Scam Letter(s) from Alena to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello. We have got acquainted with you today on a dating site. I ask you to prove your e-mail that we could continue our acquaintance. I send for you my photo. I wait for your letter. And your photo. I wish your of good luck.

Letter 2

Hello Gene! I waited for your answer... For me this new acquaintance on the Internet, and I never dared at acquaintance through the Internet. But I hope that at us with you to turn out good dialogue.
I want to ask for you pardons for my error in a profile. I tried to specify in my questionnaire that I from Russia, but my questionnaire deleted also I could not pay my profile. I hope, what for you it not a problem, and we will continue our acquaintance?
I have grown and I live in Russia, in the city of Syzran. My city small, and the population of my city makes nearby 110 000 persons. My city is in the Samara region. The distance from Moscow makes 880 km, and 135 km from Samara. Tell to me about your city?
I want, that you knew that I seriously concern our acquaintance, and I hope you also mutually concern me. I do not search for flirtation or entertainments, and I search the future partner. What intentions at you on acquaintance to me?
For me it is a new kind of acquaintance through the Internet. I heard that it is a lot of people all over the world have found the love by means of the Internet. And I have decided to try as such acquaintance, and have got acquainted with you. You know people who happily live in love and the consent after acquaintance on the Internet? I did not try acquaintance on the Internet earlier as I do not have house computer. I write to you from the work, and it unfortunately unique possibility for contact to you.
I want to tell to you why I have solved on acquaintance on the Internet. I have been enamoured of the Russian man, but he has deceived me. Therefore I have decided to try to construct relations with the foreign man. For me it is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, therefore I ask you do not deceive me. I want to tell about myself, know that I the sincere girl and I do not want to tell you a lie. I hope you also you will tell me truth.
I want to tell to you a little about myself. I the sympathetic person, benevolent, and I will be always glad to help the close. I am responsible, and seriously I concern the work put to me. As I "soul of the company", I can support any conversation, I like to communicate on different themes. I the versatile person, like to communicate on different themes. As I am curious, for me it is always interesting to learn something new. I am accurate, I love an order in the house, I can name myself the good housewife. At me well it turns out to cook food, I was trained in it by my mum. Now I single, and I very much want to find the future love.
It is a little about me. And I hope that in a course to correspondence we will learn each other better. Tell to me on more about itself? Than you are fond? About your work? I will wait for your answer.

Letter 3

Hello Gene!!! I am glad to receive your letter again. And with each your new letter for me, I learn about you more. I hope that you It is sincere with me, as well as I with you. I think that we should be frank with each other, because in relations it
The main thing. Ask me all about what you you want to learn about me, and I will be glad to answer you your any question.
I want to learn about your interests. Than you are engaged during free time from work? How you have a rest? What your favourite place
Rest? I like to have a rest on the nature where pure air, to be in a circle of my congenial souls and friends. As it is pleasant to me
Productive leisure. I have a dream to jump from a parachute though I am afraid not much, I want to test it. You jumped from a parachute?
In the future we can probably jump from a parachute together?
What films are pleasant to you? Where you them look? I like to look films at a cinema, it seems to me romantic. I consider
Myself from a part the romanticist, I like to dream, imagine what or a fairy tale. You the romanticist? You can did what or acts,
To deserve the woman?
In youth one boyfriend has written me on asphalt fiery letters a declaration of love, it has mentioned me, but further at us
There was no with it a relation. It was my first experience in relations, but I consider that it there was a young love. Tell to me about
The first love? What it was?
You like to read books? You read what books or magazines? I like to read romantic detectives and dramas. At us in
Russia is popular writer Tatyana Ustinova, she writes very interesting books.
To you sometime devoted verses? To me yes, at school, I consider that very beautifully when the man writes verses to the woman. I
Very much I like to read verses and to listen to them, but I am not able to compose them. And you are able? I think that questions will suffice for today. I hope you do not consider me curious? I simply want to learn you even better and I hope for the answer to my questions. I wish you pleasant day. You as can ask me, all that will be interesting to you. I wait for your answer. Alona!!!

Letter 4

Hello Gene! Again, I see your letter, and I am very pleased. With your every story about myself I imagine your mind and your life.
Now I had a break for lunch. usually I eat at work, I take with homemade food. but sometimes I have lunch with my friends. We visit the same cafe not far from my work. I usually order a coffee or green tea, salad, fries and dessert. But I like more healthy, not fat food cooked their own hands. And I sometimes take food from home. Where do you dine? What do you usually eat? I like to cook, and that I'm good at. I know a lot of different recipes in Russian cuisine, taught me that my mom.
I told my friends about you and they are very happy for me. I have two very loyal friend and Ekaterina Tatyana, which I tell. My friends will always help me in difficult times, and I treasure friendship.
I want to tell you sincerely that with your appearance, I feel that my life has changed. All my things are a lot better, a little failure disappeared. Maybe you think it's all nonsense? but I think it was fate that we met with you. do you believe in destiny? you are happy for our acquaintance?
you saw me only in photographs, I try to describe myself, but it is very difficult.
My height is 169 cm, weight 52, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. I was brought up in a respectable family, and I have no bad habits. Hair color - blonde, straight, medium length, my eyes are brown. I try to follow the fashion. But sometimes I can not. You probably know yourself that new things have a great price, and I can not afford it all the time, because my salary is not high.
In the evening, I'm at home, watch TV, sometimes we are with friends and go shopping in the nice weather walk in the park. At the disco I do not go, I think I came out of that age. Now I only think about the future, how to build a family, have children. What do you think? What are your plans for the future?
At this point I will finish my letter. I need to hurry to do my job. I look forward to your letter. Alena!!!

Letter 5

Hello my man!!! She is yours Alena! Forgive me that I could not answer you with old email as it have blocked I could not enter there but though in drove all data correctly and some times checked. Now you should write to me here! Yours Alena.

Letter 6

You have again made my day happy! Today I have gone for work with especial feeling, and I waited for your letter! You as wait for my letters?
I have decided to tell to the parents about you. I hope, what you not
against? Yesterday we with parents drank tea and spoke about you. I have told that have got acquainted with the good man, and we communicate through the Internet! Parents have asked what is your name? I have told it that your name Gene! My parents have asked me why I did not speak about you earlier? I have told to the parents that has got acquainted with you more recently and consequently I did not tell about you.
Gene, I thought of you much. I do not know as it to tell, but at me feelings to you start to appear. I do not know as you it to describe. Possibly it is love? I do not know. But I constantly think of you. It is interesting, whether you think of me? Allow to ask you a question. You think of me? Only tell to me sincerely about it. It is important for me. I do not want to hurry up. But I want to tell to you that you became very interesting to me.
I want to tell to you as my parents have got acquainted. It was very much for a long time. But I remember, how my father told to me as it looked after my mother. It was the romanticist, and now remains such. It gave it every day flowers, they went to the cinema, ate ice-cream. When they only started to communicate, my mother lived in a hostel on 3 floor, and in the evenings my father sometimes got on a drainpipe to it. Here on what my father for the sake of love was ready to go! Since then they live loving each other. My father never deceived washing mum, and did not offend her. I very much love the parents and I value them!
I dream of the family, same amicable and loving. I want to raise children, I want to see as they will go to school.
Tell to me about the most secret dream? What do you want most of all? Of what you dream recently?
On it I finish the letter, I with impatience will look forward to
hearing. With the warm feelings to you! Alena!!!

Letter 7

Hello Gene. Every day you bring to me pleasure when I read your letters. My feelings to you all become warmer every day, and I any more do not represent day without your letter. I never could think earlier that I so will communicate with the man on the Internet and it to me so it will be pleasant, I very much to it am glad to it. What do you think?
Yesterday the dream has dreamt me, I even at first have not believed that it is a dream. It was so naturally, I understood all. In this dream I saw you. We with you walked on coast of the beautiful, azure sea. I was so is glad that I at least in the sleep could touch to you, to take you for a hand, to nestle on your shoulder, to embrace you, to kiss. As heat and caress suffices me. I want that near to me there was a man with which to me will be quiet, with which I was afraid of nothing, I think that you which such man I search.
In this dream I was easy, to me was quiet, as I would not like that this dream did not come to an end. But it is necessary to wake up. Dreams dreamt you where there was I?
I have more and more a desire to know you more, to see you personally. Every day I want that it has fast come to an end tomorrow again to see your letter and that you have again decorated my day with the attention.
I will wait for your letter. Gently I embrace you and I give you my
gentle kiss. Alena!!!

Letter 8

Hello my man!!! She is your girlfriend Alena! My old emeil why that have again blocked, and I very much did not want to lose touch with you as I very much want to communicate with you and on it I will write to you with new emeila. I would ask you that you have answered me my last letter as I cannot send you it once again only if I write you it again but what for I will do superfluous work if you can read it once again and write me the answer to this emeil. I will wait for your letter with big not patience!!! Yours and only your girlfriend Alena!!!

Letter 9

It is ready shares with favourite everything that at me is. I want to present to you the tenderness and love. With you I want
To begin the
New life, I did not have such feelings to another of men though you and are on distance from me, but I all the same
I test
Strong feelings to you, it that that especial. We can transfer only the thoughts each other, we can will share
Only in the letter, I would like that that more. I feel that now I would like to learn you in a reality.
Night for me is the period of day when my thoughts overflow me, I constantly think of you. I on a debt cannot fall asleep,
I dream about
To our meeting, I represent, as it will be. You test the such?There is no I do not use two various e-mail addresses, at me and I write one e-mail address to you from it. Yes you are right my the first emeil have blocked, and the second emeil too. And I very much do not want to lose touch with you and on it I have created the third emeil. And I at all do not know that there was I simply could not come on the mail and would leave the demand the manager that they have helped me but they could not help me. New works very well.
All with whom I communicate notice that I have changed, on my person constantly smile, I became more cheerful, I am grateful
To you that you
Has appeared in my life. That by means of you I have again started to trust in love, my life was filled with sense. Now mine
The unique
The dream to meet you to learn you, to begin the future with you.
Unfortunately I should interrupt, I need to go to work. I look forward your letter. Alena!!!

Letter 10

Hello Gene! I very much waited for your letter. I thank you for your answer. You as always have pleased me with your answer. Everyone your letter is a smile of pleasure on my person.
Yes I will agree with you! Yes I would like to visit other country!
I am am visited even more often by thoughts on you. This night I long thought of distance which divides us! We are enough far apart, but I do not consider it as the big problem now.
Gene, you very good and interesting person. It is pleasant to me to communicate with you. You to me very strongly are pleasant also to me it seems that in this time, you became for me more than simply friend on the Internet. It is pleasant to me to share with you events which occur or occurred in my life. It is easy to me to speak with you on any themes. I am glad that there is such person as you with which I can share the sincere feelings. I am very glad that have got acquainted with you. Acquaintance to you is very bright event for me which does me every day all more happily.
You became for me very much the loved one, and you to me are not indifferent. Each your letter is a hope for me. We have learnt about each other not much, and I want to learn you even more. Tell to me even more about you. Tell to me about your life, about your childhood, about that as has passed your today?
As I have one important question for me. I ask you, answer it fairly. You that we have sometime met you in real life would like? I think early of it to speak, but this thought does not give me rest. And I want to know that you want from ours with you acquaintance...
My most treasured dream is to find the worthy man and to establish a happy family... I want, that near to me there was a man with which I will live, and to rejoice lives, dreaming of tomorrow. I dream that sometime coming home me will meet, my loving husband and children. Whether you can tell to me about your treasured dream? It will be interesting to me to learn about it.
Among my familiar not I am a lot of people with which I can divide my thoughts... I start to trust You, and I tell all about my life and my dreams. I can share with you all about what I think, and that me disturbs. You as can trust me, and I will be glad as to listen to you...
I with impatience will wait for your answer.

Letter 11

Hello mine Gene! I have received your letter. It is very pleasant to me to know that you as think of ours with you to a meeting. I as represent it dreamily, and I very much want to realise it a dream in a reality. I think of ours with you to a forthcoming meeting much. And I think, if we together want to see each other, we can embody all our imaginations in a reality and to be together. I would like to ask you, you want to accept me in your house? I ask you answer me sincerely this question. If you want to see me in the house, your intentions really serious. I would like to visit you, to get acquainted with your family, to learn your life. You not against if I will visit you? I will talk to my director concerning my holiday. As I can go to travel company and learn that is necessary for me what to arrive to you. Tell to me you you approve it? As I ask you inform me at what airport to you it will be convenient to meet me?
Gene we could see our future as we really represent it in our dreams, certainly if we can be together. I dream that in the days off we will walk together on park all our family and to admire the nature. I always wanted to surround with care of my favourite husband and to give all my love. To meet you from work and to feed with a tasty supper which I will prepare the hands about all my love to you. We will pass all our life keeping for hands. I very much would like to make all it with you and to make you the happiest man on light, it will be for me really big compensation in my life. I sincerely trust our feelings and I want to execute all our dreams. During ours with you I am short dialogue have seen your sincerity and your serious intentions to me. And I very much would like, that with you dialogue passed ours to new level, more real. So we can is better learn each other and is closer get acquainted...
I very much miss your messages and always with impatience I wait for your letter when I check my mail. I could write these gentle words for you still very long. I hope to you to be pleasant my dreams and plans for the future? Tell to me about it?
On it I will finish my message to you. With impatience I wait for your
answer. Yours Alena!



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