you believe in love at first sight? I told my friend that I love you. My girlfriend glad.
I told her a lot about you. But I did not tell his mother that I love you. I think that in a few days, I'll tell my mother that I love you.
I think that my mother would be pleased to hear. Jon My love! I'm happy and I can not tell you all the joy that is in me. But I think that all my words clear to you.
Every day more and more I think that I need you. My only thought about you. Before you go to sleep, I imagine you and what you say to me: "Good night my lovely Tatiana", I expect that you wake me up in the morning and we go hand in hand somewhere anyway much, only to be with you. But this is not happening. Yesterday I had a long trip from work, I do not I hurry home, because at home I feel so lonely without you.

Thank you for your congratulations. I am very pleased that you have not forgotten about my birthday. I naturally speak Russian well))).
Hello in Russian, "Hi." I really like the fact that you love working so nicely. You are a real man. Thank you for the photos of his walls, I'm curious how the process of its construction. I'll look forward to the next picture, as well as your photo! You're right to do that you go to the doctor. This is the best way. Only physicians need to know how to properly treated. I go to church often. I want to go for Christmas. You're right, everyone believes in what he wants. This is no problem. My father died when I was little. My friend registered me on AFF. I was just interesting to talk with men from other countries.
And I thank God that I met you. My name is on each photo Liubov. I know her from the Institute. She's a very good friend. Dear Jon topic of sex is not agreeable to me, but I understand your interest. I have long been dating a guy, and he was the only man in my life. I think you understand me. In this photo I have summer houses))). Dear Jon, I worked today, the last day. Finally the holidays. I'm happy. Today I'm going to my mother in the village to celebrate the New Year. I can not write you a letter. I'll be January 4 and immediately write you. I hope you will not forget me. I'll be very bored. I will come and I will be very pleased to see your letter and know how you spend your days.

Thank you that you have Jon . Thanks to the Internet, we found each other. Prior to our meeting, remains very little time, my thoughts were not about him, all thoughts are of you. I want to wish you, our happiness together. Let our meeting would be the best for us. Baby, I love you! Now we can not be together, but we will soon meet again, soon I'll be for you to touch, hug. I'll kiss your lips and ears, gently whisper, I love you. With you I will feel better and calmer.
Jon You know, time is so slow stretches without you. One second lasts like eternity. You know, I feel for you the warmest and most tender feelings. Every cell in my body screaming for love of you. I would like to pat you on the head, dip into your hair, cuddle up to you and feel your ragged breathing, feel the sound of your heart. I feel dizzy, I feel the love, and the world loses its shape and is rapidly carried away. I very love you. It is very important your attention. It is very important your feelings and experiences, because they are yours, and all that is associated with you is very important for me.
Jon You all know very well, you know what I feel, because you understand me more than anyone in the world! I hope that I mean for you as much as you are to me, because you - my life, and things are more important than it is, simply does not exist. I want you to be the brightest star in the universe, the purest water in all sources, the warmest being in the cold dark days!

My dear, I hope to receive your letter! And moreover, as soon as possible. I love you! I hope this does not scare you and you will perceive my words and understand me. I so want to know your opinion and your attitude towards me and my words! I hope to reciprocate my offer! I can not do this anymore. I want to feel you, to touch you.
For me it is the most terrible torture to know that you've got. But at the same time far away from me. I want you to think carefully about it ... A lot of the most sweet and tender kisses! I LOVE YOU!!!! You are my prince !!! I wanna be with you !!!!

Your tender love Tatiana.

Letter 13

Hi my love Jon !!!!

I woke up with the thought of you, my love. When I went to work, I thought about you. All my thoughts are only of you. My dream is to wake up next to you. My dream is to cook you breakfast and dinner. I want to be next to each minute. How is your day? What do you do? What are your thoughts? I want to know everything !!!

My love, I congratulate you on the New Year. I very much miss your letters. My mother and I had a great time. I am very happy that I decided to celebrate the New Year with her. We cooked a lot of delicious food and various salads. We had guests and we went to visit.
I would like to in those wonderful moments you were there with me. My love I do not care whether you believe in God or not. I'll explain that each person has his own head and his thoughts. I am sending you a photo of my last visit to the church. My friend is very happy for me.
They see how I am happy, and they are happy from this. My love AFF I with anybody do not communicate. I am happy that I found you there, and I no longer interesting. You're right, this is a very interesting article, which makes you wonder. In the last photo I was in his mother's house in the village. If I was there with you all the yard work done to me! I love to do and I'm not afraid of work.

I have a cell phone. That's my work phone. This phone I received from the company where I work now. My boss checks all incoming and outgoing calls and sms. This phone is free for me, the company pays for all the services. It is a corporate phone company, where I work. This phone has an attachment to the GSM Network, BEELINE. In Russia it is a good operator. Unfortunately I can talk to people in Russia. Right now I can not be able to call you. But I hope that soon I will have a new sim card for talking with clients from other countries.

I like to listen to different music. Basically POP music. Listening to both Russian and foreign music. Listen Polina Gagarina, Julian Karaulov. Very like the song "Timati - Lada sedan"))). I have many favorite dishes. I can not say what I like). If we were in the bar, I ordered myself to a cocktail or a glass of wine or champagne. I weigh 55 kilos). Dear Jon a man can not love that one thing. Human love entirely. My love please understand me, but I do not have photos from my birthday. My love, I ask you to be careful to ride a motorcycle. We have one life and it should be cherished. I went for a drive on roller skates in childhood. Now I rarely want to go on the ice. It's funny.
Yes Vologda region is a region. My mother lives in the village Kuryanovskaya. My village is very small. There's almost nothing to the modern present. All the people know each other and it's nice. In summer, there are very good. Pure forest air, a lot of flowers, a river. There's a very good time.

I want to tell you how was my day today. I was sitting at her workplace and thinking about you. My colleague asked me to, I gave her the documents that lay on my table. But I did not hear anything at the moment. All my thoughts were only of you. Then she came up to me and took me by the shoulders. I turned to her and we started to laugh. She asked me what I think and why I'm so happy. But I did not say anything to her. We just laughed and I gave her what she needed.

I sat and admired your photos. I uploaded them to your work computer.
I stared at the picture with you. At this point, again, goes my colleague. She told me that she understood from what I so happy. she told me she was happy for me. She was glad that finally someone took my thought. Here's a funny incident occurred in my work. If you can send me more photos of your different. I'll be happy to see all of your photos.

Now I want to tell you is my love. Very much forward to your next letter. Your letter I needed.

Your loving Tatiana.

Letter 14

Hi my love.

When I go to an Internet cafe, I'm afraid you can not write to me. And when I see what you wrote to me I am the happiest girl in the world. I thank heaven that you came into my life. You are the sun of my life.
You fill my life with joy, you give happiness to my heart. I am happy that you think of me. I think about you every minute. You are always in my heart.

I am very glad that you went to the doctor. I ask you to carry out all the requests of the doctor. I am very worried about your health. Dear Jon, I feel for you love. I want to be by your side always, I want to hug and kiss you everyday. I want to spend time with you, I want to sleep and wake up with you. I keep thinking about you. I believe that this is true love.

This photo was made in the village for a long time. We were visited relatives and they had a digital camera. My love, I told you that my phone can not make international calls. I would love to hear your voice.

My love, I was born in the village Kuryanovskaya and now lives there, my mother. I live and work in the city of Vologda. I go to my mother in the village on weekends and holidays. I did not understand you.
Your birthday this weekend? Tell me when you were born? Word Pree-Vee-ET means "Hello"))). I do not know anything about the Herzen University in Saint Petersburg. I taught at the University of Vologda.
If you send me to music I can listen to it. I would be very pleased to hear from you sound. You look so good, my love. You have beautiful photos. Where do you live very nicely. Marina is a common Russian name). I wanted to be there with you. Thank you for your beautiful photos.

My cat is faring very well. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of my cat. The last time there were holidays and I started to read books.
The next book I'll read will book you advised me. Hopefully I'll find her. My love, I'm posting a photo that you have stored on my USB.
Photos that you are sending me, I also download and write to the USB.
I do not know any professional dance. I dance like I said the mood.
This is a must see, words can not tell))).

How was your day? How is your mood? This morning when I was riding the bus to work, I thought about you. I imagined us together again. I imagined that my life may come a day when you're next to me. There may come a day when I can hug you. I thought about it and did not notice or anything around them. I thought, and drove one extra bus stop. I had to go in the opposite direction to get to work. I was late for work and the chief gave me a reprimand. But not that I will not spoil the mood because I live thinking about you my love.

I realize every day that I am increasingly want to see you. I love you and I am glad that our feelings are mutual. I want to be close to you.
I want to be with you together. You are my ideal. We should be happy together, my love. I am confident that we will be all right. We have no one and nothing can stop it. Our love will overcome all problems. I feel that I can not live without you. My warm thoughts of you. You're the one in my mind.

I decided that I can not live without you. I want to see and hug you.
I already imagine our meeting. You hug me tight and cuddle. At this point, I will be the happiest in the world. Soon the work I holiday. I think that is an excellent opportunity to meet with you us. I am ready to overcome such a great distance for you, my love.

I hope this news will please you. My love tomorrow I want to go to a travel agency and find out all the details of our meeting with you. To this end, my love I need to know the nearest airport to you. For myself, I decided. I want to be close to you. I'm faster than you want to hug and kiss.

Now I'm telling you now. Think over my words. Waiting for your answer my love. I miss you my dear. Your Tatiana.

Letter 15

Hi my love. I would like to tell you that I need to know your your nearest airport. It is necessary for me to learn all the details of my trip to you. I really want to be close to you, to hug and kiss you. I ask you to send me the following letter to your your nearest airport.
Today in Russia celebrate Christmas, and so this day I have a rest from work. I'm going to go to my mother in the village, and with it go to church. You're right to go to my village about two hours.

Very soon your birthday. It's wonderful that your father will help you in the preparation. I wish you that you had a great time. I would very much like to attend this festival and to be with you. I watched the movie zvednye soldiers, but he was very old. I remember there: Darth Vader, Chewbacca and the little green goblin)))). But a new piece, I did not see))). No not really like this kind of genre. I prefer comedies and movies about love.

I am very pleased that you have found a song that I like. I saw a clip Timothy. You are right, in this clip that Pivec dancing on the roof of the car. It is very funny. This Russian cars, over which all laugh.
Russia does not know how to make cars in comparison with the German and American. They look very bad).

I mean, the place that you sent me the photo, very beautiful. I would gladly like to visit it). I hope that your meeting with the boss having passed very well. I want to tell you that for me it does not matter where to live. For me the main thing that you were next to me.
I do not need anything else. I would love to come to you. I've never been away from home or traveling. I would love to live near you. It seems to me that the place where you live is very nice and pleasant to live. We have lived together and sometimes came to Russia to visit my mother. That would be just fine. My dream is to be there and with you.

My love, today I also can not send you my photo. I'm in a hurry and forgot USB home. I need to go to my mother. In the Internet cafe I go differently when there is free time. I can come here in the morning and in the afternoon and evening). You write to me your letters at any time and I will read it and reply. I love you very much and want to be near you. Waiting for data on your airport. I love you. Your Tatiana.

Letter 16

Hi my love. I want you to listen to me carefully. I have to work soon leave. Two years I was not on vacation. I assumed a long vacation (2 months) and 1 month, I can not take his own expense. I believe that this is the best time for our meeting. Perhaps then I will not have time on this trip. We are with you for a long time deal and know a lot about each other. I believe that a personal meeting is a great chance to take a closer look. When we are together it will be a great chance to get to know each other.I learned in the tourist company that documents will be doing in a few weeks. Tickets are very expensive to you, but I have some savings. I am ready to fly to you and understand what is happening between us. I am confident in his feelings. And I would not like a lifetime to regret that we have not met. I have one life and I have to live it with someone you love. I ask you to understand me and answer me honestly if I need you, or for you, it's all just a game? I'm ready to leave all for the sake of his love.I'm sure we could with the time to visit my mom and my friends.

I love my country. We have both heat and cold. I love Russia, but the main thing for me is not a place to live, and the man with whom live. For love I'm ready to live anywhere. I'm sure my man will never let me feel bad. Dear Jon, I want you to think over my words. It should be solved at the serious steps, I will not be easy, but I'm ready for it. I want to meet you. My only chance in the near future. Please inform me of his decision. If you are ready, tomorrow I find out full details of my trip. I'll wait for your letter, my love. I already imagine our meeting. I love you and I wait for your letter

Letter 17

Hi my love. I want to tell you that I understand you. I do not think I could love a man through the Internet chat. I, too, it seemed fun and simple curiosity. I was just wondering chat with someone from another country and another culture. I never thought that I could love someone on the Internet. So we met with you. With each letter you are getting closer and closer. Each letter made me realize that you become dear to my heart. At one point I realized that I can not go without your letters. I thought that with me. I understand it is love. I would like to read your letters. I waited for them every day. I firmly decided for myself that you're the person I was looking for all my life and with whom I want to grow old. I want you to understand that this is our only chance to meet. Perhaps when we meet we will regret it. I'm sure this will not happen. I know how to love. I will do everything for the sake of a loved one. I'll feel sorry for all my life if our meeting would not take place.Correspondence is not something that communication live. I believe that we need to take this step. If you think looks more I ask you let me know. I would love to sit down and talk with you, to feel you, hug and kiss. If you do not need this meeting, I ask you to tell me honestly. Do not lie to me anymore. This meeting could take place only now. I am a strong woman, I can handle. You have to be honest and tell me if you need this meeting? My love, I'm ready, I'm waiting for your answer. Please tell me the following letter to my question. I do not have much time to make a decision. I do not want to waste time. I want to be with you and enjoy you.

I am very glad that you watched this movie and that you spent time with his father. Today I'm going to sit with a friend in a cafe in the evening. We had long ago went nowhere, and I think it's time. I would like to go to karaoke, but my friend sore throat so she can not sing). I also offering her to go skating on the ice., But she refused.In the end, we just go to the cafe to talk and drink coffee. I hope you had a great time. My love, I really want to see next to me was you and together we went to different places. I wish we were holding hands and smiling. I would be the happiest in the world. Now I have to go. I'm waiting for your decision. Please think twice. I love you. Your Tatiana.

Letter 18

My love, I told you that I can not receive calls. I would love to hear your voice, but I can not do anything. I do not want to talk to my boss about our communion. He will not let me leave.
I want to meet with you and look into your eyes. I know that I love you. I want to believe that you love me, too. When we meet, we discuss with you. I would like to stay with you until the end of life, I want you to always be there with me. that's all I want. If I'm not going to need, I immediately gather belongings and leave. I love you and I want to be with you. I have no trouble. Do not worry about me. Just now is the best time, I will have a long vacation. I want to be with you at this time. Tomorrow I will go to the travel company and find out everything you need to travel to you. I love you and I'm glad you do not mind to see me. I very love you.

Letter 19

Hello my dear, my love Jon.

I want to start talking about what I went on a journey agency . Thanks for the info Airport. I spoke with the agent. He said that the name of a tourist visa (B-2) or tourist visa. this a visa for the period of stay of up to 3 months (90 days) from as soon as I step into the land of the United States. This type of visa is best for me for my visit to you. Because it is a "fast" type of visa means I can quickly get this visa. But for that I will be a full English Questionnaire "form DS- 160" to get a visa. So I will bring to help with the work, and some others. The visa will be about 12-15 days. Next, I need "passport". I have a passport CityZen Russia, but the "passport" is required for travel outside The borders of Russia. This passport will make about 8-10 days.

After I will prepare all the necessary assistance to my work, and others places I have to go to the embassy to "interview". "
Conversation "is a kind of a personal conversation with the United States here in Russia . I'll talk about your country, culture and so much part of this conversation will be held in English language to check my knowledge of the English language. But I'm not worried about it, because I speak English very well and you can see it. And so I started explore the culture of your country and your city and state.

And so I asked to calculate the cost of all services, all you need documents and a ticket to you and from you in Russian. Total price It is 2080 dollars. It includes tickets to Moscow, accommodation in a hostel, and a plane ticket to you and vice versa. My dear is a very large sum for me. I have a savings of $ 657. But of course this is not enough. It is only enough to pay for the services of the travel agency to fill my documents. Me does not suffice $ 629. Can you imagine how disappointed I was. I can not tell you to write this without tears in his eyes. When I heard the amount, and talked with workers agency. I had to go to work, I walked down the street and wept. I was uncomfortable in front of people go by but I could not hold back their tears. But I do not know if I can get it or not. My dear how sorry I am that you have so far and I can not cuddle up to you to hug you. But I have to be strong, even if for me now it's very hard.

My dear Now I have to go, I was very tired. And my makeup smeared across the face with tears. I have to try to calm down. I only believe in good and we will find a way out of this situation.

I'll write you my love tomorrow. I miss you. Your Tatiana.

Letter 20

The information I sent you is true for Australia. I was very bad, so I made a mistake. I am glad that you carefully read my letter and notice my mistakes. Yes, I cried, because I want to be with you. It's all I need. I met a man whom I love and it's hard on what I can not be with him because of the money. For me it is very sad. I do not want my life and my relationship depended on the money. It is very difficult.

I am glad to read that you are seriously interested in our meeting. I also want to see you. Of course I want to be honest with you, it was your idea to come to the Russian like me less, but I'm glad of any opportunity to be together with you. I hope that you are doing everything you need for a trip to Russia as soon as possible. Because I've told you before, my vacation has a limited period. I cannot change the date of my holiday. So I hope you're really serious about your intentions to come to me. I just want to warn you that I cannot meet you at the airport. The nearest international airport to me to be in Moscow, and it is 460.5 km from my house. I do not have a car to go to meet you at the airport. I hope that you will not be difficult to come to my house.

You know that I do not have my cell phone, so I hope you will inform me in advance in an email the date and time of your arrival. I'm a little worried. I hope you do not get lost in my big country. I'll wait for you impatiently. It is a pity of course, that I cannot see your home and watch your country this year. Because the date of my release is limited and my next holiday just a year later. But if you really convenient to arrive in Russia than to meet me in your house, it's your decision. I understand that for you it will not be easy, but you yourself chose this option for our meeting. So you decide. I will not discourage you, because every opportunity is pleased to be with you together. I hope that soon I will be able to embrace you.

My love I do not have much free time. I am very tired, and therefore the last effort to try to go to an Internet cafe and write you a letter. I'm not misunderstand me, I'd love to write to you 100 times a day. Thank you for the song that you sent me. I know this song and she, too, I really like. I am pleased that you sent it to me.

My love, I ask you to forgive me yesterday I had a bad day, so I completely forgot about your birthday. I congratulate you on this holiday and wish you all the best that can be in life. If I was there, I would kiss you and hug. I hope you had a great time and did not take offense at me.

My love, I think of you constantly. I will not forget you for a minute. I want to be next to you. I'm very hard on what you have so far. I went with my friend to the bar. We were not long. We talked. I would be happy if this time next to me was you. I would be the happiest.

I hope that soon your health back to normal. Be sure not to forget to drink tablets. I would love to be in a warm place. We are now very cold. I do not want to go out))).I have an allergy to anything. I am completely healthy person.))) I think if we were there, we would talk about everything. I want it so much.

My love I must go. I'm really looking forward to your decision about our meeting. I want to be with you, and I will not stop nothing. I love you. Your Tatiana.

Letter 21

Hi my love.
Today I have terrible weather. At night, all covered with snow and it is impossible to walk down the street. All my feet wet. Very cold and strong cold wind. So you want to heat, I want to warm air and hot sun. I really wanted to be with you in any weather. If you had been there you would have warmed me? I'm sure it is.
My love I do not have an account in to Skype. In my Internet cafes are no cameras. In Russia, in small towns is a big problem. I think that you have everything else. I would love to go with you to communicate. I think it will happen. I'm a little hurt your words of no confidence in me. I understand that you need a relationship with me. Understand me, I can not do anything, I'll try to do it.
My love, I asked for money and all his friends and his mother. There is no money for anybody. In connection with the latest events in the world in Russia has become difficult to live. In connection with the sanctions, people are earning less, factories began closing. You should know that. People have little money. My mom already has a loan and she pays him every month, so she had no money, too. Today I went to the bank and apply for a loan. My application will be considered a couple of days. I will pray to God that I have approved the application and I could fly to you. That's all I want right now. I want to be next to you.
My holiday is only possible in the near future. There's nothing I can do about it. I would gladly spent all my life with you. From Moscow to me buses are very rare. It is a problem to get from Moscow to me. But if you do decide to come to me, I will give you all the information. Let's wait until the time to approve my credit. I hope I will approve it.
Thanks for song. This song I had not heard. It is nice, but I like different music.) The first song was better. How did you spend your day? I also have only one wish. It is to be with you as soon as possible. My love, I plan to go on vacation next week. I can take 60 days leave. Also, 30 days I can take at their own expense. I can come to you on a tourist visa. If in my country will know that I am going to the man I could not let out of the country. So if I go to you it should be a secret. I'm going just to see the country.))))
Here's the address of my mother: Vologda region, Kharovsky District, d.Kuryanovskaya.
My love, I really want to be with you right now. I'll be praying to my loan approved and I could pay for my travel company trip. All I want is to be with you. I very much want that. I love you and want to hug and kiss you everyday. I miss. Your Tatiana

Letter 22

Hi my love.
I want to please you great news. This morning I got a call from the bank and told me to come. I waited for a lunch break at work and went to the bank. I have approved the loan, my love. I'M HAPPY. I'M HAPPY. I'M HAPPY. Now I do not bother to go to you. Today, I'll get the money and pay for my travel company trip. Travel firm will be engaged in registration of my documents. It will prepare my documents in my city, then I will go to Moscow for a meeting at the embassy. In Moscow, I will live in a dormitory that will provide me with the travel agency. She also deals with my tickets. I'm waiting for my papers and I would be willing to go to Moscow. I want to be with you, my love. I think every moment of our meeting.
My love, I know I need to Perth Airport in Australia. I will not be mistaken)). I'll be the happiest in the world, when you meet me at the airport. I imagine our meeting. I hug you so much, and push yourself. I'll give you information about my flight as soon as they recognize itself. Who will go to training my documents.
Thank you for the next song. this song I really like, and I used to hear it. I can enjoy a variety of songs and I do not have a particular style. I had a great time with my friend. We sat and talked for a long time. She is very happy for me. She was glad that I met such a good person like you.
I think that you certainly give me some advice about how to behave in an airplane. I'm afraid to fly. For me it is a new feeling. When I have to sit on the plane, I ask you all the advice that my flight was calm and I was not nervous. I have a long flight. I do not know, you can do it all the time. During this time it will be possible to read the whole book.
I do not want to talk about his work, because it really bothered me. I'm tired every day to answer calls, look at the computer screen and do the same thing. When you do the same thing for a long time and is tired of this very tired.
My love, the weather in Russia is different. When we're in Australia will burn from the heat, we will fly to Russia, in order to cool down and check at the same time my mother. That would be just great. it is very good when you choose his own time for the holidays. I'm at work, alas, everything is different.
I am very glad that you are interested to know all about me, even what I eat. So I'm really interested in you. This morning before work I made myself a light salad. This salad was different cabbage, egg and carrot. So I drank a cup of tea. It was delicious). What do you eat for breakfast today?
My love is always telling you how beautiful words. I hope we will always keep in our minds to each other and will always be together. We must live our lives so that never nothing to regret. I want to tell you that the photo that you sent me, great. You look beautiful. You're a very nice and decent man. I am glad that such a man has got to me and I'll not give it !!!! The photo that I sent you and Marina Anna. Today I'm in a hurry, because I have a lot to do and forgot to take a photo with my USB. I hope you will not be very upset).
My love, tonight I'm going to his mother. I will miss your letters. I love you very much and look forward to our meeting. I love you. Your Tatiana.

Letter 23

Hi my love. I write you my letter from Moscow. I do not have time to write to you yesterday, because for a long time saying goodbye to my mother and I almost missed the bus. I came into the city, took the things and immediately went to the station. My farewell to the mom was very heavy. In the city I saw off my friends. They helped me with my things.

With me on the bus I was traveling, my classmate, so I was not bored. We had not seen each other for a long time and had a long conversation. She went to Moscow to see his aunt. Therefore, I will be in Moscow with whom to communicate. In Moscow, I met an agent of a travel company, and escorted me to the hostel, where I will live up to your departure. I had breakfast and went to an Internet cafe to write you a letter. Now I need to go to the embassy. I am very worried. I am afraid that I will not approve a visa and we're not able to meet. I am very worried, I'm scared. I pray that all goes well. I really want to have to be with you soon. I dream that all the barriers between us over and you hugged me. Only then did I stop to worry and fear. For me the most important thing is to be with you my love. After a meeting at the embassy, ??my love, I'll write you immediately. I pray for us.

Letter 24

I came back from the embassy. The embassy building is very beautiful. I waited for their turn in the corridor to get to the office, there were a lot of people. When he said my name, I immediately went to the office and I was invited inside. An employee of the Embassy started to ask me questions, and asked how well I know the English language and to check he asked a few questions in English, and I said to them. An employee of the Embassy was very surprised by my knowledge of the language. Then the employee asked if I have credit, I replied that I have one credit, which I took on the trip. He told me to wait in the hallway and checked the information about my credit, I waited for half an hour the employee and he said that my visa is approved, but that I could leave the country, first I need to repay the credit. He explained to me that the banks are afraid of losing their money and so now I have to pay $ 900. I'm with you do not have money and I do not know what to do now, in this city I do not have friends to ask for help and so I can only ask you. My visa has already been approved and as soon as I have to pay a bank credit, then give me a visa and I can safely wait for my plane. I hope you understand me, now I am in a desperate situation. I am very upset and want to cuddle up to you to get away from these problems. Write to me at once, how to read me a letter, I sit and wait for your answer. I love you.

Letter 25

My love, I'm coming on a tourist visa, and no one must know that I am going to the man. I told you about it. Otherwise I will have problems with the visa. If I call to you,I can not give any address or hotel, or to cancel the documents. Understand that I do not hide from you, I say it is.

Letter 26

My love, my classmate agreed to help me get the money. Next to me is an office Money Gramm and I would be convenient to get your help there $900. I already imagine how you meet me at the airport and I'm happy about that. You felt my accent ???? Here is the data to send me through Money Gram assistance:
first name Lyudmila
last name Nekrasova
Moscow city.
I ask you to check everything carefully to avoid errors. I love you and I wait for our emergency meeting. When I get your help, I immediately pay your loan and go to the embassy to get my visa. I love you.

Letter 27

My love, my schoolmate helps me in order to withdraw money. I want you to be sent to help in her name that I did not have extra problnm visa. I ask you to send that amount in US dollars. I think it will be more convenient for everyone. Titanic is a very good film about love. I guess our love story will be even more beautiful.
My name is Tatiana Nikitina. I do not want to risk and, therefore, it would be better if you send help in the name of my classmates. If you send money to my name, thenI have a problem with the visa, or even any problems.

Letter 28

Hi my love. I was also happy to hear your voice. He is always in my head. This is a great moment. I congratulate you on the Day of Australia. I hope your country is good to celebrate this holiday.

My love, I understand that you're not rich. I'm not a rich woman. If I could do everything myself, I would never have asked for your help. I ask to understand me. All I have spent my savings so I can hope only for you. All I want is to be with you. Now I must be in Moscow and waiting for my plane. As soon as I receive your help once I pay my credit and get a visa. I will know the date of my flight to you. I would like to be close to you right now. I feel very well. I miss my mom a little bit, but I'm glad and happy that soon I will be with you.

I understand your aunt. She worries about you and, therefore, wants you to be happy. If she reads this lecture you will be helpful)). I'll come and we met her. Then she will be happy for you. My love, when I know the details of your flight, you first learn about that.

My love, I do not worry and do not think about where I sleep. For me the most important thing is to be with you. That's all I want and I need nothing more. I really liked your picture. You are my most romantic man.

My love, please do not make mistakes and do not mix. I need to send via Money Gram. I do not want to have any mistakes. I do not want to waste time and wait in Moscow. I want everything to go smoothly and we were soon together.

My Love Money Gram office told me that you want me to just
first name Lyudmila
last name Nekrasova
Moscow city.
Today, you can not send me to help?
No further data are required from me. My love, I ask you to trust me. I show you my reality. Let's not think about the bad, let's just be happy. The money I need to pay my loan that I took the trip for you. I'll pay it, get a visa and go to you.

I want to say hello to your aunt and to find out her reaction to your words. I love you.

Letter 29

Ok, sweetheart. Do not worry. As soon as the wake up I go to Internet cafes and read your letter. Then I'll go to the bank to pay my credit. Then I'll go to the embassy.My love, I did not give a reason not to trust me. I'm asking you to trust me. I love you and I want to be with you. I will never hurt you. I hope you did not get hurt never.I do not want to talk about money and about the bad things. I am happy that soon we will be together and not want to spoil the mood. Let's talk about our love. I will definitely seeking to your aunt and she will see that you will be happy with me.

My love, I do not know anything about her flight. The travel company waiting for my visa. I love you and, therefore, we do everything together. My love. The first few days I will get used to your country. Then we will walk with you, holding hands. We will talk for a long time and love each other. I'm so looking forward to this time. I'm the happiest person in the world.

Letter 30

My love, I was in a hostel and slept. Forgive me for not writing sooner. I felt bad. Now I'm better. My love I do not have my camera and there is the USB photo.

I hope soon your bike repaired. My love, I did not understand what the ASMR and what is required of me? This house is very beautiful. I told you that I am ready to sleep anywhere, just next to me was you. Thank you for your care.

My love, I wish you good night. Do not think about anything bad. We'll be all right, soon we will be together and remember that. We'll be smiling. I love you and I dream about you dream to me. I'm also going to go to relax and think of you.

Letter 31

My love, I pray thee let there be no more curse, and to discuss this topic. I'll be waiting for your help. I have lost 2 days. I can not be here, I want to be with you. If I trust you, I ask you to trust me. Let us no longer be doubted each other, I beg you. We have lost so much time. For me, every moment is a test. I want to be next to you. It's all I need.

Letter 32

I do not understand you. I beg you, tell me, what do you mean ??

Letter 33

These are the words of your letter. I know all the things you have said and done. I know that you have left your village, I know that you have left your mother, I know that you're in Moscow. I know that you have travelled great distances. I know that you have done all this for me.
I am pleased that you believe that. I am pleased that you believe that I overcame a lot of obstacles for our meeting. But what you write in the next part of the letter ??? I do not give information about yourself ??? It's true?? I have always given you the information that you asked me. Why now you're talking about it ?? It charges for me ??? You should not talk to me.It makes me sick.
What's going on, tell me. Why your friends are trying to stop me. They do not know me. It makes me sick. People who do not know me to say bad about me. And you do not believe me !! You do not believe me, the girl who loves you. Which for you is ready for anything. Do you believe the people who do not know me.
What's happening??? Answer me. I asked you to help me on Monday. And you asked me to call you. My love, I want you had confidence in me. And on this I called you. I would like to talk to you. You promised to help me. My love you do not do it for me. For us !! You know it !! It helps our senses and our hearts that we could meet. Yesterday you wrote that you can help me. But what happened today ??? What???? You make me sick. After I call you said you could help me. But you lied to me !!! I lied to you ??? Say !!! And why did you doubt !!! It's not fair !!!!

My love why now when I need you to help you do me the conditions ?? Why are you doing like this?? I feel your doubt in me in every line of your letter. I ask stop to hurt me. My love when I took credit for my trip and when I paid for my trip my savings I have no doubt you !!! Do you agree with me?? I believed you. I believe and trust your heart. Why in the same situation you do differently ?? Why??

I beg enough to build a barrier for us. My love, we must understand each other. I agree with you. We must never will deceive each other. I believe that I will soon be with you. I'll prove to your friends that doubt me that I'm real.

My love, I called you out of the negotiation points telephone. And now I can not call you. Enough to think badly of me.Enough doubt me. I'm listen to your heart. My love, I trust you. I demand from you is the same. I am a weak woman. Now I need your help. This I ask not for me. This I pray for us. I ask, do not trust me enough. It makes me sick, we lose time, today is Wednesday.

I ask you to take the right decision and let's not spoil our relationship. Your lack of confidence prevents us from being together. You gave me your word. I ask you to keep it.

Letter 34

Are you worried for your heart. You do not want to hurt you. Pains me, the girl who fell in love with you, can you? I think you do not just with me. I'll never cheat.

Letter 35

I beg you do not need to build a barrier for us. I gave you my home address in his earliest writings. Why are you looking for hedges of our love. Why did you doubt me. It hurts me to hear these words from you. Really I did it for nothing? Can you believe I should not? Why did you break my heart to pieces. Yes, I can not understand you. I've had to do everything, I must have a visa and tickets. You promised to help me. Today Wednesday, as I have to sit and wait?One in this great city. Why are you doing this to me. I do not want to quarrel with you, and do not want to swear. I want more quickly be with you. I ask you to do everything as promised. Do not hurt me. I never lied to you, I show you everything. No need to quarrels and build a barrier between us.

Letter 36

My love, what do you want what I told you? Did not I show you to your reality, when I went to hundreds of kilometers from home ???? I went to an unfamiliar city, I went away from my mother from my friends, it's all for you. Is not that proof? I called you, so you do not worry, is not proof. I am offended that you think I'm a fraud and you think that I need only your money. It hurts me to hear these words. I do not know who and why cheating your friends, but my happiness is not about money, I do not need money. It's just paper. It hurts me to hear all this. I do not want to be here. I think we will soon be together and we love each other. I do not think I'll be sitting in the Moscow and I will arrange for checks. Do not break my heart, I beg you.

Letter 37

I'll also proved to be a reality. I called you, I took the credit, Idropped everything. What's happening? I do not understand you.Do not hurt me.

Letter 38

What???? Explain to me what's going on !!!! Do you think I was going to go to you all around told me that I was doing the right thing ??? I also said Tatiana - you're a fool. You did not know you spend your money, you do not know what he will do with you. I spit on their opinion. I trust and believe you. I did not think you'd be someone to listen, I think you will listen to your heart. I understand that your friends cheated, but I do not need anyone's money.I left his home, his mother. I sit alone in the Moscow and all this for you. Did you hear my voice, you know where I am. Is it not enough. I'm not going to prove anything to you. I am very sorry to hear from you these words. I do not understand you, yesterday you said one thing and now another.Why should you act, do not break my heart. Why should I trust you, and you did not. I beg you not to hurt me.

Letter 39

Hi my love. Today I had a very hard day. I got your help and immediately went to the bank to pay for your loan. I did it and went to the embassy. The embassy was a great place and I waited a very long time. My love. I got my visa. Now, nothing will prevent us to meet with you. I'm happy my love. I will soon be able to hug and kiss you. I am very tired, but I have good mood and a smile on his face. Very soon we will be together. I love you very much. Thank you that I did not give up and was able to help me. It means a lot to me.

Letter 40

My love, tomorrow morning I'm going to the airport. Tomorrow I'll know all the information about my flight. Today was a lot to do and I did not have time. I'm very tired. I beg you, do not miss his father. He soon arrives. When you talk to me about my father I come to tears. I also miss my mom. I will not see her for a long time and I am hurt by this. But for you and our love I'm ready for anything. I really liked your picture. You're the most beautiful man in the world. Soon we will be together in one photo. This photo is a great start to our relationship. I go crazy when I see you at the airport. I'll be the happiest in the world. I will shout for joy, my love. I'm waiting for this moment.

Letter 41

Hi my love.
I'm sorry that I could not write to you in the morning. I got up at 7 am. I quickly ate and went to the airport. I have received information about their flight. At the airport I was told that I have to pass through customs. I stood there not a great place, and I was able to go through the customs checkpoint.
With the passage of the customs point, they ask me about the money thing. From my tourist visa called and is valid for 3 months (90 days)! I have some money to show your every day in your country !! One day in Australia is $ 40. If you're a little calculation, you get what I need in 3600 US dollars. These funds are needed, because I'm going on a tourist visa, and the state must make sure that I have money for food and other essentials for living in another country, and what I'll be back. I can not say that I go to the man. Because my visa is a tourist visa. And I can go just as a tourist. This visa is best for me right now. I have not been to Australia before and so I was able to make only a tourist visa. I explained to them that I was going as a tourist. But they told me that I should show the money for the whole stay in your country.Because my visa is guaranteed 90-day stay in your country, and I can at any time extend the registration at the hotel the rest of my visa. The Russian government should know that I'm going as a tourist with my money, I have enough for my visa. Because I can modify and extend the booking of air tickets in any hotel in a minute when I'm in Australia. The government must be sure that I was not going to work there as a prostitute to transport drugs or do other criminals. It's all because of the rules of entry into your country.
In fact, this is the right step. But why did not I know about it in the travel agency. I talked to a travel agency and they said that the embassy is doing. Travel is not related to customs. Since it is not legally and politically. Embassy sends only me out there and Customs tells me about it. I was very surprised by what happened. I do not know what to do. I tried to find it all. I was furious. But in fact, I realized that this is Russia, and the system is not perfect.
My dear important thing now is for you to call the embassy or something. If you are going to call and find out, and access to any woman in your country, it would break my visa. Because I have a check only here in Russia. In Australia, people are more serious and may know that I am going to the man. They will check the lists of women who will be coming to your town on a tourist visa, and if you call, the Australian Government will send us home to me and close to my visitors.
I have long realized that all these parts, and I realized that the only way to find the money. I was not able to reduce the validity of the visa, even if I write a personal letter and say that I'm going to fly to Russia for a few days. I spoke with the customs people, and I learned that their chief (their top left). I tried to negotiate with subordinates, and I was able to do something. One customs man said that he could do the paperwork that my visa is only 45 days. When passing customs I show only one-third of the amount: US $ 1,800 (45 days instead of 90 days). To achieve this, I need to write a will and get print documents from the head (which is not). It so happens that I was really going on only for 45 days. This is achieved by the fact that the documents will I receive a visa short. And at customs, I'll just show the documents to the customs man with whom I agreed. He put the seal. But it must be done soon. Because their boss came. The chief does not know about it, because I'm going to keep quiet about it and be subordinate to remain silent. And this article will be just me. In Australia, I will show the document in the customs seals and all the people will be successful.
I tried to find the money but all options have been unsuccessful, I am very tired today, to find the money. I need your help with this money. Only now, not crazy, do not make hasty conclusions, and, of course, do not think that is bad. I'm telling you now explain everything money will I need to show only !!! That is, before you on the plane, I go through the customs checkpoint, and I have to show in 1800 US dollars, people will look at the customs and make sure that I have the necessary amount, they will give me my money back, I'll sit in plane, you meet me at the airport, and I'll give you money !!! The money will be with me on the plane, fully intact !! Please understand that I do not want to quarrel with you !! Furthermore it is not my fault, it's the stupid laws of Russia and Australia !! I can not change and find another option, the more you Jon to do what you can not do !!! Understand also that I am in a big shock, and cried a lot !! I can not calm down !! I do not want to lose you because of these stupid laws !!!!
I need money just for a few days. You meet me at the airport, I'll give you money. And we'll forget about it. because the next time you come to my country, and we will do with his fiancee visa documents. Of course, if you want. )) Now the main thing that we are doing everything quickly. I beg you not to worry. I learned everything, and it will work well. We should not quarrel or be emotionally unstable at such a moment. We must fight for our future.
I can not calm down, I panic in my heart ... I love you .. I feel so lonely in this big country !! you are my soul mate and I love you with all my heart !!
I try to stay strong and not give up. We have done so much for this meeting.
And we can not give up. My love, here is the information about my flight.
Departure Flight From To
03.02.16 18:50 QR 230 Moscow Doha
04.02.16 02:40 QR 902 Doha Perth
I'm waiting for your answer. I will be online.

Letter 42

My love, I understand that this is a large sum. Understand I need it to display them. They all come back to you. I was lucky that I met a man who will help me. I was lucky that I need $ 1,800, not $ 3,600. I am glad that there are people who can help me. Yes, I fly on an airplane Qatar airline. Here is my reservation number YS259C.My love, travel agency helped me with the documents and tickets. I myself went to the airport and book your seat on the plane. My love, I can hope only for you.

Letter 43

Hello my love!!!!!

I'm sorry I'm so late to write to you today. I slept very long today. Yesterday I could not sleep for a long time. You know what I was thinking at night. You know ??? About you. I was thinking about us. I can imagine how happy we are together. I imagined how I would wake you with you kisses. I'll get up earlier than you and I will cook you breakfast.
This is what I call happiness !!! For me, happiness is to be with you !!!!

My love thanks for the story about itself. That's very beautiful. You are very wise to write about yourself. My love, I ask to understand me. My strong character manifests itself in devotion to the love of my devotion to my ideals. That this is my strong character. For you I'm always loving and gentle girl !!!

My love what you're doing right now ??? I really miss you. Write me. I love you!!!

Letter 44

Please go to the site: www.checkmytrip.com
Put this # number: YV5EXF
And put my last name: Nikitina
Or you can check it directly:


Letter 45

Hi my love. I also really miss you. How do you feel, what is your mood? I went to the Internet cafe to write you a letter. I'm going to the airport in order to put the stamp of the customs points and leave their belongings behind the line of customs control. Tomorrow I'm going to fly to you without any problems. I was so happy.You're just a little bit before we met. It's just great. Soon you hug and kiss me. I beg you not to think of anything superfluous. I am single and never been married. This is probably what the little mistakes. So I beg you not to worry. How is your day? You're tired in public transport? I will write to you as soon as I get back from the airport.

Letter 46

Hello my Jon,

My love when I arrived at the customs checkpoint, I saw the right person to me. I was happy. I thought that I had all goes well. I really have a very bad message. I do not understand why all this happening to me !!! I have to cry, and my hands to shake, but I will try to explain all !!!!

I went immediately to the customs is the person with whom I had an arrangement for my visa (45 days).
I knocked on his office and there were two men. One of them there was a man with whom I had an agreement. I called him in the hallway. A few minutes later it left office. He started to explain how I should pass customs with the paper for 45 days. It showed the entire process from paper field. He explained to me and showed me the paper, and this time the door that opens second office sharply, as a man runs out and starts screaming at the customs man. I did not realize it's happening. And after a moment I realized that it was - the head of the customs people. It leaves the head. It has come to remove any documents, and to hear our conversation. I was shocked. "Head" yelling at a subordinate, with whom I had an agreement. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. Jon, I felt caught.

As if I did something terrible. I do not know what to do and that is to speak. Head explained that now it should call the police and will also begin to test that his subordinate has made illegal activities. And I will be guilty as well, because I have put forward a subordinate slave on the implementation of the crime. The man explained that I can get 8 months prison, visa deposit will be void (canceled), and I can not offer to enter into a house - Visitors from other countries. During this time the mowed my legs, I fell to my knees, and I began to sob. I could not calm down. But I found in myself forces rose to his feet and called on the head of a conversation. I say aproximately 30 minutes. I offered to accept. I explained the situation, I'm going to man a tourist visa and that no one should know this. The chairman said that this man also understands mine situation and the police will not be called. I thought I have subtituted me that the leader and his subordinate agreed and wished that I had been deceived. Also, the fact that they play with me. But they do not need any money or do something for them. Head only demands that everything was done according to the rules, according to the law. This requirement, which I passed customs with money for a visa for 90 days ($ 3,600). This means that, $ 1,800 is still needed for me to others. It won me over. My dear we have no way out. As if I do not do according to all the law, which will name the head of the chief of police. My dear, I do not know what to do, it stays for less than a few hours to my fly.

My dear, I do not know what to tell you. I shouted, as I did not want to write to you about the bad messages. I wrote to you once tried to find these $ 1,800. But I have not found. I know that you have done a lot and I have no right to ask you for help. But you are my heart and I Can not hide from you something. And so I ask you for help for the last time. This is really the last time. We can not stay one step ahead of the meeting. Jon please tell all of you still love me and that you would like, I was your wife ?? !! The flight will in the near future as the head of the General Administration of Customs said, but it is necessary to show the full amount, and I have to go.beautiful, I promise that I will bring everything I have not to spend a penny a uniform, I love you !!! Trust me! Jon, I weep, people looking at me, but to me anyway, because I love you, and I can not live if I have to lose you. I'll be online, write to me as soon as posible.

Letter 47

My love, I did everything I could. I love you very much and I'm with you, in your heart. I could not sleep all night. I cried and my heart ached badly. I wanted to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you very much and I was very hard. I do not know what to do. I feel very bad.
Today I was in a travel agency, and froze their tickets. That's all I could do. My love, I am in despair. I never thought that I would have so many problems on the way to you.
My love, all I want is to be with you all your life. Money is all intact. They lie behind the line of customs control in the storage room. I can give you the address of my hostel. Can you tell me, why do you address this? You're going to call and find out about me? You understand that I may deprive a visa? Do you realize that you can hurt me? I do not want it. I'm afraid of it. I can stay in a hostel before I have pocket money. They're in my end.

Letter 48

My love, here is the address of my hostel Street Usacheva, 29k8. This hostel for clients of my travel company. This firm on the first floor 4 rooms, a shared kitchen, bath and toilet.

Letter 49

What ??? Do you understand that this is a step back ??? I can send you the money back. Why do we have to stop halfway? I left to find half of the amount which divides us. Do you spend more money than necessary for me to spend a lifetime with you. What do we give these 2 weeks in a hostel? Tell me the truth, do not you trust me? So you came up with this nonsense? Be honest with me. I've always been honest with you
Do you realize that if you come to me, I shall lose my visa ????? I lose my chance to go to you. You do not trust me and I can feel it. I did a lot for you and for when there was one last chance you make up any nonsense !!! My mom thinks I'm flying out to you today. And she will be disappointed to hear that I'm coming back. It hurts me that money is an obstacle between us. I loved you and we stayed one step. I lied to you when it? Why do you still do not believe me? You say that he is ready to sell motorcycle, you say that he is ready to spend a greater amount of the trip for me. Why, if there was one last step? This suggests that you do not trust me !!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 50

My love, I want you to calm down. You're doing the wrong conclusions. Customs office not worked well, as the laws of Russia. He did not like to deceive us. I myself saw the people show the money and quietly go on the plane. You have to understand that customs point has its own rules and if you come you can not help me or what. If you come to me, I can not go back with you. You must understand this. I'm tired of explaining it to you. Enough !!!! Calm down!!!! No need to sell your motorcycle, do not need to spend extra money on a trip to me. It will cost much more than the 1800, and it will ruin my visa. I ask you to understand this. We stayed one step in order to be together. I do not blame that all this happened and that I was caught. I did everything for our love. I did everything for you. Do you want to spoil everything. I beg you not to do that. We have too much to do to spoil everything. We must be together and love each other. There remains the last step. We need him to do. No need to build barriers between us, I beg you.

Letter 51

I wanna be with you. I love you. I ask you not to cry. I am also crying. It is very difficult, my heart is torn apart. I do not know what to do. I'm all alone in a big city. We must be strong and solve our problem. I have no one else to hope. I have only you. Your visit here will spoil everything. I'm not able to go to Australia, and you're here with me for a long time you will not. Do you understand what I wrote in my last letter? I'm not trying to put our meeting, I try to make it real. Do you want to spoil everything. I ask you to understand this. There is only one step for our happiness.

Letter 52

Greetings of Jon, today I found time for which moved my flight. You want your money back? Good. If I do not heal for you, I'll send them to you. This is not just a step back. This is a huge leap backwards. I was ready for you at all, I threw my mother for you. I'm sitting in Moscow. You're trying to make a fool out of me. Yesterday you told me that for me is willing to sell his motorcycle, now you want to destroy all that is between us. Why are you lying to me? Why are you lying to me? Tell me the truth, what happens? You think I'm a fraud?

Letter 53

I am very upset and disappointed in you. I thought that we love each other. If I buy a smart phone, I have to spend your money. It would mean that I never get to see you and we will not see each other arcs.
I did not give a reason for his doubts. I left my entire family, work, back, for your sake. I called to you, your giving. No need to doubt me, for no reason. Your doubts repel me from you. I will not make that evidence because it would not change anything. You begin to ask more and more evidence. We live only once, we must not lose sight of the dating of what that stupid question without proof.
I'm not your enemy, I want to order as you. I wanna be with you. Do not put me in a dead end, a choice. I'm not your slave and do not need to give me your commands. We must solve it differently.

Letter 54

What ??? I will never be a slave. No need to put conditions to me. I will not do anything, I have done everything for you. If you do not trust me that we had better not talk more. I'm tired of this. I did everything that you asked. Nothing else to do, I will not. It hurts me to hear these words. On Wednesday, my flight to you and if you need me you have something you can imagine. If I do not need, once burned my tickets I send you back your money and you will never see me or hear. I really love you, but this attitude to yourself, I will not tolerate !!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 55

Your methods will not be driven between I'm stumped. You do not need to create the illusion that I have to make a choice. Choose both of us. We are not enemies, to impose conditions or constitute a contract. I'll explain my situation. If you do not understand, it is better to ask than to talk to me like a slave.

Letter 56

And if I bought a mobile phone, then you would have had the money or you would have told me at the time? Tatiana go home !!!!! Explain to me why you started to behave himself? Why did you start talking to me. like a slave. My ticket is engaged in travel agency. It is not connected with the customs point. They moved my flight on Wednesday, that's all I could do. I do everything for our respect, and you're all the ports and shows his anger. I'm not your enemy and certainly not your slave. We must solve the problem instead of quarreling.
I also want to see you and be with you constantly. I'll have all proven. I did everything for you. You insult me in your own words. In your own words you say that I am a fraud. First, you asked my documents, and then you ask the video. What will happen next????? I am no longer going to prove anything to you. I love you, I'm alone in the big city, I'm tired, I cry every day of your words. I wanted to go to you and spend with you the rest of my life, and you just take and insult me. It hurts me !!!!!!!!

Letter 57

Your assumptions are your conjectures. Stop coming up with foolishness in your head. You yourself there's something came up and I'm tired of it. Your inspection at the office I will create unnecessary problems. I've already proven. Why do I have to refute the doubts created in your head? I am not the cause of your doubts. Your doubt is false assumptions. I can send you your ticket, if you do that it will. I you scan your ticket and send. It you want ??? This is something that will change for you? Will you stop accusing me of fraud? I do not have a camera and I'm not going to ask anyone and humiliated. If I send you a scanned copy of my ticket, you will be enough?

Letter 58

I just came, I made a scanned copy of my ticket. I ask you to give more will not argue with you.

Letter 59

I ask you enough to check me. Here's my reservations: Y6RKZZ. I'm tired. More I will not prove anything to

Letter 60

Hi my love. I have already explained to you that no one can help me. Money from the sky will not fall. I need the money just to show them to customs control. All the money I'll pay you when I'm on your side. I would have your voice heard with pleasure, but unfortunately I do not have such an opportunity. I'll try to come up with something. How are you?you!

Letter 61

Dear Jon. I tired to explain to you what I will not waste your money. If I spend them, I can not go to you. Do you understand that? I spend the whole day in the hostel and do not go out. Today I do not feel well, so I will not for a long time to communicate with you. I'll go to the hostel and go to bed! Can you tell me my love, what do we do next? I want to get to you. My flight on Wednesday. I need your help.

Letter 62

My love, I told you that by law need to have $ 3600 for 90 days ($ 40 per day) !!!!! I found the man who was supposed to help me and miss me for $ 1800. I do not think we get caught and there will be problems. About what surprises are you talking about? I beg you do not need to again accuse me of fraud. I'll try and think of something to call you. But it will not be today. Today I feel very bad. I want to be with you and that you cared for me. I would just feel better. My vacation of 90 days. I can stay with you forever, if you want it !!!

Letter 63

I came early in the Internet cafe to talk more with you. I would like to tell you that I am tired is in this prison. I want my prince came and pulled me out of this prison. In many Russian fairy tales told about how a prince on a white horse came and rescued the girl from the prison and beat the evil dragon. It speaks to the fact that love never stop anything. I hope that our love with you, too, never stop anything. I hope you can help me, and on Wednesday I'll sit in the aircraft and will be the happiest girl in the world. I love you very much my prince. If you send me to music I can listen to it in the internet cafe. I will be very happy about it. I am waiting for your letter.

Letter 64

My love I put off his departure several times. If I come in a travel agency, they can tell me that I had lost my chance. I am very afraid of this. I'm afraid of losing the chance to come to you. I will try to do our best, my love. And I ask you to do everything possible to have time to do everything to the environment. I want to be with you as soon as possible. I love you very much.

Letter 65

My love thank you for the flowers. I am very pleased and they are very tasty smell. I imagine this moment my love. When I come to Australia I first hug and kiss you. Tomorrow I'll go to the travel company and try to negotiate a postponement of my departure. I hope it's my turn.

Letter 66

Hi my love.

I have good news for you. I postponed the date of my departure on Saturday. I hope you're happy about it? I am upset because I wanted to prove to you before. But for you, I did it.
Fear not, my love. I should have no problems. Having the full amount I have to pass through customs without any problems then.
I understand that you are not a bank. I do not need the money. All I want is to be with you and love you. I'll give you everything, but I do not want to even think about it. I shall be with you. We have to be together and be happy.

Letter 67

I ask you to stop. As soon as I can, I'll call you. It is not so easy to understand it. You have a little patience, soon we will be together with you. Send me flowers is a bad idea. They are unlikely to reach me. Soon you personally presented them to me. There are very little time. I love you.

Letter 68

Thank you for your concern. I will definitely do in the airplane as you said.
My love, I am with you all the necessary pieces for women. I will leave to you the most beautiful nasvtrechu)).
I hope your meeting went well with his uncle, and you make his computer. I'm sure your meeting with a lawyer as well goes well. When I'm waiting for your letters, I just sit on the internet and look at all the small stuff.))).

Letter 69

I understand you. I am very confused. I love you. I'm asking you to believe me. Here is my ZD434E reservation number. I love you, and we should be together.

Letter 70

Hi my love. Today, Internet cafe me for the equipment and I had problems with the internet. I hope you're waiting for me.
My love, I do not have a camera so I can not send you my photo. Very soon you will see me live. You will see me, and beautiful (make-up) and in a normal home.))))
What????? Let your friends will prove to me that I was a crook or let your mouth shut. I do not need anyone's money. I'm tired of this povtort. All your money, I'll pay you. If I had the means I would have flown itself to you and spat in the face of your friends. Why do I need more money ???? 3600 I need for customs and nothing more. I'm tired of making excuses. On Saturday, my flight and I had to be on it. In the life of the main love, not money. Stop doubting me !!!!
My love, we've got too much time. I need your help. I will need time to get it, I will need to have time to pass through customs. I have to do everything. We have a time difference, and so we have to hurry. There are very little time.
My love, I can not give 5 reasons why I love you. You won my heart. You're the perfect man for me. I like you in everything. I want your children and want to spend with you all your life. On Valentine's Day we will be together and will enjoy each other.

You always have to take the decision himself and never let anyone listen. it's your life and you have to live the way you want to, not because they want to your friends. You must understand this.

When I arrive, I will long to shout to your friends. I put them in their place. They could interfere with our love. They would deprive me of my beloved. I would never forgive them not.

Letter 71

You can send me your assistance for the same name. The sooner you do it. the less I will have problems.

Letter 72

Yes, my love. I'm going to get the money together with my friend. I'll be very careful. I understand that they are necessary to you, and I understand that they need to be safe.

Letter 73

I'm going to get your help, and if I have time, I go to the customs office to get their printing and check my bags. Then I'll be waiting for his plane.

Letter 74

What ???? Are you kidding me????

Some time ago, we have all been good. What happened now? These are your friends, who want to stop us? What I am guilty before you. You saw my photos, and I told you the whole truth. I proved you all. Why are you now write such things to me and breaks my heart. Let your friends will prove to me that I was a crook, it is only their guesswork. You and I talked for a long time. I love you, and we have all been good. Someone hammered into your head, these thoughts? Who said that I was a crook ??? Who tries to interfere with our happiness.

What truth do you opened ??? Explain to me? I do not understand you. You told me that you love me, you told me that we would be together, and everything will be fine. You lied to me. You do not love me??? You are breaking my heart. What have I done?? What I am guilty before you, do you want me to blame for everything. No I'm not a crook. If I were a crook, I immediately after got your money, I would have stopped writing to you. But I did not do it !!! I never will leave you. But you want to push me away !!! You act like a crook. You promised to take care of our love, you promised to love me. I left for our sake, for the sake of our love of their house. I left one of my mother, and now you're saying "you do not need me Tatiana". today you wrote to me as a loving man and I recently your letter made me sick. It hurts my heart. You wanted that I would cry ??? You have reached this goal !!!!

I do not need any penny of your money. I just you needed. My goal was to come to you and hold you in my life. I have a lot that you argued. I've done for you, and our relationship. You do not appreciate it. You only think about yourself. You listen to all around, but not me.

Letter 75

Tomorrow I'm going to buy tickets for the bus home. When I get home I'll send you back your money. I do not need anything from you. You've lost your love forever. I hope you will be happy.