Letter(s) from Debbie Bowen Annis to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Good Morning Dear,

It's nice reading from you, good to know you real,upfront and honest.It seems you know what you want and know how to go for it.I hope you are not bother with the age different between us? I do believe age is not a barrier in a relationship.Its always a pleasure to me whenever I get to read your message. I am just woken up now and thought to check my email and then I saw you have written again which put a big relief in me and made me smile with a glass cup of coffee . I am beginning to enjoy our correspondence and am so looking forward to see where this takes us to... I hope we can develop a real and strong connection off this. Thanks for taken your time to answer my questions and giving me a much better understanding about you... You know I made the decision to join the dating site just to see if I might get some luck off it.. I am starting to feel positive about it as I feel its really a good way of getting on with someone and I believe communication is the key to developing a solid friendship/relationship. I will always find time to write you even with my schedule as I believe we need to keep constant touch with one another to be able to have a stable friendship/relationship. I'm glad you also enjoy reading from me.More about my family am an Orphan,My dad died when i was 9yrs old, While mum passed away when i was 13years old, she was diagnose to pancreatic cancers.That was one of the tragic circumstance i can never forget,It was mayhem for me to cope.I have no choice than to face the fate of life which i was tarined up by my uncle which he is also late now due to cancer of lung cause he is a chain smoker,I'm the only child of my late parents......I relocate from Germany to United State 4yrs ago.I love it here cause it's peaceful,rich and warm ( because of the people). It is a perfect match for me because i love the weather and the culture..I live in (Waupaca, WI,USA).It would be a good opportunity to meet in person. No matter what happens I would like to think that we are friends now that we have "found" each other. Hopefully some day soon we can share laughs and glances while we enjoy a nice wine and each others company together as we get to explore each other further. I am a conservative female, but am willing to be open minded and explore the boundaries if I am comfortable with you.I'm pretty much just looking to see if there's someone that i connect with on a friendly level and maybe that will also include us being so attracted to each other that we can't keep our hands to ourselves.I'm just seeing if there are any great people out there, maybe you're great people :I believe we have some hopes of building a good friendship... Someone that will take him time to learn about me and also share about himself with me, never judge me for any reason, an understanding man who will take each day to build on a solid friendship/partnership over time. I don't think beauty really matters but what matters most are true love, friendship and understanding which am I am looking for and hoping I will find my soul mate someday? I am very much interested in discovering a whole lot more about you and your life. Your ideal woman, your family background, and any other thing you feel comfortable to share with me... I am very open and honest and I also hope you are the same and we can keep up a good conversation.)I have business trip to attend to in (Philippines) by tomorrow but be back in some few days time.I will keep you updated with the happenings with me.I very much look forward to meeting you and I hope this will be the first of many dates we go on.Am not in a hurry so I don't want to rush in until I'm sure that I have found the one person I truly get along with and can spend the rest of my life with.You tick some of the boxes I look for in a man and hope that meeting you will tick more of the boxes.How do you unwind and How would our first date be like.lets plan it.


Letter 2

Thanks Dear Mike,

How are you and hope you have a great day? You are an amazing man and always enjoy reading from you and all the words in your email I keep note of every detail because they keep me wanting to know what's next and it gives me a lot of detail about your personality also. Its a pity i travel so soon for work my business trip as i really would love to at some point meet soon before travelling but i will be back pretty soon,i arrive safely thank you for your care and concern.Am presently in (Philippines).My being here is not just for Pleasure,I'm here for business.to shop for Art Sculptures, craft, beeds etc..
I like the way you talk, you are fierce and determined, you are real! Let's see if we can head in the same direction and get to know each other better, I think you are going to be good for me and I hope I can have some effect on you.I can see that you and I will be spending some quality time together and just enjoying life. Talking of my family background back in German, I do not come from such a big family. Both my parent left me in this world when i was 13years old, and I had my mom's brother who raise me and he did a great job as I'm happy for who I am today thou he is a chain smoker.....My birthday is June 2nd Gemini(The six sign of the Gemini)... How about you? What is your favourite Color? Do you prefer wearing t-shirt and jeans on a usual day or you prefer looking sophisticated. I'm mostly dressed on comfortable wear , i also do normal t-shirt on a regular and jeans or shorts. I have taken time to answer my questions also and I think we are on the same page and enjoy the same things and have similar characteristics.
I think you know me pretty well without me going into detail about what I like to do, even if we have just met on the net.Am an open book,You can see by what I write that we do share the same interests and are really at ease trying anything new.So stand by for some good times!!
I'm really looking forward to meet and be with you.I intend to ignite that smoldering fire in your loins and turn it into a raging inferno, are you in need of me doing that for you ? So be prepared for that to !!
I hope I have found a new friend in you.It doesn't matter if you are good at doing things, the important thing is that you are willing to try doing new things, and you can have a bit of fun doing it and also start a new life with someone that you would like to spend the rest of your life with.
If you don't try you will never know or have the experience of trying.I enjoy a challenge, I have beat up my body at times just to prove that I could do it and I won't back down.I have seen things that not to many people can even imagine.I'm determined and unafraid to speak my mind.
I Work hard and definitely knows how to unwind.I believe I'm a blessing to a man that deserves me, keep him happy and cheer him up when he is sad, comfort him, listen to him and be there for him at all times, and besides will never let him down .I will support him through the odds of life,
I believe if we are true friends, you will get true love and i also believe if we don't doubt each other we will stay strong our love will stay long.If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?What do you do in a typical workday?Have you travel oversea?What do you do when you are bored? have you been to any musical concert before ? I hope you satisfy my curiosity with answers to my questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Letter 3

How are you doing Mike?Sorry for the late respond back to you,I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your writing style.The weather here is good I began the day to pine for you.As I read your mail, I seem to melt right into my chair with the words you wrote. We have a journey to take, you and I. This is just to pure to be denied, but this is no sprint. True love is like a marathon!! You and I have seen what life can throw at you. It isn't easy, but I've been told long ago by my peers.The deeper the valley, the taller the peaks!! I would love to make you the tallest peak I've ever seen!
I'm just looking to have a friend who i can talk to and feel so comfortable while talking without any restrictions. I am an easy going person who knows how to listen to my man and how to satisfy him in all directions ( In and out of bedroom ) .Though my parent are both late now.and been the only child.My father was abusive to my mother and an alcoholic. I have one memory of him. I was 3-4 and he hit my mother. To be honest that memory is the only one I have. He called me once when I was 14. I told him if I ever met him, I would be the last thing he saw in this world. Needless to say, he has never again attempted contact and moved.I wish she was still alive,I had a decent life with my mom and people I've chosen to be in it. You can't pick your family but you can pick how they affect you.Look to yourself and find people that appreciate you for you, they are the ones that truly deserve your love.

Truthfully, and undoubtedly, I can fool anyone but I cannot fool myself. I would be a great liar if I uttered that I 'M NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU. No matter what you think or say, all I can say is; I REALLY LOVES YOU WITH ALL MY HEART and I will not hesitate if you will give me just a little time to prove my feelings of endearment and to prove to you that I'm deserving of your feelings, from your heart.I also believe that partners should treat each other as the one and only person that matters even though other family members may lay claim to their attention. It is this loyalty and commitment (as well as open communications) that form the bonds for a lasting Friendship.
I can already see and feel that we have developed a friendship that could easily grow into something very special. I Look forward in meeting you,as it would be nice to meet for coffee or a dinner when i return. There are many matters of mutual interest that we can discuss.
There are many other places I want to visit in the not too distant future. Singapore happens to be on my wish list.I have a long list and perhaps I can share that with you when we meet. I enjoy good music and have attended a number of concerts over the years. Some stand out because of the venue where they were held.I like to spend time with people who are happy with themselves and their achievements but do not take themselves too seriously. I believe that life is what you make of it so there is no point in being down-hearted and glum. I think you would be fun to be around because you also enjoy life and what it offers. So I look forward to meeting you in person cause i'm done with my business trip here for now.

Warmest regards,


N:B I will very glad if you can tell me the nearest Airport close to you so i can booked my flight to you and meet you in person or what did you think about that and i am highly welcome and hope you take me advantage?

Letter 4

How are you doing today Mike ? and hope you having a nice time with over there?Am sorry for the late respond back to you ,i just came back now and here is my flight details and hope you will be able to come over to pick me up at the airport ?I will be very glad if you can tell me what kind of cloth you will be putting on me and the kind of symbol of what you will be carrying on your hand so i can able to recognize you??

Just can wait to see and how will you like if you see me and what are your plans for me when we meet in person?

Depart — Sat, Mar 5 22h 41m
12:20p — 2:45p Economy 2h 25m
Manila (MNL) — Hong Kong (HKG)

Change planes in Hong Kong (HKG) 1h 45m
4:30p — 6:15p Economy 14h 45m
Hong Kong (HKG) — Toronto (YYZ)

Change planes in Toronto (YYZ) 2h 40m
8:55p — 10:01p Economy 1h 06m
Toronto (YYZ) — Detroit (DTW)


Letter 5

Good morning Mike,I'm not happy dear,I don't know how you are to assist me at the moment,I'll be needing your favour. I just use what i have to fix my flight back home and what i have left is my voucher. I'll be needing your assistance dear. I'll get back to you with what happen and why am needing you assistance at this time. I look forward to read from you soon.Take care,