Scam letter(s) from Deiza Galieva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
My life is quite interesting, and i used to build and achieve everything by myself. i always improve myself, and i am ready for changes in myself, in my lifestyle, to something new. I am open and curious. It is easy to communicate with me and i can always understand and support. You can rely upon me in any life situation, i will never lose my head. I am a very kind-hearted, soft, with complaisant character, but i believe in traditions. I am sincere, faithful, caring, devoted and i think that i can be perfect wife to my special man. My goal is to meet someone to build life with, to have family with love, romance, trust and respect. . Hope you liked my picture.
Letter 2
I do not want to start my today letter with the banal "Hi or Hello". I just want you to understand right that I'm serious. It is very important for me, because I want to start a new life. My name is Deiza Galieva.
Today, my mood is much better, because I see your response to my first letter. And I hope you're interested in further relations and correspondence with me. I really hope that you liked my picture I sending you now. I hope you're a serious person, and you will take serious consideration to the correspondence with me! I do not want to waste my time on a some games with feelings on the internet. I never play such kind of games. I'm serious, lonely girl, and I want to have only a serious relationship in future.
So I tell you few about me, because I still not have absolute sure about your interest in such kind of conversation, and in my next letter I be able to tell you more.
So I live in a Azerbaijan, this country has borders with such countries as Armenia, Russia.
But Azerbaijan - is an independent country, have it's own laws, traditions and religion.
I got your e-mail in the dating agency, it's have just opened in my town and I visited it and they provide me your e-mail and told me that you are lonely now. At first the registered for me another e-mail and you saw it when you got my first letter. And now I already write you from my personal e-mail and only I have access to it. I want you to know that the age difference, skin color or some other physical parameters does not matter for me. My age is 35 years. My birthday is May 30, 1980. Hope my age is fine for you.
My height: 166 cm.
My weight: 57 kg.
My eyes: brown.
You can see it on my picture. I have my own business and can afford all my current spending.
I will write you in my next letter more information about me.
Unfortunately, writing letters by e-mail, this is the only way for me to communicate with you for a while. Because of my job I can't spend much time on-line, to use any Face Book or some messengers. Since I spend almost most part of my day with my work. I have a cell phone, but it works only inside the country. I can't accept the calls from foreign countries. I can read and speak English well. But I can't write it, and use goolge translate web site for it. I also would like to study other languages as soon as I have more time for it. To write you letters I'm using the service of internet cafe. It's also very far from perfect, but better then nothing. I have computer at home, but it's very old, slow and I use it only for my job. I call this computer "Old big diary" and I think soon it's going to die (smile). I don't have internet at home, since I don't need it and in my town it's very bad quality and speed of internet. So I just don't want to waste money for it. It's much cheaper to use internet cafe.

I will write you about my life more, and I am sure it will be much clearer for you. I promise to write you long letters. I hope I could get you interest to me and you will find some free time to write me letters as answer. In the next letter I expect that you will tell me more about you. Now I'll check my email more often, and when I see your answer, then I'll write you back.
Have a nice day. Deiza!
Letter 3
Today I want to start my letter with a word "Hi". And I'm glad to see you interest to my last letter. And I want to thank you for it. Now I know that you can take seriously all that I will be write to you and tell you. In my first letter, I told you that I live in the country Azerbaijan, my town name is Masalli. My country is Muslim country, I hope this does not scare you? But it is also my home, which I am ready to leave one day for a new life. Whatever it is, I love my country, because that is where I got all that I have now. Education, childhood and work. And if you're interested to learn more about my country, you can find a lot of information on the Internet. I think you can find anything you want. I have high school degree about management. Now I want to tell you a little bit more about me and my family. I have high school degree in management. I just wanted to warn you that I was already married. It was an unhappy marriage with a man, who did not love me at all. He regarded me as for a toy, which he enjoyed and threw. I have no kids, because my ex-husband didn't want it. I lost 10 years of my life with this man. It's a pity that I knew about it too late. But I got invaluable experience of relations. And now already for two years I'm divorced and lonely. I did not even try to find a new man here and I do not want to do that in future here. I realized that in this country, I can not find a decent man. Since my country and religion, men have a consumer attitude towards women. I do not want to see and feel it again. And if you would like to know more about it, I'll write you more later, about my bad experience with her ex-husband. But now I will be more serious about this. I do not have brothers or sisters. My parents already dead. My mother died when I was just 8 years old. But I remember her well. She was a beautiful woman, she worked as a children's teacher. My father died 3 years ago.
He was only 59 years old. But he always will be for me the ideal of man. I would really like that my future partner to be like my father.
He was very caring and considerate man. He would never hurt my mother.
And I want to tell you that I will not tolerate any violence from my men. I can forgive for any offense which my partner can do, but not violence and betrayal. And I want you once knew it. How ended your last love relations with a woman? And what qualities you want to have most in your future wife? Also, as I promised, today I tell you a little about my work. I have my own business. After a divorce from my husband, I have received some of the money from the division of property. So I decided to spend it wisely. So I did not buy a new small apartment, I decided to open a business. I've been developing this for a long time, I spent a lot of effort into this and time. But now it is stable. I have 2 small store with clothes. It is 2 not very big rooms in the large shopping centers of the city. I rent it. I sell old collection of things (Handbags, dresses, accessories and so on). It's old collection in all world but in our country it is still good and people buy it. These are things from Italy and my stores have a lot of brand of clothes. I also think it's good business. I love to engage in this business, and get pleasure from it. I think that the work should be fun, to be always in a good mood. Otherwise I would have never been involved in this business. In my next letter, I can tell you more about it. I've been in Italy one time, according my work. It's only one country I ever visited. So what's about your work, do you liked it? I live in my friend's apartment. She left for long time work in another country and let me live in her apartment. Before this, I rented an apartment and paid every month. I am grateful to my friend and I can now reduce my costs. I love sports too. I try to go to the gym regularly. And also I love swimming pools. Here in my city are not places where you can swim in the open air. But I try to do it regularly in the swimming pool. And also I love in the summer to travel to the sea. And if you have interest and looked at internet on my country and saw it on the map. So you could see that my country has access to the sea, it's Caspian Sea. My city is located less than 50 kilometers from the sea. And so every summer I love to go the sea.
Later I will show you some photos, which I did there. I hope you like it. You may ask yourself, why in my letters so few mistakes, if I use an interpreter web site? And I can easily answer this question. As I wrote to you earlier, I studied the English language still want to learn new languages, but not yet to have time to do so. So after google translated my letter I do correction of it. Since google is far from perfect (smile). Tell me, do you understand my letters? Please, answer me this question. it is very important for me to know whether you understand everything about what I tell you? I hope that you were interested reading my today letter. I tried to answer your questions during the writing of this letter. But if I missed something, I want you to be asked this question again in your next letter. And I'll be happy to answer you. And as you may have noticed, I'm going to write you my emails in the evening in my local time. And so I want you to know it. Perhaps in the future, I will write you more often. But I can not promise anything right now. I wish you a nice day. And I will wait for your soon reply.
I hope you also wish me goodnight (smile). Deiza !!!!
P.S. In his next letter, I want to write to you about my hobbies and even more about myself. And also I want you to in your letter is also write me what you love to do in your spare time, ok ??
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Michael !!! Today I start my letter with these words. I am always happy to receive your letter and your news. And with each passing day it becomes more interesting because I learn more about you and you about me. And I hope that this continues, do you agree ?? It's always good when there is a dialogue between the people and we can know each other better. And I think that soon our relationship can go to the next level. But let's not hurry up right now. This is only the beginning of our conversation. How are you? How is everything? I hope all is well. I also feel great, the weather is not very good now, but it does not make me sad. Like almost every day, I spent it with my work. I planned my work schedule for sellers, made different plans and compiles a list of the things that I need to buy for my shop in the near future. I do not want to write you a lot of the details of my work, I think for you it is not so interesting. I just want to say that I started it from the beginning, and when I opened these stores, I myself worked as a salesman. I tried to understand the needs of customers, their tastes, learn the questions they often ask, then teach it to my sellers.
Before the opening, to buy a product, I personally went to Italy. It was very interesting for me, as it was another country, other people and traditions. That's my trip took about 1 month. I held a meeting with the managers of Italian stores, discussing various details, get their contact e-mail, to be able to communicate. And now I'm just sharing with them as e-mail, send them a list of demands, and they just need to send me things in the usual mail, and I have to pay this on receipt. Therefore there is no need to go back to Italy in person every time. As I promised you, I will tell you that did not said in my previous letter. And to answer your questions. As I told you, I am a business woman, and so I have not much free time, most of my time I devote to my work. Therefore, depending on my mood and the time available, I can do different things. And all of them are my hobby. This are reading books, sports, and some TV viewing. I like to read different books, ranging from classical literature and romances, and ending thrillers and detective stories. Perhaps you may be surprised? But it is so.
Also, I try to keep myself in good shape, so I try to go to the gym regularly. But I have never refuse my self in eat, so I can eat whatever I want. Therefore, I look pretty good, is not it? (smile) I also like to cook myself, when I have free time. I'm good at fish and meat. At least, I think so (smile). And you, do you like cook? What's your favorites food? Also, my dear Michael, as you may have noticed, I have a different hair color in my photos. This is due to the fact that I always like to change something in myself. And I always start doing this with my hair. I can paint them or change the hairstyle. It gives me more energy and joy. Like a breath of fresh air. But these are the main qualities for any woman (I think). And so I do not want you seeing my pictures and had questions about my hair and color. As you may have noticed, I live in a Muslim country, and also my religion is Muslim. And I can not escape from it here, in my country.
It is given to each person at birth here. But I do not attach any special significance after I learned what men are and what they are allowed to. I already wrote you in my last letter that I was married to a man who lied to me. We lived with him for a long time, 10 years.
And as it turned out, I hardly knew him. And also I do not know what I'm not pleased him so that he began to betray me, although our religion is forbidden it. And he told me this only after 2-3 years.
And I had to divorce him. And now I'm very disappointed in my religion. This religion, in which all the rights given to men, in which the woman is always in a worse position, it seemed as a servant or *****. Opinions of women are often ignored, and all should be like the man said.
I do not want a lot of claims or rights, but I am sure that the family - it's two equal rights and all decisions should be taken jointly.
Then the family will be harmony and happiness! Do you agree with me ?
And so I do not want you to think that the religion of my country means a lot for me. This is not true. This religion did not mean anything for me. I do not have any ideological considerations about religion and do not attach any importance to this. And what is most offensive to me is that my father warned me that I carefully chose a husband. But I did not listen to him. My father was a very strict man.
But only now I realize what role he played in my life. And I think that only thanks to him, I am a successful woman. I got from my father a lot of good qualities. Such as responsibility, diligence, kindness, caring, honesty and other qualities. And so, now I think to find a partner in my life, similar in quality to my father. Because I know that such a person will never deceive me and will love forever. You know, I even wanted to have children with my ex-husband. I wanted a girl and a boy. To have been a complete family. But now I'm not a bit sorry that I left him. Because he was a vile and deceitful man. And I hope that you will not be so. And with the development of our relationship with you, I want you to tell me the truth always. For our part, I promise to do the same. Have you ever wondered what means your name ?? And what it symbolizes ?? I would be interested to know about it. My name is Deiza - it means love, passion. For my name very suitable red color and I love all red.
And as the red color represents passion. And all this for me. My name symbolizes the fact that I can easily fall in love and it will be as long as one does not betray. And the fact that I can love forever.
Perhaps it is not all right for me. (smile) But I'm sure that my name is not randomly picked by my father. He came to the question of the name for me very seriously. He told me how important it is for the name of the person, and it strongly influences the fate. And so I also want to give serious consideration to any matter concerning my destiny. Although I do not particularly believe in it. But I can not ignore it. And so at the end of his letter today, I want to tell you. What I'm looking for a very responsible and honest man who will love me and make happy. And I'll do the same for him. And in this issue, I is not limited, for me, does not matter the age or color of hair, skin, etc.
For me the main thing - it's the personal qualities of the man, which I told you in my letter today. Now I think you learn even more about me and what I want to find. I hope that my letter will not frighten you ?? And all this did not scare you, because I am serious girl, but I'm not a tyrant. And I will do everything for sharing happiness !!! And not only for myself . I hope that I will see your reply soon !!!
Deiza !!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Michael !!! And again, I'm glad to see your letter. I also want to tell thank you for that you are trying to write me and answer frequently. I did not expect this from the Internet dating. I thought it would look different. But I'm still glad that we have such a result in our correspondence. And every day we learn more new about each other. And I just want to tell you, that does not matter if you can answer me next day. I understand that there may be different situations where you can not write me the next day. Perhaps such a situation may arise from my side. And I did not warn you about this, that I can not write you. And you can start worrying about what I not write you, or thrown something else. But it is not so. There may be various unforeseen situations in life. For example a blockage at work or illness. But I want you not to worry, if I can not write you often.
And I can write you back later. And I'll do the same. I'll wait for your letter the other day. This is normal. Now I want to tell you more about myself, that you could know more. As I told you, I like to do different things in my spare time, such as reading books, listening to music or watching a movie. And I would like to tell you more about my preferences in these matters. Maybe you and I will be something in common ??? I hope so. So. My favorite movie is "The Notebook" This is a fantastic love story. And it's probably my favorite movie. I also like some of the movies that freezes the soul, such as "Paranormal activity" or something like that. And my favorite actor - Leonardo Di Caprio and Johnny Depp. And of the women I most like Scarlett Johansen. I also love reading books and my favorite book is "The Master and Margarita", Bulgakov. It is very difficult to understand, but it describes almost all life situations that can happen with a person. Sometimes I think that all what is happening in the world now, even these actions are described in this book. Those situation in Europe, which is shown on TV, the behavior of refugees from Syria, Africa, etc. By the way, I do not support this behavior. I told you that in my country, surpassing the number of people practicing Islam. And in the Koran (the analog of the Bible) says that you can not behave like people of my religion behave in Europe. And so I believe that Islam is now preaching the people who benefit from this enriched by the terrorist attacks in other countries. And so I can say I do not adhere to this religion. And I can change it if I need it to be for me to be happy. Also, due to the fact that my country, Azerbaijan is Muslim, people from other countries with other religions do not want to come here. Because they fear for their lives. And I think that's right. Because it is difficult to live here for those who profess other religions. They are very difficult to study or find work. And I think that's not right. But nothing I can do about it. Even when I started my business, I found it very difficult. I am very long time could not start a business because a lot of bureaucracy in our country. And I had to collect a lot of information and various documents to get permission for my work. It was very difficult. Excuse me if I do a lot of talking about my problems. I just want you to know all the details of my life here. And why I want to find love in another country. But let's change the subject and I want to tell you about what I love and what I like. I'm not going to tell you all at once, but then I will have nothing to write to you in the next letter (smile). I love good food, but I like "light" dishes, such as salads or fish. So maybe this is my favorite. I love to fish in any form. Also, I do not have bad habits. I do not smoke. But sometimes I drink a little red or white wine. It is very suitable for fish or meat. I like it too. I think that if you have tried this as well, then you would have liked ?? I hope. And I want you also told me about your preferences?? My dear, do you like to relax ?? Do you love to travel to other countries ?? I would also like to travel a lot, but with my work it's almost impossible for me. And so I can not rest in other countries or anywhere else. But in days off, I love to go to the river or simply the nature. And I'd like to change my life a little bit. Because to be a strong girl, it's very tiring (smile). And now I think I'm something missing. Perhaps the thrill ?? Would you like to do something desperate and dangerous ?? I think I would have done something extraordinary. For example - a parachute jump. Do you think we could jump together(smile)? Tell me also, that you wanted to do with me ?? I would be interested to read this. Or perhaps the real reason for my desire for change my life is in the other part of my life. I understand that I'm not a little, not a young girl. And I need to build a family. My work will never be able to replace it. In my heart I know this is probably why I started to look for love on the Internet. I do not know whether it's right, if it is possible or not, but I'm trying. I think that in today's world, it is quite normal and natural. And what do you think ? YOU think the Internet is a good place to start serious, loving relationship? Today I am writing you 4th big letter. And you know, it's my favorite number. I do not know why, but in my life there were many associated with this digit. Maybe I'll tell you more about it in my next letters that you have interest to answer me (smile). I know that I can intrigue anyone, at least so say my friends (smile). I hope that will not tire you with my stories. And you're not tired of reading my letter.
I'll wait for your letter as well. Your Deiza !!!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Michael !!! And at first as usual, I want to thank you for your new letter !!! I was interested to read your letter. And I knew more about you. And as I can see, we have something in common in our preferences. And I'm glad that we can continue our dialogue. And today I want to tell you right away that my letter will be a little shorter than usual. But I think you still can have fun reading it.
Just today I had to work again a little longer than usual. Because I have a small problem at the store. But in any case, I could not leave you without a letter. So, I immediately want to start with what I promised you in my last letter to tell you about the number 4, which of me connected a lot of events in my life. And most of them are good, and so this is my favorite number. The most important event - it is, of course, relationships. As anywhere in the world, happiness and relationships are a priority for everyone. And the number 4 in my case for me means a change in my life, I hope. I will explain in more detail. At my country, I tried to start a relationship with local men three times.
The first two times it was a flirtation and nothing serious. In 3 time, my relationship with my loved one (I think) led me to the marriage. Which, as you know, ended in divorce for me. And 4th time, I decided to radically change everything, and now I can communicate with a good person (it's you) (smile). And I hope that all will be well with us. And our correspondence can grow into something serious.
Also, the number 4 is a positive thing in my work. 3 times I have worked in different places, and 4th time I have also decided to change everything in my life and start my own business. Which is a priority for me in my life (so far). And maybe in the future I can come up with something new. These two moments in my life most of all show me that number 4 is "magical" digit has a positive effect on my life. And so it's my favorite. I hope that now you understand that I can be a little superstitious, but it almost always goes for me. Today, as I woke up in a good mood. And I had a night dream. It was a beautiful dream in which I met with you face to face. And I do not understand why, but that meeting was not at the airport, but at the restaurant. It was as if we live in one country and in the same city.
But it is not important. It is important that before this I learned everything how to fly to you. About the documents, visas, insurance.
How much it would cost for me. We agreed to meet at the airport. I have already said goodbye to all my friends. They supported me and wished me luck. And then, the next moment my dream - it is a restaurant. Sometimes it's really crazy what I see in my night dreams (smile). We're sitting there(in restaurant), and had a long conversation, discussing our future plans for a life together. And then I suddenly woke up. I did not even remember exactly what we talked about. But it was the best night dream of my life. Where I was really happy. Perhaps soon, and you see a dream about our meeting, and if so happens, I want you to tell me about it, okay? I understand that we can not write letters for many years and continue our relationship in this way. Once we decide to meet and develop our relations in reality. But, while it is too early to talk about such plans. Because I understand that the meeting in reality, this is a very serious step.
You and me, we have to be ready for it completely. So now I want to continue to get to know each other better in our letters. I really like this method. How was your day today?? Did you get the joy of the day ?? Because my day today is very pleased me. Although I have a lot of work, but the idea that I can read your letter, and answer you, it makes me happy all day. From your letter, I can understand that you like to communicate with me. That you like my appearance. And I can understand your desire as men, to see my more ****** photography. But I want to tell you right away that I will never send my ***** pictures on the Internet. Maybe later, when I know you better, I can send you pictures in a bathing suit, but it will be later. And pictures in a bathing suit is the most **** pictures I can send you. I hope you understand it right. Now I will finish my letter, and as usual, I wish you a nice day and a positive attitude. Your Deiza !!!
Letter 7
Hi my dear Michael!!!! As usual I am very glad to see your letter today !!! And I'm glad that my letter was interest for you. And I'm always happy to receive your letter and see your response, and your answers. And as I told you earlier, I hope that one day our correspondence can grow into something more serious than a simple correspondence by e-mail. What do you think? But for this we need more time, so that we can know each other better and understand what we really feel for each other. And for that we must both make an effort, right ? Long and strong relationship, both partners should to build. And only with the efforts of both can be achieved the strong and long relationship !! I think so, and I hope that you will agree with me. But I can not get it all here in my country. Because almost all the men here make only what they need. And they are not capable of true love. And it does not upset me already. Because I want a different life. I want one day to feel the love of my beloved man, waiting for his return from work, cook dinner and another for things for him. I really want it all. But in my country, I can not get it all. And I hope you understand me. And so I want to find love in another country. Because I not like Azerbaijan any more. And leave my country, this is not my main goal. My main goal - is to find true love !!! And I think that maybe with you I can find my only love. What do you think??
But, while it is too early to talk about such feelings as love. You're really a very interesting man, you are kind, caring, you're really good friend. But love is something more serious. And this requires a little more time. I'm sure you agree with me. This morning I woke up earlier than usual. And I thought that it would be good to have a walk. Especially this morning was quite warm for this time of year. And I could enjoy nature and fresh air. And during my walks, I thought about you. This may seem strange, but I think I'm starting to depend on you. And with each new day I probably want to go to Internet cafes to see your news faster. But with my work it can be difficult sometimes. But I think I still need to see your news. And I try to do everything to see your letters every day. I hope you understand me ?? How did you begin your day today ?? I would be very interested to know. So, after a walk I had breakfast. And as usual I went to work in my shop. Today, I should get some news on my work. I have serious plans for this. But I don't want to run to far yet and tell you about it later, perhaps in my next letter. But it can make a huge difference to my business. But today, in anticipation of the news, I could not do anything with work. I just sat in my shop near the window and thought of you. I imagine that you probably can also sit at the window and think about me. It would be funny (smile). But in the afternoon, I did a little work. There were some bills, documents, reports, which had to be sorted out. And then I went to the gym to do gym. And now I come to Internet cafes to see your letter and see your news. You will probably be wondering if I wear clothes of my store, or buy it in the other ?? And I answer that basically I I wear clothes from other stores. But I also have clothes from my store as well. But this is not many things, because it is not profitable for me to dress in what I have to sell (smile). I already sent you a photo in a black dress, and that dress from my store, and I hope you like this picture. Also I would like to ask you, do you believe in destiny ?? Because after the beginning of our correspondence, I started to believe. And now I think it is due to fate, you and I met. And thanks to the fate of now, we have a relationship, albeit at a distance, and even on the Internet. But it is still a relationship. Do you think the same ? I hope. And I also hope that, thanks to fate, we will be able to continue this relationship and make sure that they soon moved to a new level. But I am also convinced that we can not connect everything only with fate. And we should also try to do everything for this. And in the future, maybe we can have a relationship in the real world. It would be cool. What do you think??
Now I will finish my letter. And I think that you liked my letter and my new picture. Send me your picture and so I could see you and think of you often.
Your Deiza !!!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Michael!!! How are you today?? How's your day?? How did you sleep? Hope well! How is your mood today?? My mood today is simply excellent. And my news at work is also excellent. As I told you in my last letter, that I should get some news about my work. And now I got it. And it's really great. I approved a bank loan to expand my business. And now I can open another one shop. And it's just incredible news for me. And I hope that you will also be able to be happy for me, are you ?? (Smile). But I took a loan on the security of my business, so long as I "poor" (smile). But it's not scary me.
Because I'm sure I can pay it without any problems, with 2 other stores. But now all my money is invested in the business. I just want you to know this, and also be able to be happy, as I do. Now I'll have to work to make more efforts and to develop my business. But it's very good, it adds to me motivation and makes me do much more things during the day.
I am also very pleased that our correspondence continues and grows. This is a very good sign, I think. And every letter we learn more of each other. And it pleases me very much. And I am sure that our relations will develop. I also understand that it can not be compared with relations that can occur in real life and in real meetings. But I think that the Internet correspondence is even better in this regard. We can learn each other only in the words, and we can not see each other live.
And so, I think, to please interlocutor, we should speak only the truth. For not to loose the interest in conversation. And that's why I'm doing. And I see that you're doing the same thing for me. And I feel that between us now is a full trust and understanding. And I think that's an important part of any relationship. And I'm glad you agree with me on this. Now I want to tell you how I start my day today. Because it was an important day for me. Today I woke up early, around 6am.
Because I was so nervous that my bank will respond me. They should have to answer to me yesterday evening. I drank a cup of coffee (I usually like to drink green tea in the morning). Then I took a shower. And I looked a little TV. Then I went to the bank at 9 am to get news from the bank. And when I got the news, I was so excited that I almost jumped for joy. (Smile)
Then I went to work. And today, I could no longer work calmly. And even not made that amount of work that I planned. But it's not scary me today because I was very happy !!! Today, I also would like to tell you more about what I like and some of my preferences. I've already told you about my favorite movies and actors. But I did not tell you about my preferences in music. I really like rock groups such as Pink Floyd or AC/DC. Maybe it will seem strange for you when woman hears such "heavy" music (smile), but it's true. In this music I felt strong energy and it gives me also much energy. And also I like to listen to different music according to my mood. And so I basically can listen to any music. But most of all I like rock. I also like to wear different clothes. And basically this Casual style. But also I can wear any clothes according mood as well. And I think that I'm a person of my mood(smile). And almost always my mood positive. And so I'm always happy. By the way, my natural hair color - dark. But I like to experiment with this, and so you can see I have a different hair color, I have already written to you about this before. I just wanted to remember it to you if you forget (smile). Also I would love to get a drive license, so I can drive a car. But I still do not have time to be trained. But I think that soon I will be able to do it. And the purchase of the auto, it is also going to require much money. I am a business woman, and I make all the decisions weighed. While I do not see the need to buy a car, but to have a drive license it will be useful. I hope that today my letter will be please for you and you will get the perfect mood for the whole day !!! Your Deiza !!!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Michael!!!! Again, I'm glad to see your letter today. And glad that you responded to my questions. I also want you to feel free to ask me your questions and I'll be happy to answer it. Sometimes, maybe I do not understand your question, and therefore simply do not answer it. Sometimes I just ignore some questions if I find it too personally. But it was before, now I think all will be different. But I ask you not to get angry and ask that question again in your new letter. And I'm sure you'll get the answer! Today my mood is good again. And all my things are going well. How are you?? What do you do?? How's your day?? I hope that as well. Today I worked again, as usual most of the day. It was not so much work. And now I think that this evening I will be able to see my friends, to chat and just relax. Because I already long time had no any rest. And maybe tomorrow or next days I can give you a picture of the meeting. I hope that we will be able to "fool around" as always (smile). And since we now have already evening here. So soon I will have a meeting with my friends. But since I promised you that I will always write you, so you do not worry, this is my letter will be very short, I just wanted to write you my plans. And I'm doing it.
I am also very glad that you can write me often, as well. And I think that if I could write you from my house at any time.
Then my letters would always be big and I would have plenty of time to write you. But because of the work time of Internet cafe, I can not do it yet. And I think that you will not take offense at me for it. If you have any questions, then you ask me and do not be shy. And I will always be honest to answer you. Because, as we have agreed with you (I think) between us should not be a lie. And should be understanding. And I'm glad you agreed with me on this. I just want you to know. Now inside of me, I have many different tender feelings for you. You are pleasant conversationalist, you know how to listen to me and understand correctly. I'm always interested in your opinion. And I feel that there is a strong invisible bond between you and me. And it gets stronger and stronger with each passing day. I do not want to rush things, but I think that in my next letter, I will write you more about what I feel for you. I want to have a final understanding, awareness of this feeling. I think that this night I will not sleep, because I will be thinking about you, about me and about us - I hope that on this night, I will be able to find all the answers to the questions that are now in my head. In my next letter I will tell you, how was my meeting with my friends, and that we did. Also, I'm going to do a photo to send it to you. Perhaps there will be more than 1 picture (smile). I hope you will not take offense at me for a short letter today. I always think about you!!! Yours Deiza!!!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Michael!!! I'm glad that you see your letter again!! And I'm glad that you can write to me often.
I think I'm starting to fall in love with you. And every day this feeling of love become stronger. And I really think that it was fate to meet you. That's why we were able to meet (even though the Internet) What is happening with you ? What do you feel for me ?? Perhaps it's love also ??? I think so (smile).
Now I, as promised to you, I tell you about the meeting with my friends. I spent a lovely evening. And I had a wonderful holiday also. And also I send you photos from the evening. At first we were in the cafe, we ate and drank a little wine. Also, we talked. My friend told me about their problems, and I do not even listen to them (smile). At this time, I "flew in the clouds." And I thought about you all the time. It is impossible to convey in words. And then, when my friends were of all their problems. I started to tell them about you (I hope you do not mind ?? (smile). They were very surprised that I decided to explore the Internet and look for my soul mate. And they said to me that I should be careful. Because a lot of hype everywhere, and that I could get into the "bad history." But I told them that I was independent and could myself do everything and make decisions as well. and I said that I fell in love with you. and I am fully confident in you. Because you honest and we have a full understanding. I told them more about you. and after all, they told me that indeed you are a good man. and I was glad that my friends also supported me. But I confess to you honestly that I still have some doubt that Internet dating may disappoint me. But I hope for good. and that you will not deceive me ever. and if you want to say something to me, then you will tell me openly and honestly !!! Because you agreed with me that there should be no lies in the relationship. And if something does not like it, that we should be honest and speak about it. And I will also do it.
Because I think it would be correct. After the cafe, we went for a walk and cool off, because the cafe was crowded and stuffy. On the street, we also continued our conversation. In general, yesterday we talked for a long time on trifles. Then my friends gathered to go to the club.
But I did not go with them. Because I wanted to go home and think things through about you as I wrote you yesterday. And also a little dream of us and our possible future. What do you think, can be the continuation of our relationship ?? A more serious ?? I think yes. I want to have a family. Because I'm tired of living alone. Perhaps we can even organize a joint family business ?? How do you like this idea ?? Especially since I already have a lot of experience in this. And also I want to tell you that this idea really liked me when I started to think about it. But I still want to hear your response to that.
And I hope you will take it seriously. Because I need to know about this, and it is very important for me me. And I want to be sure that our correspondence will not be in vain. Because I told you it with my first letter, I want to have a serious and long term relationship, not just a conversation. Do you understand me?? I hope that we can come to an agreement. I also dreamed about how we could spend the evening together, and that we could do. I hope that you would be interested ??
But I still want to tell you about it. I would not want to have our evening were monotonous every day. I would always try to be for you an original and romantic (although I do not think I'm so (smile). But I will tried very hard to do. So we do not get bored ever and that our life will be full of different surprises. Do you like surprises? ? I like surprises and gifts.
Now mostly I do it for my friends on various holidays. But I think that in the future it will happen more often, and from my future husband. It not should be some expensive things, I want it be something addressed personal to me and I could feel it and know it! Then I will be very happy, even if it will be some small and cheap thing. What do you think, is it possible ??
I think yes. and so I think that family is very important for our lives. and I also think that we can create a family in the future and be the happiest on the planet !!! I am with each passing day I become more confident in this . That you are exactly the man who would do anything for sharing happiness. And as for me, I'll do it. I hope you liked my ideas, arguments and dreams about the imminent (I think so (smile) future. I'll wait for your news soon, and your answers. Your Deiza !!!
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