Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to Bill (USA)

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Letter 1

Need your 12 inches to save my life!!!)
Dear Bill! I decided to make my life safe with only 12 inches of happiness)) As I have no man near to save me I need to take me an electro shocker, as I come back from work and it's a bit dark, here are now so many robbers!! If you see where I live you would take me electro chocker by yourself) As this special thing could save my life!! Let's make a date tomorrow at 11.00 p.m. Moscow time) I will be waiting! Your Tania

Letter 2

Bill, I'm too OLD!!!
Dear Bill! I need to open my sweetest wishes to make them come true! Years are flying and I think I'm too old to play games and too old to loose my time for not serious men!!! I wish I could know my future, and if you are my husband, I jump on plane and come immediately! Come to the chat tomorrow at 5.00 p.m. Moscow time, show me you are serious, I will be on cam for you! Honey, don't be late, hurry up, as time is a real treasure nowadays!!!

Letter 3

Bill, I need to say GOOD BYE!!
Dear Bill! It's the last day I'm on my working place, my boss wants me to work in another bank, it will be closer to my house, but one minus I don't want to say good bye to my co workers( I have so good colleagues) Today we are drinking champagne and hug all the day) So hon, I will come home a bit tipsy, and hungry for love, come to the chat with me at 9.00 p.m. Moscow time)) if you do want to see a sexy and tipsy woman))) Kiss and wait for you, Your Tania

Letter 4

Bill, let's talk from bed to bed!!!
Dear Bill! Horrible thing happen with me today in the gym!! I hurt my back muscles, and now it's so hurt, and I need to stay in my bed for 3 days! Here we have a special rite, when a person is ill people are bringing cakes and fruits)) I wish you could do it for me) I'm in my bed and everything is aching so bad, only you could be my helper! Hon, please come to the chat with me tonight at 11.00 p.m. Moscow time!! If you are also in your bed, we have a chat from bed to bed)) So Hurry up to catch me on my pillow) Your Tania

Letter 5

Bill, I bet you want me to fight for you!!!!
Dear Bill! I'm still in my bed with my aching spine after the gym accident, and I even can't stand up to cook something! How it's bad to be alone, I wish my husband could cook for me the breakfast and make a massage to me) Would you be the one who do that for me? Some time ago men fought for women, but now everything changed, and women are fighting! Would you like me to fight? What do you want me to do to show you I'm se4rious woman!!!? Don't leave me alone here! Please come to the chat tomorrow at 4.00 p.m. Moscow time!! Waiting for you! Your Tania

Letter 1

Bill, I'm sexy even at home in my bed! Photo is here!
Dear Bill! Bed life is going so good) and my back is much better after I hurt it in the gym! I'm on my feet now want to make this photo in my favorite high heel shoes)) Would you forbid me to wear this way, as you are my husband??) Many women wear not sexy at home, sport costume or torn trousers) I'm always sexy even at home, It's a great plus for you, can you imagine how you will be happy to live with me?)) Come to the chat today at 10 p.m. Moscow time, I will be waiting for you at home in my bed)) Don't be late) Your Tania



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