Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to B. (USA)

Letter 1

I am very pleased, that so have soon received from you the answer.
My name is Oksana. To me of 28 years. My birthday 12 September 1976.
I live, and was given birth in city Yoshkar-Ola only with mum. Father has left from my mum when to me was 10 years I work as the manager in the small company, I like to prepare.
In other words I continue dream which in me was in the childhood.
I was not friends to time nevertheless the person whom I shall love, and it will love me. I very long searched Such person in Russia, But guys of my age have no any any definite purposes.
They like only, it is good to waste time.
They do not think of the future.
The person with that whom I wanted to be, it on which that, is possible to rely difficult minute and about which, I could Divide minutes of pleasure.
In the person I search first of all for understanding and the relation.
I hope, that you understand it I do not accept simply the correspondence and friendship. I search for serious relations.
But I as understand, you demanded during the beginning a simple history about me directly, that we have Acquainted on closer.
I have no any children, and I never was for the husband. But I very much want, will get acquainted with the person Which further my husband.
I hope, that you will write about you directly naturally also, only the truth. I do not want to spend all for Anything time with the person, which Me deceives or only for entertainment. Write to me. It - - is not pleasant. I wanted to warn you which I write you from the Internet cafe which is close to mine The house.
I have no any computer. Therefore I can write to you, only once by day, But if we shall do friends on, I clos with could To spend on a lot of time for you.
I hope, that you grow loving me also as I have grown loving you. Now you know about me all.
I hope, that we shall find the general interests, and we can continue our acquaintance.
What you think of it? I hope, that you love me. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Oksana
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