Letter(s) from Elena Anatolievna Muzykantova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Joe,

My day was so busy yesterday that I fall asleep very early. I have new project so will spend all the evening for it today)))
It was calm yesterday that I can not say for today. My breakfast was coffee and cheese sandwish today and now I am having apple.
I will tell my friend do not open the package.
her addresse is: Ukraine, 72454, Zolotopup Antonina, Martynova Str. 127, Stepanovka Pervaya, Priazovskiy district, Zaporozhye region.
I hope everything will be fine and fast)))
I am worrying and very excited)
How was your day today?
Mom said that she will take all photos))

Waiting for your reply,

Letter 2

Hello Joe,

I am fine, do not worry. I just slept a lot after project, needed rest after sleepless night.
How are you there? How was your working day? Do you have plans for weekend?
I told my friend about package and that it is from you to me. So she will not open it.
For this weekend I do not have any plans because do not know if it is safe....huh..i am tired of this situation here.
Hope soon war will be finished.

Take care,

Letter 3

Hello Joe,

I alsoo had some house chores today, helped my mom.
Antonina will not open it, do not worry. When she gets it she will write me an email.
She will give me it when will come to my place with humanitarian help.
She comes every second month.
So do not worry, everything will be ok. Hope your package will not be broken on its way.
How's your mood today?
I have a lot of sad thoughts today. It seems because of rain.

Wish you good evening,

Letter 4

Hello Joe,

Antonina got the package today and did not open it. She will come here at the end of November with humanitarian help.
I feel so sad about fighting yesterday and my lost beg with everything.
it's not calm here still.
Cheese sandwiches are my favourite but I did not eat them for some time.
Do not have cheese and money for it.
I wish you good day!