Letter(s) from Olga Nikolaevna Nekhoroshko to Shea (USA)

Letter 1

I have a smile from that that I see your letter it pleasantly for me it means that we are similar in our searches. Shea as I already spoke my name Olga. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Izhevsk. I always considered myself cheerful and cheerful in the center of attention because I work with children. For me it is pleasant to communicate with people at me many friends and colleagues. But so it has turned out that this active life I have not found the love in all. On it I here. Shea, I would like to know why you here? What reasons at you? You are lonely? Shea at first sight people not always such with what seem, many know me cheerful and active all this from that that I often smile, respond on their requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But only when I come into an apartment it is empty and cold, to lay down in a cold pastel and to fall asleep only with one idea that have come tomorrow and I had new day. Before me it did not worry, but in due course I became more adult and have started to reflect more increasing every day about it. I wish to find the person which will understand me in everything, and I shall have understanding to it. Shea, washing the soul is tired from melancholy, I hope to that that dialogue through Internet that that will change. I send you my picture so that you can see what I look like. Shea, I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. Your new friend Olga.

Letter 2

Thanks for your letter! How there was your day? I had difficult day and greater weariness, but not looking at it I have written for you. I wish warn you about that that I not with can write every day because I write from library it is not far from my house but in holidays it does not work. As I sometimes leave to parents, but I shall necessarily warn you of it in advance, well? Shea I am pleased that you have responded to my letter. I think our relationship will help us to know each other better and find common interests. Shea I'm glad you think I'm attractive, but I believe that appearance is not important, much more important that a person inside. As far as his soul is pure and good. Shea I understand that between us a great distance. But I think that this is not a problem. People travel the world every day. If we want to meet it, we pull it off. But we need to know each other better. To understand may have feelings for each other. Shea I'm also looking for someone with whom I could spend my whole life. I want to love and be loved. To the romance was in the life of every day and not to leave the whole day, to be in each other's arms forever! Because to be with your loved one this is the most happiness which only can be in life. I would like to tell about the life. I was born and I have grown in the small city of Mozhga love it for its picturesque places. And for me the native land for each person this most favourite place seems. As there I went to school. Was engaged in active cultural-mass activity it it was very pleasant to have for me such employment as I went to school arts. After leaving school before me has risen in first really important and adult choice where I shall go to study. Parents certainly helped for me in everything, but the final decision was for me. As I was such active my choice have fallen on institute Udmurt State Instituty. In our city there is no such institute and I had to leave the native city and to go to the city of Izhevsk. Shea I am assured since that moment my adult life with its mistakes and decisions griefs and pleasures has begun. As now I remember experiences of my mother of its tear. We did not want such changes, but we understood that so it will be better for us, that so it is necessary. And here in 2010 year I have started to aspire to the dream, student's years were various both heavy and poor and hungry, but more all from it to me was remembered fun and pleasure from this life in hostels, I lived in a room with four girls and to us was not when it is boring, it pleased me that for me the destiny has presented such acquaintances I appreciate them. After study we came and had the cooking, Shea I think there I have learned to prepare independently. Looked as do others and repeated behind them, first time was heavy. But in after preparation of this or that dish appreciated more mine because I approached to cooking with interest and tried to add in each dish what that a highlight which will make better it. At night we on a duty did not fall asleep had conversations of dream on our further life. We tried to study, but it was not so easily and teachers understood it. They went to us on a meeting and arranged various concerts in which I took part. Every year all of you were more typed experience, in our trade there were acquaintances, it became gradually easier to study and live in unfamiliar city. And so in 2010 year I have finished institute. It was feeling of the big pleasure that I with could pass and became completely the independent person. After study I have left home and have lead there all the summer long, at me was it is necessary I shall think that I to do further. The summer has passed quickly and I have decided to return back Izhevsk. I have removed a small apartment for myself. In a direction from institute I have got a job and have grown fond of it at first sight! It was greater pleasure for me. Now having turned back back I look at the beginning of the adult life with a smile. Though also it was heavy, but I firmly stood on legs and aspired to the purpose. Without support I think I not with could achieve it. I am grateful to the parents for that that they supported me in all all this time and helped true advice. Today, I'm posting a photo that was made prior to the award of the diploma. It was a very solemn and exciting day. In front of me waiting for an independent adult life. I did not know what it will be. But I have no doubt I can say that my student years I will remember forever. The second photo I took before the new year. My friend and I went shopping to buy gifts for parents and friends. On the street was a wonderful weather and it was snowing. I really like this photo. And you? Shea you can tell about the student's years how you received formation? How you became the adult and made independently of the decision? To me it will be very interesting for learning. Shea I hope for you as interestingly to read my letter and to see my photo!!!! Shea I too would want that you have sent for me a photo that I could consider you if it was a photo of student's time it it would be healthy. I shall wait for your letter and I hope your photo!!! Your friend Olga.

Letter 3

I am glad to see your letter Shea I enjoy it. How there was your weather? We all the day long had a sun and it was greater pleasure for me. And you love solar weather? My today has passed well. All put I has lead on work. I very much love and I appreciate the work it so pleasantly for me. I work as the teacher within 5 years. I teach a choreography and as I give lessons of game on a piano. Shea you are able to play on what or the tool? You would like to learn to play on a piano? I with could learn you to it, for me it would seem is very interesting. I have three groups of children in each group on no more than fifteen person. I so like to learn to their dances to discipline and music. To observe of them it so it is interesting, they I happen such changeable. And to see that when at them that that it turns out and to have pleasure together with them! It is very pleasant for me, I sometimes feel from a part I replace with it parents with some time. Once in a half-year at us pass accounting concerts on which we we show that with could reach for last a floor of year. And often there are concerts in honour of various holidays. Parents of children with the second I am engaged express for me gratitude. Shea and it I think transferred sensations of pleasure which I test during such moments. You feel that you do that that useful and necessary to a society. My day always is filled by vanity but when I come to myself home to me becomes so melancholy. You understand me in it? And I rescue myself only unique idea that there has more likely come tomorrow and I have again started to be engaged in the favourite business. But I try to not despond in this occasion and I do for people only good. I trust in that that sometime I shall meet that the man and between us the love will flash!!! I think that this feeling means in a life of each person and if it is not present that a life much is felt as that not completely not on the present. Also I think of that that each person should love!!! Shea, and you as think in this occasion? For you it is important? Shea earlier I thought of that that in a life all will come by itself and I shall be happy. But for that be in a full measure happy it is necessary to open the heart, to open it for love to have the big pleasure by a life. But not so that simply to make it not each person to be solved on it. And been solved can burn about roughness and indifference, on it I do not wish to study on the mistakes and I study on another's and I wish to open only for the unique person. Which has understanding to me which I understand and I wish to be with it. Shea and you sometime tested love? Or you as wait unique? And in general that you think of it? In my life many forces and are necessary for energy for that that I could charge to it the pupils. On it I live by a principle " all that all is not done to the best ". It gives for me forces. Whether tell to me about the work more you Love it have pleasure when come to it. Or you do it from that to live? Today I have for you two pictures that I want to share with you. On one of them I'm going to work that morning. The second photo was taken in the New Year's night, 10 minutes before the New Year. I think you must like it. I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will help me to learn better you, about what person!!!! I hope, that you as ask to me all questions which you interest. Shea, whether as I wish to ask you all you understand that I write to you? Shea, I learned at school English language and in institute, but all the same it not so is good, and I sometimes not understand all that you write. On it I wish you to warn what you did not take offence if suddenly I shall not answer your question. Probably I simply have not understood, that it you meant. Shea, on such cases I wish you to ask what you have simply written this question anew!!! Ok? On it I shall finish the letter! Good-bye!!! Yours Olga

Letter 4

I am glad to see your letter!!! To me it is very pleasant that you write for me such letters. I wish to learn you better more close and more. You are interesting to me, with you is about what to talk. Therefore today I have removed all structures from a site. Also I shall communicate only with you. I would would like that you as wrote only to me! What do you suspect the account of it? Shea I am pleased to receive your letter in which you tell about yourself and your life. Because of this, we better find out about us and share their stories. Shea thank you for a good joke about the English. I'm trying to write to you that would be understandable. I heard about the profession of agent, I believe that selling a house is an art and not everyone will. I am glad that in this case you have made good progress. Why am I sad in my letters? One reason, I can not find my true love and be happy with it. I am 28 years old, but I'm still alone. I am pleased that you support me, I feel better immediately. Shea I am very pleased you said about the meeting. I would also like to have a meeting with you, but please understand me, is that we still have time to find out their feelings to each other and to understand what we really want this. I think that was not a problem for me to visit your country. For me it does not matter in which country to live. I just want to find a man who will love me, trust, respect and be honest with me. Shea I like children to communicate with them, I believe that children are a lot easier to communicate. Because they will not tolerate anything. In the first five seconds, you can understand you like them or not. I think I would have been easy to find common ground that would be someone close to them. Shea thank you for the photos, I liked them very much. Your photo in the costume looks particularly impressive. Today in the morning I prepared to eat and have cut a finger after I have bandaged it I have recollected a case from my childhood when I ran on a ladder and have fallen. I very strongly was frightened to it and have begun to cry. My mum has heard and has carried away me in an apartment. On my leg there was a scratch, but for me seem it very terribly and that that I not with can go more. But my mum has calmed me and has redressed my scratch. In general in my childhood I often received grazes or bruises because was very curious child. Not seldom when I climbed on trees go down I could only by means of my father. My parents have made for me much and I appreciate their care their love about me! They have given for me good education have presented all love and caress. Mine mum and the daddy already on pension also live in small village Nylga It there was a dream of mine to live in small village in the house constructed the hands. And here 10 years prior to pension the daddy has started to build the house it there was a big project in its life, and in the end all has turned out as it wanted. It has stopped to build it two years ago. I love this house as because in it my forces have been enclosed also, but more for that that it is done all with loving care. For me my daddy is a kind of the present of the man. If it will lay down for itself the aim that it it will achieve, always makes firm decisions in disputes. It has devoted all life for me and mum. Now parents live in this village, there it is very beautiful also beside there is a pond on which goes to fish my father. I as go with it but for me most of all it is more pleasant to float, it has a rubber boat and when you float on it feel itself as by the ship. It is pleasant for me. Shea, and you have a boat? You like to go for a drive on it? I think to you it will be interesting to know their names, a name of mine of daddy Nikolay and a name of my mum Tatyana. They are fine people which have made for me so much that I shall be grateful for all of them the life. At times they so do not suffice me and there are so melancholy on a shower, from that that we not together. But I often would go what to visit them!!! Shea tell to me about the family about the parents with whom you live? It is very interesting to me to learn about you. Shea I'm sending you a photo with my parents. I love them very much, and thank them that they always support me and give useful advice. In the first photo, I am with my parents after the show. My students were in a local house of culture. I've been invited parents that they looked at the result of my work. They really enjoyed it. Dad gave me a big bouquet of beautiful flowers. In the second photo we walk with dad in the park. This day was his birthday, we spent the whole of his family and received from it a lot of fun. I shall wait for your letter!!!! Whether as I very much would wish to know I to you became little bit closer!!!! Olga
p.s Shea, I shall be very happy, if you can send me a photo, on which you and your family!

Letter 5

Hello Shea! I 'm glad to read your letter . Your letters give me great pleasure. From them I learned about you more and more. I am very pleased to hear kind words about your family. Your parents are lucky to have such a caring and loving son. Today when I went for work I have met one of my girlfriends its name Irina. With it we studied together. I was so is glad to our meeting. Because recently we cannot see so often as could do it earlier, at me the family, two children is a lot of work at it. As I hurried up for work we and could not talk on good and have agreed to find time for dialogue after work. Shea within day and very much waited for this meeting. We have met in cafe in which often happened in student's years. It was time of greater memoirs. It as has told for me about that that will be fast a meeting of graduates, it has not much surprised me because for all time that has passed we still never met. After I have asked it that at it has occured new, it has told for me about it, I was so is glad to that that it is happy. Irina, has asked me as my private life. Shea I have answered it that I correspond with you it have been very surprised doubly why I up to their time on married and why I have dialogue through the Internet. I have told that I wish to have pleasantly dialogue with the man that it was pleasant and understood me completely that it was more interesting, that the man was with good manners. That very much does not suffice in Russian men. Irina in second time married, for the first time it had a husband which it concerned to it as to a thing and without respect and feelings much and often walked explaining it is all work. But Irina understood all this but that could not on do and often came to me and cried from it, their life has together ended when it has afforded much and the beginnings it to beat it there was a bad person and at me with it only not pleasant impressions. But now it is happy to all that occurs in its home life, it has met the man which has greater care of it and understanding they love each other. And this main thing, at them children were born. And I enjoy that when I see them together they so is happy. We talked with Irina much. It to me would tell that I was cautious with you, that I would not repeat its mistakes. In the end of conversation we have promised each other that, will see and come is more often to each other on a visit. She is very good girl we with it have much passed together, in all troubles and pleasures it always was with me. As well as Nastya. With it we are familiar since the childhood, we went to one school and lived in the next houses. When have left school, have together gone to study, only it studied on Biologist. We with it not when are not separated. Now we almost every day see, we come to each other. It married. I think that that, Nastya, is very happy in marriage. I am very glad for it! Husband Nastya call Igor, it often leaves to work on the north because in our city not so it is a lot of work. And they wish to give birth now to the child, it is very complex to contain children In our country. It tries earns for family, for that what they had all well. Nastya, understands it and with impatience each time waits for its returning. When Igor leaves, we with Nastya often gather at my place what to sit to talk about a life. When there is time, we go to walk somewhere. It to me as the sister. I think if you knew it, you as have told that that it the good person!!! At me only two girlfriends, but they true and I can always rely on them!!! And at you it is a lot of friends? You could not tell to me about them? Shea I am pleased to read your letter. I find it interesting to learn about you and your family. I'm sorry that your father is no longer around. Losing a loved one is a very serious event. I also lost a loved one. At this point, you know how much is not constant and fragile our lives are. What you need to enjoy every moment of our communication. But they will always be in your heart. People are alive until they are remembered. Shea I am glad that your mother lives so close and you can often see her. I think it is very nice. I understand your question about friendship at the international level, it is also the first time for me. I think together we will explore this opportunity and become closer. I wrote your number when I have a chance, I'll call you. Shea I will send a letter from the library from 7 to 8 pm. I do not know why they are so long before you go. In this letter I send you a photo with my friends, I love them very much. We love to have fun. Without them, my life would not be complete. I hope, that you do not take offence on Irina, for that that it about fear has concerned to you!!! Also has asked me to be cautious. I think it it is possible to understand, to it much should be gone through. And it would not want that I repeated its mistakes. I hope that that you will not be offended on it for it!!! On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer with impatience. Yours Olga

Letter 6

Your letters please me. And I am not important with what mood has come and as have passed my day after I esteem your messages to me it becomes easier and more pleasant. It on lifts my mood when I go home I so much recollect still long that you have written for me and it pleases me. How there was your day? Than you were engaged? For me it is interesting to listen to you about your friends. I am glad to that that they at you are. Shea today I went to a hairdressing salon, usually I had hair cut at one woman but today it was not also me cut, another. After it has straightened me. I was confused to that not much as it has straightened me. But after I have come home and I have looked in a mirror has thought that I began to look more cheerfully. Shea but I think of that that this business not in a hairdress, and in that that I have dialogue with you! And you give great value to the appearance? You have hair cut in a constant place? You in general in a life are constant? Shea you know when I was small and went to school me my mum cut. And as it has made for me in everything that I looked well. And on it at school me have nicknamed the woman of fashion. And at you any nickname was Shea at school? Children always think out something. Even now my girlfriends have nicknamed me Babe. Shea and how you are named by your close people? In this photo I have hair, the same as now. Shea I am pleased that you treat with such attention to my English. I will take into account your mistakes. I agree with you that the family is the first place in a person's life, only after it has everything else. My religion is Orthodox Christianity. I believe in God and a child, my parents taught me to order. My parents were taught that you need to go to church and follow their faith. Now I do not always attend church as visited it before. But in my heart, God is always with me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter! Yours Olga.

Letter 7

Hello Shea ! I am sorry. I'm so in front of you is not convenient. I could not write to you. In the library there was no internet. I was very upset. Because I do not like that you worry. I hope you do not stop to write to me and we can learn more about us. Shea I can tell for you about that that you begin to me more close more interesting. It seems to me that at us much in common. I with impatience wait for your letter because they give for me pleasure and pleasure. I do not cease to think of you. It is pleasant for me. I at all have not noticed as week has gone. And for you my letters are pleasant? I would like to please you with the letters!!! Today at me event on work since morning I was pleasant has made a new interesting hairdress and this hairdress has liked all. Shea I was glad to it. Shea tell for me and than you like to be engaged, what for you the present pleasure? It is very interesting to me, I think that you enjoy viewing of sports meets. I with pleasure would look with you it. I watch TV especially any historical programs for me interestingly to learn about that as our world lived earlier. This pleasure for me. And you know history of the country? You could not tell to me about it? I do not know much about your country, but I very much would like to learn your culture. It for me would be very cognitive!!! As I like to gather the company and to play various games. More often I do it on work. When I see that children strongly get tired I speak to gather it in a circle and we play hide-abd-seeck!!! All over it is children's game. You sometime heard and about it? You know, what this such? If it will be over to you interestingly, I can tell to you about it in the following letter. Shea I am pleased that you like my letter and they change your mood. I'll try not to make you nervous. I will write every day and answer your questions. From your letter I learned that you occupy a great position and you have a lot of responsibility. I think it is not very easy. Shea I saw a list of your questions. I'll try to answer them. I forgot to say, you can write in English. I need more practice that would improve my writing. 1. My birthday is October 10, 1987, 2. Growth 5.6, 3. Alcohol can consume the feast no more than one glass of wine or champagne, 4. On the question of the children I am very kind and always first turn to his beloved man, before we have to discuss this together before you decide on behalf of children. 5. I graduated from Vyatka State University. 6. School of the Arts, 7 I do not smoke. 8. I enjoy a variety of dishes, but I try to make her figure and can not afford a lot of harmful and fatty foods. But sometimes I allow myself to meat dishes. My parents are very happy when I come to them and accept for the preparation of various dishes. 9. I have not traveled before this no particular preference. Perhaps Switzerland. 10. The perfect day to be in with the beloved island and enjoy the sun and the ocean, drink fruit cocktails and have fun. 11. Walking on the promenade night, holding her hand, and the man she loved to look at the stars. 12. Green. 13. Olga Nikolaevna 14. good mother and a loving wife. 15. to meet this man and hold him for life. Communicate with family and friends. Shea I hope that answered your question, if you would not understand. Email me and I will answer. I read your answers. They helped me get to know you. Shea you have hobby? My hobby this cultivation of various colors, it as can seem not interesting and boring employment but for me it delivers a lot of pleasure. Speak that flowers sate an apartment with fresh air and cheer up. For me this employment a lot of pleasure I is exact brings enjoy this employment. It has come for me from my mum it very much loves flowers and many years are engaged in them. At home in village at it very big park of colors and not only houses but also in the street. And it with heat and caress can speak about them though very long. Today I post a photo to a beautiful tree. I did it in the garden of the parents. As that time about which I comes nearer spoke for you that we at our school spend accounting concerts for half-year. I like to spend these concerts therefore to think out various statements of dances of the various countries or nationalities. It very interestingly I like to be prepared for it I look through various records and I read the literature. It is long process but when in the end it turns out so all hall rises and applauds feel the price of the diligence. It delivers for me pleasures. I would think to you it was pleasant if you saw my statements. And you like to dance? Tell to me, you visited, ever children's concerts? Shea know I now has thought that surprisingly, but I am very simple with you I communicate I can talk absolutely about all this very pleasantly for me enjoy it! Please, tell to me more about how passes yours put! It is very interesting to me to know your way of life! I look forward to your letter!!! Yours Olga

Letter 8

Shea I cannot find ideas in my head to write for you and I can not distract from that that there was today to me it was awful. Shea already by the end of the working day to me in a cabinet has come, other teacher it is engaged in statements of man's more modern dances in which force is necessary. Usually when it came to me our dialogue was not long and we talked to it only about work on that as it will be better to us to put this or that dance. But today when it has come I has not understood that it spoke me, I at all did not listen to it, after it has started to stick to me, I have told that it unpleasantly for me, and to me that it was not necessary to do as to give it a slap in the face and I have escaped more quickly home. I cried, and now on my eyes of tear. I wished where to go, but have thought, that you will experience. I have come what to write to you. Shea, I feel such defenceless. Why with me beside there would be no man which could protect me!. Shea why men think that that if the girl is lonely, means to it it is possible to stick? I had attitudes, but not long because I wish to feel the present love. And I not when did not test such feelings. I all life wait for the unique which man I shall love also which will love me!!! I cannot the word “ I is simple so to say love you ”. Only when I can tell it, I shall be happy. I hope, that when or I shall meet such person. Shea, I am assured that that it not when will not cause me a pain, and will protect me. I at all do not understand men who can cause the girl a pain. That seems to me that for the man it should be low. I am assured of that that you not when could not hurt the girl. Because, when I look at your photos, in your eyes I see that that you have a soul. You the kind person. Shea, you very much like me, you not such as all. Forgive me but I cannot write to you more now. I need to calm down and consider all. Shea, I hope that that you understand me!!!! Yours Olga

Letter 9

Shea, thanks for your letter. I am glad that that you have written to me!!! Shea you can not imagine how I am pleased and it is important that you understand me and support that I have happened, because it is better for me to make my day !! I am glad that I have you, and I was able to trust you with this. I now know that you can rely on and you will always support you. You are the real man. Thank you for what you are. I know that you would protect me, because I feel that would be with you in safety. I can not even imagine that I'd do without you. I would be happy if you would be by my side. Shea I am not going to stop to talk to you. I on the contrary I want to do it more and more. I am very pleased that we met each other and become closer with each passing day. Shea yes, I heard that in some cultures, a desire not ask girls to marry. I think it is very wrong. The man has a choice of how to act in any given situation. Shea thank you once again that I support. I am very pleased. Thank you for your good photos, I liked it. Today I have come into school, have written the letter of resignation and have taken away the documents. I long thought, how I shall not tell to my pupils about that that I more at them to teach. Then I was solved have come on employment and have told it that I shall not teach more at them. Children very much were upset. Shea to me so painfully that to me I was necessary to hurt those of whom love. But I very much hope for that that when they will grow they will understand me. When I have left a class on my eyes there were tears. Shea I adore these children, they to me all as native. But I cannot work there more after last incident! I long yesterday thought of it when I recollect that as this animal tried to touch me with the paws me tears from it. I thought what to speak it to someone or not. I do not wish to get involved more in it and to recollect it it on so much unpleasantly for me. So I have decided to leave simply easy. How you consider, I have correctly made? In my head confusion. I have left work. It is not a pity to me that I can teach the groups of employment more. But I think that that, I shall visit them. I think this best that I can make!!!! Shea, tomorrow I cannot write to you as I shall go to mum and the daddy. I need on to be with them and much above what to think. I need to solve what further to do!!! I hope that that you on me will not be pressed out! Today I have been thinking for some photos to send to you. I decided to stay at the photo that made this summer. We walked with his girlfriend in the park, and she offered to make some good photos. I hope you like it. I have already got used to you. You such person to which would be desirable to open. I am happy that that the destiny has given chance to us to learn one another. I shall miss very much your letters, but I shall remember you every minute. I shall write at once as soon as I shall return!!!! I hope you you will not take offence at me. Yours Olga

Letter 10

Shea today I have arrived from parents. I have well spent time!!! I have considered all and have decided to search for new work. I have told about it to parents, they completely support me. Shea thank you once again for your support, it is very necessary to me. I am pleased that you stand up for me. I always dreamed that my life would have been the kind of man with whom I will feel completely safe. And I'm not afraid to be one. Leave work was the only right choice for me because I can not work with a man who hurt me. Shea I am pleased that you like my photos. Yes, I understand what you're saying. In school, you were very active and uchuvstvovat in different events. I also tried to take part in school life, uchuvstvovat in competitions and concerts. Shea when has arrived to parents, they were very glad me to see. We talked much. They at once have understood that not everything is all right. I have told it about that that happens. The daddy has flown into a rage from it. Shea, but gradually it has calmed down. I have asked them to not lift again speech about it. Then it has left to flood a bath. And we with mum have begun to cook food. In the evening at supper I have told to the parents about you. I have told it what you interesting the man and about that as I like to communicate with you. Mum asked me about you much, I told all. Then I have gone to a bath and have laid down to sleep. In the morning I have woken up from singing birds. I have come on kitchen mum did not sleep any more and made a breakfast. I have woken up and have gone to walk on street. There very beautiful weather. I went and thought of that as it would be fine to go now with you for a hand! My head was visited at once many with fine ideas! Shea you can present yourself it? Thinking of you I have left very far. Then I was developed and have gone back when I have come, the meal already was on a table. We had a bite I and I have decided to go home. And already when I went in the bus me such idea has visited that that I and I have not noticed that that and have not noticed as have forgotten about all bad that happens. I went and thought of words of parents, thought of that that it so well when there are those who you support. The trip home very much has inspired me. And I have gained strength for search of new work. Shea I have noticed that that when to me happens badly me pulls as a magnet in the parental house, and I come back from there full energy and and optimism!!! Shea, tell to me than you were engaged? You missed about me? I very much missed!!! Shea the daddy and mum asked to send the regards to you!!! As that they are very glad to our dialogue. And how your relatives concern to our dialogue? Do you like my picture today? This is me my parents away, I have there own room, where I can have a rest from the road. On road to library I have bought the newspaper with announcements, of that who it is required for work. Now I shall go home it is necessary to see many announcements, probably, that I shall find that that suitable!!! But it is now not so good with work As all over the world crisis. And with work at us it is very bad. Close many enterprises, and many people remain without work. On it I think that that search of work will not be a lung. I very much hope for that that at me all will turn out and soon I shall be arranged somewhere. Shea, you trust in me? How you think at me it will turn out? Tomorrow I shall come and I hope to see your letter!!! Your Olga.

Letter 11

As your day today was Shea? My day was fine I enjoyed it not looking on what this all from that that have left my impressions of a dream which has dreamed me. Shea today you have dreamed me it on were pleasant so much that I cannot pick up in it words at all, as if we were together kept for a hand about as this pleasantly Shea we enjoyed it had many smiles and fun in dialogue, we walked with you on the nature in what that not the friend for me a place, it was so pleasantly for me I enjoyed this Shea by that confidence that you glad with me and for me it became so pleasantly and easy. I was pleased to it. Feeling your heat and the most important ease of our dialogue. I did not wish to wake up from this dream, Shea you would like that it was a reality? I feel that in me that that varies, I start to long. Before when was not such, I long. My life varies also it fine. Today I weigh day went in many places to get a job but while that has not found. I would like to be arranged by formation what to be engaged with that that is pleasant to me. But it is now very complex as in our city this trade is not especially demanded. And you have schools of dances? Dances are widespread in your country? At us it not so is developed. On it there are not enough schools, as in the further not where to develop. So in most cases in dances in our country are engaged only as a hobby. And I always wished to be engaged in it professionally and to raise the level. I am pleased that you write this for me. I did not hear what Skype, I ask acquaintances. I do not have a phone. We need to take a closer look, so we can talk on the phone. How do you like my photos today? This summer we went with friends for the weekend to relax on the tourist base. It is located on the river Vyatka. It is the longest river located near my city, my dad says there are so many fish. We are very well rested, but only the weather let us down, there was a rain and it was a little cool. But we never lose heart girlfriends, and always find what we do. I hope that that you liked my dream. I shall look forward to your letters and a photo!!! I would want that you sent, more than the photos where you smile to me. Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 12

Hello Shea !!! I do not know how to describe the feelings that are in me. The world for me was how the others, as if I did not know him. My friends tell me that I'm all candles. For me it's the first time. Shea when I did not see this myself, and the excitement of what you can not feel the same, too strong for me. It is so strange and unexpected for me to have such feelings. I am happy of what you are in my life. Your letters give me pleasant emotions. I sometimes think that it is really a dream, and that it does not happen to me. I hope that you feel that we have moved closer to you. How was your day? I want to know everything you're doing Shea can talk all you want. I always support you and understand. Shea my day was filled with different thoughts. So much has happened in all that time. I lost my job. I want to regret it, and at the same time glad that now I do not have to work with a man who hurt me. Shea thank you once again for your support in this difficult time for me. As we say in the country 'what not to do, for the better, "I have not lost hope in the fact that everything will work out, you're helping me cope with all this. I was at home today, and no job as not myself. I wanted all the time to do something, but I did not know what it was. I was struck by a single thought. It is to forget about all the problems and to devote himself to walk. I like to walk around the city. Shea you like to get out of the house and have a fresh air? I'm crazy I like to walk. I have decided that there is nothing I feel sad. I got ready and went for a walk in the park, hoping that thoughts about the problems leave me and will only be joy in the soul. We have a beautiful park. There's always crowded and safe. You can walk and not be afraid of no one . When you walk down the path, you meet a lot of different people. They are all so cheerful, loving, thoughtful, like I am right now. Everyone has the pleasure of this life and takes away from it all. Shea there was one couple who never for a moment let go of each another from the embrace. They sat on the bench, as if no one, and that does not noticing. I looked at them for a long time. They talked about something, and kissed each other. He tells her that something in his ear, and she smiles with happiness. It is so beautiful!! At first glance it seems that people are cruel, but if you look closely, it is not. In every man there is good and light. I think that the light of the soul is love. When a man loves, he can do everything. When I got home, I realized that walking so long that you do not have time to write. Probably all of these thoughts, I forgot to look at the clock. Shea I quickly hurried to the library to write to you. After all, for me it is very important to see your letter. Shea I am excited by your letter. I am pleased how you feel about me and the parking of our Rooms. Thank you that told about Ballroom schools in America. I agree with you that the meeting will help us get closer. But we need to get to know each other and understand that between us can be. I liked your photos. they are beautiful. Shea you have some wedding traditions? We have a lot of them. On my picture I am standing on the bridge. If you've noticed it many castles. When people get married they come and hang your castle, close it and throw the keys into the water. This means that their family will be happy. Maybe it does not look the part seriously, but now it has become very fashionable. Shea I think about how wonderful that we have brought to you the destiny and we can talk about anything you want. About how the day went, what happened at a time when we do not write to each other. This all brings us. I am learning more about you and understand that you are important to me. Shea I hope that you will be pleased to my letter. I want you to know that I look forward to every day a letter from you with impatience and joy when it was opened. I think I will finish this letter. I hope that when you open my letter then you will smile and the thought that somewhere far away there is a girl who thinks of you. Your Olga.

Letter 13

Shea I am glad to your letter I enjoy it, him is very pleasant for me recently I a thought only about you, each your letter as pleasure for me I like to receive them I read them with ecstasy. Shea, thanks for telling me about the wedding traditions. I was interested to learn new things from your culture. I hope we will often share than something special from our countries. I liked your photos. They are beautiful. Shea you fine the man! In you understanding and kindness. You know not all people are capable to possess such qualities. I always wanted to meet someone like you !!!! Shea you so are similar to that which man I searched for all life. But I still completely am not assured of it. But I very much would want that it was so. Shea, in my life that that has turned over. It became interesting and was filled with sense after we have got acquainted! Tell to me our acquaintance as that has changed your life? Shea now I try to fall asleep more quickly to dream about you and when you come to my dream I more quickly is happy. Shea, I at all do not understand last time that occurs to me. Shea, I test to you that that especial. I feel that that to me not when did not come to test. When I read your letters my heart fades, and in me as if all overturns. I can represent myself hours and I have all new and new dreams. You represent even when I go to bed I embrace a pillow and I represent that it you!!! Shea as you think it love? I not when did not love, and I do not know that occurs to me. But so it would be desirable to trust me that really love and that you that person for which I are created. You when did not hear speak that each person has a second part and when the person meets it, it becomes as though the whole. Its life Completely varies though greater changes do not occur it simply becomes are happy it connects it with what that high. You trust in it?? How you think we there could be two half one another? I do not know as it have occured but I think to May that I love you!!! To me now overflow emotions I feel as if I fly. Shea, you the first the man to which I have told that I love. Also that that inside speaks me that that you the first and last the man to which can admit to me love!!! I understand that it as that unexpectedly, but I could not be silent more about the feelings to you. Now I very much wished to learn about that that you feel? I am very excited about my feelings, I was overwhelmed with emotion. This time I decided to send you one of my favorite photos. I with excitement shall wait for your letter! I Hope that that you will come today to me in a dream! Your sweet Olga

Letter 14

Hello Shea! I am happy to receive your letter. I am pleased that you feel to me the same thing. I was worried how you'd react to my letter. I am glad that we can now talk openly about our feelings. Shea I am surprised how much you know about our traditions and customs. I can not say about myself as well. America for me remains a mystery. I only know that the Americans are the most free nation. People are very friendly and cheerful. Oh, and of course the biggest feature that I know that you go home in the shoe. I've always been is not clear. Shea I will be happy if you tell me about your culture and traditions. And I tell you about our. So we will be with you closer. I have recollected history that when the person is born there is a new star and when the person dies one star falls. One star - one life. I looked at the sky and searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, what occurs, when two persons, enamoured one in another become together? Shea how you think? I think, that they are united. Also become more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and understand my feelings. You will probably smile to it but because I am happy that all occurs so it is more pleasure for me Shea today for me again you have dreamed so it was pleasant I enjoyed it it there was not so clear dream for me because you have dreamed me as what that the main person to which I have come to get a job. You with a pleasant smile have accepted me and have gone to show for me that that I should do. And we had pleasant conversation it there was greater a pleasure for me And have not noticed, how became close one to another and we have kissed. AS our FIRST KISS was fine!!!!!! IT was fine!!!!!! On my body there has passed a pleasant shiver. I have fallen in your embraces, and you have kept me, and we continued to kiss. Shea, you see dreams? You can describe them? I would like, what our dreams would become a reality, you want this Shea? I send you the kisses, and I hope, what tomorrow I shall receive yours as, you will send them to me?? I have fallen into a reverie with something and nearly have not forgotten to tell to you. Today, I have gone to housing and communal services, you know that this such? At us there pay for municipal services. I needed to pay for light, and there I have met with Irina. But it hurried up home because it needed to make a supper to the husband. I am very glad for it, I too would like to make a supper for the favourite person. You would would like that I made a supper to you? Irina, has told that is very glad that has met me, it has told to me that that was going to go today to me. Shea, you Remember, I spoke you, that when we sat in cafe with Irina, she has told to me about a meeting of graduates. This meeting will be tomorrow. You not against if I there shall go? To me it is important that you will tell on it. I shall look forward to your letter! The picture today I have at the Ice Palace. We went there with a friend. There was music and there was a lot of people. I like to skate. I even know how to do some exercise. But I do not have a partner. Would you like to be my partner on the ice? Your most gentle Olga