Scam Letter(s) from Faustina Dede to Chris (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hello My Love,
It is always so good to hear from you and to talk about our plans for the future. I feel in my heart and in my soul each thing that you say to me. It is something amazing because I think that you always know in what condition I am in, when I am sad or very happy or when nose is blocked or I think of you more than I usually do. Your words show me how much you understand me you love me and how much we are connected to each other even with the distance between us, I realize each time more that we were born to each other.

Although sometimes I question things, deep inside I know that you are the only one for me. When I'm not with you, you are the only one I'm thinking of. Everything about you tells me that we can be together forever. Only you can make me feel like time STOPS when I'm with talking to you on phone. Only you can make things better when it feels like the end. Only you can be the one to smooth my fears away. For this I'm grateful and I hope you never leave. I love you. Maybe I dream too much but when I think of you I long to feel your touch, to whisper in your ears words that only you would hear if only you were mine. There is love so deep inside of me, my love, and in every part of me there is a part of you. You are everywhere I am and be sure that I will be standing by your side praying that you will always have a beautiful life.

Like a star, you are already the star of my life, my sky, and my ocean. I will always need you because I cannot live without air, without water and without my soul, and you are all this for me. I love you and forever I love you. My body is still wanting to feel you and your hug and I will pray that this day won't come so late, but if it comes late, even this way I will be here for you and only for you. All my kisses to you my love, and dream of me i well give you a call if i have a free time Ok Miss you so mach and all ways thinking about you Kiss Kiss From Faustina

Letter 2

Hi Chris
Sorry for not getting in touch for the past days, i've being very busy with my daughters health issues, moreover i was also facing internet issue, i'm glad its working now, sorry about your mom's Tumor/Cancer, good you made all those trip to keep her strong and we THANK GOD she's improving in the test result. I'm also glad you like my voice and i enjoy speaking with you because, ever since your sweet voice has echoes through my mind. when ever i rest my head on my pillow a smile seeps through my soul, knowing that you alone have made me whole. I think of you all the time and i always speak to myself, i will no earth let you slip through my fingers. i will always keep that genuine and sweet smile on your face, no matter what, thinking about you make me feel as if I'm walking over clouds . . I promise l I'd do anything in my power to make you a great person, outstanding loving partner if we meet in person..
Good to know you did so much at church this Sunday, i can't wait to have such a pleasant moment with you on early sermon to feel the breath of fresh congregation ..i'm glad to also know you've had some financial help with cost of at list two weekends
Well Chris can you please be of help to help, as am in a bad finances at the moment, i need as much as $1200 for my daughters medications who is suffering from typhoid fever, am really worried and scared now as her temperature is very high lately, please let me know how you could be of help as i need this very urgent, i will be waiting to hear from you again



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