Scam Letter(s) from Elena Kozlik to Walt (USA)

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Letter 1


Your letters are the only sun rays for me in these nasty days and turning to working days after disease is hard Walking through the town today I had a romantic mood even if spring is just coming... looking at trees I saw how much i missed green leaves and fresh flowers,tender feeling with this and since our last letter I have you in my mind and want to kiss you

I want to wake up with all the nature we need to stop to be sad and love with all the heart and passion;) I want to open my heart and soul and life for you and I make the steps in our relations. In spite of the fact that we live in the modern world and we are surrounding by all the necessary innovations , you and me are so romantic, we continue to feel and dream about wonderful things: friendship, partnership and love...passion...meeting and I love our letters this is so much romantic,tender and clear ,to my mind, it's the most important feeling in our lives! I want to send you big kiss from my lips and body ,catch it?

You know on 8 of march we'll celebrate and International womens day;)
and do you have such a holiday ? to give the present to your ladies?

I adore your letter
and really smile wide to you ;)




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