Scam letter(s) from Fawzia Mamudu to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Fellow Web Partner .... I'm new on here trying to know access to this websites and i have had a lot of fun on here and am careful too. How are you doing and i hope you are doing well .. I was browsing on a dating site and your profile caught my attention and i tried emailing you on there but it couldn't make it , so I used your Screen name to email you this way . I hope you will give it a go for us to get to know each other better . Well I'm Fauzia by name , I'm going to attach couple of pics here so you can see whom you are talking to ..You can add me on G mail HANGOUTS , So we can talk Fast and Instantly .. Take care till I hear from you
Letter 2
Good afternoon dear friend how are you doing there.. Well my name is Ayisha Mississippi but finally in Ghana to pay visit and will soon go back to the states just here for friendship and what of you.. I got your gmail on dating site and interesting to be your friend if you do not mind to chat and get to know more of each other as friend....This are some of my pictures to know who you are chatting with.. so what are you on here for if you do not mind me asking.
Letter 3
I think since we just met we should take our time and am sure things will be better if you really dedicate our self to each other and make this friendship in to a Great opportunity that we never taught of or ever Dream of,What do you think?
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