Scam letter(s) from Debbie Bowen Annis to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Sorry for the late respond back to you.....Thanks you for taking your previous time writing back to me,i join the site hoping to find my match but as you can see, not a lot to pick from here .It is a bit ****** on there,my attention span for this site is getting short. I am finding that a lot of the men i talk to are not really serious with their intention,while some are looking for someone use and dump while some of the men are fakes which really ****** me off .I have only been on that site a short time but am finding nothing for me their. I am tired of being contacted by fakes I just find them as a time waster.....

Am Debbie Bowen Annis by name, 47 years old,i am a mixed breed my Dad is from Bremen German while my mom is from Seychelles I lost my parents when i was at the age of 13 years old , I was managed to raised up by my uncle which is also late now due to cancer of lung cause he is a chain smoker, I'm the only child of my late parents, i am single with no kids, live in Carlsbad, CA, USA, and self employed.I manage my late mum business but trying to dissolve it and then invest into something else that is more lucrative cause is not really moving well this days.

I travel a lot,I'm into sales Art Sculptures, craft, beeds etc and ship it to the Clients that requested for I'm a born and breed of Germany.. I'm an orphan and the only child.I'll tell you more about my family as we get to know each other better hopefully.I have had only a few relationships and have put 100% into them but being a nice girl i lost in the end with them.The saying good girls finish last is so true.

My favorite color is light red, am the jeans kind of lady cause it makes me looks music pref. is country music with a touch of folk in their lyrics and soft rock...i like baseball, played lots of tennis and also football fan..I play snooker and billiards at times and no good at either,I like camping,fishing,cycling,biking,movies,golf,all kinds of the indoors too but i'm mostly an outdorsey, i also like the city life.I take a walk out when the weather's mild,but go to the pool or mostly the beach when it's sunny... I enjoy the outdoors, especially the beach. Walking on the beach at night,waves crashing restlessly, a million stars in the sky, ahhh perfect for me. I also like dining out, plays, movies, art.Im pretty flexible as far as activities.. ..

I have include my pics even though I'm not to handy at photographing myself.At this stage I feel there are a number reasons to get to know you better on here before we meet in person. When did you join the site and haven't you met anyone there ?how would you describe your ideal girl?do you live alone?do you like your job how long have you been there?I also hope that I have not bored you with much questions? Please excuse the spelling not one of my strong points.....
Thank you for responding, looking forward for what might be ahead. I'll end here for now and will be looking forward to your response. And I've thought of a few questions to ask you. If you get the chance respond to them and if you have some for me ask right away.. - What makes you smile?
- What makes you cry?
- What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
-What are you looking for on that site and any luck with your search?
- Where is your favorite place in the world? Why?
- Who do you look up to & learn from?
- What are the 4 words that your friends would use to describe you? Wish you a lovely day Cheers Debbie
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