Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Pischuleva to John (Norway)
Letter 1
My dear John, today in the morning time i went in the travel agency to check of all my necessary documents to be ready everything is ok before my flight after tomorrow. I have traveled as usually by metro and when i came in the office of agency, i have found the loss of my international passport and wallet from my handbags, I cried with grief and almost fainted, someone in metro stolen wallet and international passport, but why taken passport not only my wallet? Because i had not money anyway!??
It's horrible, not really these things happen with me before flight!
And it's very good because my Russian passport, bank card and bank statement stayed at home, bless God for it. I explained all my situation to travel agency, they know my flights after tomorrow and they said me, usually for quick, urgent to do passport take 10 days and cost expensive it's around 400 dollars, 2 weeks 300 dollars, but in my situation i need passport to do for 1 day till after tomorrow and get ready passport tomorrow until evening to be ready fly after tomorrow!
The agency offered me a good company which do international passports for different times, 10 days, 14 days, 3 days and most urgent 1 day.
This company make business with passports and urgent visas. I asked the price for most urgent, 1 day do passport and restore my Visa.
I was sad for high price. I talked with agency and with this company what the best to do for me now.. then i have decided and booked my passport, visa to not lose time. John, i have decide it done is right?
My passport will be ready early in the morning 9 of March and my flights at 13:05 from Saint-Petersburg, i have enough time to get passport with Visa and pay for my passport if you can do transfer tomorrow 8 March.
If you will support me tomorrow morning i could get funds and pay on 9 March in the morning.
I am afraid to say how much i need pay after tomorrow for my new passport it's 860 dollars it's so a big amount i know it, but i had not way to wait to lose flights, time, my vacation and our meeting, we are planned this meeting, also i have booked everything, and you have plans for these dates with me.
Also on 10 of March my birthday and we are planned celebrate together!
John, please forgive me for this problem with passport, maybe i am so inattentive, i never traveled in abroad and in these days i was so busy with my work, also with agency to get visa, to do new bank statement and pay my debts which i had, i really was not ready for trip in abroad and i didn't think i could have so many difficult but now i am ready fly to you after tomorrow and i don't want to lose this meeting, lose you, lose your trust because of this problem.
John, you can trust me, i am very serious with you, with our meeting and i am so happy because i have met you and we are build now our future, i wish to be with you, we are have so many plans already for this week with you. I don't know what to do, i have no this amount, you know it, all my hopes with you.
If you can't help me tomorrow, i really don't know what to do and in any way i need get passport with Visa - i have booked it and i'll need pay for it.
I crossed my fingers for the best and i will wait your letter here to me and write me on skype.. i write to you this letter from travel agency, i asked allow me PC to write to you as soon ass possible, in agency offered me coffee and i write to you. I start feel and understand now how you will angry for this when read this letter, but i am always openly with you and say always true and didn't lie you never, you know it.
My price 860 dollars not much in my city, because in Moscow i learned for example for urgent passport for 1 day ask more than 2700 euros it's crazy!
The Moscow always was expensive capital, city in Russia!
Here the link web site for Moscow service of passports: crazy prices!
I can't find the place to myself and what to do really and i worry so much now and i wait your letter, please forgive me if you can and help me.
I hoped and talked with my girlfriends for meeting, i will cancel my meeting with my friends and i will return at home, i am tired, in shock now.
I am understand now how it's not easy to live alone in a big city, i wish my man near with me which will love me and care of me always.
John, i like you so much! i know, you done all many things and helped me with much funds, but if you can't help me more now, i will try decide my problems myself.
Just don't worry please more than me, i worry so much of your reaction and afraid to lose this meeting if you have no funds or not ready to help me more, sometimes i am careless.
i have no more words really. And if i will lose you and this meeting i don't know how to live forward with it and what i will do with myself, i have depression, strong stress.
I will wait your letter my John, pls forgive me and understand me, i hope for you, i want love you and associate my life with you.
Your woman, Svetlana.
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