Letter(s) from Lavria Tomoraka to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

I have a good personality, I like to joke around. My friends and say I'm friendly, kind and a nice person to be around with and I'm a kind of lady that would give the shirt of my back to give to someone. But that a judgment you will have to make. I was born in Malaysia. Looking for a man that like to cuddle, have fun, going places, talking to, joke around and just have a great time and has a good personality. A man that want some kind of relationship

Letter 2

hello Dave? I have not received from you still any letter and I ask you tell please. And at all I do not know about what you you think and has not told me. Probably something has occurred. I worry and would not leave you without the answer. How your health and also thoughts? About all and also that I wrote and you wrote to me. Kisses Lavria

Letter 3

My darling Dave I very much wish to trust you in all. And thus I continue and to think very much on another. In a life there are different good and bad situations, but I never turn a back to my girlfriends and they never betray me. Let it is better than I can help, than not help at all! They help me a difficult minute and always a support to me and I
I love them always and in any situation. In Turkmenistan the friendship is a value and all friends hang together and go on a visit constantly, do each other surprises and gifts. And HOW at you it occurs?? I think, that at us with you is much
The general. I wish to tell to you about my character, but it is difficult to me to write about it because I never wrote about it. I think, that first of all I fair always. I very much trust people and I hate treachery! I wish to smile than be afflicted more and also I very quiet girl and I will not be nervous without case. But also I very emotional also think that it to like my friends. I have some friends, but they the presents also can always help me. My mum... I also can trust her. I can feel some people and I can understand at once bad people or good. I very cheerful and I love humour how to listen, so and itself I speak ridiculous things and I tell ridiculous cases! I should note to you. That I
Very much I love children. A little my girlfriends have children, as boys and girls. And if they come to me on a visit or I
Them I see somewhere then I necessarily play with them. And if we go on shops together. Then I am better to myself I will not buy anything, and to it necessarily toy. That they rejoiced, as it is possible is more often and spoke pleasant words and it so to become then easily on heart.
What do you like to dress and if you the classical person tell to me please?
I like to dress beautiful things, I very much like to look beautiful. I willingly dress jeans, I have colour favourite dark blue. I can dress under it still shoes, on high heels!
I hope you read attentively my letter and you liked the small description of that I like and love?
So please tell me about your character. What are you a person? As what you consider me, I do not aspire to be the ideal woman and I do not try to find the ideal man, I consider that ideal people do not happen on what you pay attention at first when you get acquainted with a woman?? I hope, that has not tired you with this letter and that you have read it really attentively. Tell me in your next letter that was good about you
Today?? I will finish this letter, I think that it was interesting to you to read my letters, I want that you understood me better, I think, that our letters do us more close each other and me it very much to please! I wish you a good day, kisses Lavria

Letter 4

Hello Dave it's interesting for me to receive your news always. You are able to deliver me some pleasure. I will hope, that we will not disappoint each other, I want that our relations have grown in something more than simply correspondence. I do not know why, but I feel to you warmly and tenderness! It seems to me, that we are familiar for a long time and we write letters, as friends whom many years are familiar. Yesterday I thought of you much and have understood, that I look at you and I write letters to you not only as to the friend! I am a lonely girl, now I live one, and it is difficult to me to speak about my feelings and emotion to you because we only write letters, but to me says my heart, that I can open to you, that you very kind and good person! I think that my heart still has a stone on a soul! As men do not think seriously of a life. The serious man is necessary to me. Now my heart all is warmer and warmer. And I feel that it soon after a dream absolutely will find heat with you And it will fight all more strongly and more strongly. I think of this good bottom when I will meet the beloved who will give me pleasure and good mood every day! And that once I could forget about everything, that me connected a life, and also religion. Each person can refuse it, and a choice of other religion. is it truth? I am a woman and to me it is difficult, than to men in this world. It seems to me, that in the world very few kind and reliable men! I wish to live, where is happiness and heat, and to name it love and happiness!!!! I think, that a good man will be care of his woman, to give her tenderness and love, and many the fine moments!!! And if to speak the truth I dream, that my man will be such! I think, that any girl will be happy with such man! Please, be not afraid of these frank words because I speak to you about the desires and dreams in a life. I wish to find the love, the happiness in a life! I wish to be with my favourite person, always together, support and a support in everything to create a family and to live long and happily! I know, that it to make really, but the love is a feeling which cannot be bought or sold which comes from heart and it it is difficult to explain words, it needs to be felt!!! Love - the finest feeling which is given to us by nature! What for you the main thing in relations??? I think that of that that I wrote about different types of men - you do not concern them!!! Please speak fairly, you want something? You look at my photos and what you think?? Today I will go to pool and to float there a little! I should support a figure nevertheless. Then it is a little to drink tea and to watch TV at home, and again one! I very much like to look various programs, news of day and many other things. I will finish my letter and I will think of you! I very much to wait your new letter, and next time I will go to cafe with the big hope to see some words from you!!!! I wish you all the best and a smiles. With heat in heart Lavria

Letter 5

Hello dear Dave I have so good mood that can read again the letter from you. As your answers do me very cheerful and cheerful! And I so think, that my smile absolutely never to leave from my person and anywhere and my fine mood never will disappear!! I have more and more desire to learn you better, absolutely all. I cannot explain it, but it is the truth! I hope, what my letters too give you cheerful mood and more desire to receive news from me?? Yesterday I spoke to my girlfriend about you and our correspondence and it envied me a little. I have told to it, that you very good person both very beautiful man and my girlfriend have wished our of good luck in our relations! I am really very happy, that have got acquainted with you, this most good, that happens with me in my life. Also we with you already speak about serious about family!!! Till now I never had the husband and children.
It seems to me, that a question on a family we cannot with you in letters discuss. It is necessary to look each other in the face that from it to speak. Correctly? Last night I went home one. I represented much, that I go with you and to me it was not boring! I would like to go with you and to talk on different themes. I very strongly love romanticism. And my big desire it is final to go with the favourite person on the nature to be, to have a rest! There. Where along toward evening already the sunset can be examined! There, where already stars it is possible to look, various instants is "ladle", the big she-bear etc. And other constellations! And you like such rest? It is romanticism I think. I am a very romantic girl. Though other girls in Turkmenistan - very few people has such character. I would like to sit also with you at home at very tasty and romantic supper. I would use all skills of cookery and would make an amazing supper that we could enjoy it that it was pleasant both you, and me! Around would put candles, and conditions I would think at once varied! As for loving each other people it is played also by a role, conditions! I should you tell. If I love the man then I do for it absolutely all! And I certainly search to myself for such man who for the sake of the beloved already could do everything, absolutely!! Would look at me and we together would rejoice. Also could admit love as it is possible is more often. To say very tender words to me that I was simply inspired from these words and could not restrain from the big smile and pleasure. I had simply tears of pleasure from it! I can I hurry up a little, but I I wish to write to you not only friendly letters because I feel, that you become to me the loved one! Think of you, as about my man and if you not against I will write to you as to my man, instead of easier friend much! It will be good for you?? I do not know as it to explain, but I already would like you to name favourite!!! How you look at it? Already I wish you to learn more, what you inside, what from you in a soul? Not only for me, and in general. Your desires, probably secret. What it is pleasant to you in love? Already what I write is pleasant to you? I think, and simply I want that to you it was good from my letters. That you could forget your past and again dream of the future. That this future was fast, and you could be happy. If you search nevertheless for serious relations and I on it will approach! Then you should be assured. That all will turn out also I do all for this purpose. I know also assured, that I young and at me still all ahead. I would like to notice - that the age difference for me at all has no value! As I consider, that the life with more skilled man will seem to me it better. As at the senior man was in a life more than various situations and experience was saved! To which can learn the beloved. How do you think? I think, that I correctly argue and indeed in a life. Here I start to tell to you about my private world and about my desires! I think you still much learn about it. At me to be saved already it is a lot of words for you. But I wish to see, whether it is pleasant in general to you? Whether you can entrust me all what in your heart? It will be interesting to me to know about it.
I have the most delightful feeling now. All is good, when all only begins. Here yours Lavria

Letter 6

Hello my dear Dave I understand you. I wish to write you more and more. I hope, that it is interesting to you to read my letters!! I see, that you are not afraid to tell to me all that at you in a soul! I never thought, that in the letter many feelings and emotions to transfer to the person are possible. But when I see your letter - then all tenderness again after a dream in me for last years. All my caress and heat again on freedom.
And it gets only to you!!!! Our letters do us very close to each other every day, with each letter to me all is more interesting! I have very big emotions now, I would like you to kiss even now! I should tell you - that I am able to understand people! I see - that all your words sincere, and you to me tell much of you. I understand - that we are familiar only through the Internet but if we trust each other in these letters then at us much will turn out. You will agree with me? I want, that we had a trust between us, it is a lot of!!!!! I think - that just trust - a basis of relations, without trust our relations will not develop. I trust you, I can tell it!! I feel, that you the good man and I can trust you absolutely. While I see, that I am not mistaken, and I rejoice, if you trust me!!! I can ask you - you write letters only to me or you have still other girls?? It is simply interesting to me to know it. Simply I do not write the letter, except you to ANYBODY. And I would not like, that I at you was not unique. I wrote to you, that I search for serious relations with the man. I try it with you and I write all that at me in a head. I learn you better.
Also I want, that you learnt only me, and more any other girl. I cannot forbid to write to you to them but if you write me letters such. That is better to refuse other girls, understand? I want, that you always with me were sincere, spoke the truth and never deceived!!!
I promise to you, that I will never speak you lie! As it is better to tell already the truth, and to be pure on heart. Than the lie, and then at home to lay in a bed and to think - what for I the lie has told! And constantly to ask a question - and if he learns the truth then to me it will be bad! You understand it also I think??!!! Just was on work once and has forgotten to tell to you! I sold today to one girl footwear - it at me the constant client and always goes to buy new things! I help it with it certainly. Nevertheless business was that she feels - that its man deceives her. It has started to come with work late, not as earlier. Also she constantly is late does not know where it after work still approximately vanishes 2 hours, every day. She asked it: tell to me the truth, you have other girl or? He answered it: how you can so to think?! I true only to you and am more to me is necessary nobody, is simple at me a lot of work! And then I go home on foot. To walk and remove stress! Here so he spoke to the wife. Then I have told to this woman - if you love it is you should it trust, and if he sincerely spoke all those words! Then your happiness proceeds. It is impossible to live in mistrust!! At us in the country it is very strict about lie. Such people are punished. But with me, I think, will agree - that any truth to leave once on light.
And then if all time to deceive - then it will be very bad to both favourite people!!! And consequently trust almost the most important in relations, after love!! Therefore I and to write to you at once, speak please the truth and only! So I is better you can to learn the first and, the second - to be in trust and to hope for the best!! Only so I can learn your private world and a habit to you, and a smog to fall in love. I already have feeling, that I fall in love! You for me very expensive person, my darling! I would like to write all time to you and to learn you better, but nevertheless time needs more for work to leave, than for the letter to you!!! It is very a pity, I would write you the whole days of what I think, that I feel. In the letter you receive it in the reduced form, but you should know - now I think of you always. And always I represent, than you are engaged and as you spend day. Of what you think at night before a dream!!! You can share with me it?? I will finish now this my letter and soon to see your answer!!! Then I answer you and I write to you more certainly!!!
I already wish to write to you about more valuable to lives. As my feelings to you have the big growth!! I would like, that you answered me every day! If you vanish, then I will worry and be upset very much!
I would not like it. Many many kisses here Lavria

Letter 7

So happy Dave to see your letter now but I am afraid a little that you are possible do not wish to write already each other such sensual letters with an openness?? Or? If you so think not to be afraid to tell to me about it! We should be sincere with each other! I wish to be assured, that you wish to build with me real serious relations! You wish to do it?? I tell to you about my life all truth. And I to open myself from within! My character, my feelings and my desires, my love to you! I do not speak you lie as sooner or later the truth to be learnt. Probably some people under letters try to prove to be from the best party and the negative qualities hide, is possible and so. But you should be assured I you to write very seriously, here again there are no exaggerations!! I think of you every day and you for me my man whom I wish to learn completely! I would like with you the fine future to reach! At me it is a lot of thoughts good about the future! I can represent it with you. Last night I laid down one, about 23 o'clock in the evening, in my cold bed!! And I thought of us, and wanted that you laid nearby!!! As I any more do not wish to live alone. When in my life there was you under letters then my sight at relations has changed. I have started to represent already if we with you together were!! I think, that if you now will be near to me we can speak with you the whole days and nights! Also we can speak each other the most remarkable words, it is direct in eyes. If you were near to me - then I would hold you for a hand and would look you in the face! Also would not miss your sight! I would look at you and tried to understand, that you think of me. On your eyes I would understand at once it. I think, that your eyes would shine, and you would smile. We would fall in love each other even more. You very good man, with open soul and the big heart. Only you should give a part of your heart to the beloved I think!! I know already - you the real man and strong. And you can always care of me.
I think, that you the man who could to me pleasure for all life give and simply be always together. Always to love and respect, always to support and safe. Never to disappoint and never to deceive. As - as about woman the care and caress is necessary to me. I each time dream in the evenings, that when I will get tired very strongly then I can simply put my head to you on a shoulder or a breast, and easier to be with you nearby. That then to fall asleep and after a dream - and you again nearby. And that you preserved me and protected! I very strongly like to dream of it, as it to what I to aspire! And please tell me, what you if you will come home very tired will do?? We to live in the real world and to understand all our actions! I think, that we with you to have much in common: interests and outlooks on life, and us to unite loneliness!!! I am confident, that it will be very interesting to us together!!! Now I very much wish to ask you - nevertheless you to prefer what rest with the beloved? I hope, you to answer me it! Nevertheless it is a lot of thoughts in my head now it is apropos final the future with you! But if you think that we to hurry up, please to tell to me. But if at you in heart also as at me - very serious and big feelings and it is a lot of thought. Then I write to you already so. As I represent our life! But I think and should be!
Under letters we learn each other figuratively - but even these letters can create the beginning! The beginning of love, relations.
The beginning of a new life at which it is possible to forget the past! At which it is possible to begin the fine future. And possibility to create a family! If both of us want it - that it probably! For this purpose it is necessary to aspire to it. And it would be the best instant in my life, unforgettable feeling of pleasure and responsibility! Now, I finish my letter and I will disturbingly wait for your answer! It would be fine, if your thoughts were similar to mine. Yours Lavria

Letter 8

My dear love Dave I hope you are fine today and now come to Internet cafe to send you some hugs and also kisses!!! I always think about what you wrote, about each word. I to think of each word also, and I am afraid to be mistaken!! When the letter end I read - and to speak to myself, I should write the worthy answer also to you! Destiny helps us, I assured, that all will be good! Looking through now your words I nevertheless see in them very big care and love! How your affairs my darling?? You know - already more and more desire to be together.
Really to carry out all our words! Nevertheless last night I thought of the good. I can tell to you about what - I represented as we meet already. And still the life with you liked me in my understanding. I certainly understand, what not all will be as in my representation, but I thought of a possible life which can be! I have begun that I leave Turkmenistan, and I say goodbye to my girlfriends and mother.
Then nevertheless at once to sit down aboard the plane and to arrive to you!!! And you buy little bit red ROSES, and to stand at the airport at you, and to wait for me! It will be valid me it is pleasant, if you to meet me at the airport - differently in any way I (smile) and I can dream of it. Differently I will be simply lost also to me it will be unpleasant! How do you think? Then we meet, I to run to you with the opened hands and to embrace you. You to lift me in your strong, man's hands! And to do some turns for pleasure. Strong to embrace and kiss me! You to invite me in transport, a taxi or the car, to open to me a door, or nevertheless we can sit down together in the bus or a tram. And then we to go to you home and we can talk, we to go silently that could enjoy the first sight each other. That I could touch you a little!!! To feel you, and also your touch!!! My smile will be big and during too time disturbing - but not to have fear if I see you! And when we come to you home then you can just show me your house. Nevertheless I very strongly wish to see it! As then I can see, how you live! And what you have rooms. Nevertheless not the small role for me will be played by kitchen! As if you to me allow to prepare to eat every day to you. For me it will be only pleasure! I will always want that you went always the full! Also I hope, that only to you it will be it is pleasant, all that I will prepare! I also would want.
That you sometimes helped me with it. If for example, I will not have not enough forces to undress meat - then you embrace my hand the hand.
And simply you help to press on a knife! That we could together and make faster to us a supper! I wish to try to decorate each dish greens that it to impact relish more. You know, at me concerning cookery it is a lot of secrets about which you will gradually learn, I to you will tell! As at us it is possible to prepare various dishes, also east, caucasus!! To write about it it is possible much, I want that you simply knew! I will try to do so. That you never went the hungry!
And other homework should not be of great importance. As we do your house much more cosy and more purely. That even if visitors to you came, had very careful sensation!! I very much like to prepare and try different kinds of dishes. Do you like it? Now I very strongly miss about you, every day destiny as would like you to see better today, than tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!!!! As very big melancholy in a soul, and my heart is ill already from these dreams!! I want it in a reality once!!!! I think, what at you all is excellent - and whether you can write that how you would arrive if you see me?? I wish to name you now mine the prince, - as you the man of whom I dream!!!! And I searched for you all life and why has just now found? But I know that the happiness comes unexpectedly!!!! Dear, whether tell there was in your life something similar? Or ours with you the relation to it an example? I love you, at me already it is a lot of desires about you.
Trust me always!! Please to write to me in your following letter that you think! And probably you to me also will tell about your dreams. I think you like to dream about fine, but realizable, as well as. I with impatience will wait for your letter, yours Lavria

Letter 9

Hello my love Dave I can feel myself already happy girl because nearby - always in my heart there is you, my prince. Sometimes, after work I have weariness even if sometimes I have bad mood, but after reading of your letter I see the big care and caress. Constant support for me and I to appreciate it!!! Then again in me the feeling of vivacity clears up and is not felt any weariness and a pain in muscles! I very much with pleasure big to read your letter and again a smile comes back to me. If in the computer there was video a chamber (smile) then I would show to you as I to rejoice, if I see that you wrote! I to clap in a palm, and with the big tears of pleasure to speak to myself - yes, I again it see from my favourite.
And this feeling of pleasure very strongly is pleasant to me. As I am enamoured in you. And to receive words of love from the favourite person. And to see you - I dream of a meeting with you already every day and night!!! I already know that you also reflected on it, about our meeting. In your head, also there are these fine letters. I believe, that when I come we to spend very fine time. Every day I to dream of it! You speak also about it. We will do absolutely all. To dance together. To cry and laugh. To smile each other and it is even more to fall in love. Almost till the moment when our hearts will burst with happiness and the big love!!! You also I hope will help me with all female affairs?? As I cannot do one all - your help will be necessary to me! I have my familiar girlfriend - to it the husband at all does not allow to erase, it erases things itself. I do not speak, that you did it.
But you will help me with it? I think and I to you have a full confidence already to each your word!!! I so strongly want. That you trusted me also, my prince. If it at you to me very much 100 is true - then at us never will be problems. You simply should know, that I always spoke to you. I very true girl. And if I love you I always then I will be with you!!! For this purpose also there is a love, relations. You certainly understand it, I will not explain it to you! As you my the cleverest and true also the man in this world. I should you tell - that if I come to you on a visit? You will invite me? I do not know more many, but whether you can help to search to me work? As I do not wish to sit constantly on your neck!!! I wish to help you in everything, as well with a financial position. That we if together worked, at least I brought any part in our home! I write to you about it the first time - but I wish to work! Then I could do to you gifts about which for earlier you you will not know!! And then all rises on the places, I want it! I think you write to me about it, your assumptions??...
Today I will go to my girlfriend nevertheless, I wish to spend with it of a few time. To entrust it my thoughts. To tell all and to discuss!! I know, that she for me to rejoice and spoke to me already about it. If at it is that new to me to tell - then she to me tells!! I will not speak to it about what we with you we speak in letters, but I to tell about you a lot of the good! And very strongly I hope, that you same and in a reality. That I can entrust you very important in a life! I wish to be with you always, always you to kiss.
And always to look you in the face, to confuse you with little bit eyes. To me it will be certain it is pleasant. And everything, that I wrote all to you you receive it in your head. Carefully you consider and you write me answers. I to write you serious things which I wish to carry out!!! And you also any theme can discuss with me!!!
I certainly wish to discuss with you all and I wish to mention already such theme, as sex. I can talk to you about it if you want! If you to me tell, what it is pleasant to you in sex? And probably you think at night of it?? Then not to hide it!!! Please speak me all that you want! I know, that it will be difficult to me to speak about it. But I will try. As I had still never no sexual relations with the man. Do you understand me?? Because all girls in Turkmenistan cannot have sex before marriage. And it so is accepted in our country. At me never was the husband and consequently never was any a sixth. I know it only from books and also some video.
Then I will look your answer! Also I will probably tell to you. That I think at night! Of what I dream and that I wish to do with you, of the big love to you. It certainly sweet instants which are never forgotten. Also there are all new and new imaginations about which I wish to tell to you! I think, that it will be interesting to you it is the nobility!! Then I to say goodbye to you to the fast! I think, that long your answer to me to wait it is not necessary.
I love you the darling, I wish you to embrace and speak now all these words in eyes, or silently to whisper on an ear!! Also say, what the first love is remembered for all life?? It is a lot of kisses for my sweet prince.
Here your forever Lavria

Letter 10

Hello my love Dave wish to hear from you these words in my address every day. Always and everywhere to me it is indifferent in what place we will and how many to the people will stand about us. If you can say these all words - love words then I will be to the happiest girl. Only you should speak it with sincerity and confidence what exactly to me you wish to tell it. I assured. That I will kiss you constantly, that I will never be afflicted with you, as you my light for which I wish to live and aspire to the best, to the future!! And all that I dream when we in the future will meet will be for us.
Darling I very much was pleasant to me as you wrote and has answered me.
I just waited to write to you!!!!! Yesterday I did not see at all acquaintances because wished to dream of us as much as possible. About our love and caresses which I want. I dream of it very romantic. To you will be it is pleasant? If you come from work? And I will already wait for you. Always. Every day, and only you because to me nobody is more absolutely it is necessary. If we have met now and would be already together. Then if you come home - and then I meet you with embraces and hands. You undress and pass in a bathroom. To wash, that you satdown a table already pure and changed clothes of working clothes. Then I to sit down a table! I think, that I will never have supper without you, always I wait you and we together to sit down. So it will be more pleasant for you to have supper with me, I think.
Nevertheless then we to have a supper and to drink tea, we to talk after that about us again. We to speak each other the most remarkable words which we want. I will name you mine the prince, and wash with love - my ideal and dream. After all so it also is! You the kindest and gentle person in this world, my gentle! I so think, that you are ready to do all for me, and I to appreciate it. I feel your big love to me, your caress and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I continue when we after a supper - we can have a rest a little and then nevertheless a little to walk! You can show me the most fantastic places of your city. As I already also spoke - I wish to know ALL about you, you show me just all that is connected with you. Probably you will like any place, it will be possible romantic! You it please remember.
And then we together to go there to spend time. You to me tell something concerning it, and I will listen to you very attentively! We can then come back home or go at once still somewhere!
You know your places more and consequently you see off me! We can go, where people will sit, there are such places at you, I assured. Then we will go together and to keep for hands. Then all people will look at us and to smile. As I think we will be an example of fine pair which approaches to each other. Such pair which has the purpose in a life, we will always achieve what we wish to reach together. I not to doubt it at all the lovely. You my beloved, very careful, and I never will give you to nobody. The main thing that you have not wanted to leave from me, differently I cannot simply keep you. But I do not think of it as you the man and itself should choose to itself the companion of a life!.
With mind, and with desire. Nevertheless the darling, I wish to write further! As I also spoke to you, I have asked you last time about sex. As it also very important part in relations and very fine.
BUT it is important: I still never had experience to sex. I understand, what you are difficult for trusting, and it seems strange?? But I never had sex.
IMPORTANT. We in Turkmenistan have strict laws. THAT the girl never should have sex before wedding. At me never was weddings. Therefore I become till now kept.
But it so, and please to trust me. The weight of pleasure also delivers. Which never cannot be forgotten!!! BUT that now I have desire to make love to you is important. As only with you I wish to embody all my makings and dreams in a reality. Also I think, that if you in it help me - it will be absolutely already fine!!! I want. That you understood - I very gentle and with you I wish to begin always with tenderness. I want massage to you a back, it is a little to remove stress. Thus to feel your equal breath. Each man loves massage from sensitive hands of the woman?? I am able to do it, and you should catch weight of pleasure from it. When I finish, I will lean against you round your back my breasts if you want it.
And then I simply already to iron you in area an ear and to say to you silently, that I love you, the darling!!!! You my good, and gentle!!! My hand then to go slowly to your trousers and I to touch your genital! At first through trousers and to iron it it is very gentle! When I my hand at you will be between feet is for you it will be good very much! I think, that by this time your body, will already rise and does not suffer more! It is the truth? Then you simply to turn and we look face to face and we look fool in the face. Not to distract and have nevertheless contact, that just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our consciousnesses!!! You to bring hands to my body and force me to feel also the big desire to make love!!! And then you start to remove from me clothes that I was bared. Trace, I think too most that you also wanted it!!! Then nevertheless your imaginations what? I to take your genital further and I start to dream, gently touching its end. You to become from it as much as possible raised just simply to embrace and start me to love already.
But I simply to clamp it I want my breasts. That it to heat and massage!!! You speak to me if you want the big!!! When we already will be in such condition, take possible I can his lips to kiss! From it to you will be more pleasures? I am ready to do it ONLY FOR YOU. Also should tell - that never before it did, but I wish to try it with you! Only with you - the person whom I very strongly love and I do not wish to give to anybody more!!! But I so wish to speak you all my imaginations. That you knew and then waited for this moment!!! That when both of us will have the raised condition then you to me already pleasure deliver!!! That it was already ready, to give to me pleasure. Here it to me WILL be the darling So I represent it is pleasant in sex. To lead up you to such maximum possible condition that you never forgot it. I want, that to you it was always good with me that you went the satisfied. As also it is important also for me. I think, that I also always will be with you satisfied. Also I will tell - yes, the darling it was something, such with me was not, such pleasure and love test!!! I want it, and I think that could tell to you that I think! Of what I think at night. About what I dream to be engaged with you!!! I think you you write me your opinion?? I with impatience wait for your letter again. Also I will always answer you!!! Always say me that you think and as you represent it!
You represent a life with me and all it how I wrote today to you??
Whether you want it?? Whether you want already now?? I love you my
darling here your for ever Lavria

Letter 11

Hello my love Dave very glad because I see your letter, I can read and answer. I have for this purpose time again. I really happy - and my pleasure every day all growth and growth. At the sight of your letter my heart very strongly to fight, more often than it is possible, and such sensation - that it simply jumps out soon. Then, if it to jump from my body - that only a part of my heart. It will fly to you on the sky to your house - and joins you. Thereby I wish to tell to you what to give a part mine hearts to you I want. And to give all my mood and the pleasure, all my love to you. Tell to me as your mood today? I think, what all is good also you write as you spent day, and night?
I nevertheless last night and more close by the night already thought again of us. Just I did not watch TV at all and there is nothing did not distract! I suddenly thought, that if about what we write all can occur in a reality, also as our words! That is so quickly people can fall in love each other under letters. I to write you the truth about all my feelings and my love to you. But as to sex - I am not engaged any masturbation. I simply think much of us and I dream.
That I think also I I can not already display it in words at all. So strongly I want relations with you. To come nearer to you, I have grown fond of your private world, - that that at you in heart. And you to me tell about it, and I think that you that just the man which are necessary to me. Yesterday I thought of us and planned much. That nevertheless I can not without you any more. Letters is one and you are itself understand, that is absolutely good we do not learn each other. And if we can meet once - then it will be an instant which will show at once that we approach each other. I not drops not to doubt that is that if I see you really - all will be fine between us. And if I to you in eyes to a smog look I to see all that, weigh their shine which of your eyes will go to me. Then I to smile at once, then I will understand at once all, all your feelings and love to me. YES, only on a sight! And if I see all your acts which the care of me or courting would show.
It is necessary for me the nobility and to see in you! I assured, that I represent you just such which would like to see and what you are actually. I would like to begin a new life with you which to me would allow to forget absolutely all past which occurred! That then simply not to recollect any more it. I and now do not think of it, simply I speak to you. Now, all my aspiration you to meet - in me. But if you are going to go to me?? You have such desire??
I think, that it not a good variant. As if someone from my acquaintances, here in Turkmenistan learns me. They will inform at once on it to my parents. Both my father will see also the nobility - that I with you. I cannot such admit. As the law then will punish me but
If I arrive to you my darling. Then I have the right to leave Turkmenistan, and then to build my life as I want. And also I can change belief I can accept other belief if it will be necessary. You understand all that I write??Here, in Turkmenistan I cannot be with you. And this very important condition.
In my head and I cannot think of what the friend. All those things, apartment, parents, my native and my work is all it is possible to leave! Though girlfriends and parents - for ever in my hearts and I can visit them once, together with you. If I come to you then I can leave from work in Turkmenistan, and work for you. Also I think that you in it help me! That in shop it is completely not difficult to be arranged with the seller at you and everywhere they to be required. Professionals who are able to work with people. I already wish to work, try with people. Which not from our country. It will be very interesting to me, and attractively, probably I can change their style more than others! I can offer them footwear and clothes. ok? In it there is no I think problems if I had citizenship! In any country it is possible to receive citizenship, but for this purpose I think it is necessary to be the husband and the wife, the truth? Nevertheless - but we will discuss at first it at a meeting. If we want we create absolutely all at all desire.
That is I wish to tell to you, what at first we can meet for some time to learn - whether there can be we together or?? What do you think of it?? And if we it see, and already 100 confidence we will approach each other, thereby to live together. Then we about wedding conversation will already go.
I very strongly love you and pleasure you also would meet. I will wait on it for your answer the darling.
Nevertheless if we meet. I speak is absolutely another, it any more letters. It is a lot of pleasure to bring letters and many desires, are a lot of dreams. But they cannot all those feelings which I have to transfer to you. All those emotions and my sight! You cannot look at my eyes. Therefore I and to speak this all to you now.
If we meet - then all that we write each other we can to do and we can embody in a reality. We can make love in a bed, and we can walk on different streets and the finest dreams. We can bring every evening each other pleasure to be happy. I would like you massage constantly, at each kind when you tired. Would like to be engaged with you sex, at each our general desire and to want. That that you write all you also could do! You write you also love me and want love big. We can do it soon. I so thought yesterday, that will suffice to dream, as it is even more desire to meet.
I so strongly to wait your answer! In general that you think? Speak me your thoughts and further we solve all.
I with the big impatience will wait your letter! Also I wish to tell once again that love you
Here, yours for ever Lavria

Letter 12

Hello my love Dave I am ready to write you important letter now. Thanks for your answer to me I think so much about us cause we will be together. That we will do, and that us does to each other more close. Just last night dreamt of it and already thought, that you meet me! That it is all very simply and there are no problems. Then I with pleasure to run to you in hands. That you could embrace me! If you already embrace me at the first meeting - then all changes. I will see your care and your aspiration to be together with me. All only depends on us. And if we to wish be together we certainly together we try. I also thought of our love much and have understood, that I can not wait for our meeting!!
But I wish to tell to you at once. We can overcome all problems. We should arrive correctly with it. As the future depends on it ours.
I learnt already in agency of travel for me very big pleasure!!! I can
really tell you - that I went in a city Ashhabat and learnt all there. I will speak to you more low a few their condition. Nevertheless all is remarkable, and I am very glad to news! I have told it - that have got acquainted with the good man on the Internet and now I wish to go to you to meet. Then they spoke me the following:
That I should be more cautious with you. As there is a lot of deceit on the Internet. And men invite girls. Then girls come to men in the different countries and then to become prostitutes. As men take away the passport and still do not release then girls back home. But I have told that I trust you much and you will not make never with me it. I have told that I trust you.
To me have told in agency, that I should be assured that I do. And I have told it, that I assured in it.
I will have the tourist visa for 3 months. Also should have also return tickets. It is the best variant to fly precisely without problems. Because if to take other variants and other visas then it will not be true and exact to fly to meet you. As there there can be problems and I chose it and I will think now but it is necessary that you have told to me.
As if to take other variants as the invitation or another then to me will probably refuse in the visa. And still it will be all so long but the tourist visa to me it will be good. As we never met and still we wish to be together earlier. We can try this time to ask relations for 90 days visa
I can collect now all documents to submit in agency and if I will be in time then I will already give to agency today.
But at first wish to ask your consent. I also know that you my man and always I wish to consult on you.
I trust you of 100 procents! But I am afraid and I am ready to risk for the sake of us. For the sake of our future and our love. I real also want a meeting. Also until as we meet we can speak. Or to prove each other a reality to be together. If there will be a necessity but I wish to be assured that if we plan it now?
Nevertheless I spoke with travel agency to learn here at office of Turkmenistan. There all procedures will go through the main office. If you wish to speak now about our meeting I can give travel agency e-mail address also
I am ready to make everything to arrive to you if you want? I will trust you more. As I love you much!!! I will leave all here in Turkmenistan to reach you and to be together. We can try relations and I am ready on gravity!!!
I also already have to you feelings through the Internet and I do not wish to write the letter simply. We should solve something now in our relations. And I do not want that we lost then contact to you. I do not want that we have stopped now. Now that we can make that and if you are interesting in our meeting?
Tell me please that that is necessary from me and still that I should make for our meeting.
I can submit all documents to agency and sign with them the contract. But I need your consent. Or simply tell that that I can make for you that you have been assured that I will not leave you?
For example if you tell me in which airport should I fly to you???? Or you can inform on it at once in travel agency if is interested. Already precisely to tell then and to learn all about our meeting and also to learn the price. You can inform these data at once in travel agency ok? Then we can discuss something together.
Please tell to me your intentions about our meeting and if you any information interests about me and meeting or agencies I ask you ask me only.
I finish now my letter, and compelled to leave so I should give to agency my answer the next day. I will give to you all data if it is necessary. Nevertheless already I wish to fly to you and to speak about love. And that we discussed that in last letters is connected with us. And still if we really want seriously we should think now. Because I have the big desire to you to fly now and still I wish to speak with you more about love. Also I think of you constantly as my man.
And I here, with kisses yours for ever Lavria

Letter 13

Hello my dear love Dave thank you for your letter and you do open me more and more and I rejoice, that we with you to become even more close each other!!!! I want, that never will be secrets between us and we can always speak on any themes!!! I wish to tell to you, that at a meeting you can see me and feel and pleasure by me!!!! We will be pleasure the friend the friend and it will be a fairy tale!!!!
I love you and I wish to present to you all my feelings, all my passion and the caress, all my tenderness and love!!!! I think, that we will be mad when we will be together and all world will exist only for us with you, my love Dave!!!! You can think, that again I to hurry up for our meeting!!! But I do not wish to write you the letter only!!! I am very glad, that you wish to be with me together!!!
I too very much want it and I understand, that we are familiar only in letters, but I feel you, your love to me and my heart are said to me, that by you - my happiness, you - my love, you - my future!!!! I very much wish to see you, to embrace, kiss you, to speak with you about love and about our future! Today to shine the sun and heat and I to smile and rejoice to this fine put! I rise today with dream of you in the morning and I will be to think all the day long of us with you!
You have presented to me the new feeling, new happiness and I thank destiny, that it has helped to find you in this world! I all flare hot fire from love to you. This fire in my soul and my heart and it inflames every day all more strongly and more strongly. My love Dave I think of you for days on end constantly. And does not suffice at night when I lay down in cold bed to me especially you.
I to trust you completely, and I know, that you will never do to me badly and I can be sincere always with you!!! I am confident, that our love has a future!!! Our future are we with you, mine Dave!!!!
You are a part of my heart and soul, a part of my life and the future!!!! I never was earlier so is happy, as now!!! You to give me happiness and pleasure, you to give to me warmly and love!! I wish to ask you Dave please tell me please my love too to give you a lot of happiness and pleasures??? I love you all heart, but it is very pleasant to me to hear your compliments and the gentle, warm letters, full caress and love!!!! And still dear I can already fly to you it is can already happen in about 2 weeks if we want. If we meet now then yes. But if we have now desire to meet. Then it will not be necessary to wait and write these letters. I can arrive to you and we can speak more about us and also learn and show feelings much. It will be better than to write letters that you will tell very important?? I have all documents to submit further to travel agency that they transferred it in embassy further. To me also advised travel agency which works only with citizens from Turkmenistan and they can arrange my flight and will help to send all documents from their person to embassy for the passport for travel abroad and the visa. That then sing the passport and the visa have been approved. I can receive all trip as I want. I wish to fly to you and the best way quickly to meet now to fly to you as the tourist. I need to know are you serious?? I wish to be convinced also that you really want and is capable care of me when I to fly to you? Nevertheless I do not doubt that to us will be better as already we shared feelings. But nevertheless also there is that that it is necessary to discuss and if we go to it together up to the end while we will not be together? I also can tell travel agency:
ICON Travel
That we could discuss together all and already be prepared better and not to do any errors. I can prepare all documents to give it in travel agency and they will give it further to embassy. And still should be assured to address there again. I also wish to give you my full data:
Lavria Tomorska, I live in country - Turkmenistan, city Mian, street Archabilrt 08, and there I live. It probably will be necessary for you to inform about me in travel agency. And if we go together to all to it to our meeting but the travel agency is in Ashgabat and not so is far from me. To me have told that I could receive finally all documents and tickets I should pay a trip myself documents and two way tickets for this type of visa and medicine insurance. And still to reserve tickets it is necessary that documents will be ready. Only it is a pity to me that after I have learnt full cost of a trip to you in United States, BUF and back 1440 USD I need about year to keep it should work and it is impossible for me. Tell me what we do now and if we not in forces to meet now that when? But I wish to fly to you and to remain with you for ever. And I will take with myself all documents to be with you always. And then in your country we can make so that were together for ever. And the main thing to me now to see you that we have together solved all questions personally. I do not know now as it will be further but we will look forward and solve something. We are familiar also through letters and still we speak already about the important things. All that I feel now it to be with you and I want it much. And if you wish to meet me now only tell to me and we again speak with travel agency. Millions kisses and with love here Lavria

Letter 14

Hello my love Dave! I am very glad to receive now from you the letter!!! Nevertheless just came to Internet cafe to look it and to answer you. As I think of all of us time and I see your words. I so already wish to embrace you to feel that you really actually. I see already us together. Here, that I think every day! Always in my head you and I cannot forget you for a minute. As it would be good - if you were a number now. If I was together with you - I simply to put my hand to you on a shoulder, or my head to you on a breast and would speak you the happiest and best words in this world. Always would like to say to you, that very strongly you I love, that anywhere you absolutely to release I do not want. That you knew it and understood, therefore I speak! At me in a head always concerning you only serious thoughts and the truth. Most important thing all only and for us. That we were together and had a smile. If now I spent evening with you - then to go in the morning from a bed on kitchen and at once run to you a breakfast would prepare. Tomorrow is there will be pancakes, own preparation and tea, with honey. If you have for this purpose sour cream and jam to stir - then pancakes to dip there. Simply you then would lick fingers. I would like always to prepare to eat and help you to you in all. If you come once tired home - then always, I almost assured, - that will be to you mood to lift! So from a small smile you will be very big. The smile will just show to me - that I the person who cheers you up. Always would like to speak with you on different themes, on absolutely any - Dave! So that you knew you can absolutely trust me! Also Should be able to understand me as the woman. I will probably not speak you about some desires also it there will be a riddle for me. For this purpose you should have imaginations what to do or how to be! Then I will see your aspiration. Now all suits me, we write each other fine and fair letters. Just which should be between us. As this beginning of our relations. Though it we do not see each other - but I can represent you! All your qualities and your character! All very much is pleasant to me. I have feeling, what I you completely know Dave what you? I know you the darling. 100 percent to me will be always good with you and I dream to be as soon as possible. I want, that you showed to me just at you not only the house. It will be very difficult to learn your culture, but I will consult! And if - you invite me in other places or cities - I never I refuse it! Then we to visit all and you show all fine places to me, what would like. What at you in heart, it is possible surprises. But then you to hide it, that to me were a riddle from you! As though it would be desirable to walk with you on different streets, there where there are people, or they are not present. Then there are no problems.
I love you the darling. My darling Dave! Both I miss on you and I dream of you always. Always I wish to be with you and always all life to spend to pleasures. In understanding and taste of a life. And to know, that such the present relations, and the nobility that such present happiness. Because if we will be together - then it and there will be a life and knowledge of love for me. Then it will be taste of a life which I wish to feel! Then it will be as both of us want, if we meet. Relations serious with you and the big love, the great future and many the fine moments and the phenomena in our general life. I love you Dave! Soon we consult absolutely with everything, and no problem even to us will stir! In this world with all it is possible to consult, and even with each trifle. With each important point All it will depend on us!!! And if we want we achieve all always and everywhere. It is necessary to trust each other and to love! How we love each other!!! And consequently at all of us I turn out also is glad!!!! And still I wish to know if you can really help me that I then already could tell about it in travel agency and you also can write there the letter and they will answer you and will give all information: kasimov@managericontravel.org
And also they can tell as you can help me. That then we were together and this most important thing for me to see you. In dreams of you I finish this letter and to say goodbye to you. I do not forget to give you one million kisses of kisses today!!!! Here, yours for ever Lavria

Letter 15

Hello my love David! Today I again to read your letter, and I am very happy! You very kind and careful person and I are happy, that have found you! I love you and never to throw you! We have found each other and now we should be happy together! I will struggle for our happiness and we will meet and to tell in eyes each other, that we love! We to start to write letters not so for a long time, but for this time to change our letters all our life!!! I very happy, that have found you and I know, that you too very much love me and I hope, that our love will be long and happy!!!! We should meet you very soon and then we to solve our destiny!!! I love you and I wish to study constantly you, to open in you new and to love it!!!
I want serious relations, I wish to be only with you, I wish to do our future together with you, mine David!!!! I like to write you letters, I like to read your letters! Your letters to give me it is a lot of happiness and I to read them constantly! I wish to write you even more letters, but I can not do it because I to have many work and not to have almost a free time!!! I hope, that you to understand it! But I always to try to express the feelings to you, all my love and I know, that my words to go to you to heart!!! Our love - in our hearts, and can break nobody it!!! We to create our love together, we to struggle for love, we will always love each other!!!! Last night I to meet my girlfriend and to say to it, that I wish to visit you and to go to you on a visit!!! She really to rejoice about us and to wish us long and happy love!!! She to tell to me, that I to do the correct decision and it is confident, that we to create an amicable and strong family! !! My girlfriend - very good person and we always to hang together a difficult minute!!! It to me as native sister!!! Last night I to sit at home and to look out of the window. I again to dream of you and to present, that you now near to me and to embrace me behind! To me to become warmly from your embraces and you to whisper in me ear, that I the most beautiful girl and you love me very much!!!
I to be by the window long and again to represent you near to me!!! I to think that you are far too in the evening to think of me and to dream of our meeting! We far apart, but we to feel our love on distance and it is love very strong! I to trust in your love to me, and I to know, that you will always love me, always the care of me, always to give me a lot of pleasure and happiness!!! I to be afraid to lose you, I never wish to lose you!!! I wish to be with you always, you - my second half in a life!!! I am valid with you sincerely and I speak only the truth!!! All my words are in my heart and soul!!! I wish to live with you together. I want care of you, to prepare my kitchen, to help with problems and to be to you not only the wife, but the friend with whom it is possible to speak about all! I know, that we will have good time, but will be also a hard time and we will struggle together with difficulties.
Also I wish you to ask you, and I understand that a hard time. And still if any possibility that you can will help me with a trip here? Then I can be assured and then to go again to travel agency to ask all data. That then to transfer to you. Or you can communicate itself with travel agency and continue to speak. I will know data that you helped and also all dates and when I can fly. I will soon receive documents and then to have tickets in hands. Then I will fly to you as the correct tourist on all the requirement. If we decide to be together then I remain with you for ever as we will want.
I dream about day when I can see you, kiss and speak about love!!! You in my heart and soul, you always in my thoughts, you always with me! I love you and I want, that you knew it always

I kiss you gently and is sweet!!!!!!
For ever yours Lavria

Letter 16

Hello my love Dave. My darling I should think of you. I simply sit also all my thoughts only about us with you. I any more do not wish to be here one, I would like to leave more soon to you. I so have grown fond of you for these days. I ask be not angry with me for that that I have fallen in love with you as small. You only should not judge me for it. Today one more most remarkable day in my life, our correspondence has resulted us as it seems to me to love and it is simply healthy. This day favourite for you as is fine as well as for me? Now you should not think there is nobody except me. You should think only of me, you should press only me. I wish only you. I want you my love.
I favourite today has not gone for work because today I cannot work, I wish to go and collect surprises for you. I wish to prepare for you good gifts. I hope to you it is pleasant if I bring to you the present T-shorts what your size? I would like to make for you that or pleasant that you have estimated it. The darling my girlfriends are very glad for us.
Each time when I see the girlfriends I only I tell about you. I tell as you will meet me at the airport with colours, then will embrace me and will kiss, they are very glad for me and even envy a little, but I speak to them it is not necessary to envy me, you and will find to yourselves fine husbands. So it is healthy that I am fast I can see you at last. This just fine, I am really very happy, I all shine for pleasure, I am ready to jump and dance, shout for the whole world about love to you. Every day before a dream I lay and I try to present as it it will be healthy when I will see you. As you will be delighted at the sight of me. We will embrace each other strong, strong.
I think of that what there will be our first night much. I would like that you have given all the best completely and we were engaged with you in easier most remarkable love, I will do all to give pleasure, I hope that you as will do all to give to me pleasure in bed. I wish to see more soon as you look in a reality. I would like a touch to you, it would be desirable to feel a smell of your skin, your hair. I think of you much. Darling Dave I want that you knew, you always in my head, in my thoughts and my heart.
Also important lovely Dave. Nevertheless if you are going to help with trip payment? I gave you the travel agency bank account. They have told that these data it is not necessary to use. And if you can help me, we should use these data:

For EUR transfer:

Holder address: city: Warsaw, postal code: 00-024, str. Zlota 59
Bank name: ING Bank Slaski SA
Bank address: postal code: 00-643, Warszaw, Nowowiejska str.5
Account number: 14 1050 1038 1000 0092 2205 2095
IBAN number: PL 14 1050 1038 1000 0092 2205 2095

For USD transfer:

Account number: 79 1050 1038 1000 0092 2205 2186
IBAN number: PL 79 1050 1038 1000 0092 2205 2186

Trip payment will occur at that office of agency. And if we are ready. I then will take away documents the passport with the visa from embassy. To reserve tickets and at once to fly to you. I will wait for your following letter with even big impatience, I love you and I send you a warm and most gentle kiss. Yours for all life Lavria